Kellywise – SNL

Maurice Vega

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  1. I wish I could give more likes That was Great I was out of the country someone suggested I see because of My infatuation with Kate McKinnon ( I Love her ) she is a natural every sketch she's in is classic

  2. This was fucking retarded stop doing political jokes there so ducking dumb!!!! Nobody wants to hear your agenda driven garbage!!!! Fuck!

  3. id just put my dick in the drain and be like bitch u live in a sewer. ill get you out by the same way you got down here start suckin.

  4. this is somehow more terrifying than the real pennywise…with that being said im going to have all kinds of fucked-up nightmares now. THANKS, SNL!!!

  5. Every now and then I dip my toe into the proverbial pond that is SNL, and every time my foot comes out covered in feces ?

    SNL: Please get new writers that are capable of pulling their heads out of their hyper-liberal echo chamber long enough to realize that they stopped writing comedy years ago. Stating your political beliefs as fact is not comedy nor is it good writing: It’s just soap boxing.

  6. The best SNL skit ever. And I think Kate McKinnon as Pennywise Kellyanne Conway looks 100x better than Kellyanne Conway in real life.

  7. It two it two it two it two it two it two it two it two it two it two it two it two it two it two it two it two it two it two….

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