Jordan Peterson’s guide to leadership

Maurice Vega

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  1. Anyone knows the studio he is quoting about the extra 10% performance due to the personal development?

  2. I like the way Jordan Peterson seamlessly connects the individual conscience with large social objectives. Leadership often fails when we look at people as collectives and start imposing common rules on them. But each life is different and each person has goals in their life. To appeal to individual sense of purpose & build on a harmonious plan for their entire lives of which work is just a part is the answer.

  3. Peterson is talking about absolutely nothing and trying to use big words and convoluted speech to seem intelligent. Everything he said is not ground breaking or confounding but rather basic. He speaks like he’s some intellectual but he’s not.

  4. HR often hire the best liars and managers often promote the best actors, not the most competent people. Good luck with the high ideal which I agree with, but it is not going to fly in practice.

  5. Because your job is to motivate messed up teenagers? If I work for you, I would not know what to do half the time. If we work together on the same goals, I will ware you out just to make you focus on the cause of a leadership. And if you cannot be on your toes half the time, I will be board 24/7

  6. I love how all the conservatives/republicans here are talking about "why has this video got so many dislikes" or "they haven't even watched the video and are disliking it!"

    (meanwhile in another part of YouTube)

    "Climate change FACTS from the collective intelligence of almost every scientist humanity has to offer" Conservatives >>> FAKE NEWS, SJW PROPAGANDA, ANTIFAGGOTS, >>> dislikes in five seconds.

    the hypocrisy is real.

  7. Big Think needs to stop letting pseudo-intellectuals like Peterson on the channel. This guy thinks the term 'climate change denier' is used with the intent to group science deniers with nazis. Also, JP denies Climate Change. Also, he thinks Soviet Russia was a secular humanist state.

    He's a complete moron. Can we have mildly competent people talk to us instead?

  8. Im a 28 year old production manager in a mechanical manufacturing company. This is insanely helpfull.

  9. A leader has followers. Without followers, a leader is just a guy out for a walk. Thank you West Wing.

  10. I just read in the comment section that Jordan Peterson pushes hard-line, right-wing ideologies. Holy shit I'm actually laughing but at the same time understand that this is sad. Can you people please do your research properly? This level of ignorance is in nobody's interest.

  11. I seriously don't understand the downvotes in this one. Seriously, it's legitimate good advice and isn't even remotely controversial.

  12. Yea broh, peace on earth. That’s why everyone listens to me when I talk. I don’t ask for anything that not good for the public.

  13. Ble bla bla, blaaaa, bla bla bla blaaaaaa…..

    Can i get some fans also now?
    Do i have Peterson material?

  14. :48 – "you shouldn't want to motivate people, that's management idiot speak." 4:36 – explains how to motivate people. This is an incoherent rant from a religious ideologue.

  15. This guy doesn't hold my attention. He stumbles over his words, and goes back to much on what he just said, to say something else. I don't hate him, I just don't think he explains very well. It's like he's explaining to a 5yr old. And he's a bit pointy, and shouty, and you-should-do-thisy, even though the content of what he's saying is essentially opposed to that method of communication. For someone trying to instruct on communication, it's just confusing. I also believe we all communicate and listen differently. Different receptors, this guy might work for some, but not for others. How about 'Lead by Example', this is the mark of a true, worthy leader. That advice is as old as time. And most true worthy leaders don't need instruction on how to lead either.

  16. God, Peterson haters are such a hive mind who can’t think for themselves. They hate him and don’t even know why, just that they’ve been told to.

  17. How does JP apply this to anti-capitalists who oppose the current self-destructive status quo? They’re vile Marxists, right? Also, how does slapping somebody silly fit into this leadership model? Just trying to rap my head around this new info.

  18. We already live in tyranny as democracy is based on force. That's why every western democracy is collapsing.

  19. This style of leadership reminds me of Adam Smith. The biggest reason he fought for the abolition of slavery was because he could not fathom authoritarian leadership, instead seeing people free to work in the ways they like to necessitate their own needs.

  20. I like what he is saying here, however, it seems he uses complex language in attempt to sound smarter. I have heard a lot of his lectures and his vocabulary is very impressive and rather extensive but not always required. Of course this is only my opinion, I mean no ill will and do not intend to offend…

  21. I will organise my life around destroying this shit for brains! Fucking meat eating, potential scurvy trodden idiot. Go take ya antidepressants, like a good Christian, and fuck off!!

  22. All his thoughts are based off Neitzche, Jean Piaget, David Hume, Darwin, Jung, Freud, Thomas Khun, Carl Rogers, Carl Popper, Dostoyevsky and myths from Ancient Egypt. (Solzhenitsyn and Christianity too – but people usually take issue with those due to ideological differences rather than actually arguing morality)

    You find when people try to disagree with something he said he usually hasn't given enough context to explain why he's said something or someone just disagree's with the thoughts of one of the people who influence him.

    If you're creative you'll likely have interest in Jung whereas, if you're practical and not very creative you take a more behaviourist approach. A lot of it is down to personality and how you see the world. Most problems come from poor communication between people who're not capable of (or willing to) shift perspectives. It's a mistake to purely disavow Peterson's perspective purely because you don't see eye to eye with him. Peterson actually tries to teach his students the importance of reading material objectively and reading everything that attacks what you believe at it's root. Because you have no way of knowing what's actually real, the best you have is a paradigm of belief you've given yourself and that paradigm can change.

    Even science has a paradigm, it's all real, until anomalies pop up and it's not real anymore, then science needs to be rewritten more accurately or completely discarded for a new concept. People who're unwilling to entertain different points of view just stay on the porch.

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