Kerry Packer's Political Philosophy

we got all the photographs down oh man we could get down to actually being serious about it rather than just being a circus first of all I declare open this afternoon's proceedings of the print media inquiry and welcome mr. Kerry Packer the chairman of the Australian consolidated press mr. packer could you please state your full name and the capacity in which you appear this afternoon place Kerry Francis balm or Packer I appear here to say afternoon reluctantly if you exercise the rights for the pre-emptive purchase of the junk bond holders what what effect does that have on the shareholding structure of to ring as we now know it from the information given to us by mr. Kennedy not at all – rang will be out of the business by then but if you think I got to be railroaded and sit here and be told that you're going to change the laws and you're going to push me around I may well buy them why is his 15 percent no 15 what was his 15 percent any difference your 15 he's about to sit on the board don't you know the difference of course this there's some deenis they don't have any contact with the management I don't have any access to the editors I don't have any any method of talking to people mr. black on the other hand as a board member and as deputy chairman has the capacity to talk to the management are you saying that there's no arrangement formal or informal between you and mr. black with these what I'm saying it's what I've said ad nauseam in that document you're either gonna have to believe me or call me a liar I am Telling You there is no arrangement and I'm sick of telling people there is no arrangement no that is the situation there is no arrangement there is no agreement I am not in a position what of course formal or informal implied or anything else I'm sick of trying to tell you all I am NOT going to run John Fairfax you know and what's more I don't want it constitutionally there's got to be an enormous argument that you have no right to inquire into print media at all Foreign Investment Review Board 15% and it's automatic what's next so you'd legislate so that would be 15% less automatic so that would be no more than 15% foreign owners I'm saying to you that it is like that at this point in time that you don't have to go to the Foreign Investment Review Board if your ownership is under 15% no but there are still approval processes which have changed not by legislation but by regulation over the course of time which are very days a percentage and the extent to which the F IRB provides a judgement up there you've got very clear guidelines very clear guidelines and this is one of the things which I think has really been enormous ly hurtful to this whole process you have guidelines and you have changed them you've twisted them around in response to pressure from journalists now you know there are people out there who want to invest in this country and they want to invest in it because they think it's a stable decent country the performance we have seen and the attempted hijackings and mis company in this performance have taken people who I know over there who was saying why would anyone invest in Australia the laws get twisted and changed the whole structure gets moved round depending on whether they like the color your eyes or not now if we were a little bit more worried about jobs out there and getting people to invest money into this country and and getting some businesses going instead of trying to stop people helman Freedman represent a group of people in America who are committed to Pacific Rim Pacific Rim investment and the clients that they have are worth some hundreds of billions of dollars and they are sitting here saying nobody could carry on like these people it's not possible now that's the damage you're doing changing the rules every single day and I think the people out there whose jobs have been pissed up against the wall don't thank you for you saying that the back of the jib you don't think Parliament has the right to inquire into the print media yes I am saying exactly that and and so you don't you're doing Australian Broadcasting in trial board and you're not doing it for any other reason so you don't think Parliament has the responsibility I on Constitution you have the right to do it can I finish my question that the national parliament has the responsibility for looking at any aspect of public policy which it judges to be appropriate you you seem to be completely unaware of the constitution of Australia which you as a politician have to abide by the same as everybody else my view is that under the Constitution you don't have the right well the law now it can get the lawyers also hold that view almost equally whether you do or whether you've done now if you really want any you can go to the High Court and find out no lawyer has come before us as question that we have the right to do that maybe you haven't asked him the question does PepsiCo just point out that the committee has taken evidence from the attorneys general the Attorney General's Department are going to be volunteering it well in fact they have advisors the vein considered that the national parliament does have the power to legislate in certain areas but that doesn't mean that it's right to do so no I don't but what's your view do you think we should relax foreign ownership of television networks in Australia I don't mind what you do I'd love it at Megiddo Bruce Weber you made the rules in 1986 what I didn't try to sneak around the back door or sneak underneath this these rules were made in 1986 I read the rules said what am I allowed to do and that's exactly what we've done now why do you want to change the rules again this is the first what's happened with this operation going on now is exactly what those rules were put in place for it's the first time it's been used it's exactly what they were put in place and we have obeyed them absolutely why do you want to change the rules again I mean since I grew up as a boy I would imagine that through the parliaments of Australia from the time I was 18 19 years of age to now there must be 10,000 new laws been passed and I don't really think it's that much better place and I'd like to make a suggestion to which I think would be far more use if you want to pass a new law why don't you learn to do it when you've repealed an old one I mean this idea of just passing legislation legislation every time someone blinks is a nonsense nobody knows if nobody understands you've got to be a lawyer books up to here few means simply to do the things we used to do and every time you pass a law you take somebody's privileges away from what the four-corners program suggested was not that you were evading text at all that would have been libelous but that you were minimizing text with minimizing text I don't know anybody who doesn't minimize their tax and that you were doing so in ways that were that were contrary to the spirit of the law well I just got through telling you what I thought about that and what you're saying is exactly what the four-corners program says I am not evading tax in any way shape or form now of course I am minimizing my tax and if anybody in this country doesn't minimize their tax they want the Headroom because I was look as a government I can tell you you're not spending it that well that we should be donating extra

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  1. Packer like Bob Hawke and Paul Keating was a pedophile – and a bully – who inherited a lot of money.

  2. business in Australia, its a painful nanny state even worse since 2002!! look at the way those government jokers word their questions, theyre underhanded game players applying rules to suit an agenda not there so everyone can live and prosper. Its a total regression to convict behaviour!

  3. Rules and regulations are subject to interpretation. The interpretation of those rules and regulations are governed by laws and laws are interpreted by how big your checkbook is.

  4. What a legend kerry should have run for prime minister he would have got the country firing what a brilliant business mind

  5. Kerry was high IQ and a fearsome public opponent. We need more of his type rather than the accidental nerd billionaires we have today.

  6. kerrys comments on the very enthusiastic law makers, yes , too many laws, this has lead to a left wing nanny state. it,s become ridiculous imo.

  7. this was a great performance by Kerry, but remember 3 weeks later he dropped his fairfax bid when the govt threatened to review the structure of tourang syndicate. also his chosen business partner conrad black was later sent to jail for fraud….so lets not overdo the praise for his genius

  8. "Could you please state your full name and the capacity in which you appear?"
    "Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer…… Reluctantly".



  10. Love Kerry Packer or hate him, but you have to respect and admire him for nailing those corrupt politicians for what that really are – MONSTERS who have been taking away our freedom.

  11. That's the late great Kerry alright…he was more on the ball than any politician….taxes aren't charity… they're compulsory…and it's never received or spent as charity

  12. Spoilt dickhead he got it from frank and past it on to James cause of that James packer is depressed so much burden on his hands.

  13. I wish Kerry Packer did take over Fairfax ( SYDNEY MORNING HERALD) because its a Marxist Communist newspaper in 2019.

  14. Pity his dopey fuckin kid wasn't half the bloke he was, dumb fuck put the rock on that scrubber Carey lol, she seen him coming

  15. What a waist of time Facebook, Google, Amazon, or rather Silicon Valley has taken over Australian Media.

  16. Could anyone randomly strolling across YouTube quickly explain to me what Kerry packer’s views and personality are?

  17. What a great man Kerry Packer was and was never afraid to say what he believed. His life was a real life movie and no bullshit at all. He could have been a great Australian Prime Minister had he wanted to be that. There has been no other person like him.

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