Kamala Ends Campaign After Collapsing in Polls

we’ll, I told you yesterday that it was likely
to happen soon and it actually happened minutes after we finished producing yesterday’s show. A Senator Kamala Harris has officially dropped
out of the presidential primary. She collapsed in the polls over the last few
months, and as I told you yesterday, Kamala Harris had qualified for the next debate,
which is the sixth debate, I think on December 19th but the polling was just not there. Her fundraising was just not there, and I’ll
tell you, I respect her decision to drop out at this point in time. I’m going to address that more in a moment. Let’s look at her polling first. You will see that despite hitting a national
polling high of about 15% this is her high. She wasn’t leading, but her campaign high
was about 15% that was in the first half of July. It’s just been downhill for her all the way
down to a national average of barely 3% in recent weeks. Now, Camila is not someone that I was supporting. She has a very troubling record in the criminal
justice system during her time as the attorney general of California, she was slippery on
healthcare to say the least. She definitely, uh, brought some clever planned
attacks to the debates. She had one on Joe Biden in the first debate. She put together an attack on Telsey Gabbert
at the last one, but it wasn’t the sort of substantive, vended, inspiring candidacy that
did anything for me, particularly her slipperiness on healthcare. She wrote in an email to her campaign supporters
to her campaign newsletter quote, my campaign for president simply doesn’t have the financial
resources we need to continue. I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign. And as the campaign has gone on, it’s become
harder and harder to raise the money we need to compete in good faith. I can’t tell you my supporters and volunteers
that I have a path forward if I don’t believe I do. So to you, my supporters, it is with deep
regret, but also with deep gratitude that I am suspending my campaign today. Now she’s absolutely correct and that’s what
gets us back to the respect thing. Kamala Harris qualified for the next debate,
but she dropped out anyway because she has no chance. That is what I respect because most candidates
who have no shot would keep going clogging up the debate stages because they want FaceTime,
they want the publicity, she realizes she can’t win. She realizes she’s not raising the money she
needs. Implicit in that also is that she doesn’t
have the polling support that would allow her to raise that money and so she’s dropping
out and I respect the fact that she’s going to clear the clear, clear the stage, and not
clog it up with folks that don’t have a path to victory. Now there’s a whole bunch of other people
who should do the same thing and we’ll see if anybody else does between now and December
19th immediate questions about this. Number one is Kahmilah Harris angling for
a VP spot. Don’t know too early to talk about and quite
frankly, I’m not super interested in talking about VP stuff yet. Number two, who will she support or endorse? Unclear. There’s the idea that for demographic reasons,
maybe it would be Elizabeth Warren. There’s the idea that because of policy, because
she’s more of a centrist, it could be Joe Biden. I don’t think there’s too many people thinking
that she would endorse Bernie Sanders, but you never know. A more immediate question is where does her
support go? I actually don’t think it’s that important
of a question. She was pulling 3.4% on average as of yesterday
when she decided to drop out. Every candidate, if they drop out, their support
would be divided among the remaining candidates. It’s not going to go all to one candidate
and however you slice and dice 3.4% it’s not really going to be a game changer, so I’m
not super interested in where it is. Kamel is 3.4% go, but overall the field is
thinning. I believe at this point. That’s a good thing. Lots of the people left don’t have a shot
at the nomination. They’re not in the running in any of the first
four primary States, nor are they getting any traction beyond two or 3% nationally. It’s too late in the game to be clogging up
the debate stage when there are real differences between the candidates that have a shot. I welcome a thinning of the debate stage and
we will see if it continues. Let me know not only what you think of Camila
baling, but more importantly, who else should bail before the next debate? I want to hear from you. Leave a reply. If you’re watching on YouTube, we’ll have
a post about this on our Instagram page at David Pakman show. Follow us there and leave me your thoughts there as well.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. David, do a video about Cold War propaganda and it’s influence on “boomers”. Explain why there is a negative bias towards progressive policies from the Boomers. Bring notion to the rise of Antisemitism in America.

  2. Andrew Yang 2020, Not that it matter but he’s the highest polling person of color now which is just funny because now we can call MSNBC racist for ignoring him. (It seems to be the only language these new people understand.)

    Anyway, hopefully this thinning of the heard will get more eyes on Andrew Yang, the only guy talking about AI.

  3. David, there was a certain deadline coming up under California law. If she had not dropped out when she did, her name would have appeared on California ballot. That would have engendered the significant probability of Harris getting creamed in her home state.

  4. Shes dropping out because shes about to be DESTROYED in her home state and lose her senate seat as a result. This is NOT an exit because she doesnt have a path or to clear up the debate. NOPE.

  5. Delany definitely needs to pack it up. No matter how many exercise puns you make on Twitter, no one is going to vote for you, mate.

  6. Yeah, get off the stage! We totally need more time to get rambling from Biden, DNC talking points from Warren, & a reciting of all the shit we already know Bernie stands for. Mucccchhh respectttttttt. Fucking what?

  7. I guess RAISING money is an important distinction (sarcasm). But consider a fictional story in which a person says they are dropping out of the office for "supreme ruler" because they ran out money. Would you think that country was democratic AT ALL.

  8. The reason she's dropping out is to save face! When has a candidate's polling numbers gone from over 15% to below 3.5% so quickly? She doesn't want those poor polling numbers and debate sound bites catching up with her political career!

  9. I like Tulsi the most, But I know she won't win so I hope Bernie becomes the Nomine. But if Joe Biden becomes the Nomine, then not much will change once he becomes president, if he becomes president. I do hope a democrat wins the election, because if Trump is going to do something really crazy like for example start ww3. it would be during his second term since he's got nothing left to lose, altho I see Biden do the same thing.

  10. Klobuchar needs to go too! It's about time she dropped out.. Kamala flip flop Harris should take Mr. Malarkey with her..

  11. It never seemed like she even tried and she left while it's still wide open? I bet some genius adviser told her Bloomberg stole her lane even though he was DOA. The top 3 do not have broad enough appeal and are complete non starters for too many. With a split party, Warren or Sanders could really use her on their ticket.

  12. Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Marianne Williamson, Delany, Micheal Bennette, and Amy Klobuchar… all should drop out

  13. The way she poses and moves her hands in every interview she came off fake and was obviously playing to the cameras. She never had a chance

  14. I like her and I feel sorry for her to give up. Folks, just remember, there´s a reason why Russian trolls try to insult her.

  15. to me lets be real the race is going to come down to Joe and Bernie the two people who represent the two parts of the democratic party centrist do nothing mainly elderly people and a new fresh ideal of where the country needs to go , Bernie all the way but it will clearly come down to those two ideals.

  16. Not that any of you care, of course, while you pile on when it's guaranteed that none of you will ever run for office because, well, you lack even minimal courage to do so, Harris will be back in DC for Trump's impeachment trial. Cory will drop out so he will be there as will Amy K. who may not drop out.

    Sanders and Warren will have to be there too. That leaves Biden and Pete free to do what they need to through out January.

  17. I am offended by the idea of Blinkist. / Harris dropped out so she won't lose CA and hurt her 2022 senatorial chances there.

  18. In terms of good of the party and not wasting time and energy, everyone but Biden, Warren, and Sanders should drop out. Everyone else is too far behind. (Buttigieg is, okay, sort of on the cusp there, and Bloomberg may think he's got a fair chance through sheer money-dumping.)
    In terms of who we really ought to bother considering as a candidate, I'm not interested in anyone but Warren or Sanders.
    Also, in endorsement terms, I think Harris may have a bit more influence than her current polling numbers suggest – she's had much more interest and attention than most other candidates at various times, so people who have moved on to support other candidates more may still care about what she thinks and that may impact who they support among serious remaining contenders.

  19. If only there was another type of funding, like some sort of grassroots funding… 🤔 LOL 😆
    PS I just want to see Bill Maher’s face when Amy Klobuchar quits!

  20. There needs to be a very strict limit to the amount of funding, people even are allowed to collect and use during political campaigns in the US. It has gotten out of hand so completely that you either have to be a billionaire at the start of you campaign or have to get pretty much bribed by big companies and big donors to even have a chance to campaign.

  21. Her name would’ve ended up on the California ballot which should had no chance of winning. By dropping out now would she avoid that, thus avoiding embarrassing defeat in her own state, and avoiding a primary challenge in 2022. She’s just being politically tactical.

  22. Good riddance. Any and every other candidates that are polling at less than 10% at this point in time should follow her example!

  23. I say let the candidates run if they want to. Polls be damned, and likelihood be damned. It should be about who you as the individual support and not who's likely to win.

  24. If someone qualifies for the debate, they deserve a spot on stage. Even if they are polling in single digits. All it takes in one big viral moment and they could become a contender. Especially a thinning crowd. Keep in mind, Obama wasn't doing well originally in the debates until he caught on and was very much an underdog.

    The issue isn't the amount of people in the debate but the format. It should be an open, round table discussion on specific issues. Tonight's issue, health care and so on. I think it would be a much more interesting conversation and the people that actually have good ideas and leadership skills would be the ones speaking.

  25. Only because she was … umm whats the scientific term … I think it's "not good". Not to mention, overly smug. Feel the Bern.

  26. Everyone except Bernie, Warren, Biden and Buttigieg to bail. We all know the others don't stand a snowballs chance in hell. All they're doing is taking up space at this point.

  27. Y’all know we owe Tulsi a big thank you for exposing this conwoman to her face on the debate stage so many times. Mad respect to her and Julian Castro for deciding to take at least one corporate centrist down with them when they realized they had no chance of winning.

  28. I adored your choice of adjectives you used to describe her fall from grace. She was slippery she dropped. How charming you are this afternoon.

  29. "I'm a top-tier candidate." "People don't like me because I'm an African American woman." "If I were a billionaire I'd–[ . . . ]" — Kamala Harris
    Ms. Harris. You had 49 Billionaires funding your campaign. You laughed about smoking weed while being the AG prosecuting and sentencing people, African Americans out of proportion to whites, for non-violent weed possession, and kept them imprisoned longer than average despite overcrowding because "it was good for the prison system to benefit from the forced labor".
    Do you see any part of those objections that have anything at all to do with your ethnicity or gender?

  30. For the six gorillionth time: THE SANHEDRIN HAS ALREADY SELECTED JOSEPH BIDEN… See for yourself:
    https://i.imgur.com/NJXp2PC.jpg ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  31. Well, Bennet, Steyer, Castro, and Gabbard. Let’s go! Out of the pool! Ya gotta clean the gunk on the bottom, at least.

  32. Honestly, everyone else should bail who isn't Biden, Warren, Sanders, or Buttigieg. No one else has a shot at even doing well, let alone winning, and even Buttigieg is on shaky ground nationally (even with his Iowa and NH support).

  33. Respect!? It was the last day to take her name off the California ballot. She just wanted to avoid the embarrassment 😉

  34. Bennet, Williamson, Delaney, Patrick, Castro, Gabbard, and Steyer need to bail. I would hear out arguments for Klobuchar and Yang, though neither have a chance.

  35. She dropped out because her donors told her to drop out. "Kamala, your polling isn't looking good. Sweetheart, I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to go with someone else…"

  36. I agree with you David ; I do believe that more should drop out that don't stand a chance especially if you're not in the top 10 . I really see 4 that could won the nomination and that's Biden, Sanders,Warren,and Mayor Pete … the rest can go really in my opinion.

  37. Tulsi Gabbard is a FAKE PROGRESSIVE AND NEEDS TO GO YESTERDAY!! The fact that progressives support her DISGUSTS ME 👎👎👎👎

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