Joe: Trump Remarks About Rep. Dingell ‘Beyond Sick’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. What is saddest is, as Joe said "we have become accustomed to it" speaking of Trump's constant and increasingly unpresidential, uncouth and unfeeling comments over the past three years.

  2. Trump would make a fortune selling used cars, but he's making a fool out of himself as president, and the country, the world is watching.

  3. I thank the lord everyday for our president. Our great country deserves a great man to lead us thus the reason he won overwhelmingly in 2016. He works hard everyday for everyone with a sense of humor. Plus giving us an amazing Flotus.

  4. Answer me a question. Trump claims he alone had to give permission for Senator McCains funeral at the National Cathredral. Is the National Cathedral one of the Trump hotels? WHY is Trump involved with the control of this institution. Is this another brag and/or lie?

  5. I hope these ignorant people that support him, and attend his rallies (pictured behind), will soon realize that they too, will be in the history books with him. They won’t be looked upon favorably, just like their tarnished, and immeasurably corrupt leader.

  6. I honestly cannot find any respect for Trump supporters. Every time he opens his mouth he lies or makes childish insults. His only arguments are the economy which he is coasting on Obama's coat tails and has done terrible damage to farmers with his tarrifs, and his stupid easily scaled partly done wall. He'll go down in history for all the wrong reasons. Get him out of office

  7. This is what happens when people cede their consciences to political cult leaders. They elect and support an individual totally devoid of any sense of morality. Republicans have no choice but to go along with their dear leader.

  8. People that disrespect Mr Trump..will only get back from him..his opinion..or what they deserve in return! He is the President, to disrespect the president in others countries you would be jailed or executed. Don't want President Trump insulting you? Do not disrespect him!!

  9. He specifically chose that location for a reason, because the people there are equally vile. More like Battle Creep. The land of meth and cereal.

  10. Trump is a narcissist. Who preys on the weak , women and the dead. He will try to get revenge on everyone who voted to impeach him.

  11. Dingell supported abortions. He could very well be looking up. He may have preferred being tossed into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck.

  12. Trump is a horrible person and an even worse excuse for a man, scratch that because a real man would never have made those comments


  14. Speaking ill of the dead….not cool! Trump does no one "favors" there are stipulations attached to all he does. Trump is just jealous that even the dead get more credit than he does, because he is a lousy human. Karma.

  15. This is malignant narcissism in action. Keep on talking, Donnie. The world sees what you are. It will be bigger than the 4th of July when they yank you out of the white house.

  16. What do these Trump supporters not see that we all see? What is wrong with them? Is there some truth in it when Trump said that only the dumb and uneducated voted for him?!

  17. Sadly there is a movement of those who call themselves "Christians" who are really just opportunists who use religion,

    But a point which nobody seems to comment on: Listen to Trump talking about the alleged phone call from Mrs Dingell – the way he voices her supposed words, the way his voice fades out at points – this is something that a person who is so grief stricken that they can barely speak sounds – I know, I've been there – but for someone not actually overcome with emotions, that's hard to reproduce – it takes practice … as I say, I have been there, more than once , and yet I can't fake it as well as Trump did – that suggests strongly that he actually practices mimicking that effect so that he can reproduce it on command. Just think a moment about that – what does that say about the man?

  18. what is wrong with this man (donald trump)? i honestly believe he has some form mental disability or illness. he's sick. just sick and twisted with zero morals. and how is it that the people who profess to love and honor the beliefs of the gospel can continue to support this man? in my opinion the reason that these fake believers support trump is because they are afraid of living in a nation where gays can marry and have kids, or trans people can serve in the military, or women can choose to have an abortion, or where immigrants are treated with respect and dignity. people need to start talking about that more, openly, in public forums. this guy needs to be removed from office for a slew of reasons, not least of which is due to the fact that he does not believe in the rule of law. he wants to tear down the principles that have made our nation one of the strongest and most admired countries in recent history. wake up people. if not, we will be living in a country ruled by an autocrat. it's no wonder the only leaders he ever has anything nice to say about are people like Putin, Erdogan, and Kim Jung-un. and on the flip side, treats leaders from canada, france and germany like they are the villians, calling them names like a big baby, using bullying tactics you saw on the playground as children. WAKE UP!

  19. Trump has ALWAYS been a disgusting excuse for a human being… its who he is… it's not a lifestyle choice…. He isn't deciding to be mean…. He can't help it….. He can't change…. Can you blame a crocodile for dragging a cute little antelope to the depths…? Can you blame a shark for taking the leg of a surfer…. You can hate them for it but you HAVE to accept its what they are…
    The Republicans on the other hand…..??????
    They are making a deliberate CHOICE to support this vile man…. And if that was not enough of a disgrace… they are NOT doing it for Trump…
    Its all about self servicing and keeping their positions of power…. So who looks more disgusting at the end of the day…?????

  20. tRump is the bringer of evil, corruption, disrespect and intollerance. Worryingly though, he is also the face and voice of America around the world.

  21. It's white guy talk ! I hear it at work! White Republicans are spineless always follow the other white guy even if he's a loser or wrong but he can bully! If this was Obama he would have been killed already!

  22. As America it's such an embarrassment we have this guy as president as a Republican I will not vote for him this is more then party lines.

  23. The Bible talks about in the end times that there are alot if hipocricy and I'm really starting to see that coming because honestly I don't see how they can keep going along with Trump's behavior the more I think it can't get any worse it does and his evangelical supporters just ignore Crist teachings and defend him it's beyond disgusting.

  24. What gets me is that some people on this page who can spout how awful he is now will surely go to the polls in 2020 and vote him right back in!. Bunch of hypocrites!

  25. The President dancing on people’s graves, publicly no less, that he didn’t like, is just disgusting.
    That people applaud him shows the lacking morals of Trump supporters.
    Evangelical groups can cover up for these people and fir Trump, as much as they want, but you can’t hide truth.
    People that are narcissists are sociopaths will see through this sociopath they support for President.
    Most of these people had no idea who Dingel even was.

  26. With Christians supporting Trump it should tell the world a lot about their beliefs and why on so many occasions they sit on the side lines because they have no convictions on anything except their true god MONEY.

  27. They're Not Evangelicals… They're Evildeplorables!!!????? And T-Rump is The Most Disgustingly, Disgraceful, Dis-Honorable, Disrespectful, Despicable and Most Definitely DEPLORABLE Serial, Habitual, Compulsive Pathological Lying Orange Man-Child and WANNABE DICKTATOR to EVER have been Elected!!!…

    And would have NEVER been Elected if not for the help of Putin's Russian Bots Propaganda and Conspiracy Theories that the Far Right and Hate Mongering White Supremacists helped to push!!!??????…

    Any Americans that fell for this BS should be Ashamed of themselves that they weren't able to take the time and "Fact Check" All the Ridiculous Claims that were being spread by Putin and other Disgraceful Individuals who want to Hurt Our Country!!!?

    And should also be Ashamed that they Actually "BELIEVE" or "TRUST" a Known… Serial, Habitual, Compulsive Pathological Lying, Narcissistic, Sociopathic, Demagogic, Egomaniac Orange Man-Child and WANNABE DICKTATOR-N-THIEF!!!?????… I'm Seriously Embarrassed for you!!!??????…

    So PLEASE… Wisen Up and Help to Save Our Country from this IDIOTIC LUNATIC EMBECILE That's trying Desperately to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY, It's Constitution and Democracy!!!… And…


  28. I cannot believe how unprofessional our president is?! Twitter King, and hating on people for disagreeing with him. Listen to him?! I, personally, am embarrassed to have him for our president.

  29. What an incredibly vile pile of dog's breakfast! The day that I don't find that repulsive, is the day I start voting republican!!

  30. The usual's the Speaker of the House who deals with anyone Laying in State in the Rotunda at the Capitol…Trump does such injustice to his voters..he thinks they know nothing at all…it's insulting ?❗

  31. If you will remember, a woman was brought before Jesus with them saying (we caught her in the act of adultery, the law says we should stone her) so they asked Jesus should we stone her? Jesus told the crowd, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

    So, I ask all of you, are you without sin? NO Can you cast a stone? NO Have you ever said anything bad about someone? YES, we all have. Was it wrong of President Trump to say something like that? YES But Guess What People, he is human, just like you and me, and he makes mistakes just like you and me. There’s nothing special about him, you or me or anyone else for that matter. The Holy Bible says that we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, so instead of cursing him, pray for him. If you don’t like him, then don’t vote for him, but don’t act like you’re better than him, because you’re not; and don’t sit in judgment over him, or you too will be judged in the same manner that you judged him.



  33. What a sick and vile creature he is. I would say it’s time for the secret service to stand down. Putin must be laughing himself to sleep every night!

  34. Look…Making fun of What Trump desperately wants…To know what it's like to be a Real man,that served their country, not dodge it…SPINELESS COWARD

  35. The only book Trump has made it through was to a centerfold… does he know how to spell Bible or even better , slur it out in some incoherent diarrhea drooling half-wit stupidity

  36. Before Trump, I had a high regard for evangelicals altho my politics differ from theirs. Those days are long gone. Some have actually said he is sent by God. Well, that can't be the same God I grew up with. ?

  37. I understand why most people are shocked at Trumps Dingell statement, but he has made just as shocking comments before. The gold star family, McCain not being a war hero, etc. What’s more disturbing is the fact that the media have failed to hold him accountable.

  38. my question is did he complete his mission before he got captured…trump said he was no hero since he got captured..Basically saying a participant like any other soldier but with alot of money..

  39. Dear John, because trump has put a good man down like you and people like us who knew you. Most of the people that voted for him will not. Myself I know. At least 10 people that voted for him the 1st time will NOT vote for him now. I believe he will loose just for saying what he said about you. I personally done a lot of business w
    With John.( HE

  40. Donald Trump supporters do not see That their support has been used by this ignorant man as a platform to be in power, which has been used to make himself richer! And also, those old republicans do not fight for what a REAL REPUBLICAN party means for this nation. This is now, all about power, which they are fighting for against democrats.This 4 year old kid trapped in THE BODY OF AN OLD MAN, has really lowered the heart, the love, and sophistication of the party he represented when he wanted to be elected., and now, what the FAKE republicans are doing, is representing this little messy boy. VERY sad that the citizens vote, has been used as a weapon for battles between both parties. They have a war going on, and this is not about love for the nation, is love an passion for their power and position in politics, they have achieved it all, except their place in the real life, that is why they want to hold themselves into power to still feel alive, cuz they are almost done here.

  41. You're a discussing human being. How dare you say something. You don't even know what greener pastures. Then to say he's happy that they're dead. Don't cast stones , because you're a vermin.

  42. Unfortunately people who support Trump are often more fans of the book of Leviticus..except of course the parts about caring for the poor and welcoming the stranger.

  43. Here are 2 people who Promote Hatred and push Hatred daily toward 1 single person for over three years and then when that person does the same say it is wrong. Really ?

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