July 2019 Current Affairs in ENGLISH – 19 July 2019 – Daily Current Affairs for All Exams

hello everyone welcome to study IQ in this video let's do the current affairs of today a 19th of July today there are no quiz questions let's focus only on the today's current affairs I will start the quiz once again tomorrow central government has reduced the interest rate for the next three months that is July to September on the general Provident Fund by 10 basis points so what is the interest rate now on the general Provident Fund it is 7.9 percent in fact on all the small saving schemes like a San Vikas Patra Sukanya summary the account national savings certificate the cut was 10 basis points only on all the saving scheme so now you will get seven point nine percent Andhra Bank has launched an artificial intelligence interactive assistant chat water what is the name the name is avi artificial intelligence interactive assistant called abhi abhi robot chat bot you know intelligent assistant virtual assistant all the words they mean almost the same thing for example a robot that is used for chatting is a chat bot like that Andhra Bank is headquartered in Hyderabad although Hyderabad it is not in Andhra now but it okay maybe they shift but right now it is in Hyderabad and Andhra Bank tagline is where India banks okay where India banks it's a good idea to note down the artificial intelligence chat BOTS or robot of various banks ICICI Bank has a chat pod called hi pal actually FC has two evie a and IRA okay electronic virtual assistant and intelligent robot assistant now full form is not required in the exam they don't ask the full form kotak mahindra has a robot called kiya SBI has a intelligent assistant called si a Chandra bank has two one is called Mithra one is called candy yes Bank chat bot is called yes tag it's in the form of a mobile app and Axis Bank chat what is called excess ah World Health Organization has declared Ebola outbreak in which country a global health emergency which country it is Congo okay please don't confuse Congo with Democratic Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo was called Ziya ray the old name of DRC is Zuri and capital of it is Kinshasa Congo capital is Brazzaville brazo will clear not here now remember WH o they recently declared Sri Lanka as measles free and they declared Algeria and Argentina as malaria free understood or not understood Kimber Mahotsav it is basically a festival for the third gender transgender you know Kiner it was recently celebrated in Mid State it was celebrated in Bihar ok Bihar remember Bihar is the first state in India that celebrates annual festival for the transgender community for the transgender community who has become the new director of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad that trains IPS officers what is his name his name is mr. Abed he is a senior IPS officer from Orissa Orissa cutter mr. obey which woman weightlifter has won four gold medals in the open Asian powerlifting championship she is Bhavana toe kicker Bhavna toe kicker Nelson Mandela International Day was observed on which date see July is a very easy month ok you have to remember only four days first you lie I told you it's a doctor's day yesterday I asked you doctor's day celebrated with each but person's birth anniversary the answer is BC Roy with hunch and Roy 1st July doctor's day ok then 11th of July is world population day and I told you that trick to remember to increase the population you need one male and one female so it becomes 11 clear not clear then very next day 12th of July is the birthday of Malala use of the use of zai celebrated as Malala day 18th of July is the Nelson Mandela Day his autobiography is called a long walk to freedom a long walk to freedom and one more only one more 28th of July it is the world hepatitis day hepatitis is a disease of the liver while the hepatitis days 20th of July if you know these for that said July is done the government of india has approved a project to build the india based neutrino observatory in which district of tamil nadu it will be set up in any district themeing okay as per the recent report by the bought nickel survey of india which state has the highest number of orchard species in india poor chain is a very different kind of plants you know sometimes they grow on other plants they are very beautifully colored very beautifully flowered and India's first orchard area has been recently opened in operational district of mahalia upper-echelon district of mahalia India's first orchard areum has recently been inaugurated now please don't confuse orchard areum with Erica Miriam Erick Miriam is where spiders are kept it has been opened in Jabalpur district in madhya pradesh now the state in question is arunachal pradesh here highest number of orchard species are present and according to the geographical survey of India 35% of graphite of India is present in furniture British once again 35% graphite of India one more thing ten percent of all the zoological species are present in and Monico bar according to zoological Survey of India who has won the gold medal in the twenty-fifth 25 meter rapid fire pistol competition at the ISSF Junior World Cup in Germany where is the Junior World Cup going on in suhan please don't confuse it with Munich I'm talking about Junior World Cup not normal welcome or senior welcome so ISSF World Cup will take place in in 2019 but is SM jr. welcome in Sewell what about next year so is SF welcome in 2020 will take place in India now who is this person a niche Manuela Anish Manuela named the Indian naval ship which will embark on a two-month long sagar May 3 mission second it is a second sagar May 3 mission and what is this mission so basically we want to have better interaction with various countries like Oman Maldives Sri Lanka Thailand Malaysia and you know Indonesia and then one or two more and they will all work together for safety and growth for all in the Indian Ocean region which is called Sagar what is the meaning of Sagar safety and growth for all in the region they will work on Sagar so it is called I&S sagar Advani sagar honey recently Indian naval ship Ranjit was a retired the word we use is decommissioned which means that we don't use it anymore okay and Indian Coast Guard ship vigraha was also decommissioned recently by the Indian Coast Guard Asian Development Bank they have lowered the India's GDP growth to what percent for the fiscal year 2020 now I pity all the banking as parents who have to remember because this keeps on changing every third day now like I can vouch for the fact that Asian Development Bank has revised India's GDP growth at least six to seven times in the last six months and what a mess it is I I don't think IBPS is going to ask such questions now it changes every third day it is now seven percent they have reduced it to seven percent from 7.2 percent which state has increased the financial aid to the families of Jevons who are martyred in a war or war like situation earlier they used to get 25 lakh rupees ex-gratia now they will get 1 crore what is exha gracia ex karachi amount is the amount that estate gives on its own volition it is not legally obligated to do so so which state is this it is Maharashtra Maharashtra and remember there is a scheme called gel yoke the Shiva it is a water conservation scheme of Maharashtra which has been in news immensely gel loop shimmer scheme name the Indian sprinter who has won the gold medal in 200 meter race at the table or athletics made in Czech Republic this is the giveaway 200 meter so he mother's had it been hundred meter dancer but I have been to teach on him audacity expressed from Assam which campaign of the tourism ministry has won the Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Award Tata gold award which campaign is it it is find the incredible you find the incredible you who is the tourism minister for a lot now Patel or Joshi it is relax Fidel he is the Minister for culture and tourism his Lok Sabha constituency is tomahawk in multiplication and para la Joshi he is the Minister for coal mines and parliamentary affair his constituency is the Harvard which is in Karnataka member of which group has they all have agreed on a plan for taxing the digital companies like Facebook and Google so more trouble for Facebook and Google there will be text more decided by the most powerful countries in the world which is g7 g7 meeting taking place in Biarritz which is in France France what about g20 this year in Osaka next year in Saudi Arabia the government has planned to set up a usual in a centre in the country in how many in financial year current financial year 2040 200 IOSH centers will be open I use Minister is sherry Padilla Sonia constituency is not to go to new districts have been created okay then Cassie and Chengalpet where which state it is Tamil Nadu do you remember they created a district called kala korechi it was the 33rd district now two more so how many districts Tamil Nadu has now 35 are there any new districts in India oh yes so arunachal pradesh created three new districts but cacus on leper allah and Shiomi and i can also recall this mother pradesh they created their 52nd district which is nevada nevada district and recently Telangana created narada pattern bulu GU 33 districts are there in Telangana now am i missing any district or not children MP done Tamil Nadu done and Telangana done yeah I I suppose that's it cabinet committee on economic affair has approved how many megawatt dabangg multi-purpose project in Arunachal Pradesh at a cost of sixteen hundred crore rupees which project it is the divine project worth two eight eight zero two eight eight zero megawatt it will be built at a cost of twenty eight thousand eighty crore rupees very very ambitious project and Environment Minister Prakash javadekar he's also the Minister for information broadcasting so it will be built in Arunachal Pradesh who is the new coach of Sunrisers Hyderabad he's a very accomplished coach why because he has just won the World Cup Trevor Bayliss coach of England so England he has retired from England now after winning the World Cup and he is now the coach of Sunrisers Hyderabad so Tom moody he was the old coach he has been forced to resign now okay that said see you tomorrow bye

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