Joe Biden condemns Trump’s ‘low-energy, vacant-eyed’ shooting response

This person has fanned the
flames of white supremacy in this nation. His low-energy, vacant-eyed
mouthing of the words written for him, condemning
white supremacists this week, I don’t believe fooled anyone,
at home or abroad. His energetic embrace,
the energetic embrace of this president by the darkest hearts and
the most hate-filled minds in this country say it all.

Maurice Vega

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  1. He needs new speech writers because the one he has now is obviously too lazy and is using recycled speech from Trump. I am not sure Biden has an original thought of his own.

  2. Not saying I like Joe Biden but Trump gave a piss poor excuse of what he had to say to the victims of the shootings.

  3. Perhaps the constant demonisation and lies against white people by the media, corrupt politicians, and pseudo academics is causing white people to become more ethno-centric. There's a thought.

  4. I condemn Bidens kid does coke and embezzled 100grand and walks away sonny boy makes millions on a Ukraine deal and you can't get it yet. Fu.

  5. 👺 If it's wasn't for the Russian algorithms making comments in support of trump……YouTube & the net….would show very few supporting comments about proud nationalist & accused rapist donald j trump!! 👹

  6. So, rather than providing any solutions, your MO is to use the words; Trump, hate, and white supremacy as many time together in the same sentence?… What are you trying to accomplish with this?

  7. I rather have trump who speaks his mind without trying to be politically correct.
    Besides the Democratic Party will bully out Biden and sanders. They will push kamala and warren for “diversity” and lose the election again lol.

  8. 4 people killed 2 injured by a Mexican with a knife guys won't talk about that will you want to take all are kitchen knifes to.

  9. The President tries to be both comforting and American (cause, you know, gun culture) and Biden says it was low energy as Trump visits the victims?

    Lmao, stfu creepy Uncle Joe.

  10. Drunk Joe will NOT get my vote. You dems disgust me with you hate and lies. Funny, how the democratic party demonizes old white men, but the front runner for the dem nomination is an old white man. What a bunch of hypocrites! By the way, you will NOT get the guns! So, move on!!

  11. Biden condemns him with an equally low energy, uninspired response. Beto and Bernie went after Trump beautifully if anyone is interested

  12. Please
    .bidens responsible for allowing things to go obstructing the dea and fast and furious..
    no need to fan flames after all trump didnt start the fire..others did that long before its just being realized how awfull these allowed for certain people to make fortunes from.
    Fortunes from the suffering and deaths of fellow americans..just like those mass shooters tho less dramatic.. news worthy..same terrible result.

  13. Everything become racist now. i been in different place in the world these country is not racist but politician used these opportunities to raise they self calling the president racist. they dont do anything or work together but judge the president of racist when the man talk fact nobody is perfect but it is a shame how politician used these as weapon to get vote.

  14. The enemies of the free world are coming out in full force to dislike Patriot Biden's speech. The man is going to defeat Trump badly, no matter what you say.

  15. Gotta have actual insults to fight Joey boy. Look at beto, at least that guy has a personality he let slip and said real words. Go back home already Joe, your fam misses you for supper each day, Elizabeth and Bernie have us covered. You can go home

  16. I mean Trump is going to win way worse than he beat Hillary not because he's a great president… Even though I was not bad… It's just the Democrats their choices for a nominee are just so f**** bad… Hillary Clinton was their best and she was a crooked f**** murderer

  17. Joe Biden has been on the political scene since the Pleistocene Era.

    Elections are about the future.
    Biden is yesterday’s politician…

  18. What will you do when you need a white vote? Callling people "white supremacists" is racist by your standards!😒

  19. He came here to my town of Dayton and showed us love and support in the wake of this shooting…. What have you, or any other slimy liberal democrat done to help us or show support, eh Joe?
    ….thats right, NOTHING.
    TRUMP 2020

  20. What rubbish. Not a fan of trump but the democrats did nothing when they were in office. Trump only been in office for just over 2 yrs and has changed little in domestic policy. US needs to get rid of all the old wood politicians who been around for decades on both sides. They are the ones killing America. Vote independent and change the country. 2 party system has failed.

  21. Actually, the republicans and democrats are condemning democracy as a failed system. The funerals haven't even begun, and all these low life politicians can't even stop the dirty politics and never ending campaigning to show the least bit of respect. The loosing sides of elections can't even respect a vote anymore, anyways. What's the selling point? Democracy brings out the worst in people?

  22. Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself

    The hunters become the hunted.

    These people are stupid.

    Enjoy the show!

    Nothing can stop what is coming.


  23. That’s rich coming from a NWO puppet , creepy , child fiddling , joe Biden who really did collude with China with his corrupt son as well as the Ukraine

  24. Do we call white people protesting white people for being white people
    White supremacists?
    Or is Democrat a better term?

  25. Trump called creeping Joe "low energy" a year ago or more.
    Creeping Joe is so low energy he can't be bothered making up his own trash talk.

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