Judge rules Don McGahn must comply with House subpoena

Maurice Vega

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  1. The impeachment is starting to sound like a REO Speedwagon song.."Heard it from a friend who, Heard it from a friend who, Heard it from another who was messing.."

  2. A judge cannot rule to violate Executive Privilege OR Attorney Client Privilege. At a minimum the violates Constitutional Separation of Powers.

  3. Last week I retweeted "I am a Democrat and I will vote for Trump, no due process should scare everybody." Impeachment as a political tool is not okay with anyone who loves this country.

  4. How can a judge possibly uphold a mickey-mouse document with Subpoena written in coloured crayons across the top and signed by that arch-idiot Schiff ?

  5. Love how Trump supporters argue this impeachment is a sham and all they have is hearsay and no direct knowledge, but yet they drag this impeachment hearing longer by blocking any people who have direct knowledge from testifying. If Trump wants this impeachment to end, then what is the point in stonewalling and obstructing?? Let the facts speak for themselves.

  6. Desperate Dems! Call the tea lady, I think she overheard something according to the gardner who apparently head it from the bloke cleaning the windows there in the background.

  7. The whole country is consumed daily with Trump's antics and everything else rots away. The man is pure poison and all that touches him dies. He makes Nixon look honest. If you value your reputation get off this Fox Trump bandwagon as reckoning is coming folks. Guaranteed.

  8. Republicans should subpoena Shitty Schiff,Pelosi,Nadler, and send it before the judge so they have to appear
    Clinton,Obama,Struck,Lisa Page,Comey etc… all other assholes that think they are better than anyone else and above the law

  9. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson…She was interviewed as a potential SCOTUS nominee by Obama to replace Scalia in 2016…..SURPRISE!!!! I see this going to the Supreme Court for PROPER consideration….

  10. Is showing up the point or what they can say? Here's the thing, if they show up, their testimony is on the record, and the President has no way to dispute what is said. It's a Vegas thing, if you roll craps you lose, or is it what's discussed in the Big White Mansion is private, unless of course you are a whistle blower. The President hires lots of people, one or two may want to get him fired.

  11. If the guy doesn’t want to testify then he’ll just appeal it in a higher court. The legislative branch has no authority over the executive branch. It’s probably an activist court, I don’t believe this guy will ever testify. Mark my words.

  12. By Trump waving executive privilege…opened the doors to everyone of the call…nothing more…By waiving the ex. privilege made only the call, public record…By becoming public record…Also removed whistleblower status…its public record…the ex-whistleblower is nothing more than a reluctant, or uncooperative witness not needing anonymity….

  13. Judge says, “Trump is not a King….etc.” That a legal ruling or an opportunity to make a political statement? A judge is suppose to rule on the law not on their personal moral outrage. Great, stupid district court judge you just handed Trump his appeal. What an idiot.

  14. So what happened to the lawyer client privilege? The Federal court judge should know that the Judicial committee subpoenas are not legal: Issued without full house vote. If that's the case he shouldn't have to comply. If the DEMS want to hide everything away from the public view and deny the minority all semblance of the rule of law then why should they comply with this CNN and soviet style farce. It goes against every precedence and the Constitution itself.

  15. Take the correct road. Follow the direction of Executive rule and you will be protected and a conscientious objection to an obviously biased Judicial directive.

  16. Why is this important again? You know we've all read the transcript right? Our tax dollars at work! Thanks Democrats! Thanks Obama!

  17. Don't worry Trumpers. Kavanaugh will make it 4-3 in the Supreme Court. They will agree that the President is absolutely immune and so is everyone he orders not to testify..

  18. Again they re not going to find anything and jump to something else enough already maybe next time a democrat will win and then it will be turn to cry

  19. McGahn proves he is Un-American …… refusing to tell the truth to congress …….. but he has appealed the court decision ……. get an apartment in Russia , donny

  20. So basically this judge ruled against the attorney client privilege. Yes it does even affect the White House counsel. This is why we need judicial oversight boards parried so basically what happens is upon a judge violating the Constitution or the law for their own political gain their immediately dispart banned from teaching any law classes or getting a long license and any other state ever again. And the case that they illegally ruled in is overturned and the law is followed

  21. Another rancid worthless liberal activist judge who knows that activism on the bench is the height of corruption but she's liberal so she does it anyways.
    Trump will win on appeal.

  22. Biden commits obvious corruption, so they investigate the President, for asking about it ,in the phone.
    Hillary sells Putin, our uranium, they investigate the President.

  23. In barely 3 years, Trump has upended the system: violated norms, ethical standards, moral obligations, his oath of office, rule of law, & the Constitution. And yet he has paid no price nor suffered any consequences.

  24. God bless America…. God bless Judge Jackson. We are Americans…we do not have "kings" and, in fact, we do not bow  before anyone else's king either. That is a fundamental part of being American… no one is above the law. AMERICANS DO NOT BOW.

  25. 11.  Caucasians have become as unintelligent as they have made others to become… 
    9.  Defending yourself and Family with the TEN COMMANDMENTS or Religious Beliefs that violate THE TALMUDIC LAWS 
    8.  Calling the creation of weapons of mass destruction, diseases like HIV, Plan parenthood. etc; GENOCIDE 
    7.  Priviotizing the FEDERAL RESERVE and IRS, World banks, etc. 
    6.  Referencing Hitler's mother and Hitler's Rothschild's blood 
    5.  Not believing in the Holocaust history as told 
    4.  Not being superior 
    3.  Not being Anti-Christ 
    2.  Not being Jewish 
    1.  Not being Chosen (by what or whom?)  GOD CHOSE THE PEOPLE THAT KILLED GOD = JESUS 
    How does anyone become Anti-Semitic?

  26. “Abandoning the Paris Agreement is cruel to future generations,” says Andrew Steer, President & CEO of the World Resources Institute about the Trump Administration’s move to officially pull the U.S. out of the agreement. The U.S. will lose out on the jobs and much stronger economy that a low-carbon future will bring, Steer says in a statement.

    The Trump Administration is sending the world “a catastrophic message in a moment of great urgency,”

  27. This is terrible reporting. The issue about WH officials testifying before Congress is a Constitutional separation of powers issue that only the U.S. Supreme Court can decide. These bozos dont' have a clue.


  29. Is it a surprise that they get a demonrat judge from DC who is BLACK to try to go against the constitution. By the time this goes to the Supreme Court Trump will be ending his second term. This will be appealed. Taken to either a neutral area and not DC where black and demonrat run in the same circles.

  30. Did you actually see the Judges reply? A total hack. No jurisprudence at all. This will be shot down in the SCOTUS. There most certainly is 3 separate but equal branches of Government. This ruling yesterday says Congress has more.

  31. I’ve just completed a viewer’s tour of assorted cable and
    broadcast networks that once specialized in news gathering and programing, both
    locally and nationally, am appalled by what I found, and that nobody is as
    outraged as me by the seemingly trashy exploitation of blond dye head women as
    dance hall girls as if of the old west, and  women of color in straight haired wigs pushing
    drinks to dull the senses, along with gun slinging dye head males playing the
    part of lonesome teenagers well into their fifties and sixties. I once called
    such displays as the new ‘show business’, but its much worse than that, its dam
    right scandalous that seem to be fueled by marketing dollars and not the want
    of a true calling of excellence in journalism, concluding with the plea, Lord,
    deliver us from this evil of ‘appearance journalism’ and send us home to be free
    back in your loving arms of news and integrity, we seemed to have lost our way…

  32. Imagine a judge ruling to compel participation in an unconstitutional and unofficial process that the demonrat controlled house never voted to make constitutional or official.

    Judicial corruption at it's very worst.

  33. Why don’t pence, Pompeo, Bolton, Perry and Rudy all just testify under oath? Support the president and put this to bed in 2 days. Make the dems look foolish. Why aren’t they standing up for the president?

  34. Hate these Federal judges making ruling on Executive Privilege. Where is the separation of powers? These lower court judges should be backed down on their powers. This is political subterfuge and should be stopped.

  35. He will state that as the legal counsel for our duly elected President and Patriot Donald John Trump, that all conversations between him and our duly elected President and Patriot Donald John Trump are confidential.

  36. Trump is blocking all the witnesses… And he says he would like them to come testify!! He's the only hoax here! Again.
    Seriously, do innocent people behave like that? If you're innocent just let people come and testify. And the truth shall set you free.

  37. That Judge is a Democrat……she is NOT following the Law. She is corrupt as is most Democrats! She has no authority to rule in such a manner! PERIOD!

  38. OK – so they will answer the subpoena and then just take the 5th or invoke executive privilege at the point of questioning instead – All this order does is waste even more tax dollars.

  39. American presidents are not kings. They do not have absolute immunity. The White House staff do NOT take an oath of loyalty to the president. They take an oath to protect and defend the constitution. So, the courts will ultimately decide against the president. This will clearly be the right decision. The president is NOT above the law. Stay tuned.

  40. The Animal Farm reference (in a footnote) in the ruling against Trump's claims of 'absolute immunity' is, fairly blatantly, yet still obliquely, calling President Trump a PIG… (But, FOX didn't even mention that!)

    (Since the 'Some animals are more equal than others' quote is a direct reference to the pigs (the privileged, wealthy, dishonest and corrupt ruling elitie- Trump's cabinet full of rich robber barons and white supremacists, in this analogy) that ran the animal farm. This was very likely an intentional dig at Trump's criminality.

    So… How long until people start getting sent to the glue factory?

    'I will work harder!!' (the parallels are obvious! Which Trump's morally bankrupt manipulation of his base makes clear! Have they forgotten that 12-15 years ago he was solidly pro-choice, pals with the Clintons, pro free trade and pro big government, and an outspoken democrat? The other animals on his farm that follow him need to WAKE UP and realize that he has ZERO principles, he simply 'believes' whatever benefits him at any given moment!

    (Well, to be fair, he has SOME principles- his obvious greed, racisim, misogyny, lawlessness, narcissism, and hubris have been fairly consistent!)

  41. What the heck is with the clips of people handling big stacks of money while wearing gloves like it's dirty money? What does that have to do with anything at all?

    I'm fairly sure that Ukraine aid wouldn't come in the form of big bundles of hundos…

    Anyone have a theory? Or is it just sloppy journalism- as in: 'here is what money looks like! Neat, huh?! (Kind of like whennFOX reports something damaging to Trump, and then, in the middle of the report, do a couple of minutes on the hero dog ('dont think about how crooked trump is- here's a cute hero dog!') do they really think their veiwers are that easily manipulated?

    How bizzare.

  42. If this Federal black female judge, an Obama appointee, doesn’t know that a king is a do nothing individual not involved in the running of his country, then, there’s the possibility she doesn’t know either a thing about her duties on the bench..

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