Jerrod Nadler’s full opening statement in impeachment hearing on evidence against Trump

Maurice Vega

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  1. You got this, please defend the constitution. Truth matters, the evidence matters, honor your oath of office. Impeach him

  2. I guess the 50 million + Mueller investigation wasn't enough to knock some sense into these deluded morons!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  3. Republicans can turn on tRUMP, as he can’t continue to threaten once he’s impeached and removed from office. AND, they can’t allow this corruption to continue. It be political suicide by the Right!!

  4. We are a nation bound not by race or religion, but by the shared values of freedom, liberty, and equality. There are several rights and responsibilities that all citizens exercise and respect to ensuring that America remains a free and prosperous nation.

    Right to a prompt, fair trial by jury.
    Support and defend the Constitution.
    Respect and obey federal, state, and local laws.
    Respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others.
    Defend the country if the need should arise.

  5. How much more tax 💲 do they want to waste?
    Imagine how much good could've been done for states/cities.
    This is an absolute abuse of power & an abuse of tax payers hard earned money.
    It's sad!

  6. If people are ok with this then they would be ok with this process exacted on themselves. The Democrats support guilty until proven innocent. There will come a time when Democrats will be on the receiving end of this new process they have created because they dont like Trump. Just look at these guys.

  7. Wonder how much Nadler Chiff Nancy and the others are being paid to illegally Impeach A very Good President by the elite like Soros and others see this is why they do not care if thy all loos their jobs they will be set for life you can bet they all are being very well paid like hundreds of Millions each as long thy get rid of trump so it's not all just Hate it's the money they make so it really doesn't matter if this is all A scam or Sham it doesn't matter to them thy win if thy get rid of trump is why Trump Should not step down And I hope he just arrests them all instead for treason and a coup is sadly what Thy Deserve.

  8. Nadler is telling lies speculation no proof of a dam thing. I am tired of them wasting tax payers time and money on this abuse of power. They have nothing to run on in 2020 so they have to impeach. Trump is not apart of the elite even though he had money they cant control him to manipulate our country for their gain so they want to destroy him.

  9. perhaps the most difficult challenge for the posts priorities is persuading their intern impeached fox news resentment routine rejects that all the clintons comeys brennans nadlers and schiffs are not only what they represent as institutional efficiency and political honesty, but also the conditions of constitutional competence and fairness that their ford flopped democracy demands. so guys what we need from you is a more, impressive, and creative, application of the penguins perspectives on parity relative to responsibility. that will help you with any of your russian related insecurities also, although admittedly wont help fredo fidel chief warren or bidens traditions. dont try keep striving to be the cnn version of print, seek to afford your expertise and expectations to the penguins problems while pressuring the presidents apology wiith your professionalism.

  10. When Democrat President Andrew Johnson was unfairly impeached although the Republicans hated him, especially his refusal to give African Americans federal rights, enough of them had the courage and sense of fair play to vote the impeachment down. Are there no Democrats today with the same honour as them

  11. This garbage paper isn't good enough to line the bottom of a bird cage. WP hates you DEPLORABLE Americans with passion, almost as much add they hate blacks and the unborn.

  12. this is all bull crap !! There is no evidence, all of the Democrats so-called witnesses not one of them could raise their hand of any laws broken. The president did not do anything wrong. The Democrats have been trying to impeach him from the start. Don't forget

  13. listen carefully, words are being rearranged to present a different appearance of the same thing. Listen carefully and you know the truth if you have been listening to them testify you know the Democrats are lying


  15. You all realize Trump was offered a chance to come to these hearings to defend himself, and if not himself then at least lawyers that represent him, and he refused to do either. But for some reason people ignore that and complain that this is illegal because Trump can't defend himself. We all know he isn't showing up because he would incriminate himself in 10 seconds, and/or lie under oath and be charged with perjury. Plus there is no actual valid defense of his actions, all Republicans have is whining and ad hominem attacks.

  16. I truly believe all who say Trump is a good representative of our American people are completely brain washed the man should have never been in office from the Jump it's been nothing but chaos families torn apart and bunch of racist acts among the USA if you America to move forward and be Great again he has to leave the dang office what's clear is only the racist population has been voting and rooting for him!!!

  17. Donald Trump has turned our country into total chaos. There's been nothing good coming out of it he's done nothing but make the rich richer and the poor poorer. He's ripping everything what America has worked so hard to overcome into shambles. Anyone who votes for him in 2020 will only set America back 100 years. geesh Wake up people this is not what America should become. He is the only reason it has become a joke.

  18. That is pretty shameful to watch. I don't care if you are republican or demarcate. Both should agree those elected to office should be held to the highest standard. Those GOP members interrupting should take note on many levels.

  19. “IF THIS IS NO IMPEACHABLE, THEN NOTHING IS IMPEACHABLE “ deep down I’m sure, conscience voice resonates in those who support Trump: “He is wrong.” But accepting that, it means they’re wrong too. So moral values are not longer here. Was the sacrifice of all who fallen to give us freedom and the Constitution… useless? Grow a pair and say it like it is: “We made a mistake with him. We need to remove it. America’s values are greater than this”


  21. Whatever happened to Russian collusion? Obstruction of justice? They've been after our President since the day he got elected, because they new he was serious about making America great again, and that meant draining the swamp so they're working overtime to save their own butt's because their all traitors and just as bad as the Mexican cartels if not worse.

  22. They are really butthurt about the bidens getting called out…they know all there sons and family members could be next as they also rape the money of the taxpayer to fatten there own pockets.

  23. I call bullshit on the circus the Democrats are calling Impeachment hearings. It's a sad day in crazy town when the American people don't believe J Nadler and hes running the show. Im ashamed of the Democratic senators who assume we're stupid

  24. The utter disrespect, railroading and childish outbursts of the minority are embarrassing. For them and for our country. They can't defend dirty donny so they stomp their feet and throw fits like the men-children they are

  25. the chairman won't let nobody speak he's got his mouth open he's lying he done nothing but screw over the people he says he took her nose but he ain't going by his old Trump has done more for the people and chairman needs to let people speak or he needs to get up off his butt and get out of there what you're there for

  26. Mister chairman you sat and talked but you voted to take the Second Amendment away from and won't even let him show up in court to defend himself who you think you are saying Trump done something bad you ain't for the people

  27. President Trump put himself before country? Did Trump leave our borders wide opened? Did Trump give Iran $150 billion? I can go on and on. No, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and many other Democrats have put their personal needs before our country.

  28. This impeachement is a vile vendata, that violates , the constitution and the American law. Very wrong. How much money we the Americans have to pay, for these absurd impeachement. If were Obama, it will be o.k. ,because He is democrat. This is so bias.

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