Juul Hit With Massive Lawsuits Over Creating Nicotine Addicts With Vaping

Juul Labs is in trouble, as two massive new
lawsuits have accused the company of marketing their products to teenagers to create a new
generation of nicotine addicts. I have Farron Cousins from the trial lawyer
magazine with me to talk about what’s happening. Farron, again and again, we see the same story,
right? Industry comes in, they deny, they deny, they
deny, they cover up, they destroy documents, they hide documents. All of a sudden, serious lawsuits are brought
by governments. This company’s in big trouble right now. Oh absolutely. And I love the way these lawsuits had been
filed because this gives these attorneys general, the ability to go in there, go through these
documents and find out what they were doing with the marketing materials because that’s
where we really need to be looking right now. We know there are growing health issues that
is being examined, but we need to find out the marketing and we know they’ve already
pulled the, those candy flavorings off the market. But to me, that’s almost an admission that
we knew this was candy flavored to attract the teenagers and now we’re going to be able
to find out from their own documents if this was actually intentional, which it obviously
was. Let me tell you the flaw already, that’s developing
here, it’s the same flaw that we see time and time again where the department of justice
doesn’t do what they’re supposed to do. Okay, now let me, let me run a scenario by
you. You have, you have CEOs, you have upward management
of companies that have all the information telling them that people are dying from the
use of the product and then they want to blame it, well, it’s THC. It’s something else that’s causing the injury
when they know that the delivery system itself is part of the problem. Right? Now, if I, if I drink a half a bottle of Jack
Daniels and I’d recklessly drive down a road recklessly, not intentionally, recklessly
drive down a road and I kill somebody that at the very least is called manslaughter. Now you and I have talked about this time
and time again. When is it that corporate America is going
to be held responsible for manslaughter? Because that’s what, that’s what we see here. It’s the same thing that we see time and time
again in pharmaceutical cases. Give me your take on that. Why are we so resonant, why are we so, so
reticent to say, you know, this is, this is murder? They, they knew what was happening to, give
me your take on it. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact
that all these companies you’re talking about, not just Juul, but the big pharmaceutical
companies, the oil companies, the chemical companies, they’re major political players. You know, we, we, we now glorify these CEOs
and say, this is what everybody in this country should aspire to be. We’ve put them on such a pedestal that even
when they do these things that we know from their own documents, they knew people were
going to die. We don’t want to touch them because we still
want to think that, no, these people are somehow better than everybody else. They’re also, behind everybody’s back, gonna
fund my next political campaign. They’re going to give all this money to my
political party and that’s going to help us in the future so we don’t want to touch them. We’ll fine the company, let them write that
off in the end of the year, and then everybody thinks that we handled it, but we don’t. Okay. And this story that you’ve done this story
several times, you, you know this story. I, I opened up with this, with this case in
Vegas at the last, the last big meeting that we had, and as I look at it, we know exactly
who made the decisions. We can point this person made the decision
for that on Juul. This person made the decision for that. We know what they knew when they made the
decision. We know that the decisions were reckless. We know in that same recklessness is no different
than me driving down the road drunk and killing somebody. Same level. No intent doesn’t even have to be intent. I don’t have to intend to kill somebody for
manslaughter. I just have to kill, you know, somebody has
to die. They, they understand the level of recklessness. They put it out there anyway after they know
that people are already dying. How does this not fall into manslaughter? I’ll tell you what, I want to do this. I want to look at the manslaughter statute
and one of our next shows. I want to analyze the manslaughter statute
that exists in most States and show how this is no different than a classic manslaughter. It’s no different Farron than a felony murder
kind of thing where you don’t pull the trigger, but you’re there when the triggers pulled
and people die because of it. I want to pick up with that story the next

Maurice Vega

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  1. Im a troll somtimes on youtube but i mean it this time the thumbnail you guys have on the video is the wrong product DANK VAPE'S are THC not nicotine still loved the video.

  2. Well you better charge big pharma with MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE then
    because they have killed more ppl ( of all ages )
    And liquor companies as well.
    What’s the matter ?
    The makers of juul didn’t want lobby ?
    What’s the real reason here ?
    Philip Morris / tobacco companies pay to keep themselves out of court.
    Cigarettes are the number one killer on these playing fields
    Why aren’t all the cigarettes pulled from the shelves ?

    This is such a biased attack

    And by the way
    If parents were doing their job
    Kids wouldn’t be able to get addicted to nicotine.

  3. The flip side is those of us who managed to quit smoking — 35 years of Marlboros, in my case — thanks to vaping technology. Let's get real: nicotine-infused vapor is a hell of a lot healthier than inhaling smoke.

  4. Until the upper class has to endure and survive the same justice system as the poor and working-class,
    NOTHING will change!!!

    Until you, we, us, break the shackles, you are nothing more than a FREE-RANGE SLAVES to be sacrificed to their CHRISTIAN-DOLLAR-GOD for Blood oil to grease the corporate upper-class War machines.

  5. Thats the issues with the people they get a job and forget about they whole Humanity they treat people with a disregard for human life it's just pitiful

  6. Juul is at fault but you cant blame the people who are selling them to people underage and the people who smoke them none stop.. just like alcohol and you cannot blame the ones that produce it. You have to blame the people that sell it to underage people and the alcoholics. It not black and white. Like myself I got myself a Juul but doesnt mean I'm going to use it every second as I know it bad for me but it better then smoking cigs. Go after places that keep selling them to kids and make it so you cant order them online. Some places were I live now ask that you have to be at least 21 to smoke. And whole candy favor shit been happening but it was first used that I recall for hookahs and hookah pens. So blaming Juul is really dumb.

  7. What about the beer, wine and liquor producers creating a bunch of drunks. What about big tobacco giving out cancer and birth defects with their nicotine laced products. People are born and they die. While they are here they should be allowed to put whatever they want in their own bodies. Whether we agree with what they do or not. That's called freedom good and bad. We can educate and inform on the danger of what they're doing and hope they listen. But to get this government involved in passing laws on things they are barely informed on is dangerous. It's dangerous to the very freedoms you enjoy. They only understand money that's how gun makers, big pharma, big tobacco and alcohol makers keep going. And it's a good thing they do because life of working in a furniture factory like I do would suck without a beer and a valium.

  8. this will happen with marijuana after every body is hooked. people need to take responsibility for their own actions. you take away flavors and there will be a whole new black market. more work for Cartels. Need to stop with all the litigation bullshit money grabbing

  9. Sorry but I have to disagree with you on this one a company is not responsible if someone uses thier products irresponsibly there is no difference between the marketing for a 18 year old and a 16 year old this is a systemic problem in a society that looks the other way when kids are using tobacco.

  10. You see I love you guys, very informative in most cases, but I really wanna know who's paying you guys to stay quiet, and to misinform when it comes to vaping🤦 I'll be honest with you I agree, fuck juul, fuck salt nic, and salt nic devices, but you guys can not deny vaping is safer, not safe, but a safer alternative to smoking, and helps people quit. I've been smoking for a decade til the beganning of this year, due to vaping helping me step away from the thing I knew was killing me, and allow me to elaborate, that was with a mod, with 6% free base nicotine juice, not the excessively high salt nicotine juices that they use in those small devices that can be found in gas stations.. I agree with you guys they shouldn't be advertising, kids shouldnt vape, it's illegal for them to do so, so the problem is more with nonstrict id checkers selling them to minors, or adults buying the products for them, but don't attack vaping as a whole, because "vape exclusive" vape shops id at the door, unlike gas station/convenience stores, who sell other products, who in turn dont have to id at the door for that reason.
    Allow me to give you a YouTube channel to go to to check out the real facts who'll give you examples and references to have a real factual conversation about this topic, instead of continuing to push the fearmoungering narrative.
    DashVapes. On YouTube
    They are also a Canadian vape shop company who's owner is very vocal on this topic, feel free to look into them, and maybe even bring him in to have him inform you guys on the facts, and to give the vape community a voice on your channel, thank you for giving me your time of day to read all this I truly appreciate it, and I really hope you take me up on all of this, and I hope to see that interview soon. Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you've had a good one, with all the beloved food comas, and safe travels all along them way🙏

  11. Why blame the company? Who gave the company a permit to sell their products isn't the government? I thought we have something called consumer protection agencies! The consumer should sue the government not the government suing the company.This government suing game tells me the government knew about the whole thing and their bottom line to get money from the consumer because at the end the company would raise the prices to pay for the settlement and the consumer would be a victim again. Wake up America.

  12. How many were killed by "flavored" Drinks just this year? Don't buy into the #DogWhistle. I like your show, but this one is bad comedy.

  13. In my 62 years I've never seen a big tobacco guy or vape guy stick a cig or vape in a persona mouth, punching them in the gut to make them inhale. Not once.

  14. Change yo thumbnail dog. Though it is what actually causing most of the deaths(juul is still causing cancer and deaths to) you are talking about Juuls not thc vapes/dab pens. They are two completely different things one is nicotine, and the other is weed.

  15. This is BS. Their products warn about nicotine… EVERYONE knows about nicotine. You pick up the device, then get addicted… That's on you. Besides I've been vaping since he it was cool, almost 9 years, I've never had any health issues due to it.

  16. What a crock. Companies have been killing people forever but now it's all Juul's fault. This is just a bunch of lawyers jumping on the easiest case. They see vaping as the weakest link. The newbie. I'm about sick of this damn nanny state. We'll be living in that movie, Demolition Man. Taco Bell will win the restaurant wars and salt will be illegal. I'll be in the sewers with Dennis Leary and the resistance.

  17. You mean nicotine is addictive?! Even teens knew this when they started vaping tobacco, give me a break. When is the “person going to be responsible”.

  18. I hate tobacco smoking more than anything on earth-always have. Anything that can get people off cigarettes is very welcome by me. Vape seems innocuous to me-probably not healthy-I've no interest in it but the anal log cigarette or cigar is a million times more annoying-I quit smoking pot 28 yrs ago-hate pot smoke almost as much. I have gotten violent with 2 people for smoking in an elevator and reported a 3rd to security. I have killed the dream of being a chef because damn near every resto, pub, bar in Canada is either ignorant of, breaking the smoking laws or just doesn't care. Only fast food has zero tolerance for this. I have had to leave many rentals and quit many jobs due to smokers-they owe me money !

  19. Not that I defend that sort of company, but since nobody is forced to take stuff like that, why play users stupid and claim they didn't know what happens to them when they use it?
    People need to take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming others.

  20. There is absolutely no substance in this discussion. Saw plenty of claims, most rather vague, no evidence to back any of it up. Need to do better than this boys

  21. So human beings no longer have the right to do what they want with their own bodies? We don’t need government to save us. Regulate the basic safety aspects by keeping negative contaminants out, but banning it altogether isn’t how we shouldn’t be operating. Vaping does eliminate the tar of smoking even though it may not prevent the cancer risk.

    Just to add, the biggest cancer risk comes from added sugar. When sugar and nicotine are burned together, it forms phenyl aldehyde, which is far more carcinogenic.

  22. Um who cares? It’s not like kids aren’t educated about smoking. If people wanna kill their lungs, let them. It’s called natural selection.

  23. Corporations will be charged with Manslaughter or Negligent Homicide right after Big Oil execs are charged with crimes against humanity for burying their own scientists' climate change revelations and then debunking independent scientists that came to the same conclusion when they knew what the consequences of their money-grab would be. The cost of reversing the damage they've caused is tens or hundreds of times the industry's revenues let alone their profits.

  24. So what's the argument here? Juul knew they were advertising to children because they have candy and sweet fruity flavors ? What about every single e liquid company before Juul? Is the goal to make flavored e liquid illegal ?

  25. Your a real retard to sue a company for nicotine addiction. It says right on the box that it contains nicotine and that its addictive. Well guess what, you're at fault for being addicted. Danm idiots.

  26. The same Doctors who say vaping isn't dangerous are the same Doctors who said smoking wasn't dangerous. I see a pattern here..

  27. My question is, if they want to ban flavored tobacco products, why aren't they Banning flavored alcohol products? Let me guess because the majority of the politics are drunks and they love their alcohol. How pathetic. That's the reason why we have age limits.

  28. Just my opinion but why are they not going after store owners selling to underage kids…if they can’t buy cigarettes how the hell are they buying juul or any other nicotine vape…just more bullshit

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