Jeremy Corbyn calls for general election following May resignation

well at the human level I listen to her statement this morning and one can understand the stress that she's going through as any human being would be going through in this situation but a description of the country is something that I don't recognize when the UN produces a reports that there are 14 million people in Britain living in poverty when a hundred and thirty thousand children are living in insecure accommodation then I think we've got to recognize there is a need for a change of direction in this country and she's not offered it and I be very surprised if any of her successors offered it because she clearly cannot command a majority in parliament she clearly has lost the confidence of a own impes and in all the discussions she's been having with their MPs they've all said one thing to her that they don't support her strategy but the reality is a new Conservative leader isn't going to solve the problem there has to be and other opportunities for people in this country to decide who they want to be in their government how they want the government to be run what the long-term strategy is of that government I think we did a general election we don't need another Tory leader installed by Tory MPs

Maurice Vega

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  1. Why on earth should there be another snap General Election 2019 just as the expected next general election is 2022 (technically speaking in accordance to the fixed term parliament act 2011). Well sorry but without that snap general election 2017, politicians notably Jeremy Corbyn could've waited till 2020 the previously expected General election to occur from the last 2015 General election that already happened

  2. Please will somebody tell me What exactly Corbyn is pushing for. He flip flops on every statement he makes. Is he for Brexit or against Brexit. Will he respect democracy or ignore it. Can he truly be trusted to with anything?

  3. You don't give a dam labour if you won would you take away this new U. CREDIT THATS KILLING AND PUNNISHING MILLIONS.

  4. I'm one of 1000s of ex Labour voters who voted for Brexit because the Labour Party is now moving towards not honouring the 2016 referendum results. While Corbyn leads that party then those 1000s of voters will never vote for Labour. He's a liability.

  5. we had a referendum, the people decided, the career politicians didnt like the result and now openly go against the will of the people ………. 200 years ago there would have been a revolution and over throw of govt. now its lets have another referendum/general election till we the politicians get the result we want ……… the British concept of democratic govt died in public, well done mr corbyn you did what 2 world wars couldnt

  6. πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈJeremy Corbyn couldn't run a boy Scout's meeting, never mind the country πŸ‘ˆ

  7. What and replace her with this old fart who’s only purpose in life appears to be causing chaos for the other parties. He did not respect the labour voters wishes to leave the EU and changed his policies just to cause chaos.

  8. you are totally correct rose. i thought second wold war to be a point not too far back for meany people to recall. thanks for your comment.

  9. I,d opt for a second referendum first on a pro-EEC stance and forget the old ex Labour Brexit farts Jeremy.

  10. B4 things were crazy…
    and now …

  11. Why does he want a general election? Labour aren't doing so well in the polls. Brexit Party is showing a lot of growth

  12. wake up. torys, labor, lib dems, all controlled by the same puppet masters. to give the illusion of democracy. what real change has there been since the second world war.the unseen roots spread far and wide,to keep those at the top,at the top.

  13. Tory and Labour parties both have utter contempt for the electorate. In a GE, millions of us would vote for the Brexit Party.

  14. Corbyn and his cronies would bankrupt Britain within eighteen months another waste of time quite frankly.

  15. why would anyone in their right mind vote in corbyn, he is a terrorist sympathiser, he would never push the button in a nuclear war his policies would mimic venuzeula he wants to nationalise everything, his chancellor the marxist macdonnell has openly stated there would be capital flight ? and as for his front bench ? well dont even get me started on that bunch of no hopers !

  16. Corbyn couldn't lead a pack of ants to a picnic… let alone lead Labour to an election victory. He reminds me of the male equivalent of Hillary Clinton – polite, well spoken and squeaky clean on the outside, appealing to many… but is actually a total mess on the inside, indecisive, with a party in utter disillusion. Put him up against Boris Johnson and Boris will be walking into number 10…

  17. Waste no time comrade! Take the fight to the streets and show the people the true meaning of socialism!

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