Jeremy Corbyn promises free broadband for every home under Labour government

A taste of the kind of fresh,
transformational policies that will change your life. So here it is:
a Labour government will make broadband free
for everybody. [Cheering/applause] And not just any broadband,
but the very fastest, full-fibre broadband to every home
in every part of our country for free as a universal
public service. And once it’s up and running,
instead of you forking out your monthly bill, we’ll tax
the giant corporations fairly – I hope they’re listening to this,
we’re going to tax you fairly. That includes Facebook and Google. That will help to cover
the running costs of this. [Cheering/applause] This is a policy for the many. Making broadband free
and available to all will open up opportunities
for everybody. What was once a luxury is now
an essential utility. That’s why full-fibre broadband
must be a public service, bringing communities together
with equal access in an inclusive
and connected society. Fast and free broadband for all
will fire up our economy, deliver a massive boost
to productivity and bring half a million people
back into the workforce. It will help our environmental issues
and tackle the climate emergency by reducing the need
for commuter journeys. And it will make our country fairer,
more equal and more democratic.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. It will never happen. Opposition parties promis made before elections are never kept. They will fall back to the usual defence it is not in the manifast., Besides we all know labour will not win the election as long as Corby is the leader. Who keep sitting on the fence and has a tendency to side with middle east terrorists.

  2. How does free broadband work? So you are going to ask engineers to work for free? I would love free broadband in my house, how exactly to I sign up to that?

  3. It shouldn't be up to the government to provide free broadband. The ISP such as virgin media should provide a basic 5MB of free fibre for all. Given their lowest 50MB broadband only package is priced in excess of Β£37 a month. If the likes of virgin media wanted to provide a basic free fibre, they would have done and that's what they should be doing. A free service for all with the option to upgrade to a premium paid service. If virgin media aren't willing to do that, then they should lower the cost of a broadband only package of 50MB back down to it's original price of Β£30 a month because paying Β£37 a month for it, it is simply not value for money.

  4. This will boost productivity enormously. Tax revenues come back many fold when the government spends on infrastructure and takes it in house on a not-for-profit basis. Every country's greatest periods of growth are after government investment in the infrastructure upon which all other commercial enterprise depends.

  5. He needs to give free brain and common sense replacements to remainders and labour supporters instead and have some for himself aswell while he's at it. Labour is so dumb that they will bankrupt this country within months of being in charge. Look at the last labour went belly up and the conservatives had to sort the mess out.

  6. Everybody hating on Corbyn for saying this but if Boris or Farage said it and gave the same reasons (Corp tax) you'd all be cheering πŸ˜‚

  7. Meanwhile the Tories are buying out the Brexit Party members so they don't compete for votes. In fact they're begging hundreds of Brexit Party members to step aside in exchange for forming part of EU negotiations. Blck Mail Tories

  8. Free this, Free that. Renationalise this, Renationalise that. Billions Here, Billions there, Billions everywhere, Money, Money, Money, what next, debt, debt, debt. And more debt. That’s the Labour party for you…

  9. So we should be putting money into everyone having faster wifi (even though wifi is adequate and most people have it) rather than investing more in the NHS?

  10. Any answers Suraj why would a memorial plaque for Lee Rigby be gay ?He was brutally murdered,there's a plaque for Steven Lawrence that was brutally murdered also not too far away

  11. I dont care about money i care about people ,i love humans not money ,and i will be putting my x in the labour box come election day bye bye outdated unethical cruel racist tory policies bye bye boris and hopefully bye bye brexit

  12. It's the spin doctors rhertoric unfortunately. It WOULD be great but just one look at the Labour dream team and you know " it just ain't gonna happen"

  13. We will all be unemployed in 3 months and the country will be bankrupt in 6 months if labour gets in.Well done labour for destroying the working class. Broadband for fee no chance it will be covered out of high taxes we will be paying.

  14. Brilliant idea. The digital world is the future for our economy. Why would you have to pay to access it. It would be like charging people to use the pavements for walking down the street. It makes no sense. If they could do something similar with public transport & get people out of their cars we really could have a greener economy.

  15. Is that clouds of dandruff in suspension around this old tramp? Will someone clean his glasses (notice how I did not say spectacles).

  16. Absolutely amazing policy. Go Britain! It's a national disgrace that we have 10% fibre coverage in a country of 66 million people. We are lagging way behind out countries internet. Low coverage, slow speeds and high prices. Time for a change. If South Korea can have 98% fibre coverage why can't we?

  17. Just weeks away from the most humiliating defeat this Plastic Socialist Party has ever experienced.
    The north London elite who run the party and are as blinkered as a racehorse at Goodwood, have absolutely no idea what voters in the old Labour heartlands actually think of their lunatic policies.
    Add to that the two faced hypocrites like Abbott who privately educated her son and walks around in a dream and you have all the things needed to be humiliated at the polls.
    Bye bye Labour…….you are a disgrace to the people who built that party all those years ago.
    Open door immigration will be the end of you………………………

  18. Internet is already available free in every library.All people have to do is go to the library.Australia failed doing it because technology is super expensive.
    ⬛ Instead abolish inhuman Universal Credit system that give theπŸ’°πŸ’² billions that belong to Uk people to foreign private companies profiting from the disabled and most vulnerable of societyπŸ€”
    Nationalization of Post office,water and electricity:Yes because it will pay for itself in seven yearsπŸ‘

  19. From the thumbs up/down comments above – it looks like another fine mess they want to get us all into [by 2030]!
    Corbyn and McDonnel – the Laurel and Hardy of politics.

  20. Anyone who thinks this is even remotely close to being feasible needs to check themselves in for a mental health assessment.

    Also, Government has absolutely no business in running and regulating the internet. I can't think of one single example where this has not ended in censorship

  21. An attempt to control what we can and can't communicate imo. Too much truth about these lying toads getting out via the internet and they are so desperate to control content.

  22. Of course, on the back of this carrot <-> all homes will need to be wired/ready for 'compulsory smart meters' … Big Bro / 1984
    Aka: Phase 2 of Virgin Media currently being rolled out across UK to every home <β—‹><β—‹>πŸ‘‚

  23. You forgot to mention the instant ban if you send a mean comment. And the very last word he spat out of his mouth means absolutely nothing to him.

  24. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you just say what people want to hear lies

  25. If you want an idea of how 'free' this state run broadband will be look at the censorship on The Guardians website and a longer look at the Chinese internet for an idea of how Corbyn wants to nationalise and democratise the internet.

  26. Amazing how this person lasted so long in politics , and then i remembered , The prince of the power's of the air runs the world system at the moment LOL , but not for ever .

  27. Can you imagine the government providing broadband? It would probably be the worst broadband service in the entire world. It would be worse than dial-up.

  28. people commenting saying fantastic and how great it will be….do you have anyidea how bad this will be. do you even know what protocols are, do you even know what ssh is, do you know what they can do, do you know they will be watching every single digit you type, they will know your credit card info, they will know your passwords they will know what loo paper you order online from asda. they will know everything.

  29. If Corbyn wants to extract Taxes from the likes of Amazon and Facebook he has to have a stick to wave, the only thing he could have is the threat of blocking their sites in the UK. To do this he would need to control the internet access in the UK, hence privatise BT, control the UK internet and only allow access to sites that he approves.

  30. The same thing will happen that happened in Australia, they'll begin the rollout then the right will get in and make sure to ruin it.

  31. Screw the haters. I want this for my country. We all bloody win for a change and the tax dodging internet giants who made so much money out of us and our private data, get to help us pay for it. And sod it, its at least something new. Who knows, maybe it would improve our economy as well as removing our internet bills. Feel like we would be leading as a country for a change as well. Which would be nice after the recent unpleasantness.

  32. Lets promise the earth to get into power then change our minds like HONOURING THE REFERENDUM.
    I hope this ballot papers got never vote labour again on it

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