Karnataka political crisis: Speaker is likely to summon rebel Congress MLAs

since that the Coalition is facing in Karnataka we've been told that the speaker is going to summon the rebels the MLAs who have resigned are likely are going to be issued notices in fact we're also being told that they may appear before the speaker as well the speaker is going to inquire whether they are resigning of their own will or coercion meanwhile CMHC kumara Swamy has left to meet ramalinga reddy without security convoy let's go across to in brawn for more details Imran we're being told that these Emily's could be summoned by the speaker today they could appear before the speaker also actually kumara Swamy now reaching out to ramalinga reddy who said he's neither going to attend the CLP nor is he resigning well absolutely the file has read a speaker office and speaker of his informing that they will issue notice today to the MLS that they should come before him and explain that the reason for which the design the speaker will likely give a taste for the mm LS to come and attend he would like to inquire whether they have resigned of their own will or there was a coercion of force force on him to for them to resign from their primary membership of legislative party along with that being a big dollar pension the political part is the political sponsor in Karnataka early in the morning he left without his convoy what we know learning from sources is that the GM will was going to be crumbling the readyq and they're trying to convince him to not to resign to to pay it to be in the party and whatever his clauses are especially is concerning the running of the BP MP giving more power to tow the mayor who's considered as a proxy of Rama linearity and allocation of any good spots for the constituency these are some of the things which when we talked about which system would likely talk about yesterday last night the CM met all the JD has ten village and some of the Congress we need Congress leaders and the CM has devised a plan called the Congress cambridge plan which offered in nineteen sixty three cameras implemented with an mass resignations will be there of the ministers of the both Congress and jail yes and all the rebels will be accommodated many of the senior leaders have talked to each of these ministers today morning as we speak first meeting has been called as permissions house so that all the ministers can this cockade comforted over the issue that they will ask all the resignations today they will all resign today and marks and all the rebel mla's will be accommodated in the new cabin ministry which will be constituted by this chief minister and it will be all completely discretionary of the chief minister in order to stay up the comment I saw the plans these emily's have said that they are not going to withdraw the resignation so what is the strategy behind the chief minister now trying to reach out to ramalinga reddy and in fact counting on him in a way problem it is a very senior politician from the sphere of the Congress party the seven-time MLA also huge crowd in the South Bengaluru many of the right is the dominant community look up to him also as one of their a leader and because of him what they feel is that the pendulum is realization was of the people he was the leader of the bangle MLS who designed special displeasure over the over the functioning of the coalition government especially hitting all the deputy chief minister of Bosnia is interpreted in the Indus it e-especially the allocation of persons concerned so these are the issues which are there that's a reason why the Chief Minister is meeting him he will likely be given a ministry which earlier had demanded and also giving him more power in the PP MP which the he was looking at and as also most funds for his constituency so these are the demands which are burning building hands which to minister will be attending to and also must be the plan is to have an mass resignation of all the ministers

Maurice Vega

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