Joe: Nikki Haley Has Chosen To Lie For Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. The man of lawlessness.
    The Great falling away has already begun, 2 Thessalonians 2:3.
    For all those who are wondering what is going on, also read 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12. All these so called Christian Conservatives are being exposed for the fakes they are. They are under a strong delusion. This is no joke. They believe the lies.

  2. Funny how this same media NEVER questioned the truthfulness of Obama. What a scam of a so called news outlet you are. Pathetic!

  3. NIKKI MIGHT JUST BE THE 2024 WINNER is she runs. MSNBC is not news. MSNBC is the personal opinion platform of a couple of rich people who do not even know we exist, who don't care about us or the world. All that matters are their wallets. This Canadian loves Trump ! Wake up USA !!!! TRUMP 2020 ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!! MSNBC, loll

  4. It's similar to the Turing Test. If the subject behind the curtain consistently responds exactly like an amnesiac, shifty, duplicitous liar with no moral compass, then it's a brass hat Trump sycophant afflicted with Trump psychosis. Nikki Haley is the latest victim. With the White House being ground zero, it's endemic in the GOP and among right-wing Americans generally, threatening the survival of democracy.

  5. So yet another politician has chosen to sell their souls for a man, who doesn't care about people, and especially not women! Sarah Huckleberry Sand bag, Kelly Ann Con job – and now Nikki Haley – sell your book, girl – and invest your proceeds, because you are toast on the political scene! See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!!

  6. To Eddie's point; trump has not corrupted the Republican party. He has exposed them for who they really are. No surprises here.

  7. What's the matter Dems, can't handle the truth???????????????? Hillary never did anything wrong, did she? Or Obama right. Pathetic dem leadership.

  8. Donald Trump is a liar and a scam artist and she knows that she knows that he's running this country into the ground defending the undefendable shame on her and shame on us for electing a criminal

  9. Haley has distroyed her credibility. She lied infront millions infront National teve. It is sad day for her future.

  10. that little smile,says it lying,cant you tell? what a way to sell her book,"lies for trump,makes green for me"must be a joke book.

  11. What is the big deal, she probably believes it. Doesn't make her wrong or right if it is but something she believes to be true. Contrary to what some may think, most who support Trump truly believe in him and their defense of him. And ultimately would have said that regardless. And who knows???? Maybe he was good to her. She is the only one who can say that for sure. Especially if one believes Trump to be a Liar. As they said, she is in every other way an honorable woman that had/has much potential to be something great,, I commend her for holding to her convictions and for speaking against Trump on those she disagreed on-but yet stayed on doing her best for all of us. Not sure why Nikki Haley gets so much hate anymore.

  12. Uh oh, Haley is a walking Stepford Wife…holy sh*t. Her supportive statements on POTUS says much more about her than him.

  13. 5:10 Joe? A sad day for American Conservatives?? More like a sad decade. Or, if you want to go back to the soul-selling exercise of the Southern Strategy, its been a sad half century. As for Nikki Haley, Democrats can rejoice a little. Another electable Republican just Trumped herself by proving ill-advised loyalty to Agent Orange.

  14. I'd like to make a point of order, Joe, Republicans were never fiscally conservative as they say. Reagan was the king of deficits and he handed out tax cuts like it was crack cocaine and the Republican Party members became addicted to tax cuts to the point of some time in the future there will be absolutely not income tax and yet all the little piranhas of the will start snapping like crazy for tax cuts. That word has taken an empire within all Republican's brains and that's all they think about. Usually, when they are with their mistresses that are thirty years younger than them they tell their paid ladies to talk dirty about tax cuts.

  15. The Indian Lady doesn’t want to have a worthless Resume. Her Resume will look bad it says she was working for am impeached pvssy grabber. She ignores the fact that Trump ordered Tillerson to interfere in helping Giuliani’s clients, two felons individuals, to be released.

  16. Your enemies will always think you're lying. If you don't believe what Democrats do, you are a liar. Easy to understand.

  17. Niki Haley was Trump mistress',she felt she had it all under cover, but when it started to become clear to the public, what was going on, and the corrupted, she hurry and got out of Dodge, before she got caught up.

  18. What a lame liar, I wonder where is the limit for people like her doing disgusting and ridiculous things, just for a political position.

  19. hope her book ends up in recycle bins.. what's up with all these losers writing books after WHOLE 3- to 6- months on the job in Trump's administration??

  20. Nikki Haley u ,r a dumb B,I,T,C,H. U have just put your life in the BLACKHOLE of Trump world ,now watch your children life change because of U.

  21. You who oppose the president are cowards,liars and traitors to this great country.. you will be ashamed to show your faces in public very soon..mark my words all you cowards.

  22. Notice she glanced to the left, then said "yes"…they say liars glance to the left. She wants to be Vice President so bad.

  23. As I thought, Nikki Haley was brainwashed the moment she started working close with Trump and the other Republicans who were running against him, they all flipped. But of course, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell sided with Trump in 2015 by helping Russia meddle with our election.

  24. Yes, sadly, Ms Haley has trashed her principles …and that is very disappointing. And can I say 'Joe', don't bridle when your co-host tries to put in a comment. You have a bad habit of speaking over the top of her when it suits you.

  25. The orangutan lied over 12000 times since 2017. And for Nikki to deny all of that, she is throwing her integrity, dignity, and honor out the window for a deeply flawed man.

  26. Boy, Haley, the more you try to pass off for honest and virtuous, the more laughably dishonest, unscrupulous, sycophantic and ambitious you look.

  27. Nikki got off a sinking ship, but now she seems to be trying to get back onboard. This move only makes since if she wants to be Donald's VP. If her goal is to run for office in a few years, she has just reminded people of her shabby ties.

  28. She made the calculation that if she can help Chump win in 2020, the Russians and Trump's base will help her in 2024… But she's forgetting a whole lot in between.

  29. tr'mp is a mentally ill psychopath. What school did she go to? For this women to say she never had any doubt he could handle the job clearly illustrates, some so called educated people are stone face liars or stupid. vote the "Greedy Old & Perverted/gop" out.

  30. Niki Haley has more credibility than any of these idiots. Crap for brains. People see through all you. Guess who will be the president next 5 years. Yeah. That guy Trump. For the people.

  31. She didn't technically lie. She said Trump was honest with her and listened to her and was a pleasure to work with. Which is probably true.

  32. All presidents lie. All politicians lie. But Nikki Haley didn't lie, she just didn't answer the question. And not answering questions, changing the subject, or answering a question they weren't asked is what politicians do best.

  33. Nikki Haley Sarah Sanders kellyanne Conway three hole Amigos all three of them been passed around more than a bong at Woodstock

  34. South Carolinians have got to be shaking their collective heads as to what the heck is going on with their elected officials (past and present). Well, it looks like trumpitis is contagious. Please tick the blue box at the next election to clear up any infection. If conditions do not improve, please continue to tick any box marked Independent or write-in the MOST qualified candidate to continue to clean up the messes currently being made. This is good advice for all states…including my own. I know blue isn't always the answer. I'm just saying we can all do better and be more informed. The best advice I can give: NEVER watch or read or listen to political ads.

  35. I know blue isn't always the answer. I'm just saying we can all do better and be more informed. The best advice I can give: NEVER watch or read or listen to political ads. They ARE biased and can be full of lies because they are the only type of hack job that is legal. Yep, it is legal to slander and defame your opponents in political ads. Crazy. Shouldn't be allowed. That's abusing free speech and demonizing people for supporting other candidates. Let's just stop that craziness.

  36. Look at her eyes they don’t lie she’s opening her mouth because of her political career look at the lying people that come out of South Carolina they have done nothing but lie for the last three years shows just what kind of people live there

  37. So Susan did you follow-up on what WOULD be an impeachable offense if abusing the power of your office for politcal dirt isn't? Or did you just move on to another question? Journalists need to stop letting people just say that without getting them to explain what would be impeachable. It's annoying. Some of us, regular folks, would like to know just how far the president with an R behind his name can go compared to a president with a D behind his name.

  38. He didn't corrupt it. They were always like that only they hid it better. All he did was bring it out into the open. All of the sane people have left the party. All that's left are fanatics/zealots/extremists/devotees like my brother. It is a cult.


  40. Another Liar,, Pathetic bunch of republicans— there are only a very few of them that I have any respect for whatsoever,, they seem determined to behave like idiots.

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