John Goodman Doesn’t Care About the Roseanne Reboot’s Politics

-It’s always
so great to see you. Congratulations on
the return of “Roseanne.” -Thank you very much. -This must be beyond
your wildest dreams. Even the fact that it came
together in the first place. -It was a gift.
And I’m treating it as such. I’m very grateful
to be back there, as opposed to last time,
when I was “rehearsing” and… It was remarkable
how it came together. I was on Sara Gilbert’s
talk show, “The Talk.” -Yes. -In case there’s any confusion. And we did a little
“Roseanne”-ish sketch at the top of it. And during the show, she asked
me if I would be interested in a reunion show
or something like that. A clip show. I don’t know.
I said, yeah, in a heartbeat. And she called Roseanne,
said I was interested. And three weeks later,
we had a deal with the American
Broadcasting Company… -That’s crazy.
-…also known as ABC. -You’ve always been a formal — You always speak about networks
very formally. -The DuMont Network. -[ Laughs ] It’s funny. Obviously you and
Roseanne have this chemistry. It’s incredibly well-honed. I remember this year
at the Golden Globes you guys came out
and presented together. And I was rehearsing
earlier in the day. And for people who don’t know, they just have extras
do the lines. So, I was watching, and it was
like a three-line exchange between you and Roseanne. But I watched two extras do it, and I was like,
“This isn’t funny at all.” And then you and Roseanne
came out and said the exact same thing,
and it just crushed. -Well, they gave me a punch line
that didn’t work. -[ Laughs ] Oh, yeah? -And she saved my bacon.
-Oh, well, that’s — I think that when you have
a partner in comedy like that, there’s a lot of bacon saving.
-Oh, thank you. -And you brought back
the whole cast. You even brought back
both Beckys. Was that a fun thing to have to
figure out the math of that? -Yeah, it was amazing. Yeah,
I couldn’t recognize them apart. Which one is which? Yeah, they fit her in. She may even be coming back,
I don’t know, doing something. But it’s just so bizarre to walk onto that set
for the first time. Everything is reproduced
exactly. And I got chills. It’s not déjàà vu,
but it’s something spookier. I think Laurie Metcalf
calls it a wormhole. -A wormhole. That makes sense.
So, you said reproduced. It’s not the original set?
-No. They had to get stuff off of
eBay, I believe, that was ours. -Oh, really? [ Cheers and applause ] -The rumor
that I’ve been spreading is that the Smithsonian
Institution owns the couch and they wouldn’t
rent it back to us cheaply. -Right.
-But that’s not true. -It’s a good rumor.
-Print the legend. Yeah, absolutely.
Print the legend. -Cheap bastards. I want to tell you
about the government! Let me tell you about the
government! Aw, they’re bad! -Well, the show, of course, is
a lot now about the government, not as much as I feel like
it’s maybe getting ink for. Roseanne is a Trump supporter. Laurie is a Hillary —
a left-wing supporter. Did you know
going into the season what the stories
were going to be about? -I didn’t care.
-Yeah, that — -Which is pretty much
the way I went through the last nine years of the show. -Well.
-I don’t care! -The other thing
that I think that helps is Dan doesn’t seem to care.
-No. -It’s basically — he’s along
for the ride, as well. -He’s out in the garage
drinking quite a bit of beer. -Yeah. But he looks very svelte.
-Thank you. -New Dan looks very svelte.
You’ve done him a great favor. -Light beer.

Maurice Vega

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  1. I didnt find Rosanne spouting trump non sense or the other one wearing hillary merch was a big deal. It fit the way the characters were heading so it wasnt much of a shock

  2. why aren't the anti-bullying groups going after roseanne for the way she bully's everyone on the show with every phrase that comes out of her mouth

  3. MAGA My Attorney Got Arrested excellent profile of trump & NEO-republicanism.
    (re-)PUBLICAN = owner/manager of a pub. we are getting a clearer picture, yes.

  4. I feel sorry for John Goodman. He’s the most talented individual to come out of the Rosanne show and now all he wants to do is work but in this over politicized world, he now has to answer for his co-stars words.

  5. As someone who grew up watching Roseanne this reboot is simply terrible. The acting is stilted. The writing is weak. There is ZERO chemistry among the actors. Go back and watch the 90s show and then watch this one…it is simply terrible and that has ZERO to do with politics. It just stinks.

  6. Ok well, these are alll the same stories from other talk shows John's been on. I'm not sure if it's because that's all they had time to prep for, or if that's the only thing interesting about the show they have to say, but it's getting repetitive.

  7. No wonder he doesn’t. Her hateful ignorance and rhetoric doesn’t affect him 🙄😡

  8. Just my opinion, but Rosanne is basically trailer trash that found an audience, so it's pretty natural that she be a supporter of the trailer trash god.

  9. Roseanne Barr is a socialist. She did this for ratings and to include the deplorables. Cuz like Childish Gambino said, "This is America".

  10. I think the Trump supporters will not continue to watch the show cuz one of the kids on the show is black another boy dresses like a girl. G-D forbid. The left are protesting the show. My guess is it will go down the tubes. I do think Jackie should have a spin off show. She's much more entertaining then any of them.

  11. Politics distracts from how much we all agree on POLICY. For instance… almost all of us think polluters should be stopped no matter how much "patriotic.." money they could make.

  12. I refuse to watch the reboot because of Roseanne's nutty politics.
    Don't want to encourage that BS.

  13. Of course John Goodman doesn't care, He ran to work with the convicted Child rapist, Roman Polanski in Europe, So Trump politics don't matter to him.

  14. He is the only reason I am watching the show. I fast forward through Roseanne's parts…they are predictable and her voice has always bugged me.

  15. I was excited to watch it until I found out that Roseanne was a Trumpist. I just can't bring myself to support someone that is that Clueless.

  16. John Goodman is fantastic person… I've met him at the Casino Montreal, and he was gracious funny and interesting. He was kind enbough to speak french to the employees, Pure class.

  17. Why does everything on Seth Meyers' show need to be so politicized? Does that goblin-looking motherfucker ever let up for a second? It got old in 2017

  18. Good for you John. As long as you're getting rich, who cares about the immorality that crazed pig you co-star with is supporting!?

  19. Roseanne's brand of whiney midwest hayseed humor didn't make me laugh 20 years ago and it still doesn't.
    Redneck humor is so high-school and so predictable.
    I mean rednecks still find ventriloquism funny.

  20. You're all hilarious. I don't hate anyone that voted for Hillary, or think they are crazy.

    Different opinions, people. It's called living in a society. Try it. Stop calling Trump supporters bigots when all you're doing is being one yourself.

  21. The ratings for Roseanne have been steadily declining every week. Even Laurie Metcalf couldn’t save this POS.

  22. ABC can rescue its investment. How???? Write off any and all references to and about RB…Not a single mention of her. call the show Dan & Fam or Dan,s Fam.Mellow out the RB sister(Jackie??),keep Dan as a bit more properous, and never more always broke. several shows down the road intro another female character,Who happens to be a subcontracter who works with Dan on jobs, and is a contractor with her own biz. and who only pops in for maybe a line or two and is sort of a fade in and fade out character. Just Sayin!!!

  23. aww damn I feel bad for the rest of the cast now…they are all out of a job thanks to one stupid person…

  24. It was SO SAD to see ALL of them "lose the ability to act", even John Goodman, although maybe he was just phoning in his performance, EXCEPT Sarah Chalke, who made them all look like a bunch of imbecilic toothless hillbilly redneck ignorant trump voters and supporters. (though Sarah Gilbert and Laurie Metcalf did a minimally decent job or better)

  25. He doesn't care?….really….I guess the money means more to him than her racist, sick, and repugnant personality….real "classy".

  26. He doesn't care about Roseanne's politics? Neither do the decent people of America as well as ABC. These nasty filthy right wingers are such a drag on America.Just die off already

  27. OK… don't care about the "Show's" politics but I'll bet you wished you'd cared about @theRealRoseanne's actual nationalist politics.

  28. Some people really do look like they're made to be fat. Also, some fat people somehow seem to age faster when they lose weight.

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