Just Plain Racist

Every fifty years or so we seem to go through
a racial upheaval in this country. Fifty years after the founding was the Missouri
Compromise, which just sort of kicked the slavery can down the road a bit until the
ultimate clash in the 1860s, the Civil War. But it obviously didn’t end there. Fifty years later, in the 1910’s and 20’s
was the golden age of the KKK. This is when most of the Confederate statues
were put up. Another fifty years went by and we had the
Civil Rights movement, with Martin Luther King, the Black Panthers, and the Confederate
Flag. Before the 50s and 60s, the Confederate Flag
wasn’t really a thing. And here we are again fifty years later, with
Black Lives Matter and Neo-Nazis. So how the heck did we get here? Before we get into current events, it’s
important to take a step back and look at the overall picture. Neo-Nazis and the KKK have existed for decades
but they’re much more prominent and have much more support now, and something must
have caused that… and it wasn’t just Trump. So first, let’s define some terms. The big picture is xenophobia, which is the
fear or dislike of anyone different from you. Under xenophobia is racism, sexism, and islamophobia. These are all different, but they sometimes
overlap in the case of Islam, because it’s often coupled with racism against Arabs. Even though, as I’ve covered before, there
are Arab Christians, Arab Jews, and Arab everything else. But unlike disliking a religion or ideology,
racism is a dislike of a biological group of people. Yes you heard that correctly. Race is absolutely biological. It’s as much of a social construct as planets
are. We use certain physical characteristics to
group together and define them. So let’s define race. When talking about human beings, it is a group
of people with a shared set of common physical characteristics. Physical characteristics. That is darker skin, different shaped eyes,
you know what they are, okay? Let me be clear, there is no data to suggest
that race is connected to intelligence, criminality, or any other behavior… it’s entirely physical. Though different races do have different likelihoods
of different diseases (Such as Cystic Fibrosis, more common in white people, and sickle-cell
anemia, more common in black people). This doesn’t mean that any race is better
or worse than any other. It just means that we are different, and these
differences are biological and genetic in origin. There is no white gene or black gene or Asian
gene, it’s a set of common characteristics – not universal. There are black people with blue eyes, there
are white people dark skin. It’s as biological as your hair color…
your natural hair color. We’re all human, but we’re all different,
nobody is better or worse, but we’re different, okay? So can we… look there are many ways to fight
racism, but claiming that race is not biological or that it’s just a social construct is
not one of them. But, calling things that aren’t really racism
“racism” also doesn’t help. Like stereotypes. Stereotypes exist for a reason, and that reason
is Cognitive Ease. We all do it, every single one of you, including
me, no matter how hard you try not to. When you first meet someone, you try to figure
out what they are, whether it’s their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or whatever. And then your brain brings up a set of characteristics
about that group. For example, you find out that they’re Jewish
or Muslim and your brain brings up the fact that you probably shouldn’t offer them bacon. There are Jews and Muslims who do eat bacon
– but most of the time, they don’t, and that’s why your brain brings up that fact. Most stereotypes are harmless and just help
you interact with that person. Some of them are harmful, especially when
they incite you to violence or bigotry. But most of them are just kind of funny. That’s why they’re usually the topic of
jokes. Having stereotypes is not racist. Think about this, when you are correcting
or calling out someone for having a stereotype… do you call out the person who says that all
black people are drug dealing criminals… or do you verbally berate the person who makes
a watermelon joke. Odds are, most of the time, you’re talking
to the watermelon guy. You’re making them feel horrible, and possibly
defensive, for something that literally everyone does – when they’re not really the racist
you should be calling out. Maybe you think the jokes are harmful, and
okay. But thinking that all stereotypes are harmful
simply isn’t… because we all have them, because it is socially and evolutionarily
advantageous to have them. Speaking of which, racism isn’t learned. What did he just say? Racism isn’t learned. Hatred is learned. Racism is… innate. A common saying is that no baby is born racist…
well… that isn’t true. Babies understand morality as young as three
months old. At six months old, they show a bias and preference
for people with similar tastes and views as them – regardless of their morality. It’s as simple as liking a stuffed animal
that prefers the same food as them, even if that animal is a jerk to other stuffed animals. I always link my sources down below, but I’m
also going to link to a few videos which talk about these experiments, including this stuffed
animal one. And I know that sounds ridiculous to equate
this racism, but it shows that we have an innate, unlearned, base programming bias and
preference towards those who are similar to us – and this bias only grows as we grow. By the time we are able to recognize ourselves
in the mirror, we will start to show preference and bias towards those who look like us. Babies as young as 15 months old show racial
bias, or more specifically in-group racial bias. They will self-segregate and choose playmates
of the same race as them. And since babies understand morality and fairness,
they will also completely throw that out the window and prefer adults who unfairly distribute
toys in a way that favors their own race. And this is across races, by the way. Since three-month, six-month, and even fifteen-month
olds don’t yet have the language capacity to learn hatred, this shows that babies have
an innate racial bias and racial preference. And there is an evolutionary reason for that. Back in the day, other groups and races, people
who don’t look like or act like you, probably had a different immune system and different
pathogens than you. So it was advantageous to stay away from them. Now that obviously that isn’t true anymore
– but for tens or hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, it was true. And patches to our innate, base programming
takes longer than fifty or a hundred years. Now these are babies, so we wouldn’t really
call bias or preference “racism”, it’s just weird, funny quirk. But we would definitely call it racism if
they were an adult. And the thing is, these weird quirky preferences
extend into adulthood. You may not think you’re racist, you may
even be violently opposed to racism. But here’s an example. You are told to take a seat – there are
four chairs. In the far right seat is someone of your race,
and in the far left seat is someone of another race. Almost always, without thinking about it,
you will sit next to the person of the same race as you. Is that racism? Or is that just a vestige of the same racial
preference that we might laugh about in babies? There are many legitimate ways to fight racism,
but saying that racism is learned, isn’t one of them. Hatred is learned. Having those thoughts, and preferences, and
biases, is natural. It doesn’t make you a bigot or a racist
– unless you act on them. It’s the same with sex. When you see someone attractive, you might
initially have thoughts that are… best left as thoughts. They are natural to have. But if you act on them… that’s when we as a society have to step
in. The thoughts themselves are not wrong, and
telling someone that they are a terrible person for having them doesn’t help. That makes them defensive, rather than open
minded. We need to teach that it’s okay to have
these natural thoughts, and here’s how to overcome them. Not that you are a terrible person for having
them in the first place. Likewise, coming up with new terms like Microagression,
in order to say – “You’re not really racist, you’re only a little racist” – doesn’t
help either. This only muddies the water and makes people
who aren’t racist defensive. Or “cultural appropriation.” Many of us were brought up and taught to learn
about and appreciate other cultures. We would have days in school where we would
dress up and celebrate some other culture’s holiday. And that’s great! But now, we’re being told that we can’t
eat certain foods or dress in a certain way because it’s not part of our heritage, and
that’s cultural appropriation. You can’t celebrate diversity and multiculturalism
and be against cultural appropriation at the same time, these things are at odds with each
other. And when you do that, it makes people just
throw up their hands, say forget it, and retreat into their in-group, where they won’t be
told what to do or how to think. And things like Black Lives Matter don’t
help either. The movement itself is fine, but let’s admit
that’s a terrible name choice. Because while not it’s intention, it implies
that black lives matter more than any other race. Which is why some white people get defensive
have a problem with it. It means that black lives matter just as much
as every other race’s life… but that’s not really a catchy hashtag. Which brings us to White Privilege. White Privilege is obviously a thing, however
it’s likewise a terrible term, so white people have a hard time seeing it. When you tell someone that they need to “check
their privilege”, their first reaction will be defensive – what white privilege? It kind of implies that they get something
extra, like a monthly check or a discount at Walmart. When they don’t feel like that – they likely
fall into one of two categories. They either just went through several bouts
of unemployment and financial uncertainty during the recession, so when you say they
have a privilege, they think they must be exception to that privilege – they obviously
haven’t had it easy. Or, they’re well off and feel that they
worked hard during college to get to where they are, so clearly, they don’t have privilege
either. A good example of what is meant by White Privilege
is that cops are far less likely to shoot you. You may think that that’s the norm. And it should be. You might think that white people don’t
get anything extra, they get “base level” – the problem is that minorities get treated
like… less than that. So if you understand that, you can understand
what White Privilege is supposed to mean. As I’ve said, the problem is that that’s
not how it comes off, it comes off as white people being the problem, because they’re
getting something extra that they shouldn’t. So to people who have already retreated into
their in-group and every time they look outwards, they’re being told they’re part of the
problem… well… Look, I don’t need a psych study to prove
this, we have a larger sample study than we could ever hope for here, and guess what – Trump
won. And while not everyone who voted for Trump
is a racist, not everyone who voted for him is a white supremacist, many of them roll
their eyes at social justice. Many of them are tired of being told what
to say and that they are the problem. Of course, political correctness and social
justice are not solely to blame, but, if they were working, he wouldn’t have been elected. So we ignore them as a contributing factor
at our own peril. And obviously, the KKK and the Neo-Nazis have
existed long before Trump, but they are oddly more popular than you would expect if social
justice was working. So you end up with things like the UnitetheRight
rally this last weekend. What did you think I wasn’t going to talk
about this? Let’s make one thing clear, this was not
a spontaneous grassroots demonstration. This was a planned rally by white supremacists
and Nazis. Yeah, technically they’re not Nazis – they’re
not members of the German National Socialist Party. So fine they’re wannabe Nazis or Neo-Nazis. It doesn’t matter, this isn’t some leftist
name-callling. When you do things like this, or carry flags
like this, you’re a Nazi. And these weren’t just some fringe group
who showed up un-invited. These were the guys who got the permits to
hold this rally. So if you were just there to defend our history
or whatever, as soon as you saw those flags you should have just walked away. But I digress, if you want to know more about
the rally itself, I’ll put a link to the Vice News segment down below. Consider it required viewing. They wanted to show that they aren’t just
some internet meme, and that they have real numbers and a clear message. They even say that they want to use ethnic
cleansing in order to create an ethno-state. It will make you angry, and it should make
you angry. This wasn’t a rally to defend a statue,
even though that was the stated purpose. I’ve discussed this before, but the topic
has come boiling up again. It’s time to drop the Confederate stuff. As I’ve discussed on this channel several
times, the Confederacy existed for one purpose – to keep slavery. That point isn’t in dispute. It actually makes me quite angry to see people
defending Robert E Lee by saying that he abhorred slavery, by using the same quote that I – you
know what, here. This is a popular meme on facebook. And by that sentence, yeah, it sure sounds
like he disliked slavery. But they’re cutting off the next several
sentences, like “I think it is a greater evil to the white than to the colored race. The blacks are immeasurably better off here
than in Africa, morally, physically, and socially.” It goes on and gets worse, link to his full
letter down below. But, he was very pro slavery. Or they’ll show this one. Yes, Grant owned slaves through his wife’s
estate. You know who else did? Robert E Lee. He owned his own slaves, and then a few years
later inherited more through his wife’s estate, he eventually freed them in 1862 – in
the middle of the Civil War. But I also really enjoy this meme, because
yes, there is a Lenin statue in Seattle, but the people there have been complaining about
it since it went up. But it’s on private property, so it’s
much harder to take down. Unlike the several Lee statues which are on
public property – and that’s part of the problem. These statues went up in public places mostly
in the 1910’s and 20’s, during the hayday of the KKK, as signals to black people to
know your place… at least, that’s how they saw them. As I said in the beginning of the video, fifty
years later, during the Civil Rights Movement, the Confederate flag became a thing. Obviously, it existed during the Confederacy,
but it kind of went away for almost a hundred years, and as you should know, this isn’t
the flag of the Confederacy. This is. This is the “stars and bars” – so what
the heck is this? It’s the Confederate battle flag and naval
ensign. Similar to this, actually. Do you know what this is? It’s not just the top corner of the US flag,
it’s the naval ensign, or at least it was until 2002. It’s what was flown on the back of ships
to tell everyone that this is an American ship. If a picture tells a thousand words, than
this says a lot more than just “The Confederacy.” It’s a symbol of what the Confederacy stood
for – and no, not states’ rights. Slavery… and white supremacy over black
people. There is a reason why the Neo-Nazis were walking
around looking like this. That’s a nazi flag… Pretty easy to figure out what it is and what
it means… I don’t really know what this flag is…
but this seems a little out of place if it’s just a symbol of states’ rights right next
to the Nazi one. This used to be a Hindu symbol for thousands
of years. Then some jerk in the 1930’s used it and
completely changed its meaning for everyone forever. If I were to get a tattoo of this and tried
to tell everyone that it’s just a symbol of good luck, nobody would believe me. So even if, up to this point, you believe
that this flag stands for states’ rights or southern pride… that’s not what it
means anymore. Some jerks have taken it and changed it. It’s just plain racist. And if pictures say a thousand words, then
a 3D statue in a public space says a million. It’s not just a monument to the person,
it’s a monument to what they stood for. What are they remembered for? The argument that removing statues will erase
history is dumb. First of all, they aren’t destroying the
statues, they’re simply putting them in museums. But even if they were destroying them, that
doesn’t take them out of history books. You haven’t seen a Hitler statue, yet we
all know who he is. Likewise, the “where will it end” argument
isn’t valid either. Nobody wants to take down statues of Washington
or Jefferson. They were founding fathers and presidents. They were slave owners, but that’s not what
they’re remembered for. Martin Luther King was an adulterer, Gandhi
was an extreme racist and weird pseudo-pedophile, but that’s not what they’re remembered
for either. What is Robert E Lee? A Confederate general. The argument that they were rebels, traitors,
and losers, while true, doesn’t help either. It’s not a statue to them losing. And there are statues to historical losers
everywhere. This is a statue of William Wallace, if you
saw Braveheart, you know that he lost. But that’s not why he has a statue in Scotland. It’s because he’s a symbol of the Scottish
national identity and fought against English tyranny. There are many legitimate reasons to remove
Confederate statues, but bringing up that they lost the war isn’t one of them. So what is a Confederate general statue for? If you said the Southern identity, you need
to ask yourself what that means. Because unlike the Scottish, the Southern
identity is rooted in racism. Thinking that the Civil War was over states’
rights or southern pride, is all part of the Lost Cause myth. I’ve mentioned it a few times in the past
but I’ve never really explained it. I’ll put a link to a few blog posts below
by people who grew up believing in the Lost Cause, one of which is by Rhett from Rhett
and Link. If there’s enough interest, I’d be happy
to make a video about it. But it’s a myth. A Robert E Lee statue is a monument to the
Confederacy, which stood for slavery, white supremacy, and… little else. That’s why these statues have become Neo-Nazi
holy sites, and I wish I was exaggerating, but that’s what last week’s rally and
many upcoming rallies are centered around. Look, we all thought this type of racism was
dead and gone, or at best, a small fringe. We were wrong. And in our ignorance, they’ve gained strength
and convinced people from the middle to at least quietly support them by saying that
their cause is to preserve history or defend freedom of speech. I will not say that silence or doing nothing
is as bad as carrying a nazi flag, because it’s obviously not. But I don’t think that we can sit by and
simply watch this on the news or read about it on facebook anymore. What can you do? I don’t have the answer to that, every person
has to find that out on their own, I just made a video though, so… I’m doing my part! And the next time someone tells you you’re
a terrible person for laughing at an innocent racial stereotype joke or that it’s just
a symbol of southern pride, hopefully now, you’ll know better. So what do you think about these rallies,
is it hate speech or just free speech? Let me know down in the comments below, and
don’t forget to appropriate that subscribe button.

Maurice Vega

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  1. The swastika is still a holy symbol in India and is seen everywhere.. and not one person ever has a problem with it or ever mentions Nazis.. ever.

  2. FYI, the Nazi Swastika is waaaay different to the Hindu one.
    Hinduism's Swastika is a simple Square shape.
    The Nazi one is a one tilted by 45 degrees.

  3. When you say there is no difference between intelligence between races u are just making factual statistics seem taboo and alluring. It’s true Asians and Jews have higher iqs but it’s important to note half of iq is genetic and the other half environmental, so it’s completely possible the mean iq of other races will rise as their socio economic status rises. I think it’s better to acknowledge stats instead of ignoring them

  4. U state that cops are less likely to shoot White’s.
    While that’s true. In facts studies suggest that when blacks & whites behave the same cops are actually MORE likely to shoot white people.
    Black People & white people just don’t behave the same.
    The study that proved this point was done by a leftist black Harvard professor

  5. When will people realize the Civil War was IN FACT fought over States Rights. Among those rights were the States Right to own Slaves! You're all arguing the same damn thing!

  6. No. Race is a social grouping that we identify that is not innate. It becomes something we innately identify because we learn it. You can find more genetically in common between a Korean and a Getman than between two Germans. Race is largely a social construct we have differences that are skin deep we are divided into human populations with differences in dieseases etc not “races” if humans were dogs we would all be the same breed of dog. The mistake you make is assuming we somehow learn innately that race is a thing. That’s like saying gender is innate. No. Wrong

  7. Having a bias towards people who “look like us” and assuming that because we have that bias as babies that that bias continues into adulthood is a flawed assumption. Race is snot innate it’s a by product of capitalism -/ people unconsciously pick up on differences that they understand that’s why people can for example have sexual preferences that evolve. You can say “I’m just not that into black girls” but that can change over your life. Same with “race” “race” IS mostly socially constructed. So you’re just wrong

  8. Minorities for the most part aren’t treated worse by the police. According to fbi crime statistics, you are more likely to be killed by the police if you are a white male.

  9. Wondering what u think, obviously the confederates are abhorrent and the confederate flag i would say is mostly used by people for what they believe is states rights as they believe that is the intended purpose, to replace this view what would you rather see be used as a flag representative of states rights, the comfederation flag back in 1776 or the dont tread on me

  10. If there was a set of four chairs with someone from my race on one end and someone of another race on the other end I would stand. Because people are terrifying.

  11. If there was a set of four chairs with someone from my race on one end and someone of another race on the other end I would stand. Because people are terrifying.

  12. For me, for the four seats thought experiment…I'd find a seat where I'm not directly next to someone. I have body odor issues and like to minimize how much other people have to have it inflicted on them.

  13. I’ve always said our “differences” are mostly CULTURAL, not racial. But, those cultural differences are the root causes of societal problems. Is it racist to observe patterns in different cultures even if those observations are generally true?

  14. It's rather amusing that we'd rather remember the good things our "heroes" did rather than the good things the "villains" of history did. Lincoln treated the issue of slavery as a political tool rather than the human rights violation that it was. The "good" guys committed nearly as many atrocities as the "bad" guys and yet we celebrate the "good" guys' version of history and ignore their own crimes.

    What about the progress made in Germany during the 1930s? Most notably is the rocket propulsion and computer technology, yet we remember the atrocities committed in the name of medical science. Why is the cognitive dissonance that bad?

  15. Didn't Lincoln want to send all the blacks back to Africa hmmm yes? The civil war was not totally fought over slavery (Slavery was really a very small part.) but over taxation without representation. Also, the rich plantation owners only had slaves, not the typical white citizen, and in little time if we didn't have the civil war slavery would have ended soon because at the time the main powers of the world were giving up slavery and moving on. Also, free speech is free speech no matter what is said and the civil war statues only represent history but you can look at it with pride or not.So Knowing Better do you think these statues will cause the south to rise again lol!!??JUST HISTORY——-

  16. White privilege exist… In an extremely, almost non existent, case. More white people get shot than blacks yearly. I see where you lean politically, love to hear someone who's rational.

    Also, FUCK VICE. Have a good day

  17. Until racists white people stop killing and mistreating black people #blacklivesmatter is here to stay regardless of how you feel about it. Also people are a product of their environment babies are observant, if they aren't exposed to or interact much with brown or black babies obviously they will be most comfortable with other white babies, if they grow up around mostly black or brown children that is who they may be drawn to, or they are at least way less likely to be pregidous unless their parents and other people around them taught them to be. Racism requires hate and fear, simply being more comfortable with a certain group of people isn't inherently racist unless it's motivated by hate for someone else.

  18. The "watermelon joke" comment reminded me of a passage from a front page article in the the Grand junction Colorado daily sentinel from October 30th 1978


    The melons raised for the seed in Kansas.

    An industry that is peculiar to that state and is growing more profitable than any other crop.

    The watermelon harvest is on in Kearney county, and for a month there will be such scenes in this prairie region as would make colored-folk groan in mental anguish to witness. Possibly they might groan in bodily anguish were they there, for if they chose to fill themselves to the groaning point there would be none to say them nay–provided they saved the seeds. For the seed is the crop and all else is waste, to dispose of which is the trial of the seed farmers life.

  19. BLM lost all credibility in my mind when they marched through the streets yelling "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" maybe it was just one branch, I don't know, but that's some antifa level shit.

  20. I don't think we should destroy these statues.
    It's history.
    It's art.
    It's an important message.
    But we should move them to museums.

  21. After scrolling a while I realized that nobody talks about the obvious: race and IQ. So I guess you remove those comments.

  22. Cultural Appropriation
    * African Americans have to set in a circle, pick bugs from one another's hair, and eat them for protein.
    * Mexicans have to dress in all white, wear a sombrero sandals and grow corn, while drinking tequila.
    * Native Americans have to live in teepee, wear buck skins, feathes, and carie a bow and arrow.
    * Europeans, and Asians as always. Have to feed, educate, and save then all from their own demise.

  23. “Nobody is trying to take down statues of Jefferson and Washington”….maybe that was true when you made this, but it’s not true now. People are trying to attack the founding fathers and other American symbols like the Betsy Ross flag.

  24. I don't get the statue furor. They are monuments to traitorous enemy combatants who lost. What the hell is there to celebrate and commemorate about that? It makes my head hurt when people claim states rights exist. If it ever did, it got kilt in the spring of 1865 along with slavery. I grew up in the rural south during the go-go casual racism of the 60's and 70's, and it was hard not to get into that way of thinking through mere osmosis.

  25. And, white privilege is 100% bullshit. Sorry, but the claims st what white privilege is defined as and the list of privilege is is completely untrue. The fact is that it's a way of the democrats escaping any scrutiny. And by the way, I find all racism abhorrent. I think racists should be lined up and shot, but ones on both sides. But let's not pretend facts aren't facts. Facts don't care about skin color. And, black lives matter is anti white which is 100% anti white. Don't believe me, read their about us description on their page

  26. Also, apart from the racist assholes who worship hate, on both sides, most of the ppl who want to keep the statues (and I mean 90% or more of those who went to fight to keep the statues) went bc they actually are trying to preserve history not bc they're racist. And, on top of that, if we forget our history (as so many of us have, like calling the lifetime slaves who were white in this country indentured servants rather than slave so they can say slavery was a black thing rather than a class thing, since a bunch of owners were black, including the guy who owned both the black and white side of my family).

  27. Islamiphobia not actually a word
    Or at least it shouldn't be that be like saying germanophobia or Russian phobia

    It's a dumb word

  28. The civil war was not really a civil war, it was a war of secession… you cannot have a civil war when you have two opposing governments, and the Confederacy had already instated a government. The war was sparked due to taxes and tariffs, slavery was just the hot commodity that the north used to continue their "save the Union"agenda. If you read Lincoln's own writings, his concern was not over the slavery issue, he stated so several times and he himself is guilty of racist commentary during his presidency.well slavery was a concern to some on both sides who were engaged in the war agenda, the war also was an issue of states rights, the right to own slaves being one of those.

  29. Also, hate speech and Free speech are one and the same… Free speech means exactly that, the freedom to speak whatever it is that you would like to speak without regard to whom it may offend, there are no subsections to this amendment, therefore this argument is not debatable. And before anybody argues the idea or concept of a living Constitution, if rights were subject to change of any sort, there would be absolutely zero reason to outline them any legally binding document and label them "inalienable!"

  30. Anyone who wants our statues moved or whatever ppl want to say their doing with them is part of changing history. Just doing away w monuments doesnt do it but its part of it in the same way gun rights ppl banning 30 rd clips is. You got to get yourfoot in the door in some way and with uneducated emotional ppl that dont understand the bigger plan will help the removal or rewriting of our history and not overnight. Ten years or maybe even twenty it could take but they want so bad to erase or teach it in a false way to push thru an agenda. I am not for slavery or do I think it was right in no kinda way but why when ppl talk about slavery they dont talk about the white slaves ppl had here and other places worldwide. Alot of them here were Irish but if someone really is upset about and cares so much about slavery then why come the white slaves are never mentioned not once. Seems like thewaysome are trying to erase slavery and civil war era slavery is the same way in which the slavery of whites hereis almost been done. That is why I am so against ppl moving monuments or for alot of them trying to get involved with it in any way. If you can complain and act mad because of blacks being slaves but not acknowledge white slavery was wrong or that it happened then you need to find another hobby because they are showing what they are about.

  31. To be really technical racism is still learned even if it is a part of our biological design because your brain is teaching you to function this way. But I get your point

  32. Islamophobia is not even a real word as far as I'm concerned because there's a lot of people that have an actual reason to fear them so it's not irrational.

  33. You’re wrong about race and IQ. Asians and Hasidic Jews are most commonly the highest scoring races in the world. Their scores on testing prove this point. Some of the lowest scoring are aboriginal Australians and Somalian people. It is what it is.

  34. This was a good video. My only beef would be that islamaphobia isn’t a real thing. It’s a fake concept popularized by Islamic extremists to conflate criticism of Islam with racism so they can avoid being held accountable for the fucked up practices in their culture.

  35. Regrettably I do not have the time to sift through the 4,500 (+) comments you have accumulated to see if another has already touched on the subject, but I believe the third flag at time index 14:24 is a stylized symbol of ancient Nordic or Germanic origin, possibly of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir (and not the MCU version, mind you).

    Ancient symbols of this type were routinely coopted by the Nazi party during its ascent as part of their campaign to extol the virtues of the Germanic ‘heritage’ and ‘identity’, part of the racist propaganda that is commonly short-handed today as the ‘blonde hair, blue eyed master race’. These ancient pagan, i.e pre-Christian symbols were used by the Nazi party to instill a sense, true, perverted or false as the specifics may be, of a deeper, stronger Germanic identity, one which had been oppressed and suppressed by the advent of Christianity in Europe.

    Why was supplanting the Christian culture of Europe in general and in Germany in particular important? In the Nazi view, Christian ideals (not always carried through but at least expressed) of love, tolerance, generosity to the poor, empathy for the weak and the wider brotherhood of mankind were ideologically anathemic to a Nazi party intent on waging a war of ‘racial purity’. Christian symbols were supplanted as part of a ‘rebranding’ effort; Jesus was Jewish carpenter after all. Mjolnir specifically had extreme symbolic context with regards to strength, prowess as a conquering warrior and Male virility in ancient times.

    Thus, regrettably, these ancient symbols still find their place as visible shorthands to this concept of a ‘master Arian race’ just as much as the Swastika does.

  36. I am generally a fan of your videos but am disappointed with this one. Factual errors: 1.)They have taken down statues of Washington and Jefferson sometimes violently. Nazis are sc*m but still have the right to demonstrate. That has always been an accepted liberal more'. When did that change? The South was virtualIly an occupied country after the civil war. Reconstruction was designed to humiliate white Southerners.That went on for decades causing deep resentment They were not allowed nor could they afford to put up statues. After the Federal troops pulled out they maybe "overcompensated". Are new becoming a "1984" country that rewrites it's history based on current popular views.

  37. The Civil War threw all the South into extreme poverty and the North was in no hurry to help fix that. The abolition of slavery was going guarantee the collapse of the South's economy. I could go on for pages but the you are showing your bigotry to South and Southerners. It was in the South’s best economic interest to secede and Article 10 of the U.S. Constitution gave them the right to do it according to most constitutional scholars. Which means they were not “traitors” as you so recklessly put it.

  38. Personally I would sit next to the person that looks like they have similar interests. Usually based off of clothes someone wears then the color of their skin. I kind of get where your going with that analogy but considering that I'm mixed I dont exactly choose anything based on physical traits. I feel as more and more of the world is becoming mixed, it seems physical trait attraction your describing is slowly being phased out of our Gene's.

  39. I enjoy some of your videos. But your bullshit about the civil war was just about slavery and white supremacist. You're just showing your liberal brainwashing bullshit. Just because you choose not to believe the reason doesn't mean it wasn't a the reason. Have you done your research on how many blacks actually fought for the south or how many slave owners in the south were black ? But I. Your bullshit you just want to push your narrative

  40. While I agree with you on statues of specific people like Robert E Lee etc, I do not feel that statues that commemorate the brave men that defended our homes and our families should be taken down, nor should they be considered racist or offensive. BTW, I am a southerner, born and raised in SC if you haven't already guessed lol. No matter which side was right or wrong, I feel like some of the men that took up arms here in the south or simply trying to protect their land and their crops and their families. Sherman literally scorched the earth and everything else in his March from Atlanta to the sea. My own ancestors were dirt poor farmers and they lived directly in the path of Sherman's March. My great great grandfather knew that the Union army would burn their crops and their home to the ground, perhaps even rape his wife and that's why he joined the Confederate army. He was captured towards the end of the war, locked up in a POW camp in Maryland for months, and when the war ended, was told that he could go home. He walked. He walked from Maryland to South Carolina with just the scraps of clothes on his back and holes in his boots and nothing to eat or drink. I consider him a hero and am grateful to him for protecting his family. I wouldn't be here today if he had not. If anyone thinks I'm racist for saying they should at least leave the "brave soldiers" memorials up, then I will have to disagree.

  41. rasism seism all are isms.. islamophobia is not its a phobia …"A phobia is an intense fear of something that, in reality, poses little or no actual danger. " and here the crux lies. At the end of the 1970s, Iranian fundamentalists invented the term "Islamophobia" formed in analogy to "xenophobia". The aim of this word was to declare Islam inviolate.
    the fear for a religion with geopolitical aspirations growing rapidly in the west where it used to be a minor religion is not unrealistic and not something that poses no danger.
    so personally i find it strange this word is still used alongside racism and sexism.

  42. 2:05 Completely false, there have been countless studies correlating race, crime and IQ and how they are different through every race.

  43. I think the main problem with a lot of these views (and a lot of the ones that the creator of this video has as well) is that we as human try to flatten out issues. Noone and no issue is perfectly good or evil. There are bad people doing good things and good people doing bad things. Take Trump for example. He has done a lot of wrong in his life, yet people elected him mainly because they believe that despite all of that even if he is still bad that he is trying to do something good.

    ps. I am not taking a side on Trump so if there is a comment saying that I am notice how I used the word "believe"

  44. There's nothing worse then someone who presents their personal opinion as fact…after spending 20 minutes giving your opinion you end it with now you know better as if you have no chance of being wrong. I don't think anyone is qualified to indisputablely give the reason why men fought and died in a conflict other then those men. Maybe I'm wrong but, a symbol doesn't have to be universal, the confederate flag may be racist to some, a symbol of pride to others, we don't all have to agree, and the glorious part Is we don't have to tailor our lives around someone else's perception of a symbol.

  45. Ok so I’ve watched quite a few of your videos, and while I agree with a lot and disagree with a lot, I REALLY appreciate that you genuinely do seem like a moderate.
    People like you have the potential to really open people’s eyes, and you’ve changed my mind on many things. Thanks for providing this content.

  46. There is no islamophobia and anti-islam is not racist.
    A phobia is an irrational fear.

    Anti-islam is the opposition to the doctrine which explicitly states it's intention to dominate over all other religions and that killing in its name is considered virtuous, regardless of the race of those who practice it. I'm not leaving a citation.. we've all seen it a hundred times.
    Bosnians and Chechnyans are just as subject to anti-islam as Arabs or Malays.
    Anti-islam is based on very explicit traits defined by islam itself, therefore not irrational; therefore not a phobia.
    Fuck mate, you've been to Iraq.. you should 'know better'.

  47. I sometimes wonder that, in accordance to the philosophy that race is a social construct, what would happen if I started marking myself as something other than white/caucasian on forms or census documents. The "march on whiteness" movements had kind of reminded me that the only reason I identified as white in the first place is because other people told me I was (whether they themselves identified as it or not). So I only mark myself as white on forms because I thought there might be some legal repercussions for lying on them… but would I even really be lying? If so, based on what?
    Trevor Noah had a joke involving marking himself as white on a form like that and watching as the clerk's mind exploded over what had just happened. It isn't like she could actually do or say anything. Nothing legally binding anyway.

    If someone called me white and I said "I'm not white" what CAN they really do? They could disagree but… how? Are they going to go over my family history just to still end up with the same socially constructed definition of whiteness as white supremacists used? The moment the government or individual challenges me, they'd have to try to come up with legal or definitive classification for why they felt I WAS white, and I guarantee they'd fall into a trap of logical of scientific fallacy of race classification.
    Speaking of which, the 2020 census is apparently going to get really specific about African roots, so I guess the government is fully prepared to TRY to make its ethnic identities more narrow and niche and I really don't know if that's better or worse. It sounds worse to me.

  48. Dude you can't say that race is only about aesthetics and then in the next sentence admit there are legitimate medical differences between races.

    This doesn't mean races are "superior" outside of superiority at not getting certain diseases or being prone to certain medical conditions because of the history in the locale they developed in.

  49. Cops are more likely to shoot a white person. This is true relative to the amount of whites who have encounters with police.

  50. I am currently a Junior in high school and my town had recently gone through something similar to the Confederate statue thing. My town voted on and reached a decision to change the name of one of the primary schools here. The school used to be called Edward Devotion School because it was named after the guy who founded the school in 1892. However, my town changed the name because Devotion was a slave owner and that continuing to uphold a slave owner's name isn't honorable, especially since our town today heavily emphasizes on racial diversity. Now it's called Coolidge Corner School, named after the neighborhood it's in.

    Frankly, I don't know anything else about Edward Devotion other than the fact he owned slaves. There were people who opposed  that decision. One guy I knew said, "Might as well remove Washington's name from everything else". Personally, I used to think it's kind of an act of ungratefulness because he did provide the school for many generations of kids; Like Washington, the fact he owned slaves isn't what we remember him for (Or that was I thought). But now, I'm uncertain on whether the name change was necessary. What do you all think?

  51. You´re wrong about races. There is overwhelming scientific evidence of considerable differences in intelligence between races. It s biological, it´s hereditary, it makes a difference.

    Do not delete this. Prove me wrong.

  52. Knowing Better are usually pretty well researched on the subject he is talking about, and i really enjoy his videos.
    There are clearly mountains of evidence that race in real, and different groups of people are different then other groups of people. Including intelligence and everything else.
    I dont get how people can ignore this fact.
    We will never get anywhere if this hugely important fact keeps going unadressed.
    This doesnt mean you are worthless. Black people are as a group faster and stronger then other races, but no one has any problems with that Fact.
    Just look at the Olympic games. We all know who is going to run fast, and who is going to throw that ball the furtherst, and so on anf so on.
    But when it comes to cognitive abiluties, "no way, Thats false. We are all the same".
    It baffles me.

    Sorry for my bad english, but i am feeling with americans dealing with this problem, and not ever going anywhere with it, and this reflects over to europe and this is bad for us.

  53. Dang, you are good. Your videos are so complex and intellectually deep that any response I would make, and I sure want to, would be an entire essay in itself, and I just don't have time to write the essays. Right now, I'll just say this, you are not correct on every point you make. You do, however, always give the intelligent person food for thought.
    Let me say this, whatever series of rallies you were anticipating after Charlottesville seems to have fizzled out, and, the counterprotesters at Charllottesville were equally politically obnoxious, on the left. They came armed with the express purpose of committing violence, which they did. The Nazis (Alt rightists, neo Nazis, whatever you want to call them) were only engaging in peaceful protest until attacked. Provoking your opponents like that is a time honored tradition of totalitarian movements, left and right.

  54. Who's watching this after people have called for the removal of Washington and Jefferson statues because they owned slaves

  55. When I was a 5-year old Haitian American boy growing up in a predominately white school, I knew I was differently raced that others.

  56. I think both sides were to blame although right wing they were pretty much minding there own business..antifa cause most of the problems. and there is the story that The "nazis" were just actors. don't get me wrong I love your YT this is the first one I have had some disagreement with.

  57. What caused it? … Right-wing media. From Fox News to Rush Limbaugh et al. … right-wing media constantly stokes the fires of racism, and "others."

  58. This guy is really going far left. White males are MORE likely to be shot by police than black males. Persons DO want to take down statues to Jefferson and Washington! "Where will it end" is absolutely VALID.

  59. Sir William Wallace 16:10–16:30, to clarify, he DID win the war. He won his famous Battle of Stirling, but later lost the Battle of Falkirk, and was then executed by the English. This was at the beginning of the Scottish War of Independence, which was later won.

  60. So the watermelon stereotype isn't a simple observation. It was purposefully put forward, along with the chicken stereotype, in the Reconstruction south to make black people look sloppy and lazy. There were nasty political cartoons and horrifying racist knick knacks with black people and watermelon. We're not just one of several racist groups in the US – we're the descendants of slaves. With that comes unspeakable baggage, so, yeah. Often "harmless" jokes get a rise out of us for deep, but hidden, reasons.

  61. The one bit I disagree with.

    Evolution doesn't stop at the neck.

    And the Social environment has a strong effect on the Alleles that affect reproductive success.

    Epegenetics is also a factor.

    So.. And the genes for all are in all ethnicities.

    in Short, yes, Culture matter, but your genes give you your current baseline.

    and last, races are not a bunch of Clones. Therefore averages are not homogenous evidence.

    Jonah Falcon an american White Ashkenazi Jew, had a Cock 12"-13" long. Is that true to all White men in general or Jews in Particularl? no.

    Albert Einstein was a Jewish Genius who changed the World as well as at least partially an Anti-Zionist..


    You get the Idea.

    The Aggregates should not be ignored when precise data is not available.

    And yes, this can be use for the aid of all.

    In Areas of historically low graduation parentage,

    You go done to first grade or lower. Train the kids in the skils, that will make the rest of school easier(ish).

    Memory Mnemonics.
    Proper Summary.

    These alone will help most kids.
    And that resourse diversion is much much lower than what is usually used.

  62. I don’t think the Confederate flag is inherently racist. Are a lot of people that fly it racist? Probably. But I can see the angle that it’s a part of their culture. Howwwwwever, it IS a flag of traitors, whether it’s racist or not, it’s just dumb that some people pledge allegiance to it.

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