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get that at a thrift store? – What? – [Director] What’s with that tie? – What’s wrong with my tie? – [Director] It’s a pretty ugly tie. – My wife said the same thing. I like this tie. (laughing) – It’s from Italy. I’m Michael Sheridan, and
welcome to Daily News Weekly, where we highlight the
stories from the past week that you might have missed. A community in Florida is
under siege from deadly toads. (toads creaking) Thousands of poisonous bufo
toads, which can kill pets and are dangerous to children,
have invaded a neighborhood in Palm Beach Gardens. resident Jennie Quasha told WPTV5 News. The sudden increase in bufo toads is believed to be because of the mild winter. Oddly enough, these little invaders are not actually from Florida. They were introduced in the 1930s as a way to control pests
in sugar cane fields. Now, the toads are
especially dangerous to pets. According to the Florida
Fish and Wildlife Commission, they secrete a milky white substance, and if ingested, it could
kill a pet within 15 minutes. Now a person, they should
only touch these toads if they have gloves on, because
if it gets on their skin, it will cause irritation
and cause your eyes to burn. So the message of the story is, don’t let your pets mess with
these toads, or they’ll croak. Something about this story stinks. An appeals court in
Australia is expected to hear a case where a man claims that his boss was using his farts as a weapon. (farting noise) – Put that in your book. (laughing) – In this lawsuit, 56-year-old
David Hingst apparently claims that his former
boss would very often in the closed-off room
that they were in, fart. But not just fart, he would
actually fart near him, thrusting his bum towards him. Hingst told the Australian
Associated Press. So now, Hingst is suing the
company for $1.2 million, claiming the behavior caused severe stress and that flatulence
was a form of bullying. Like I said before, this
is an appeals court, because Hingst actually lost
the case the first time, so it’s very likely that this case is just gonna disappear
like a fart in the wind. (cars honking) – So apparently, there’s a
guy that’s been going around Long Island filming nude
women in tanning salons. The cops say they finally
arrested the guy on March 12 when a woman at a Beach Bum
tanning salon in Levittown looked up and saw a video
camera pointed at her from the wall ledge. So she called the cops,
and they arrested the guy on the spot. His name is Jake Gabler-Colotti. He’s 22 years old, from Wantagh, New York, and apparently he’s admitted to cops that he’s been doing this for a while. His lawyer says he doesn’t
believe that story from the cops, and the evidence against his
client is circumstantial. In any case, the cops say the may be at least three to five other victims at Beach Bum tanning locations
in Levittown, Seaford, and Plainview, and now they’re hoping those women come forward. (cars honking) – A New York Councilman was declared by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s tallest politician. But the mayor of
Warrensville Heights in Ohio says he actually comes up a little short. Brooklyn Councilman Robert Cornegy stands at 6 feet, 10 inches. He was given a certificate
by the Guinness Book of World Records on Wednesday. However, that same day,
cleveland.com reported that mayor Brad Sellers
deserves that title, because the former NBA
player turned politician stands at seven feet tall. Now, as I understand it, the good folks at the Guinness Book of World
Records would have to go to Ohio and measure Sellers
themselves to verify that he is in fact seven feet tall, which would make him about two
inches taller than Cornegy. However, we here at Daily News Weekly did a quick Google search, and actually found that Sellers may still not be the tallest. Glenn Jacobs is the mayor
of Knox County, Tennessee. He’s a former wrestler who
went by the name of Kane. According to the Google search, he’s actually seven feet tall. So the question now becomes, who really is the tallest
politician in the world? So what I’d really love, is
for us to have a size off. Let’s get this mayor from
Ohio, the mayor from Tennessee, and the councilman together,
get them into a room together, have them stand next to each other, and really see which one
of them is the tallest. I think that would be awesome. Now, I usually avoid having
real commentary here. I don’t like to get into that. I feel like there’s
way too much commentary in the news as it is. But, I felt it was really
important to address this, because it just seems like it’s what everybody is talking about, and I needed to weigh in. I’m talking about Jussie Smollett, the Empire actor claimed a few weeks ago that he was attacked in Chicago by two men wearing Make America Great hats. Apparently, later on, it turned out that he may have been making it up, and he may have actually orchestrated it. We don’t really know
exactly what happened. Charges against him, for
apparently filing false claims, were recently dropped, and even that logic seems to be unclear why that happened. So, I’m gonna offer my two cents on this really baffling story. What the (bleep) is going on? That’s it everybody,
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