Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse – Conspiracy Theories Thrive at a Trump Rally: The Daily Show

You know, we cover a lot
of stories from this desk, but sometimes,
to get the real (bleep), you have to hit the streets. And nobody’s more street
than Jordan Klepper. Check it out. Who says news has to be cold
and on your screen? I say it’s warm
and on your face. The real news is on the streets,
and it sounds like this. Ba-ba, ba-ba. This is Jordan Klepper
Fingers the Pulse. ♪ ♪ (pulse beats rhythmically) This past summer,
Trump flag wavers spouted a lot of theories
about Hillary Clinton’s health. We see the coughing fits. She’s had, it seems like,
a number of blood clots. TV REPORTER: What on earth
could be the reason behind Hillary Clinton’s
bizarre behavior? Look, it almost seems
seizure-esque to me. Turns out,
they were sort of right. We’re now learning she’s been
diagnosed with pneumonia. If the crackpots halfway nailed
one theory, maybe their truth fingers
were in deeper than mine. I had to find out. I headed to Trump rallies
in the crucial swing states of Ohio and Wisconsin, to discover what
his supporters know. that the rest of us don’t. Do you think it’s worse
than pneumonia? Uh, the way she looks, yes. So what do you think’s going on? It could be Parkinson’s. It could be MS. It could be AIDS. What makes you think
she has AIDS? Uh, the way her, uh,
husband used to be. -So you think Bill had AIDS?
-Yes. So how did Bill Clinton
get AIDS? Probably messing around with,
uh, Magic Johnson. That’s the natural conclusion? -Yes.
-Interesting. The Clintons and Magic Johnson. What else do they know? They were saying there was like
a double of her. -Do you think there was
a Hillary Clinton double? -Yeah. I think anything’s possible
when it comes to doubles. Wow.
A Clinton double. Who knew? So, I printed out
two identical photos to see if they could see
what we couldn’t. Which one’s the body double? I’d say that one. What is it about this one
that makes you think it’s not Hillary Clinton? -That little thing on her cheek
is very obvious. -This one. And the scarring,
or whatever this is down on her throat is different. They look a ton alike, right? This looks a little bit younger. -You think this looks younger?
-Yeah. But don’t you think if you just
look at something for long enough, and you kind
of have a paranoid mind, eventually,
you’ll find a difference -to make a big deal of it.
-Yeah, I think something like that’s possible.
Yeah. Which one are you more
attracted to? -This one.
-That one. Yeah. Uncovering Hillary’s doubles
is one thing, but what could they tell us about our current
Commander in Chief? Barack Obama is a Muslim,
he’s a terrorist. Nobody will ever
tell me different. We don’t even know if he’s
a citizen. Yeah, if-if you don’t look
at the birth certificate, -there’s almost
no evidence there. -Exactly. So, there’s nothing
Barack Obama could do to prove that he was born here? Uh, if there was, maybe, witnesses that were attendants
at his birth. Like his mother?
You would listen to his mother? No, no, no.
She has motivation to lie. So you don’t trust, uh, Donald Trump’s
birth certificate either. Uh, yeah,
because he’s been here forever. Well, how do you know?
But how do… what’s your proof? Um, well, his parents, and… But, no, but they…
they’re biased. I’m talking about like people
who could be in the room. Why would they be biased? -Well, like… I’m just using
your logic against you. -Okay. He acts like a Muslim,
he talks like a Muslim. Uh, he also
does the, uh, Muslim principles as far as jewelry is concerned. -Jewelry?
-Yeah, jewelry. Certain months of the year,
not wearing his wedding ring. That’s some…
that’s-that’s a deep cut. Do you want me to connect your
necklace to your Christianity? Why would you do that? Well, you just taught me it. I didn’t even know people were
connecting jewelry to religion. -Uh, Muslims don’t wear…
-Is that a Jew watch? And one of the most unbelievable
discoveries yet. -Barack Obama had a big part
of 9/11. -Which part? Not being around,
always on vacation, -never in the office.
-Why do you think Barack Obama wasn’t in the Oval Office
on 9/11? That I don’t know. I’d like to get
to the bottom of that. KLEPPER:
Wow. Mind blown. They also had new truths
about the media cover-up of Trump’s surging popularity. I don’t think the media
really portrays all the African-Americans
that support Donald Trump. -That’s what I think.
-Really? So… what should we be portraying? Where are these
African-Americans? Um… KLEPPER: When you literally
look out across the 400, 500 people here, we don’t see any. They’ll wave. Wave, white people! Yeah! It’s like a Dave Mathews
concert. Except Dave Matthews actually has
African-Americans in his band. Tell me when you see somebody
who is not white. Here, right here.
Thank you, brother. Donald Trump don’t even know
how much a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs cost. So you don’t… you don’t even
support Donald Trump? No. Okay, so he didn’t work. Turns out they got one wrong. But the rest of their theories can be backed up
with ironclad sources. And what’s your source? Um, just Facebook or Twitter.
I mean, I don’t… -Everything, and I…
-So you’ll look at, like, facts -and (bleep) and you’ll
put it all together. -Exactly. So, outside of having no proof,
what proof do you have? -I don’t have any.
-Don’t have proof. -My opinion.
-Your opinion. Do I have proof? No.
Do I have articles? No. But your mind is made up
without any information. My mind is made up.

Maurice Vega

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  1. He said bill was fucking magic. This is proof that the Jerry Springer Show was real.. damn Barack didn't do nothing about 9/11 he did he let Hitler do that s*** he let Mussolini do that s*** that's crazy

  2. These are the deplorable, uneducated, racist bigoted, homophobic misogynist, ill informed, unread and gun loving lunatics. Scary and sad.

  3. Americans….have everything available to them and they're still dumb as fucking rocks. It shouldn't be a surprise that Agolf Twittler was elected.

  4. The person in the back with the sign saying that Trump supports, military, and here he is taking money from the military to build " the wall" when he said Mexico was gonna pay for it. What fools.

  5. Jordan: β€œWhy do you think Barack Obama wasn’t in the Oval Office on 9/11?”

    Trump supporter: β€œThat I don’t know”

    Me: well I can tell you that Sep. 11 attack was in 2001, and that’s the same year that the 43rd president was elected. Can you guess his name? No. Well his name was George W. Bush. I am happy to help you learn something new you moron Trump supporter!

  6. "why do you think barak obama wasn't in office on 9/11?"
    "no idea"
    Me: um maybe it's because it was 7 years before he took office?

  7. we need people doing this to every trump supporter and then have them replay the footage instantaneously where they break it down and the people can see how they blatantly contradict themselves in a 3 second span

  8. These people are EXACTLY why we need more funding in schools, better healthcare for mental illness & they are why Trump LOVES the UNEDUCATED πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  9. Pam: "Corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture….

    they're the same picture" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Even if he was a muslim, what the fuck does that have to do with anything?? You dont have to be christian to be the president. (Confused norwegian here)

  11. Man this is just like Modi supporters here in India. No facts, no figures, absolutely no clue about the real situation, and blatantly audacious ignorance

  12. All fun and games till that one guy thought Obama did 9/11 cause we wasn't in the oval office…..7 years before Obama got voted in as president very scary of how ignorant and proud they r

  13. Most of his supporters are old white people. Maybe a lot of them will die before the 2020 election. Or be in a diabetic coma so they can't vote.

  14. If all the democrats would stop trying to take my guns and start supporting America and let everyone do there thing I might not hate them so much

  15. Never under estimate the power of stupid Trump supporters in a gathering. Good grief, you lose brain cells just listening to them.

  16. send help to these people there actually retarded ol dude said that Obama wasn't in office when 9/11 happed na shit 9/11 happened in 2001 smh

  17. I cannot like such a video, itΒ΄s like liking a commercial for dumbness, even if that wasnΒ΄t intented in this case…

  18. I don't support either party… They are designed to keep us fighting each other, and keeps the shit heads in power. But this video is pure proof of dumbing down America.

  19. At least 25% of the American electorate. Trump supporters: the same people that think the ACA and Obamacare are 2 different programs.

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