Labour’s key manifesto promises in 90 seconds

Labour’s manifesto is a manifesto for hope. That is what this document is. We will unleash a record investment blitz,
and it will rebuild our schools, our hospitals, care homes and the housing so
desperately needed in every town, every city and every region. So a Labour government will ensure the
big oil and gas corporations that profit from heating up our planet will shoulder
the burden and pay their fair share through a Just Transition Tax. We will get Brexit sorted within six months. We will secure a sensible deal that protects
manufacturing and the Good Friday Agreement, and then put it to a public vote alongside
the option of remaining in the EU. [applause] And yes, let’s be clear, we will scrap university
tuition fees. [cheers and applause] We are going to give you the very fastest
full-fibre broadband for free. That is real change.
[applause] And Labour will scrap Universal Credit.
[cheers and applause] It’s time for real change.
Thank you. [cheers and applause]

Maurice Vega

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  1. It's nice to have options. Coservatives are for leave, Lib Dems are for remain, and if you have no idea what your even doing vote labour.

  2. Corbyn will give you the economy of Venezuela, the 'free' internet of China, the crime rate of Cape Town and the diversity of a swamp. Vote for him at your peril.

  3. The only correct thing he has going for him is his choice of words in his new slogan…"It's time for real change" Yes Mr Corbyn it is time for real change and the real change comes in the form of getting rid of all our sleazy lying politicians!!!!

  4. All this nationalising is incompatible with EU membership so at least we now know Corbyn is intending to take the UK out of Europe…

  5. Gotta love the comments from the over-50s.

    A lot of comment and dream about where Labour will get all this money. He has a red book manifesto lads, he knows you don't want to read it!

  6. The Tory obsession is outsourcing and privatising everything possible, starting with the NHS if Boris has his way. Just getting on a 40min train to get to work can cost £5k per year (plus parking costs) – that's also if the train shows up.

  7. If this load was paid for then China would basically own the country because the borrowing would be into the trillions, this is crazy and he wouldn’t do any of it, just like he didn’t stick to Brexit which was in the last manifesto. Don’t put Abbott in charge of the purse strings we will all end up in cardboard boxes


  9. Taxpayers will be paying £811 billion in 2020, instead of rhetoric, spend this money wisely, do not waste and get this country back on track! It is about time!!

  10. A manifesto for economic meltdown. What a joke. Believe this and pay the price in lost jobs, high inflation, much higher inflation etc etc

  11. scrapping universal credit will cost more than it planned to save, as it's pretty much rolled out throughout the country now.
    Unless he means scrapping it AND the previous Jobseekers' allowance – that would save a few billion

  12. This is not the Jeremy Corbyn of the past. This is a man who has learned to listen to others. He understands leadership. He inspires. He has a team of fantastic women behind him. The labour manifesto is bold and will change peoples lives for the better.

  13. "BuT bUt… HoW dO wE pAy FoR ThIs?"
    Three words – Oil Company Tax
    Let's get our rightful investment back from the biggest economic parasites in history!

  14. This guy is a complete joke, so many unemployed teenagers who have no clue about the world are going to mess it up for the rest of us! Fools!

  15. I'm a Brexiteer and I am torn on whether I should vote for the Brexit Party or back Labour because I like what they have proposed in their Manifesto – Power to the People and all that.

    I just wish they would scrap Trident, pull out of NATO and start normalising relationships with Russia. We do not want to ever be America's poodle ever again. Say No to war.

  16. UK – Take lessons from here in NZ when Labour were elected; Literally overnight business confidence dropped and our once booming economy has taken a prolonged nosedive along with our currency which was at times worth more than the AUD. The 'free' first year tuition resulted in a record number of dropouts. The proposed Kiwibuild houses to help those struggling to own a first time house was a fiscal and logistical nightmare and is generally considered a disaster and a failure. We're bringing in more refugees than ever despite domestic homelessness being at an all time high. The gun 'Buyback' has been a total failure in both democratic process which it totally bypassed [Hint – the police failed to vet the Christchurch correctly as per procedure, ignored warnings from the public and even supplied him 2000+ rounds of ammo] and has drawn funds from ACC (similar to the NHS). Massacre aside we've actually had more shootings this year than recent years so it's actually done anything useful except allow alot shooters to hand in their old rusty semi-autos for a payout when we then bought more guns [guilty as charged :-)]. And worse of all identity politics are manifesting themseves in the worst way possible yet our PM won't even meet with the Ihumatao land protestors to quell an issue that may very much destabilize ownership of land in NZ. Oh. And now we have armed police knocking on the doors of people who wrote mean Tweets/FB posts. Vote at your own peril and beware the siren song of socialism!

  17. I think this proves old jezza is going senile. He doesn’t remember how disasterous these policies were back in the 70s

  18. It certainly isn't just Labour but politics in general – they all look backwards to the social/economic systems of the past. A technological revolution is inevitably coming and the techniques applied will create economic and social models attuned to it's internal structure. What I find bizarre and deliberately ignorant is that this inevitability is just being ignored. It seems to be mind set of 'We'll deal with it when it happens' despite the fact that the economy will be radically and fundamentally altered. The social costs if not handled efficiently may be horrendous.

  19. 1:09 – Do I detect a little sarcasm from the camera man? ed- Labours campaign was so pathetic and gimmicky, it really was

  20. Every comment below talks about Jeremy Corbyn. It's the Labour Party that has issued this manifesto – not one person.

  21. It starts "Once upon a time" but it doesn't end "And they all lived happily ever after".
    This is a comic for the financially illiterate.

  22. The west political class is in disarray, and unable to deal with the reality, making promises that can't be kept. In a world which is running out of resources, while been driven by an economy based on consumerism, there are no easy answers. While corporations are failing the planet and the people living on it, they are a key instrument to western global politic and the UK economy in its current model. Changing political direction will not change capitalism and the control of the corporation have over a global planet. As Asia is on its way to becoming the first economic power, with over half the world population (consumers and producers), The development of Asia requires an economic model, based on cheap labour, low social protection, and large consumption of natural resources. The changes in infrastructure which are required for the planet to move from fossil to renewable energy, are making years of investment redundant, the energy sector largely controlled by the western corporation is about to lose its global power.
    In an environment where our future and the future of the planet can only be secured if we are changing the mechanism of the economy. The political class continue to make promises as if this was not happening, While the tories continue to praise the value of capitalism justifying the advantage of an economy of scale, to protect the capital's owners, the labour is fighting for a more equal society where everyone is able to consume more. Both are making promises based on a planet with infinite resources. No one has the courage to say the truth and to bring the policies needed to deal with what is effectively the end of an economy based on consumerism.
    Both political parties are acting irresponsibly. The UK referendum and the resulting Brexit movement are the results of bad internal political decisions, the tories want to go out of the EU to become the stronghold of corporate globalisation, while the Labour leader wants to go out to be able to nationalise and subsidise some services (which is restricted under EU law). The EU is not doing a great job either, and while the EU nation needs to be more unified than ever, the union is still spending much of its time to deal with its member individual interests instead of working on an alternative economic model.
    As the changes required are of seismic proportion they can only be resolved with international cohesion and policies. The EU is nothing else than a step to a global planet which is an absolute need to resolve the unprecedented global issues we are now facing. The fragmentation of Europe will be a disaster for our planet, and the illusions given to the public that actual labour or tory policies can resolve these problems is pure fantasy. It has become flagrant how out of touch the UK politician class is from the public and from the EU.

  23. The last time we listened to a Labour leader spouting messages of "hope" the promise of "radical change" and " a different way to run the country" to tempt the electorate it was Tony Blair giving us the sales pitch! Look at the Utter nightmare that he left in his wake, that we are all still suffering the effects of today. He singlehandedly ruined this country,…looks like Corbyn wants to do the same!

  24. This is a great manifesto that manifests itself in manifestation. A manifesto that has manifesto manifested all over its manifesto. A manifesto that will manifest over time and will be manifested in years to come , in the manifestation years.

  25. Well it seems the Tory's has created a "Beggar's society" in this country, there is far more people hanging around in doorways & in the streets asking for money these days even a few have offered sex as they are so desperate, what the f… is going on?
    Another thing is Outsourcing, these outsourcing firms are guilty of causing a two tier wages system of unfairness in the work place, whereas those workers who are employed "In house" and doing the exactly the same work as the outsourced worker are paid a higher hourly rate which can be up to £350 a month more, the outsourced worker will be on absolute minimum wage whether the work was done day or night or weekends, plus all tea breaks are banned.
    Something a Labour government should look into this unfairness on the shop floor, I guess there is nothing wrong with outsourcing so long as the workers are not being taken advantaged of in the manner above.


  27. So what about the labour parties other intentions that are not covered? Council tax rises, personal tax abolished, taxes on small business's, so much for the working person!!!!

  28. Boris Johnson's words that I fully agree with. "It is a mistake to allow serious and violent criminals to come out of prison early and it is very important that we get out of that habit and that we enforce the appropriate sentences for dangerous criminals, especially for terrorists,”.
    You commit an act of terror against the UK, you should be banged up for a very lengthy time, then when leaving prison be DEPORTED, YOUR A DAMN TERRORIST FFS, Labour better drop the soft touch approach.

  29. So Corbyn promises 20,000 new teachers, Abbott promises eleventy-twelve thousand more police, on top of the NHS promised billions and thousands more nurses, free broadband, build umpteen thousand houses our kids can't afford to even rent, let alone get a 30 year mortgage on. Labour are a charade. They will say anything to get your vote. Don't be fooled, haven't we learned anything? Either Johnson, Corbyn, or theoretically Swinson, will be our PM, what kind of choice is that?

  30. "let's be tution fees will be scraped? Who would then fund the university? And also this is going to effect many lectures and tutors its ridiculous. See how many people wooh and cheers but really quiet when discussing trade politics goes over many heads in hope they can have free Adult education when the likes of public schools need funding and colleges

  31. Rock and hard place. No way am I voting Conservative but Jeremy is insane as well if he thinks he can balance the books with all these fantasy promises.

  32. Reminder your not voting for who you like most but who you believe has the best policies and manifestos that will improve our countries economy, education system, public services. Somone who will listen to our voices help the planet, reduce the carbon footprint of our country and more x

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