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the midterm elections are in full swing today was the last day to register in many states but don't worry if you haven't registered yet you can still vote illegally now one thing we've come to expect around elections is celebrities getting involved and these days celebrity voicing their political opinion is like climate change it's happening every day and most people ignore it but there are still some celebrities who simply cannot be ignored Kanye West added again sparking controversy on Twitter the pro Trump rapper posted a photo of him wearing a red make America great again hats he's the brave one going out into liberal lala land and getting booed because he likes Trump what I love about Kanye West is he has been blazing this trail saying it's okay to think freely Thank You Kanye West for standing up for what is right yes the rights has a new favorite rapper so step aside nobody yeah that's a that's a that's never been filled before so Republicans have been celebrating the second coming of Jesus as one of their own but yesterday Democrats said hey Republicans I'm gonna let you finish but we just got one of the best endorsements of all time Taylor Swift got a huge response after announcing yesterday she's voting for Democrat Phil Bredesen over Republican Marsha Blackburn in the US Senate race in Tennessee the popstar has always made it a point of keeping silent on politics but shocked her fans last night Swift wrote I always have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this country Wow this this is a big deal because you realize until now Taylor Swift has stayed as far away from politics as she does from rhythm right and note like don't get me wrong don't give her I love I love Tay Tay's music but let's be honest have you seen her dancing like Taylor Swift Taylor Swift here's the thing Taylor strip tennis drip dances like she's making fun of how I people does that's how she dancing and just like Kanye fired up Republicans Taylor also seems to be having an impact her post apparently caused a huge surge in voter registration so you can't deny that she has influence voters you can't deny that Taylor Swift has that influence the same way you can't deny that wild reputation might have lacked the momentum in sales records of 1989 it's still an impressive brooding departure portraying Taylor as a woman coming into her own and solidifying her power and range is modest or so I've been told I mean that so I've been told and I get it I get it if anyone can convince young people to vote it's the woman who somehow got young people to buy physical CDs because she wasn't on Spotify I mean like who even owns the CD player like people probably popping the distance of the toaster trying to play them there is right and since Taylor has been so quiet about politics there was actually a theory in the alt-right community that was that maybe she was secretly a pro Trump conservative right but now by endorsing Democrats she blew that theory up which is news that the president took surprisingly well and what did she say let's say that I like Taylor's music about 25% less now okay that's that's a weird way to express displeasure he likes her music 25% less like what does that even mean is is he now just gonna cut off 25% of his Taylor merchandise is that was gonna do oh and by the way I love I love how Trump turned back when he heard Taylor Swift you see that like cuz he was leaving he was leaving right and then you have Taylor Swift in he's like what yeah cuz normally reporters shout questions he just keeps going then mr. president the United Nations global warming was the president your policy and Hezbollah mr. president what do you think about Taylor Swift is that what's that what's that Taylor Swift let me tell you something I know all about this issue from my briefings that I read in United States Weekly and look I know right now there are conservatives out there who are Pro Taylor Swift and are feeling conflicted at this moment because she has endorsed the Democrats and to them I say if you're a real Taylor Swift fan you know what you got to do shake it off you

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  1. The 25% he doesn't like about her anymore is probably just her music. He still wants to do her like he does his daughter. No surprise there.

  2. Boo 👎👎 👎 fuck the democrats and he dum ass that that on news all he is one bad democrats all he stay for black live matter that's racist just like kkk

  3. no magic here, dumb always magnetically attached to evil that pretends to be the one for people, We have so many dumb kanye and others in our country

  4. Im taytay fan but im upset ….she doesnt say her political views until it benefits from it or sth happens to her like female molestation she didnt talk until she was bullied by her producer …also in muslim ban…thats why taylor makes me upset in some things although im fan!!?

  5. don't @ me. I don't really like Taylor Swift's music, but she's an amazing person, political or not.

  6. It is, and may perhaps continue to be Cohen (TN) vs Cohen (former criminal business associate of current US President). I can only hope, that if the young Ms Swift was fully aware of the deeper political implications of situations dealing with the Crimean Peninsula, she may have expressed her honest opinion in a less vindictive way. She is not a politician, and neither am I. Musical artists We should continue to be.

  7. All of US have opinions and viewpoints. As a former musician/entertainer, I have personally believed, that it was in the best interest of my band/troupe, not to be endorsed, nor to endorse any commercial and or political enterprise. Initially, it may indeed raise issues of artistic integrity. Secondly, it may have the potential of the mass public accepting such opinions and viewpoints as somehow more acceptable.

  8. so kanye west does exactly what taylor swift does, and gets hate. but swizzle does it and gets a standing ovation… ok america…

  9. I was indifferent to Taylor Swift, but now my respect for her has increased at least 75%… pretty sure that, mathematically, that nullifies trump's opinion.

  10. Taylor has 4 walls surrounding her L.A. home – I wonder what her position is on immigration…….?

  11. I’m surprised he didn’t mention Eminem and how after he made the Trump Diss Track, Ellen (big time liberal) went from saying “this rapper must be stopped” to “I love Eminem”. Both sides are important bud.

  12. Still prefer Kanye musically but respect to Taylor, I'll try listening to her garbage tunes at least once before the end of the year.

  13. Lol. Indeed, Trump was taking off, but did an about face when he heard "Taylor Swift!" Just delightful.

  14. I'm happy that Taylor has spoken out because she has a big platform and can truly motivate people to get out and vote on November 6, vote for people who are more agreeable to your political views regardless of your political party.

  15. I could not careless about what a celebrity's political views are. They are jesters for our entertainment. However, they have a right to voice their opinion and should not be hounded for it, just like anyone else. With that said, I just love to see people "back-up" or demonize them, because their views. "I followed them from the beginning, but now they think differently than me, fuck'em" or conversely, "I do not care about them or their work, but they agree with me and that means NOW they deserve my protection.". Nope, no hypocrisy here…

  16. Never be influenced by what a "Celebirty" says, formulated your own views and opinions based off your own personal views and experiences, then question those views with well informed research and challenge yourself by have new and challenging experiences that make you uncomfortable. Then Register do your research and vote, don't be silent.

    Don't vote for a party, vote for the individual views of that person that can benefit You, your Friends and your Family.

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