JoJo Siwa Throws a Wild Party!

– Hey. Is this your real hair? (dramatic music) – Good morning, everyone. Today we’re going to JoJo’s party. Come with us. (upbeat country music) – Whoa! – I can’t even. I love it. I love it.
– This is JoJo. We’re here to celebrate her because– – And this is Jessica. – Hey. You gonna celebrate me too? – Yeah, we’re celebrating Jessica today. – It feels like it. I’m like, woo, donuts! – We have Jessica plates. – I’m a backside? She says I’m a backside. – Well, I’m on the front side. – I’m the bottom. Okay. – People started from the bottom, now we’re here. – All right. (laughing) So, anyway. We’re celebrating JoJo. She’s had her special for
My World on Nickelodeon. – Wait, your child is talking to you.
– We’re gonna watch it. Oh, child. – Did you move? – Did I move? – Yeah.
– Yeah. I moved to this house. – Oh, that’s cool.
– Right? Oh yeah, the special. That thing. – Yeah, that thing. We’re here to celebrate JoJo. She’s doing a special on Nickelodeon. I hope you’ve seen it. If not, go find it. – Go find it. – Right. How do you find it in the past? – Maybe the Nickelodeon app? – Nickelodeon re-airs is probably? – Yeah, they’ll re-air it, I would think. Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. – I’ll let you know.
– Check it out. – I’ll let you know if I know. – I am in a magical fairyland
of treats and wonder. Look at this. (upbeat country music) This is a cupcake in a jar and I went up and I was like, is this the party favor or is this actual food that I can eat? And they were like, eat it. I’m gonna try it. I think it’s a deconstructed
cupcake or something. I’m freaking out. I told JoJo that I’m like
a kid in a candy store. Look at all these cute balloons. It’s madness. So many happy children
celebrating JoJo right now. I couldn’t figure out how
to get into my cupcake. So, Rachel is opening my cupcake for me. – I don’t think I can. This is, like– there it is.
– Oh, there it is. She made it look so easy. – It was all about the grip. Your hands are all gross from the hotdog. – My hands are gross? – From the hotdog! Mine were gross too. I had to wipe them off. – They have vegan hotdogs, so that’s what we’re talking about. – Party. – Look at this. I wasn’t expecting the sprinkles. (upbeat country music) Okay. That was enough sugar for me for like my whole life. – Too much cake? – That was a lot. I’m blue. The kids are having treats later. They’re trying to decide what to get. There are a lot of amazing options here. – He’s not getting anything. Not getting any. – You getting mama time? I love you. You having fun at JoJo’s party? Yes. – There’s a lot of visual stimuli. – For me too. – Lots of things to look at. Are you looking at things? – I’m like, whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – Arnu gave me mystery bows. – [Jessica] That is so cool! Whoa! – We could trade bows. Whoa! I got a sparkle bow! – [Jessica] Oh, that’s so pretty! Ooh!
– Whoa! I’ll give you the purple sparkle bow. – Thank you. – [Jessica] Nice. – I’ll give you the green one. – Okay. I actually got these two, but me and Parker have to trade them. – [Jessica] Nice. – Parker. Parker. Oh, geeze! Dropping! – Hey. Is this your real hair? – No, it’s pretend hair. It’s a pretend hair. – [Jessica] I think you
have his hair goals. – What about your hair? Is that your real hair. – That’s my real hair. – Are you sure. – Around me. – Around you. – [Jessica] Do you wish
you had hair like JoJo’s? Sparkle hair? – I can get you some sparkle hair. – Can you please? – I can. I can get you some sparkle hair. – Thank you. – I’ll get you some sparkle hair. I’ll just stay here with Parker tonight. Y’all can just leave. Can I babysit you tonight? – Okay. – All right, cool! – If my mom says. – [Jessica] Good boy. – Well, it’s a joke. I have an early call time tomorrow. – She has an early call time. I was just about to leave. Chris and I were gonna go out
and see a movie or something. We have eight minutes
until the show starts. So exciting! So much fun going on in here. It’s wild. – Here we go! (everyone cheering) – This is so great. So many people are like
the happiest right now. It’s so great. (everyone cheering) – [TV] JoJo started posting
videos occasionally, but she wanted to do more. So, out of that came JoJo’s Juice. – We’re watching JoJo’s
new show, My World, while I’m sucking on my Ring Pop. It’s really good. – [Chris] The show or the Ring Pop? – The show. – [Chris] But not the Ring Pop? – The Ring Pop is too. – So, my kids got to
pick out a treat each. Bailey and Jacob got Ring Pops. He’s gonna get some Italian ice. – Actually, I want a Ring Pop. – [Chris] You want a
Ring Pop, not ice cream? – Yeah. No. – [Chris] They have strawberry, cherry, pineapple, mango, lemon. – I actually really, really,
really want a Ring Pop because I never had one before. – Okay. High five about it. Ring Pop. It’s coming up. We gotta find one for you, but I’m gonna get some of this. We gotta talk about this because normally when
you ask for two flavors, they just scoop one flavor
on top of the other. This layer business is
the best way to do it. This is the best. – I’m enjoying the show and I’m enjoying my lollipop. (playful music) (laughing) – [Chris] Parker, what did you just do? You finished it? – Yeah, I wanna keep it as my own ring now. – [Chris] You’re gonna
keep that piece as a ring? – Yeah. – [Jessica] Parker has a question for you. – Can you marry me? – Can I marry you? Of course! But wait, I need a ring. – No!
– She said no. We’re gonna be married.
– No! – Why not? – No! No, you marry her. – You marry Hallie? No, you’re gonna marry me? – No, you gotta marry her. – You should have seen his face. No, you should have seen his face. He goes– You wanna marry me? Yeah! All right. We’re married. – No, we need to go to a wedding. – All right. Let’s go have our wedding. (wedding music) – But I need to be old. (record scratch) – Oh, you wanna get
married when we’re older. – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Jessica] So, you’re engaged. It’s a long engagement. – You know who I think could be our wedding person who can marry us? I think Miranda Sings
should marry us one day. Little Parker. So cute! All right. Well, we’re married now. – [Jessica] Parker, how
old do you have to be to get married? – How old do you have
to be to get married? – How my mom and daddy are. – How old your mom and daddy are? – Yeah. – [Jessica] So, we’re 34 now, but when we got married we were 21. – So, when you’re 21? We’re going to Vegas? Yeah! Going to Vegas when we’re 21. – [Jessica] Engaged. – But you need to have a ring. This is my ring for our wedding. – Oh, I gotta go get a ring. All right. – This is a really cool party. There are a lot of unicorns and I love this ball. – I’m gonna go in the pool with her. – [Chris] Are you jumping in? Is it cold? – Yeah. – [Chris] You should ride a unicorn in. Can you give him a push, Parker? (ethereal music) That’s a pretty stable unicorn. Um, I don’t wanna frighten you, Parker, but there’s a unicorn right behind you. – It’s not real. – [Chris] Oh, okay. Watch out for that cactus though. – That’s not real either. – [Chris] That’s not real either? – Everything’s not real. – [Chris] What about the water? Is that real. – Yeah. – Three, two, one! Let’s go, Parker. (silly playful music) – [Chris] The kids got out of the water so that the grownups could go in. – Here, here, and then do a twist and then over and then right across and then do like, you gotta do here. No, we gotta do here. Here. (laughing) – [Chris] That was smooth, Rachel. – Thanks.
– That was smooth. – Don’t watch our secret handshake. It’s a secret. – Oh. Shh! – JoJo. How do you feel about having this party? – Oh, it was great. How did you like the party? – It was really fun. – So cute, Bailey. I love you. – Hi. Let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned that this is
not JoJo’s real hair. We learned where Parker and JoJo will be on their 21st birthday. Las Vegas. And finally, we learned
a secret handshake. Kind of. Thanks for watching everybody. We’ll see you next time. (giggling) (silly music)

Maurice Vega

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