Kavanaugh Hearing Cold Open – SNL

Maurice Vega

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  1. Is there a list somewhere of all the characters Kate McKinnon plays on SNL? I need to find it, and I bet it's a looooong list.

  2. Who's watching this in 2019 so thankful that Justice Kavanaugh is on the bench and the unethical attempt to take him down failed

  3. Wow this is so funny I just wish they would do more comedy that would just get to the issues and trash everything Republican no matter what whether it's true or not this is hilarious

  4. Iโ€™d have to be zoned on copious amounts of Valium to be able to sit next to Matt Damon & not crack up.

    One more thing – the man to the right of Matt against the โ€˜wallโ€™ looks EXACTLY like one of the silent, intimidating security guys on the British court show โ€œJudge Rinder.โ€ (Itโ€™s their version of Judge Judy.)

  5. Thas what they said tho""" hmm makes u think about the 100 mayjor lies already debunked #whats next โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜น

  6. This was so legit. I bet a lot of Trumpers believe Kavanaugh was actually a good choice and believe the new appointee for an appeals judgeship who cried was right on point.

  7. "I don't know the meaning of the word stop"
    Ooohh that's about as close SNL can get, hear the audience groan and whoa-whoa they're going there!

  8. So I typed in Brett Kavanagh and literally the moment Kate McKinnon popped up I slide down and see a pick of the real Lindsey Graham pointing a finger. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I LOVE SNL MAN

  9. AMAZING how hollywood is more than willing to throw out due process and constitutional rights. Are hollywood actors as also ok with banning free speech/press and allowing our borders to be overrun with drug/child smugglers. I read books I dont need their shit.

  10. why don't you just split America in 3 parts? West, Middle and East – since they all got similar ideologies? why keep it together?

  11. Trump's president. Kavanaugh is on the supreme court and 100 million liberal snowflakes have sand in their vaginas. Winning!

  12. 10:36 Lol, I think Kate ad-libbed the "Do you know what this?" bit. Matt Damon's "Is this a real question?" seems like he's wondering if it was supposed to be in the script.

  13. I have to wonder if mr. Kavanaugh will get thrown out after the Impeachment because he will lose one of his more influential supporters.

  14. This is pretty much the equivalent of America pretending to laugh while actually crying on the inside and that's what makes it truly hilarious. Enjoy your Date Rape Supreme Court Justice, suckers. You did this.

  15. SNL always misses the mark on these cases due to bias, but it is funny. They made fun of his evidence, but it's literally more evidence than the lady had (which she now admits the allegations were politically driven)

  16. I'm gonna be honest I'll never watch another Matt Damon movie because of this, they literally tried to ruin a mans career and it literally traumatized his wife and kids and SNL is gonna parody it. For god's sake the kids said they'd pray for Dr. Ford, even then why is it they didn't SNL bash Dr. Ford? Where is the parody of Dr. Ford? That nutty ass bitch deserves to be parodied more than Kavanaugh.

  17. This video is historical, leftist outrage propaganda created in response to losing their first culture battle in 60 years. The tide in the culture war is turning, ans every single leftist will pay the consequences.

  18. This sketch was TOO GOOD. I remember right before SNL was premiering I had doubts about the show being funny bc last season was just ok but after seeing this, theyโ€™re BACK! They killed this!!!!

  19. This is not as funny given that the guy became a supreme court judge after all, it's actually rather depressing to see how ridiculous his antics were and that he still got shoved in there without any regard for Christine, oh well…

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