Joe: 2016 Election Results A 'Complete Earthquake' | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. I am a straight white male so in American society I am demonized and guess what I didn’t vote in the 2016 election, because of candidates seeming to be awful, but because of our President and his policies I will be voting in the 2020 election ?? I am a registered Democrat voting for Donald J Trump 2020

  2. Honestly, all you had to do was look at the turnout at the rallies. That's how I knew he would win. I knew the polls lied. And I'm a white, college educated woman and you couldn't have paid me to vote for Hillary. Anyone who knows anything about her couldn't vote for that POS.

  3. No no no lots of blacks voted for Donald stop making this a white thing. And regardless of Mueller I am voting for Donald Trump again. Hillary tampered with the polls. I told everyone the polls were lying and I didn't believe it. And Bernie Sanders was robbed. He lost his chance and thank go he did because for a fraction of a second I was leaning toward him. Now he has gone insane

  4. This is hilarious….he won, the Hillary team backers were like "let set the insurance policy in motion"…what is now known as the Russian collusion…

  5. Mika? And Joe? Blockhead & Gumby.
    The bad polls are you people.
    You'll see a Trump 'Landslide' in 2020.

  6. I’m white ….. highly educated …… and never had a problem saying I was voting for trump. You may not like what he says, but he says what he means and Hillary is / was a crook. We’re tired of crooks in Washington ……. Democrat AND Republican.

  7. This whole narrative that it was impossible for him to win in that it was unexpected was the precursor for them to insert the conspiracy theory of the Russian collusion delusion. I'm curious though, what are they going to say when he wins in 2020? I wonder what country they're going to say helped to hack the diebold voting machines??

  8. The Democratic Party (and medie pals) do one thing: bash Trump. They're just butthurt bullies. Trump is doing a great job. I can't wait to vote for him again.

  9. Mika Brzezinski At the beginning was a Trump supporter, then, her and Joe became Anti-Trumpers.  Her and her husband call the shots in what the show will cover On-Air, thus, Morning Joe is a political platform for their own personal views, and not the news in general.  Morning Joe is not a News show.  Morning Joe is a public opinion leadership show. Let us all make sure these so-called News shows get labeled for what they actually are.  It was derogatory in nature to call Trump winning the Presidency as a Middle Finger from the people that voted Trump in.  Although they noticed, the problem still remains, which is, the practice and assumption of an Elite Class verses a Common Class, still prevails as the "Way of Life in America" Only problem, that kind of practice is what caused the Revolution in the First Place with England.


  11. Trump should be on Mount Rushmore for what he has done for the country. Beating back and exposing deep state Democrats/Republicans/Media/Obama DOJ/FBI and other intelligence agencies worldwide.
    Trump 2020

  12. In February 2019 Amash was the only House Republican to co-sponsor a resolution to block Trump's declaration of a national emergency to redirect funds to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border without a congressional appropriation for such a project. He wrote, "A national emergency declaration for a non-emergency is void", and "[Trump] is attempting to circumvent our constitutional system."[79]

  13. People proudly admitted they were voting for Trump. The polls lied to make it appear he had no chance and would therefore be too sullen to go vote. It didn’t work.

  14. There was a 9.0 earthquake under Joe's house. Everything is fine but he walked out of his house this morning with that stupid hair cut!

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