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Welcome back to Access Middle East Omar, let’s talk a bit more about Kuwait
Do you think the country is on a solid political footing because it
seems that a lot of the important reforms and decisions that need to be taken get
stuck in parliament Well, you know, we are the
only functioning democracy in the Gulf and with that there are gonna come
some teething pains and we’re going through some of those teething
pains now We would like to see, as a private
sector, and I think everybody in the country would like to see things
happening faster but with the political system we
have now with the government and then the
parliament it takes longer for things to get done and it takes longer for the decisions to
happen but what I do think we have is a very stable political system because, you know, while you hear
lots of things in our newspaper now when you go to other Gulf countries read the
newspaper and everything seems to be perfect whereas in our newspapers
we really do have a free press So it gives people the opportunity to be
able to say what’s on their minds gives people the opportunity to be able
to blow off steam anybody in Parliament can go and say whatever it is they want to
say so it makes for some sensationalistic
headlines but also in my opinion makes for a very stable
country because it’s healthy for people to be able to get out what
they want to say Arguably kuwait has the more progressive of political systems within the Gulf but also at the same time
it’s one of the lesser effective ones in
getting things done is that a price worth paying? I mean,
if you look at your counterparts in Dubai, in Riyadh, in Doha Despite the tremendous oil
wealth that this country has been endowed with
there’s this sense of a lack of development for anybody who’s toured this part of
the world I think to understand Kuwait you need to take a brief history lesson and understand
the contextual backdrop from which we’re coming from Kuwait was the first country to
really develop politically and so we set up
institutions and different bodies and then in the sixties and the seventies and
what those do is that they become a shock
absorber for the government and for everything that happens so
rather than just one person making a decision and saying it’s going to be this way
it’s going to be that way things get referred to these institutions to these
committees at which slow things down so it
stops lots of good stuff from happening quickly
It also stops lots of bad stuff from happening quickly but thats that’s part of being stable

Maurice Vega

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