Jon Stewart TEARS Into Congress

>>The House Judiciary Committee has passed
legislation that would essentially extend the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund to be permanent. So it’s not a several years extension, this
is a permanent extension, which is incredibly important. Because these are individuals, who are suffering
from health issues as a result of being first responders following that tragic event on
9/11. Now, this was something that did not get a
lot of attention until Jon Stewart, of all people, testified before the House Judiciary
Committee. And his testimony was incredibly compelling,
take a look.>>Behind me, A filled room of 9/11 first
responders. And in front of me, a nearly empty Congress. Sick and dying, they brought themselves down
here speak to no one. It’s shameful, it’s an embarrassment to the
country and it is a stain on this institution. And you should be ashamed of yourselves for
those that aren’t her, but you won’t be. Because accountability doesn’t appear to be
something that occurs in this chamber.>>So this compensation fund is part of the
9/11 Health and Compensation Act, which was passed in 2010. And at the time, there was actually pretty
fierce debate in Congress as to whether or not the first responders should get this type
of compensation. In fact the Republicans baulked at it’s $7
billion price tag, which is so incredibly shameful. Because these are again people who put their
lives on the line to help save people, to help with the relief effort. And now they’re suffering, and you had members
of the congress who wanted to turn their backs on them.>>So I remember carrying it back then cuz
we have been around forever. Young Turks is an old show on the Internet. And I remember saying back then, Jon Stewart
shamed the Republicans into funding it in the first place. That Stewart was arguably the best journalist
in the country, even though he’s a comic. That journalists said, hey look, it’s not
my position to care. I’m not supposed to care about anything. So these guys responded to 9/11, they got
sick. And then the government decided to screw them
while declaring many different wars, pretending to care about them, and enriching defense
contractors. But, hey, not my job to care or to point that
out forcefully. And Jon Stewart, even though he was doing
the Daily Show said well, then I’ll step in. And he shamed them back then, and he’s shaming
them now. And Matt, it’s almost perfect for what you
asked people to do. You asked basically a lot of celebrities to
get involved. Because they could make a giant difference. If I went to Congress and said that, they’d
be like, yeah, sure, sure, sure. But when Jon Stewart goes to Congress and
says it, everybody covers it.>>Yeah, absolutely, I mean it’s important,
I think that, for anyone, general the process of civic engagement and being engaged politically
is hugely important. But for those that have those privilege and
obviously a platform and everything that comes with that, it becomes an additional responsibility. And it’s not surprising, of course, right? The number one reason that people go into
bankruptcy in the United States is because of medical costs. The way that we treat returning veterans,
I mean, there’s plenty of money there. The money depends on, we’ve lacked the political
will to make it go to the place it needs to go. So that is where I think it is important that
everyone and especially those with platforms really step in and leverage that towards the
move ins that we need to be happening for justice, essentially.>>So here, I have another good example that,
I mean, it’s really so sad for our democracy. That since the 9/11 responders don’t have
lobbyists and they don’t have corporate donors, the only way that their healthcare’s actually
gonna get covered, is if a celebrity steps in to help them. And I remember we did democracy spring a couple
years ago, and that was civil disobedience to call attention to the corrupting influence
of money in politics. And it was the largest arrest for civil disobedience
in the history of the capital. And we did it for a whole week, and thousands
of people got arrested. And the mainstream media didn’t pay any attention
at all. I mean, God bless her heart, Rosario Dawson
said, well, I’m gonna step in and I’m gonna help. And she came on the last day, and then all
the media showed up, right? And so this is a sad state of affairs. But in those state of affairs, then what Matt
is asking people to do makes a big difference, which is get involved. And if you’re a celebrity or in any way have
that kind of leverage, please use it for something beneficial in the world.>>Exactly, and that’s exactly what Jon Stewart
did here. I wanna go to the next video. Let’s take a look at what else he had to say.>>And I am awfully tired of hearing that
it’s a 9/11 New York issue. Al Qaeda didn’t shout death to Tribeca. They attacked America and these men and women
and their response to it, Is what brought our country back. It’s what gave a reeling nation a solid foundation
to stand back upon, to remind us of why this country is great, of why this country is worth
fighting for, and you are ignoring them. And you can end it tomorrow. Why this bill isn’t unanimous consent, and
a stand-alone issue, is beyond my comprehension.>>He also called out lawmakers who’ve used
the line, never forget, never forget, but aren’t fighting for this. And I thought that was such a great point
to make. And by the way, in the beginning of that clip,
you hear him say, this is not a New York issue. What he’s referring to is federal lawmakers
who argue that the funds should be appropriated by the State of New York as opposed to the
Federal Government, which is so incredibly insulting. And what he said there also kinda reminded
me of the flak that Ilhan Omar got for her comments, right? Because here’s the thing, we see politicians,
not all of them, but we’ve seen many of them exploit the tragedy of 9/11 for their own
political gain. We’ve seen them exploit it to garner support
for intervention or war abroad. But when push comes to shove, when it comes
to actually looking out for the very people who have done the right thing and again, who
have put their lives on the line, to take care of their fellow Americans. I mean, why do they forget when it comes to
those people?>>So when they say, well, maybe New York
should just deal with it and not us, which is something that the Republicans do often. When super storm Sandy hit, Ted Cruz and many
other Republicans said, I don’t care, man, that’s not my state, let New York and New
Jersey deal with it. And then when there was flooding in Texas,
Ted Cruz said no, no, no, we’ve got to have the federal government pay for it, we’ve got
to have a program. But can you imagine if during World War II
when the Japanese hit us in Hawaii. If the people let legislators at the time
more like, that’s not my problem and let the state of Hawaii pay for all that damage. Are you insane? We just got attacked. Of course, that’s about the whole country. And this is the insanity that we live in because
all they care about is their donors. He talks about Never Forget. They forgot to come to the committee hearing
about this issue. But them not coming to the committee hearing
is a sign of disrespect, but not the important part. The important part is extend their healthcare
coverage. It’s gonna expire in 2020. That’s why they’re there in the first place. Some of them are sick and dying. And they said, look, I only have a few, I
don’t know how long I have left, I have precious left on this Earth. But I dragged myself all the way to Washington
to tell you guys and you’re not even here.>>So the committee did pass the legislation,
but, of course, it needs to now go to the House. And the House needs to pass it, and it’s expected
to pass in the House. But there’s a huge question mark in regard
to whether Mitch McConnell will bring it up in the senate. Now, he was confronted about this and his
response was essentially, wow, I haven’t looked at that in a while. I gotta take a look. You should do more than just take a look. Not only should you introduce legislation,
it should pass in the senate. And I think that if it doesn’t pass in the
Senate, and if it does not get brought up by Mitch McConnell, the Democrats would be
idiotic to not use that in campaigning against McConnell. Get him out, he needs to be out. He has absolutely no respect for anyone other
than himself, other than his own profit motives. It’s disgusting that this is even a question,
whether or not it’s gonna be brought up in the senate. So that’s all I have to say about that.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Why is Congress dragging its feet to take care of the 9/11 First Responders? Let us know in the comments.

  2. Anti-establishment TYT accepts the 9/11 mainstream narrative time after time. Why does nobody asks the question why the first responders all got sick? You don't get cancer from the dust of the collapse of an office building(even if it contains asbest)

  3. Yeah… It is times like these it is so obvious to me that especially reps (but also corp. dems) suck. And i'm a cultural moderate. Some-what of a left-libertarian. But the hypocrisy is just deafening and goddamn GROSS. So, I really am not a fan of the radical left. The woke-scolders and such. But like I said in a post on twitter. Is it the radical left ensuring that these people don't get help? It is not.

  4. His argument about the politicians saying “never forget” was perfect! I’m so glad they voted to make this permanent it was abhorrent that these men and women weren’t being taken care of. Detective Reyes (I’m pretty sure that was his last name) who was going the next day to start his 69th round of chemo. His message was tear jerking. Both Stewart and Det. Reyes received standing ovations.

  5. All around the world it is very clear the current government system with stupid greedy politicians (BOTH SIDES) do not serve their countries anymore and we should get rid of them. Cut their salaries to the average amounts and there will be a lot of money for the important things like looking after the first responders and military vets. Love to Jon Stewart

  6. The people who did 911 are not even known, it needs to be reinvestigated too find out who is really guilty and what really happened. These people that are sick should be cared for the rest of there lives, we owe them a great debt.

  7. Mitch "The Grim Reaper" McConnell (his words not mine), vowed never to pass a "progressive"policy and he most likely views this as a progressive policy. I will bet anything that this policy would have immediately been brought up if the life sized Noah's Ark replica in Kentucky got bomb by terrorists and first responders protected it.

  8. I took a class on 9/11. What I thought was a history class,ended up being a complete dissection of the events of that terrible day. Our final paper was to hypothesize who was behind it and why based on the evidence. My position was heavily based on government incompetence and self interest.

  9. Amazing how Cenk cannot offer a comment or compliment to someone else without patting himself on the back. Jon Stewart deserves all the credit for being the voice for so many of these men and women who don't get heard. Stop talking about yourself Cenk.

  10. 'Why this bill is not unanimous is beyond my comprehension.' Let me help you out Jon, it's called corruption. They're bought and paid for, they don't work for you or these first responders, they are beholden to the oligarchy.

  11. I love the fake outrage over Ilhan Omar’s 9/11 comments but everyone else shits on 9/11 and the first responders the first chance they get.

  12. Chenk, I hate to tell you, but Hawaii was not a state on December 7, 1941. But your broader point is still understood.

  13. If Jon Stewart blasting congress for 9/11 first Responders, Why isn't Bernie Sanders blasting congress
    for Reparations for the descendants of slavery (DOS) blacks. SMH

  14. This has been Jon's theme for years, and rightly so! "We shall never forget," as they quickly run from their duties. The democratic house passed but now it has to go o the republican senate!

  15. Mitch McConnell is a piece of sh*t! If America were any decent he'd be chased out of the country. But you A**holes are so f*cking stupid! It is beyond our comprehension.

  16. You should have added in this video that it is relief for tens of thousands of people. That makes the price tag a bit more understandable.

  17. ah yes, scream left and right about 9/11 and their beloved patriots, but don't give a shit to people who're effected by it


  18. So when Ilhan Omar say that someone did something at 911, the mega ultra snowflakes on the right, MSM and the politicians in both the Dems and Reps attacked her fiercely about offending the 2,000 people that died in the 9-11 attacks. Yet they are no way to be seen when it comes to financial helping those that survived the attack and the folks that arrive at the scene and are still suffering from the aftermath.

    And you wonder why I call them the loony race

  19. Watched the whole Stewart thing tearing up… every extreme element interested in jihad or purity defiles the only positive point they could represent: pride in our ancestors. We should be proud of our identity, be unified by tragedy, and care for our own while they are here.

  20. Mitch McConnell is a very sick puppy he is the worst kind of politician bribable not cheap but if you have the coin he will help

  21. Go ahead Mitch, shit on these heroes one more time , your replacement will bring the bill to the floor and get it passed.

  22. How sad and disgusting is it that THIS is a hill that needed a CELEBRITY to hypothetically die on it to make a couple politicians care. This country is shameful.

  23. When you guys say oldest show on the internet that's a lie. Oldest show on the internet is Red vs Blue, started in 2003. You guys started in 2005.

  24. when you start the story by saying "Jon Stewart , of all of people" tells me you have not been following this issue very closely Jon Stewart has been an advocate for 911 first responders since the beginning

  25. What kind of heartless troll would thumbs down this video? It's so obvious that Trumpsters love to see people suffer. So much for conservatives caring about first responders.

  26. Mitch McConnell looks like he is melting like a white candle, gravity is just f*cking him in the ass with no lube, he also reminds me of the glow worm toys from the 80’s.

  27. I have to agree, that if McConnel doesn't bring up this bill in the Senate or if the GOP don't allow it to pass, it would be politically shooting themselves in the foot. For most people, irrespective of politics, this would not be a subject for debate. This is not a political issue. These people are owed, plain and simple. And this is something that most people feel strongly about.

  28. The democrats in office currently need to be voted out. What a waste of money that people slave to allow them to suck off the government in the chance they will help the country. Shameful how they are doing.

  29. Well does it matter if it’s 9/11. u should pay all people that can’t work anymore (or train them for jobs the still can do), cause of medical reasons. The whole world is doing that. U can’t let them die on the streets

  30. If you See it this way : at least the whole country knows Who not to Vote any more and get them out. If they are smart

  31. America – where comedians care more about helping the people in this country than actual government officials do.

  32. I don’t necessarily agree that congress listened because Jon Stewart spoke up. They listened because of what he said, and how he said it. Eloquent, devastating, emotional, powerful. “ you should be ashamed of yourselves………..but you won’t be….” It doesn’t get any more excoriating than that. He was superhuman that day.

  33. John Stewart of all people? What the hell does that mean? He does more for the people than anybody. Have some respect!!!!

  34. Is the new guy the guy from
    Orange is the new black with the prosthetic leg ??? Or am I tripping?? It looks like him

  35. I wonder what the House Judiciary Committee thoughts were when voting to push the bill… “Well I like Jon Stewart. He made me laugh all those years. I don’t want to upset Jon Stewart..”

  36. Stewart isnt going to use his platform to say anything about the Zionists who were behind the attacks so his theatrics fall a little flat.

  37. It seems that the Republicans who didn't turn up to the hearing were "taking a knee" in respect to the first responder's cause.

  38. Jon Stewart has kinda swung way too far recently in politics as opposed to when on TV seemed far more balanced but this is something I'll always be 100% behind him on. The police and fire fighters and EMTs all deserve guaranteed medical care for life.

  39. It’s funny that they are ok as Senators and congressmen getting healthcare long term after serving just one term, but they fight against giving a handful of hero’s the same.

  40. Politicians are willing to invest over 1 trillion dollars into the f-35 airplane. One trillion dollars but are not willing to aid 9/11 responders or Puerto Rican hurricane victims or the homeless or guarantee universal health Care. There is something very wrong with the way our system of government has been setup and vast changes are needed to correct it.

  41. Huh…

    I don't see Alexandra Ocasio Cortez there…

    She was probably begging for another pay increase for herself.

    Edit: It has come to my attention that she isn't on that committee. I will openly admit my error, but my comment about her asking for a pay raise remains. Seems than none of you lefties want to touch on that at all.

  42. $6,000,000,000 allocated so far.. let’s say there are 10,000 survivors. .. that’s 600,000 per person. I’m amazed that’s not enough to cover the cost. Speaks to how expensive our system is.

  43. Infinite amounts of money are spent in useless wars in the terror victims' names, yet these heroes can't get their fair compensation. America is run by villains.

  44. The events of 9/11 didn't affect me.
    Except in my heart.
    Once again Congress needs to step up and justify their actions; or lack of .

  45. I find it quite a compelling point that if Congress is unwilling to pay for treatment for those who were damaged managing the immediate aftermath of 9-11, then that means that Congress believes that the aftermath of 9-11 was not important enough to spend sufficient money on. An impossible stance to justify, in my view.

  46. The government should have no problem paying for the 9/11 victims !!!! Seeing they caused 9/11 to happened in the first place with thrir false flag operation. …..9/11 NEEDS TO BE REOPENED IT WAS LIE TO EVERY U.S. CITIZEN, certain families should be hung!!!! STILL NOBODY IN CUFFS, unbelievable isn't it…disgraceful and not one law firm stands up in our defense , COWARDS

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