Jon Snow Wick

Ghost! Ghost! Where are you, boy? Ghost! Come here! GHOST! Ghost.. [Distant laughter] Aww. Your dog doesn’t play fetch so well, does he now? [Laughing] [Dog howling in the distance] [John] Woah woah! Ahh.. [Gasps] John! -Sam! -I can’t believe it’s you! I spent two weeks in the tombs and look what I found! I found an undergarment. Which would make a great uniform for the Night’s Watch because it- it depicts A scene of battle! With a.. A warrior.. And a..with a skull.. And sorceress shooting lasers like you- just like you like. Hah.. Oh look what else! A black zipper hoodie, it’s your favourite colour, John! On the back: the same mysterious warrior design this time printed with a magical silver sparkling ink! One of the rarest in all the land. There’s only 500 of these left in the tombs. Go to “” if you liked. Snag one for yourself. Good luck! CORRIDORDIGITAL.STORE?! What does that mean?! Sam, what does that mean?! I want one of those shirts! [Cmike behind camera] Cool.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Guys with all the effort you go to why not get professional actors. Bring the production home instead of this in-house acting.

  2. But did anyone notice the guy at 1:11 that no longer had the arrow in his head and was just standing there.

  3. You forgot the most important part. You have to make long takes instead of cutting the camera otherwise it's not Jon Wick style. Cutting so much makes it like every action film other than Jon Wick.

  4. john wick, game of thrones, and corridor mixed together and i like how you added the coffee cup in the background like game of thrones did
    also game of thrones made another mistake where one guy had a water bottle at his feet
    and i like to think him stabbing the crossbow guy with the arrow is a reference to john wicks pencil

  5. Im not trying to be an ass but you guys do remakes and stuff of mess ups on CGI and other stuff… but ghost magically disappeared during the fighting?

  6. Its actually better coreographed and better shot then the show. Lots of wides and longtakes so you can see the action.

  7. I've seen this video like 15 times & I never get tired of it. Definitely my favorite Corridor video out of all of them. Favorite Freddie W video is Cereal Killer. Who remembers those videos from back then?

  8. It’d be interesting to see you guys do a wuxia-esque video. Something like Into The Badlands, so not necessary having everyone on a wire rig the whole fight.

  9. Missed opportunity to make Theon the killer. Awesome nonetheless.

    "He's not the Night King. He's the man you send to murder the Night King."

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