Kylo kills Supreme Leader Snoke – The Last Jedi Throne Room Scene

Maurice Vega

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  1. If only they still had the original lightsaber sounds and the lightsabers could actually cut through stuff properly then this might not have been half bad

  2. Cmon man, what happened to the jedi and sith fighting arts? What happen to the force power? Electrocution, choke and push force kind of thing? Man this movie is boring as fuck. Even hayden christensen and ewan mcgregor can fight better. Fuck

  3. Such a hardcore carbon copy of ROTJ. Wtf. I hate Disney. They ruined this movie serious. Just wtf man. How.

  4. 2:13
    Snoke can see kylo turns a lightsaber. He means Kylo's Lightsaber but Kylo also turns Anakin Lightsaber.
    Snoke: and kills his true enemy.
    He meant killing Rey,
    but Kylo kills snoke which means he is his true enemy.

  5. Despite the smart and unpredictable aspect of that move. The level of control Kylo adquired is incredible. So subtle and precise, using the force behind the nose of snoke and he didn't notice nothing, doubt Rey could do the same.

  6. Why is it Disney thought they needed the villain from "Grandma's Boy" to be the vilian Kylo in this movie. All I can see him doing is walking around making robots sounds. Why does it seem that Kylo is trying to talk with a deeper voice

  7. He could have been interesting but he look like he lowkey needed a shit as he stood as still as a statue besides him moving his hand and head. Fr tho, I wanted to see his character developed. He was killed off so easy. Shit movie. Fuck you Disney

  8. “I see him turning the lightsaber to strike true. Now foolish child, he ignites it, and kills his true enemy!” Crack woosh….

    Well done Nostradamus

  9. This is by far the most obvious and predictable plottwist in movie history. I'm impressed.

  10. It was pointless for the gaurds to attack. The. Second the saber. Activated. They. Failed to. Protect. Him

  11. After snoke berrated Kylo earlier I seriously wanted snoke to die, it feeds back to what Han said in tfa, at the end of the day snoke was just using him and Ben realizes this and kills him while the opertunity is there.

  12. Did that one female stormtrooper ever take her make off? Because it only showed a crack which showed her eye so was her face burnt before she died in that fire explosion and fell 2 her death? Why did the black jedi look at her before she died for a split second? He saw a part of her face which was her eye and why did she wear a mask in the first place?

  13. After TROS trailer revealed Sidious, I’m glad Snoke is dead. It was always stupid having two main villains. Now there’s only one.

    Sith Lord cackle: HAHAHAHAHAHA

  14. There’s no way Snoke is Mace Windu, Snoke sounds nothing like him, either way Mace wouldn’t die that easily.

  15. I know this is cool and all, but..

    Arent Elite Praetorian Guard suppose to protect the supreme leader, not just stand around and wait for him to be literally killed by his own lightsaber?

  16. Snoke was definitely a holographic puppet if you were to get stabbed like Snoke did you’d be dead the second the lightsaber went through you. He was still alive looking at the lightsaber through him than when he was sliced he died. Just saying seems like some force hologram puppet controlled by the Emperor

  17. That lightsaber wack in the head was so unnecessary makes snoke seem like some unserious guy tbh, a simple return of the lightsaber to his side wouldve been fine

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