Kellyanne Conway Goes On CNN To DEFEND Sean Hannity As “Unique Content”

This past weekend, Kellyanne Conway counselor
to the President of the United States, decided to go on Reliable Sources on CNN to talk about
what’s happening in the Trump administration. The host of Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter
actually asked Kellyanne Conway a good question. He asked about all the stories in the past
week, showing that Sean Hannity and Donald Trump were literally bed buddies on the telephone,
talking every night before President goes to bed, that Sean Hannity had basically become
a shadow advisor to the President. Kellyanne Conway used her time on CNN to actually
defend a Fox News host, and as she often does, cleverly shifted the subject into something
a little more familiar for her. Take a look. There were these stories recently about Sean
Hannity as a shadow chief of staff or shadow Comms Director. I was wondering if you and Hannity ever coordinate? Can you tell us about that? I don’t coordinate with Sean Hannity. We’re both pretty busy people. I go on the show once a week or every couple
weeks. I saw Sarah Sanders was on there the other
night. I’ve known Sean for a very long time, but
there’s nothing to coordinate. Why would we need to coordinate? What is there to coordinate? I have a relationship with the President. I speak with him regularly. Sean is running the highest rated show on
cable and I think there’s a reason for that. He’s providing information that people can’t
find anywhere else. Sean would have low ratings if he was talking
about everything else everybody’s talking about. Think about that for a moment. People are starved for unique content and
they seem to not be getting it elsewhere. His ratings show that and what he covers every
night show that. He’s also dealing with things that are outside
of my purview, for example congressional investigations. I don’t have access to those materials. I’m glad the country’s starting to have access
to those materials, Brian, because I think when everybody’s calling for transparency
and accountability, it ought to cut every single way and we ought to know the way the
other investigation of the person who lost the election and you weren’t expecting to,
how that investigation was handled. We’re learning more about that now and it
is relevant. Even though she lost, it is relevant because
it talks about upper echelons of the FBI and what was going on. We ought to know. If you’re going to give Jim Comey all this
book time … We should know who committed crimes, yes. We should know that. We should know who committed crimes that includes
in any campaign. All right. There’s several things to unpack from this
clip. First and foremost, unique content. That is what Sean Hannity is offering and
that is why people tune in to him because he has unique content. There’s nothing unique about lying. Hell, there’s nothing unique about lying to
a national audience on Fox News. That’s what 99% of the people on that network
do on a daily basis. That’s not unique. That’s their agenda. That’s their platform. That’s the mantra of that entire network. To be honest, Kellyanne, the reason Sean Hannity
has such good ratings right now, which I think the last quarter dataset that came out, Rachel
Maddow was actually doing a little better than was, but nonetheless. A lot of people tune in to see what kind of
train wreck this man is going to have on the air that night, to see how he’s going to twist
logic and reality in order to defend Donald Trump. Let’s go the second part real quick. Let’s talk about that fact that you immediately
went from defending Sean Hannity to talking about Hillary Clinton. Is that the only trick you know? Is that the only thing you’re capable of talking
about? You just sit in the White House all day long
thinking how you can change any topic into Hillary Clinton and Democrats because that
really seems like that’s the only thing you do in the media. If all you can do is bash a woman who lost
an election, then maybe you’re in the wrong industry, maybe you shouldn’t be working for
the Trump White House, maybe you should stop going on TV and maybe the network should stop
calling her. Because that’s what this all about. CNN, you’re doing some great work every now
and then, but for the love of God, could you stop calling Kellyanne Conway? Will you stop inviting her on the shows? She’s not going to give you anything of substance,
but what she will give you are stupid soundbites that you can then post online and make a ton
of money off of. That’s why they keep inviting her on. She is not going to give you any new information. She’s not going to screw up like Rudy Giuliani
and admit that the President may have paid off more women. She’s just going to give you lies and slander
and somehow tie it all back to Hillary Clinton because that’s the only thing she knows how
to do.

Maurice Vega

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  2. All the news outlets are pure propaganda. Nobody I know trusts any news source. Today, unfortunately, we pick and choose our truths. It would be best to just live our lives in real time and leave the politics to politicians and pundits since they really deserve each other.

  3. These people lying and screwing over middle class America need to get the fuck off tv and seclude themselves on an island somewhere.

  4. Wish kellyanne would sit down with someone like kyle kulinski or farrons cousins for a real interview. CNN never has the balls to call out Kellyanne's bs aggressively.

  5. Hannity amd new content? Every week it's witch hunt this, Hillary that, Uranium One, deep state, Comey is bad…..same shit every day!


  7. Even from Britain this is getting really really boring now! She’s boring, Trump is boring , the whole administration is boring. It’s been TWO years and this cunt is still going on and on about Hilary bloody Clinton !!! I’m with Morning Joe who stopped inviting her on

  8. Hannity's info is not "Unique". It isn't even journalism. He promotes people he works with: the financial company, Cohen, Giuliani, etc. Keg-head, scum-lord Hannity. When is the HUD OIG going to investigate?

  9. When Smellyanne Liedway attempted to defend Sean Hannity,why she didn't dare to mention alternative facts,which is equivalent to lies,other than that ,she is a habitual liar who works for the adminstration of the liar in chief.

  10. "But Hillary!" Famous last words, the last refuge of right-wing sycophants, I mean scoundrels. Actually both are accurate. haha

  11. Unique Content, aka:alternative facts aka: BULLSHIT. ITS ALL HILARYS FAULT. IF ITS NOT HILARYS FAULT, ITS OBAMAS FAULT. Sean Hanity is a bitch. Hes trumps BITCH.

  12. The reason faux news has high ratings compared to msnbc or cnn is because there are sevral news stations that tell the truth and out the facts. There is only one station that sucks trumps dick like a 2 bit slut. That station is FOX NEWS. Gobble gobble dickheads.

  13. While liberals and normal people do watch various programs from all over, the 35% of conservatives in America are like a cult , strictly adhering to an ideology based largely on fear, cruelty, ignorance of human diversity and multiplicity, and bigotry…, and certainly Hannity and Fox News is the loudest mouth propagating such propaganda. And most if not all conservatives gather and glue their eyes and minds to Fox News to feed themselves ..thus you get that first rated show …

  14. Welp, one thing about fascists, they stick together. They will kill, lie and cheat for one another to no end. KellyAnn is just as much of a disgrace to this country as the rest of the Trump cultists and Trump himself. Why are even giving her any credence whatsoever? She doesn’t deserve any attention. None. Zero. Nada. She bears no relevance whatsoever.

  15. Wonder what the love child between Hannity Insanity and his master orange ape Donnie Tiny-hands would look like.

  16. Amen! About time someone calls out Kellyanne! She drives me crazy by spinning everything into Hillary. Great reporting again, keep up the great work!

  17. Alex Jones also provide unique content that people can’t find elsewhere too, so, by “Motor-mouth” Conway’s criteria, Sean Hannity is crazy like Alex Jones!

  18. Thank you for cutting off conway's tirade, I was starting to get nauseated. Very true, conway can only beat the drum on things past, "hillary", "Uranium One", "millions voted illegally". When you have no basis for an argument then lie about something or someone else.

  19. Hannity is a self proclaimed PUNDIT!! He is NOT A REPORTER OR JOURNALIST IN ANY MANNER – THESE WORDS ARE OUT OF HANNITY'S MOUTH! His job, like ALL PUNDITS is to give BIASED OPINIONS!! The job of true JOURNALISTS IS TO GIVE FACTS! Hannity is a bullshit artist hack!

  20. (chuckle) I don't think any of us need to wonder what kind of "relationship" she has with trump. Maybe we should give her a new nickname. Pecker Wrecker perhaps?

  21. Kelly Anne Cockneck Conway just keeps on going ,the motormouth is on a roll and shows no signs of slowing down at all.she needs to get off the shit she is taking .🦅

  22. Ever think the reason you can’t find his bullshit anywhere else is because it’s made up bullshit? Smh I can’t stand kellyanne and I’m patiently waiting for the day someone loses their shit on air and just exposes her.

  23. As far a Rudy goes, I suspect he has turned on Trump for personal reasons or he has brain worms which make him act like an incompetent fool when he speaks on behalf of his client.
    It's one or the other when I think about this really hilarious situation.

  24. America can't stand Kellyand Conjob. It's unbelievable how busy this empty lying bitch is. My guess is that these are alternative facts. Fuck her…..

  25. It is going to be interesting what jobs they are going to have when they are through with the trump's house of lies.
    They are not going to be able to be trusted again.

    Once their money is gone they are then the ones trump are culling.

    The help that would have had – will be gone because of the culling of the poor – done by trump.

  26. Yes Kellyanne, just like you are starved for brains and commonsense.By the way, Rudy called and he wants his dentures back.

  27. how in the fuck can they have any of Trump shit crew on CNN still after he and his shit crew calls CNN fake news that's bullshit especially from erection killer Kellyanne scum-way

  28. Aaaaand just like that, CNN did not listen to Michelle Wolf. Typical corporate news outlet.
    Also, "people are starved for unique content?" Tch, ya. Sure. If your type of people is starving for "unique content," they can go straight to Logan Paul.

  29. she finally tells the truth, hanity is unique content in the sense of a stupid bigot who cant even handle the truth.

  30. Transparency cuts both ways Kellyanne? Great! Let's see 45's tax returns!! He even promised to at one point in time, many many many tweetstors ago.

  31. So we've learned Sean and Don are bugagh buddies!!! ohhhh I just caught that….umm….his wife must be feeling awkward right now…

  32. I have the best people" "I know the best words" "I have the best memory" "I'm like a smart person" "I'm much more humble than you would understand." "This is going to be so easy" "You'll be tired of winning" "I alone can fix it." "Ask michael Cohen"

  33. She says that Hannity has information nobody else has, my God !!
    DT has the all intelligence agencies at his disposal, this is what makes him more like a dumbass

  34. Trump’s accusations are just the birth certificate ‘investigation’ scam done over again under other names.
    The old traveling grifter really does need some new material. But then again, it worked for him SO well last time! Why change a winning formula?
    And once again, all smoke and no evidence from the traveling medicine show.
    And so, 2 days after the show leaves town the townsfolk all get sick, the local disabled girl is pregnant and crying and the blame for it all has been redirected to the skeptics who never bought the potion in the first place, and so are resented by the sick for not having to share in their poisoning.
    And in the next town the same show starts up all over again. The products change from time to time but the results are always the same.
    Ask yourself honestly. How many parents reading this would ever have confidently spent their child’s college fund on an education at Trump “University”?
    Then you already know the horrific truth of what I am telling you.

  35. CNN is just wasting air time with someone like Kellyanne. We have heard every lie she has in her case time to stop.

  36. Kellyanne is down on her bloodied knees, with lockjaw, for the big Sean. Once the Pres is gone she will be by her big man's side at Fox.

  37. Too Funny….!!!! One of the biggest liars in the Trump Whitehouse defending one of the most deplorable TV presenters in history…!!!! LMAO
    She's a one trick wonder, like a hooker who only does missionary…!!!!

  38. We, the tax paying public, do not pay Conway to defend Hannity or do a Hannity promo. What a waste of tax payer money Conway is!

  39. I hate Conway. Nothing she says is important or news worthy. If she shut up, no one would miss her (except Trump and his yes man Hannity).

  40. Kellyanne Conway is releasing her own eye shadow pallet! Colors include "Tired" "Very Tired" and "Let Us Never Forget The Victims of Bowling Green". Available at Macy's!

  41. Some of you watch fake… bullying news that want you to believe Trump lies . He tells the truth and I am tired of all the Trump Trashers. He is human and humans are normal to make mistakes. Media has taken his tweets and turn them into lies. when it was just an overblown human mistake because he is no different than you or I. Remember he is not the normal politician and the leftist hate that he is so honest. They would ranter have everyone believe their version of fake news and make you hate and disrespect the President which is unamerican! i NEVER LIKED O EITHER AND I am GLAD HRC IS NOT OUR PRESIDENT AND WE VOTED FOR Trump.I Can't tell you to get over it because you have a right to believe he is a liar and disrespect our president But I can say I have no respect for the Left and the Media that made you the way you are.

  42. This is bizarre! I refuse to watch CNNI prefer the truth and alternative news MSM is controlled by the very people the democrats wanted to win soros… and Clinton Foundation paying for a russian docea so much more lies than I want to hear.

  43. Kellyanne likes 'Unique Content'. Jeffrey Dahmer is probably just the kind of "Unique Content" Kellyanne might like.

  44. Why is "talking" to Sean Hannity so controversial? Maybe Donald Trump actually respects Hannity. So CNN assumes that Hannity is not a good influence on our president. Why??? How do you know what Hannity is saying to the president? The issue is not Sean Hannity talking to our president. It is, why is our president talking to a US citizen? Since when is this wrong? In the multitude of counselors there is safety. So Hannity, who has a lot of sources, gives advice to Trump. And???

  45. Those that are ok with things like abortion and "gay marriage, etc..must hate Donald Trump. These are the real "deplorables". Sorry about the spelling.

  46. If by what she means is lies, conspiracies and the total biased Trump defending. Than yes it's very much unique because no one else is that stupid on cable TV.

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