Killing Joke – Follow the leaders

Maurice Vega

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  1. Original Malicious Damage Stable Mates RED BEAT have a NEW ALBUM "CHANGE and PHOENIX" Out October 24th 2017.

  2. Someone said drum and base? This is politics, silly. Passion. Truth. Excellent music. Excellent reflections. Bloody proper art for the people.

  3. Better late than never – my posted comment to this video from Oct 2009 (deleted after Google gobbled up YouTube):

    YouTube saves yet another KJ classic out of the dustbin – great drumming, the metronomic snapping and the hypnotic lyrics.  Punk meets New Wave as only Killing Joke can masterfully pull off.

  4. Come inside boy, they call this fun! (Music to please the adolescent)
    Taking the easy way out again. Part of the process, same old story.
    Follow the leader (look at the leader)

  5. Genre defining. The day I learnt the true price of things. To get the first two Joke albums I had to hand over three Police albums and a Bauhaus single to Roge Fowler, a wiley buyer and seller indeed. But you know Roge, I will take them with me to the grave! 

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