Jeremy Corbyn: The Outsider

we are a socialist party and there are social solutions to the problems and the solution is socialism at the end of the day this six months ago something extraordinary happened in British politics Jeremy Foreman 251 Jeremy Corbyn for 33 years a local Member of Parliament and backer of left-wing causes who has never held a position of power in government found himself leader of the UK’s biggest political party he was carried to victory on a wave of popular support from a younger generation who had turned away from traditional politics looking for a leader who might change things the outsider had taken control fantastic moment fantastic mandate for change in Britain fantastic enthusiasm for real democratic politics it’s a great [Music] I’m a Labour Party member and I voted for Jeremy we were looking for a new form of politics but from the outside little seems to have changed I wanted to find out if he could deliver the alternative we were promised I don’t know how you doing how are you how you doing good sandwich Oh sandwich no Hot Cross Buns oh very good Easter we’re off campaigning today how did it feel for you when Labour lost the general election very very sad very angry at what realised was going to happen to a lot of people in this country as I thought the Labour message was not clear enough on the economy not fair enough in opposition to austerity was it that that made you think right I’m going to throw my hat into the ring for the leadership election the left calm raised in Parliament decided that we had to put somebody forward Mill pointed at me for six years the British Conservative Party had been in power responding to the financial crash by pursuing an agenda of austerity their cuts have fallen on the poorest meanwhile the Labour Party the only realistic alternative have been in disarray now it’s time for someone else to take forward the leadership of this party because the party needs to have an open and honest debate about the right way forward without constraint Jeremy’s election as leader of the official opposition to the government represents a desire in parts of society for a clear socialist alternative we don’t have to be unequal it doesn’t have to be unfair poverty isn’t inevitable things can and they will change thank you very much since taking over Jeremy’s had to deal with almost constant criticism from the mainstream media the one thing I’ve learned over the past six months or so is how shallow facile and ill-informed many of the supposedly well-informed major commentators are in our media they shape a debate that is baseless and narrow in a conversation with Seamus mill his head of strategy it’s clear Jeremy sees an article from a leading political columnist as the latest attack only the big negative today is Jonathon Friedland and the Guardian donek Johnson Friedland article in The Guardian it’s a it’s anti-semitism has a problem with anti-semitism under Corben app utterly disgusting subliminal nastiness a lot but you know he’s not a good guy at all um but he’s Canada he seems kind of obsessed with me in her [Music] okay indeed I was thinking about that later yeah okay right all right Jack is famous [Music] in Britain’s increasingly divided society Jeremy’s very much at home among the people he feels he represents teach the Tories to be unfair to the poor’s and just favor the rich we will label labor is the best the distant between the poor and the rich is so big it is so big we want to reduce that magic we love Jeremy Corbyn when we want to give another name to Jennifer come be with you name in integrity Jeremy Corbyn try telling me this campaigning politician at home on demonstrations is an unlikely leader and has even been mocked in Parliament for the way he dresses I think I know what my mother would say I think she’d look across the despatch-box and she’d say put on a proper suit do up your tie and sing the national anthem you must be very proud of Germany yes I am yeah yeah he’s a good politician isn’t it he’s not very good in house one but he’s a good did you see that day in prime minister question Cameron shout to German say my mom would tell me were they prepare would say tuck your shirt in and do it your time yes and yummiest an very strong mr. speaker if we’re talking of motherly advice my late mother would have said stand up for the principle of a health service free at the point of him that’s confused is it easier while looking and behaving like a modern party leader might not matter to Jeremy it does matter to the Labour Party come on Jeremy it’s the job of the team around him to keep him on schedule and make sure he almost looks the part how did you get involved in working with Jeremy I thought enough to work on the campaign so I did all the ended up doing all the rallies during the summer a bit of surprise that you’re now sort of working for the leader of the Labour Party yeah they’re technically my mom’s very proud ahead of time which is a person thing it’s perfect an early I do want a good last weekend the levels were 400 million he said to look you’d be doing me a massive baby if you just dressed a bit smart well I’ve tried yeah it’s hard I did get him in the whitetails and he looked smart on Remembrance Sunday and I think that’s where I peaked really and the world’s worst candidate my constituency players wander around chat to people all the time I said spend my whole life doing because interesting because every single person you meet know something you don’t know if you don’t interact with people you can’t learn anything also keeps you humble unpolished and approachable Jeremy has a powerful appeal as a new kind of leader over here generate 200,000 people join the Labour Party simply to vote for Jeremy it was this new young membership who swept him into the leaders office in Westminster [Music] you’re doing here signing tiles yeah it’s a sideline we operate we sign tiles books photos bottles of drink and when I get a good crop of apples from my allotment in then in September I’m going to sign the apples with all signed apples how does it feel signing a hundred photographs of yourself into a tea they’re actually 80 photographs of yourself it does feel slightly odd actually I am not actually that interested in personality I’m not a personality I’m not you know I’m not that kind of person I basically want to see doors open for everybody else Jeremie might be a superstar to the new party membership but in Westminster things are very different many of labor’s 232 members of parliament don’t share the memberships enthusiasm and are openly critical of his leadership history just says that in order for you to actually win an election you’re going to need to bring the party with you is that the next challenge that you’ve got of course um I fully appreciate that I was elected here on a mandate from membership and supporters of the party I did not receive firm support from very large numbers of members of the parliamentary Labour Party however I have to say the whole atmosphere within the parliamentary Labour Party despite what the media report is completely changed there are some who are harder fish to catch you may no longer be a voice within cabinet surely after we start filming the Labour opposition are offered a dramatic political opportunity every six months George Osborne the finance minister presents the government spending budget I commend allows a budget that puts the next generation first his latest budget has gone badly wrong conservative members of parliament have been refusing to support the latest financial cuts a crisis unfolds when the Work and Pensions Minister resigns and attacks his own government for their lack of fairness welfare cuts are now too draconian even for Ian Duncan Smith now there’s a sentence you may never have thought you’d hear [Music] at the very next parliamentary session jeremy has a chance to inflict real damage on the wounded government tell us what’s coming on let’s go out yeah he knows in an unscheduled appearance the Prime Minister has been called to Parliament to make a statement about the refugee crisis in response Jamie has to make just the briefest mention of that subject he then has the chance to attack the Prime Minister about the chaos in the government Jamie’s violent speech and what’s it about what’s a weird thing is obviously you know you’re the European community thing the other day to talk about the refugee cross and so Cameron’s got come back to guys and talk about this but course right in the heat of the unraveling of the budget so for us and for him it has to be about that as well so it’s quite phenomenal story it’s been a real opportunity to like show the difference between us and them on fairness fairness is one of the key planks of our campaign going into the local elections salva see the speeches King any German lakes man and now before he’s doing Parliament Jeremy strategy team get together to refine his line of attack that’s okay everything’s better shorter start doing it now there’s nothing that doesn’t benefit from a car I agree okay ready Europe is facing the biggest refugee crisis almost ever and the prime minister must answer some very serious questions on this Amnesty International has pointed out questionable legality surrounding this agreement those who claim asylum at a practical level must have access to interpreters this is an opportunity to confront the government about their budget troubles but that only gets a mention in the second harm thanks mr. speaker our party will resist the chances broken budget that has unfairness to it’s very core we can’t going to go on doing that I think that is unfair change it around five D actions I was giving it as it is it’s not up to me to stray another than a couple of lines about the government’s in a mess okay so cut back a lot on the second chance to read the statement made by a mercy of refugees is close to Jamie’s heart but he was passing up the opportunity to damage the government cautious use of words they have after all an organization dedicated to human rights and the rule of law and I quote from the statement they made guarantees didn’t really go according to plan today there was one thing that he had to do it scene which is to exploit this in Duncan Smith resignation the further drive a wedge into the Tory party and pretty much the review spell out on Twitter one MP says he’s snatch defeat from the jaws of victory oh god it’s just gone really badly shadow minister on Corbin statement utterly pitiful and denies the country the opposition it deserves Labour MPs truly in despair it probably explains why things just went a bit awkward in there and we’ve been pretty much asked to leave for the day we patch things up with the team and rejoin Jeremy as he launches Labour’s campaign for the local council elections [Music] [Applause] opposition parties expected to make gains in these elections electing a labor council is the best protection for your community against the onslaught from this conservative government and galvanized how I’m looking for two Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn something that happened well I’m finished it’s going to have these elections your first big test as leader of the party no the big test of leader of the party is to grow the parties to make the party more active is to challenge the party in Parliament and to take part in electoral concerts and you can go do it succeeding in that at the moment we’re getting a lot of support the opposition for the budget went very well the stories have been exposed to what they are in that respect to you I think things are going pretty well following Jeremy it would be easy to believe that labor was about to sweep to victory on the back of his popular support there’s a lot of data we’ll have to do everybody want can win election was selfish if we can get you know sixty six million selfies in yeah you’re so famous no not really do me favor normal human being do me jobs do you think actually he quite likes the attention he loves the attention it’s an attention together we’re standing this quick funny a pattern begins to emerge Jeremy’s speeches go down well with his audiences of enthusiastic supporters but it’s hard to tell if his message is persuading the undecided voters there is a political choice to be made [Applause] how did that go I think it was really good yeah and also the atmosphere it was great yeah very impressive nice flag jeremy is far less comfortable in his new role in Westminster every Wednesday as leader of the Opposition he must confront the prime minister in a set-piece event known as Prime Minister’s Questions p.m. key uses the labor leaders weekly opportunity to make headlines and hold the Prime Minister to account they’ve been in the news today we won’t get too controversial what’s tranny wearing – he’s very smart – that it’s not your doing I would like to think so does it matter it does matter it does matter you know I was always told you dress for the occasion dressed to impress leather the Telegraph from a major colleague Robin so many newspaper and television commentators have sneered at the way Jeremy Corbyn dresses but at the state banquet on Tuesday is easing dress was faultless he’s good ship as you that is that’s me that’s got my seeming [Music] with two hours to go before the latest encounter the team are having a rehearsal I’ve got a better one from kaznia which says you’re in very good school what about for the beard becoming an academy no excuse me an opportunity again that’s the same as why is he doing that okay what’s the point between kids that’s the one real opportunity every single week that Janie has to put the prime ministaire to the sword who wants to be Prime Minister you do that yeah oh come on what does anybody want to be Prime Minister Andrew greatness is falling on you all that or that Jerry called can the Prime Minister explain why he’s intent on forcing good and outstanding schools to become academies against the wishes of teachers parents school governors and counselors the reason we want to do this is to improve the standards of education in this country I would have thought the leader of the Opposition move on that to know he hasn’t even managed to convince one of his own County Council’s indeed the cabinet member for education in his own County who told the press ah you might you might you might shout I am fed up with diktats from above saying you will do this and you won’t do that in regard to the piece of theater if you have a good win like we’re hoping for today then it does send the troops away a little bit bullied and offered a fight that I’m quite keen not to sort of and let him turn Prime Minister’s question time into a subject that is not ours I want to try and keep the academies I think expired you know the thing about Cameron is you can tell when you’ve really got under his skin money it goes puce in the face of start point nothing and when we’ve got that reaction then we’ve done our job ok guys thank you very much all right Thank You mr. speaker could the Prime Minister explain why he is intent on forcing good and outstanding schools to become academies against the wishes of teachers parents school governors and local councillors the results speak for themselves under this government there are more pupils in good or outstanding schools teachers don’t want it parents don’t want it governor’s don’t want it ed teachers don’t want it our teachers think again and support schools and education not forces on them at the end of the bout the team check for the instant result from the political pundits Georgina says it’s best game kids don’t math yes don’t reward the worst judge of anything but first good episode of all brisket not going to knock it I’m just laying out so I thought last face of fair but it was good Jeremy has become more effective at it I mean he’s done being abused in a different way from the beginning adopted a different less leaded toriel style of of PM cues and I think that’s very popular with the public but I think also the government is in a difficult position it’s you know it’s gone through one you know disastrous series of events after another and that’s hammered home the fact that it’s just it’s not just the government of failure but it’s a government that is deeply unfair to its core and so all those things happening together and has put the government very much on the back foot from the outside today looks like a good day for Jeremy but there are very real problems in his team as we’re talking after the interview Seamus reveals somebody regularly leaks details of Jeremy’s questions ahead of his confrontations with the Prime Minister well there’s some know what it’s about the first time he did because it would be bleep I know that leap from that meeting it’s very noisy only happens about a third of the time it obviously gives them a little bit of extra time the enablers leak it gives them that Vantage it gives them the advantage on TV as well issues of unity unlimited to Jeremy’s team he’d come to defend now sure the Labour MP suspended over alleged anti-semitism senior figures in this bitterly divided party confront each other in full view of the media you know discussion break you saying it’s not true yes you’re a lying racist really why did that the apologist Nancy apology some Nazi apologies you’re disgusting that’s your apologies Livingstone a robber anti-semitism within labor has been rumbling since we started filming anyone that commits any act of anti-semitism is Auto excluded from the party and an inquiry follows immediately when Jeremy’s friend and former London Mayor Ken Livingstone says Hitler supported Zionism things completely fall apart [Music] God you suspend Kem Livingston this program [Music] I’ve never seen such falling behavior but illegal is Perriman [Music] it’s five days before we were able to film with Jeremy again reluctantly agreeing to a short interview at the end of a day of campaigning has it been five five days exciting and busy what happened well he made remarks on radio station they were reported to me and to others and we had some conference calls and decisions made suspended from party membership do you understand the problem with what he said was what can living’s Ken said on the radio of course I do otherwise he would have suspended otherwise he wouldn’t have been suspended but he explained to me what the problem was the problem was that Ken made inappropriate remarks a decision was made spending from party membership so they can be investigating that’s where we’re at but he made he made anti-semitic that’s where we’re at he’s been suspended an investigation will take place when we first started filming with you people were discussing anti-semitism in the labour party part of the reason why it’s become such a big deal is due to a lack of leadership to do with you what do you think about my leadership is one that tries to include people and work together with other people that is what I do that is why I consult for making decisions it’s not a lack of leadership it’s a responsible approach to taking decisions okay thank you yeah yep I’ll eat in the car thanks okay the pressure doesn’t stop in the last PM Q’s before the local elections David Cameron uses Jeremy’s past political associations to attack him mercilessly he said our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking I’ve also invited friends from Hamas to come and speak as well now Hamas and Hezbollah believe in killing Jews if he wants to clear up the problem of anti-semitism in the Labor Party now is a good time to start withdraw that they’re your friends [Applause] [Music] polling day in the local council elections and we’re back where we first met Jeremy in his Northland and constituency welcome to your home Jeremy welcome very ease my turf mitre assurance to take a photo oh hi yummy she’s looking at me very suspicious is that yeah just always cool just cool she trusts you thank you where’s Jeremy right now he is in number 58 in this estate here some woman asked him to go in says he’s been in there a while so I’m guessing she’s put on a full spread it’s quite vicious p.m. keys yesterday wasn’t it I don’t know I’ve ever seen a prime minister act in my way it’s in the guy I just go up set up our you know all this stuff about people saying that if he doesn’t do very well because I try and get rid of it I don’t know if they want to get rid of him you know the best thing to do with the weight and let Jeremy fail on his own I don’t I don’t think he will but fail on his own in his own time you know you demand careful in cafe plan work ethic and caffeine ah say my cafe look at face body my merci Monsieur do you have any nerves about how the matter unfold or you how you feeling go into it obviously it’s impossible to know as of now I’ve called a few people and everybody says it’s all going well what appears to be happening around here is the Labour vote is coming out and nobody else is is if in a London places like this are showing that kind of support then that is very positive labor is going to offer a real economic alternative a real alternative of social justice and that is something that we’re going to plug on with force this govern into retreat on and I believe will lay the foundations for a historic election victory in 2020 when we get rid of this govern by 2:00 a.m. the national picture becomes clear despite a disastrous period for the government labor is failing to make any significant gains as the final results are still being counted we go to speak to Jeremy in Westminster how you feeling very tired I got to bed it back two o’clock this morning and got up at 7:00 so it’s been a long day can you describe to me the results from your point of view I was being told with great authority by members of parliament here a week ago that we were going to lose at least 300 seats and that it was all down my fault in fact we had a loss of 29 seats and we hung on so I’m very happy and I’ve been calling various people to see me to congratulate on the results when all the votes are in Labour’s net loss is 18 seats but the party wins a larger share of the vote than the government Jeremy is authentic unpopular within the labour movement they’ll have to find a wider audience to win a general election and deliver the alternative he represents I found the results the election a bit worrying as a Labour member how do you give anybody any sense that they can believe in the fact that the Labour Party will win the next general election from this point of view you’re watching too much television the whole narrative all day and all last night and all for the past month has been carbons going to lose labour is going to fail Labor’s going to lose labour is going to fail there is not one story on any election anywhere in the UK that the BBC will not spin into a problem for me it’s obsessive beyond belief that they are obsessed with trying to damage the leadership of the Labour Party and unfortunately there are people in the labour party that play into that what are you going to do about the fact that there have been people from the Shadow Cabinet today who have come out and criticized you you see I will continue trying to develop the policies this party and lead this part in a direction that also has a more grown-up approach to politics I am NOT a traditional kind of party leaver I do things in a rather different way some people are slower learning than others [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Tory's don't hate the poor, just get off your arse and get a fucking job. Conservatives are Capitalists, everyone works for themselves and are free if government. Giving money to the poor will give Britain a bad look.

  2. Reminds me of the Blair hysteria back in '97. They said he was 'real' and 'one of the people' look how that turned out…

  3. Hates successful people, expects everything should be given to everyone, completely convinced that him & his party are the victims of everything in soceity. oh and he hates jewish people because they typically have more money. what else?.. without a doubt he will take too much of the successful peoples earnings & throw it everywhere like the labour party have always done (if the rich haven't yet left the country by the point that starts happening). then a conservative government will return to fix it 5 years down the line the same way Margaret thatcher did; & consequently have the government hated by many in the country just because they are not keeping the majority mollycoddled & happy like their lefty loony predecessors. socialism is the no.1 way to drain a country of its wealth & prosperity.

  4. "The outsider"? He's never had a proper job, has "worked" in politics all his life and been an MP since 1983. Currently earns £100k+ and lives in a £1m+ home in trendy north London. Corbyn is just another parasite selling a false dream to impressionable youngsters. Too bad there'll be no jobs for those youngsters if he ever makes it to Number 10 – our economy will be destroyed.

  5. He's a bit boring in lots of ways. BUT WHO CARES. He's a policy man, you know, the whole point of politics. To sign in boring, but crucial legislation to hopefully makes the lives of people and society better. That's necessary.

  6. IMPORTANT!! Surely you mean IMPOTENT?

    Leader of a party where at least 60% of its MPs are against him.

    Out of time OAP far left, commie playing rabble rousing student politics. Often reminds me of Hitler making one of his speeches to the German Nazi fatihfull

  7. This is the first dishonest piece of reporting I have seen from Vice. What woulld drive them to make a hit piece like this on Corbyn?

  8. Coming from a strident conservative from Canada, I did hear how Corbyn was mocked as a wet fish and unable to deliver any leadership. I see none of that watching him. Corbyn is a great orrator and charismatic leader – he draws followers more on personality than policy. He would have made a formidable challenge to Thatcher had he led the Labour in the 80s (that is, had Labour not been so damaged by the Winter of Discontent).

  9. Photos of himself? I thought that only happened during campaigns. Tereasa May is just plain wrong. Her policies are all wrong.

  10. God help this Country England if this boffin gets in number 10 please God am preying for him to lose the next general elections

  11. Jeremy coryben "I smell other people's money… I better go and
    reappropriate it while the moment is still subtle ."

  12. Jeremy's 'stock value' continues to go tumbling at an alarming rate. These past 12 months not exactly a vintage period for father trot.
    'Doh' jeremy corbyn, 'doh' jeremy corbyn, 'doh' jeremy corbyn'!

  13. Jeremy Corbyn the I.R.A terrorist, and the traitor, this fuckweed makes Guy Fawkes look innocent. Die mother fucker in hell with your Allah supporters.

  14. The whole antisemitism thing is ridiculous and bogus and it would be laughable if it wasnt so contrived, the reasons behind this campaign are easy for anyone to see , this is a fair and honest man and he is a great danger to many wealthy and powerful people. This is all they can do to try and poison his good name and it is yet another indication of the low life Torrie party and it's supporters. He wont be stopped and as a member of the Labour party again after many years away I will follow him.

  15. Corbyn is very steady. You want this quality in leaders more than anybody else. Charisma just gives us liars, by and large.

  16. I am a socialist myself, active in our "Labour party" in my country.
    I am worried though most new political choices are all 100% confrontation and conflict. Plus the saviour/Messiah figures. Not a healthy way forward in my book.
    It is truly sound to motivate and make more people, especially the young, interested and involved though.

  17. Damn I didn't realize how stuck up a society the British are. Holy crap, me being a liberal and strong advocate for poverty reform I would always criciticize the British government. Do better stop looking down on people england that is why you guys are getting weaker by the day your not using your resources the way you should just stuck up in the old traditional ways.

  18. Jeremy will remember the days when there was no NHS when poor families paid what they could on a payment card at the local doctor's surgery and that was when i was a small boy during early 1940.

  19. Jeremy Corbin it must be brought to your attention
    that we have in our allies hands technical
    Information that can change
    the world

  20. This is how you sell political extremism. Loudly proclaim you are against hate, political violence, and racism, while supporting all three.


  22. Outsider? Corbyn is no outsider. He's a liability. You are pouring honour on Corbyn by making him an outsider, but he's not worthy to be called that.

  23. 26:04 with allies like this… Dear lord. "We want change" and then when they get someone that actually does things differently it's treated as a joke. This video did not age well at all.

  24. From someone who could never be described as a leftie: why are you moaning about it being biased? The chap at the beginning outright said he voted for Corbyn. Grow up!

  25. Corbyn attended the funeral of the Munich terrorists and laid a wreath there…it is okay to criticize Israel, but he takes it too far. The man is an anti-semite.

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  27. He supports terrorists, he condemns winston Churchill, his politics are inverted, supporting evil and attacking good. At best he's a clown, at worst he's up there with hitler

  28. he's been in power since 1983 so he's a career politician – he's also on his 3rd marriage for those that might want to learn anything about his 'character' …………… and this is the best we can do? Just another promoter for more Government – good for the increasingly Lazy people I see these days……

  29. "Outsider", the man is a career politician. If I had to choose one single word to describe him, it would be "insider".

  30. Terrorist sympathiser as well as a man who will say anything to make him appear relatable. Has no understanding of the political climate and realities needed for Britain. Democracy is great and all and I, unlike Corbyn and his remainers, will work with any decision voted by me or not… but Christ I hope to god he never becomes Prime Minister.

  31. Corbyn is a good man … that puts him above 90% of all politicians ever… he is a chilled dude with real morals … better than 99%…. he has fought for the rights of all and he has proven himself … HE HAS BEEN ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY … also Tony Benn said Jeremy was his favourite MP… got my vote and should have yours

  32. CORBYN, what a stupid name for starters but even worse, it is a NAZI sympathiser, it should be hung for treason!


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