Jordan: Democrats are nervous about the real investigation

Maurice Vega

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  1. We are not in danger! You idiots. You are only trying to fool dummies that dont vote, or your low iq base that you have programmed for years. The true Republicans are alive and well! We are behind our President in full force! You are losers in 2020! Thank you Mr Jordan. We need more like you. Trump 2020

  2. AHA they're following rule #1 from the devil's playbook…. Blame the opponent for the very crime u yourself are committing. Also in RULES FOR RADICALS, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama's favorite book. They even proclaimed it publicly. The author dedicated the book to Lucifer, the first RADICAL ever. The Luciferians fight dirty.

  3. The irony is even if they could impeach him (which doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell) the people are so fed up with what democrats are doing they’ll re-elect him anyway. If the democrats are mad now just wait till that happens. I’m still hoping for a major removal of democrats in Congress. Then Trump can get more stuff done. I don’t think Trump will let them do nothing for his next term.

  4. As wonderful as it sounds guys! None of these seditious scumbags are ever going to be held! Face it! The Democratic Party are a bunch of bobble headed psychotic little children who are an embarrassment and an insult to any thinking person!

  5. Jordan…owner of the worst republican hair in the administration. Barring Trump's soufflé-head of course. Trey Goudy's hair is pretty weird tho…or is that the actual shape of his skull??? Oh man…can we count Stephen Millers spray-on attempts? Do you think that should qualify?

  6. The closer we get to hearing the truth, the more outraged the swamp becomes. Durham’s report is near; we haven’t seen their full vile stench yet.

  7. Why are the criminal politicians getting away with crimes against America's people? We the people want them convicted for the crimes they have commited and thrown in jail. Don't mess with America we love our freedoms and we have earned our rights.

  8. I truly believe Trump is the only thing standing between AMERICA AND HELL America will survive because we have God and Trump on our side

  9. DEMS ARE CORRUPT AND AN ENEMY TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AT THIS POINT < IT IS A DEEP COUP> THEY MUST BE STOPPED BY ((((( ANY ))))) MEANS NECESSARY AT THIS POINT> THEY ARE DEFINITELY SELLING OUT AMERICA < THEY ARE A NATIONAL SECURITY RISK AND MUST BE REMOVED OR DESTROYED> LAURA with your logic and understanding of the law EVEN you must admit the severity of what is going on here. WE are at war . This is the war before what absolutely will be the next CIVIL WAR. And the American people ARE preparing.

  10. Funny how you never see folk like Jim Jordan on CNN or MSNBC. It's almost like those outlets don't want anyone outside of Schiff and Pelosi on their shows…

  11. Of course they are attacking the President. The can't pursue there corrupt agendas. They dont care about the people or even the country. It is about money and power period.

  12. Trump is playing the long game and he’s got all of them running scared as they know he’s better and smarter than them,

  13. We need to stop using the term Democrat since there no longer are any in Congress. The party now is Socialist. Every one

  14. Something big is going to happen soon! It just has to ! The Truth always Wins with great loving people all over the world on her side America the beautiful we Love you thank you God for helping us today! We forgive and forget the trespassing and faults of others thanks Lord for forgiveness and mercy today! Have a blessed day Lord Jesus we love you to ❤️

  15. When will these people understand that WE AS THE PEOPLE want to get to the TRUTH and whatever investigations are needed to get there is OK. I don't care if they all investigate each other all year but at the end of the day its GONNA BE what the evidence shows that will MATTER. The question regarding the PRESIDENT is gonna be. DID HE DO SOMETHING WRONG? Not how hard the dems want him out.


  17. The Gid Pelosi prays to is helpless against the real Father God. Unless a miracle took place in last 24hrs & Pelosi got a awakening from Jesus Christ. That would be great for her soul. But her political carrier will be over in the swamp. We shall see! God knows all!

  18. Chuck Todd is a loser. He was so sure HRC was going to be the president. Election night when Trump got elected was awesome.

  19. Sometimes i lie awake at night wondering what our leaders could have achieved on top of what he already has if the dems would work with him for us

  20. Jim Jordan who was owned by Jake Tapper last week…this guy is a loudmouth embarrassment … really tells it like it is, well except if you've been sexually abused..

  21. In January of 2019, the US House of Representatives took-over-control of the House… Yet, after 275 days, the Democrat, Controlled House has accomplished, Little to NOTHING! And, these democrats what to impeach Trump? Here's a better Idea: In our Next election, we can Kick-Out(Vote-Out) 100% of these Do-Nothing-Democrats.

  22. Good man, Jim Jordan.
    Nancy Pelosi is invoking the angels to save her from Trump. Talk about taking the issue to the highest court.

  23. I like INGRAM. BUT she drives me nuts when she cuts off the person that is being interviewed that I want to hear, just to get her own feelings be known. Drives me crazy, because almost ALWAYS I WANT TO HEAR THEIR COMPLETE SENTENCES. AND IT'S RUDE BECAUSE SHE JUST KEEPS TALKING OVER SOME

  24. When shi**y speaks it’s like a big long fart. A bunch of noise that also stinks. The whole of the dems is one of two things. They are either shut down or broke down and both are imploding because of their blind hate of the rule of law. This really isn’t about President Trump it’s about right and wrong, justice and injustice and freedom or captivity.

  25. Please send the Democrats a basket of raseberries with a sweet notes that's says, "this is all you deserve and get."

  26. There isnt another HUMAN on this PLANET who could handle the job D.T. is doing for us.
    God bless D.T.
    God bless the USA.

    P.S. to Hillary and the gang: Dont forget ur sunglasses and swimsuit,
    I will be very hot where your going????

  27. Tables are going to spin and I guarantee you the legs will break. Stomach are ranting but nothing is flowing into the toilets. Trump is winning a second term like it or not

    Talking azz Jim Jordan (R-OH) was involved with a sexual abuse scandal @ OSU that involved young male athletes. Contrary to his testimony team members stated he knew, denied all accusations & probably may have had some consensual interaction himself with the sick pedophile now dead ❗️

  29. Todd of CNN wants to attack Trump so much he doesn’t even know how great America is doing under the new policies by Trump! Talk about MSM head “in the sand (up their ,,,)!

  30. Yes, lets go down the list: Regulations reduced, bad for the environment. Taxes cut, only for the rich, deficit ballooned, Economy growing at an amazing rate, yes, but growth rate was the same for the last 10 years, Gorsuch and Kavenaugh on the court, may be bad for women and their rights, Embassy in Jerusalem, put an end to USA being a peace negotiator in the Middle East, Dictator Kim Jung-Un elevated on the world stage, Otto Warmbier home but dead, USMCA barely distinguishable from NAFTA, not ratified. Can anybody really be proud of this?


  32. Adam shift needs his security clearance revoked by the president of the United States this worm Adam shift cannot be trusted he's lied to the American people every time he's opened up his mouth and he's an evil enemy of the people of the United States

  33. Who's the boss here? Tell these Democrats to stop this foolishness and get back to the jobs you've been hired to do,least ye be judged unable to perform your duties !

  34. And this farcical witch Hunt from and of the people of the Democratic party is the ultimate cause for the 2020 red wave!

  35. I have talked to lots of Democrats. They WOULD LOVE the truth coming out. But here we have Trump extorting Ukraine using America's aid to create a hoax. (Logically he wants a hoax if it requires the holding back of their money for about a year after telling them what he wanted, and sending others over in secret negotiations to make his point clear).

    So, Investigate away, but be aware, it is all a con game and you are the mark.

  36. Our President is working hard for Americans…main stream media needs to be held accountable for reporting false narratives to the American people.

  37. The Democrats are so obsessed with attacking Trump that they have lost all interest in the American people,who come a very poor second to their hate Trump mantra.

  38. How many saw the riots outside of the Target Center at Trump's rally in Minnesota? And the Dems have the nerve to talk about us Trump supporters? I saw some clips of that riot, it was terrible. When Trump wins again in 2020, just think about how bad it will get, or when they put an end to this witch hunt. Scary thought.

  39. Does L I have to interrupt her guest to this extent? She is great but needs to let the guest finish a sentence! JJ has a lot of info to share in very little time- nobody does it better!

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