Jeffrey Toobin: Today was a graveyard for GOP talking points

Maurice Vega

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  1. Santorum walked right into that one with his foolishness hahahahahahahahahaha He is trying to say this illegal activity was "policy" ..that only makes it MORE CORRUPT ….that would be called a CONSPIRACY Rick


  3. CNN = Clinton News Network, Communist News Network, Constant Negative News, (And, mine) Creative Nonsensical News. Do your due process to see who owns CNN and, who it's CEO is associated with. THEY ARE ALL NEW WORLD ORDER, GLOBALIST PSYCHOPATHS!

  4. yes, he gave ukraine aid before because he didn't need or want anything illegal from them. now he has a big want, so all of a sudden trump is all concerned with corruption? i don't think so. & those javelins don't come with ammo. they are forbidden to even bring them to the battlefield. bastard.

  5. What is clear is the GOP DOESN'T CARE ABOUT AMERICAN LAW OR VALUES. This is the destruction of democracy and government by the GOP. The GOP will do ANYTHING to stay in power. ESPECIALLY light fire to the Constitution.

  6. funny how republicans claim they brought up and concluded the russians did interfere with the 2016 elections but diss the mueller report as a fraud…..absolute morons

  7. Democrats have been hallucinating ever since Meuller left them dangling mid air over Grand Canyon like Wile E Coyote.
    Horowitz report? Am I the only one on the planet who saw this? Must be a hoax.

  8. If I had people like the people I have seen testifying I would cherish and respect them rather than mess around with them. Shape up Republicans!

  9. Just purge the trump's from the Whitehouse and be done with it. Fmd! It's like having to look at a pimple on the face of someone who refuses to pop it. Just get it over with.

  10. Biggest difference between CNN & Fox…..there are no conservatives on CNN. Fox does have Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera and Donna Brazile to balance the conservatives with liberal talking heads. You never hear any conservative talking heads on CNN. Now, just so those of you who believe there are conservatives on CNN, I am not referring to guests only people on CNN payroll.

  11. Bless his heart Rick vehemently defends Trump like a man who hasn't been thrown under the bus yet. Wait until Trump says he doesn't know who Rick Santorum is. He'll be Mooch #2 in no time.

  12. I'm from Russia and I just dont understand what's wrong with the Democrats in the USA. They seem so misinformed. It's like they dont look at the other side and have horse blinders on…very odd to us over here.

  13. Another waste of time to watch and hear Santorum talk. Ugh, He just doesn't get it! #bluetsunami 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏

  14. Hey TRUMP……Why Don't You Testify In Person…I’m sure People Will Overlook Your Mental Instability and Your Ineptness for the Job….. Having Said That You Are Simply A Feckless Coward With A Big Mouth

  15. I think this strategy the GOP is using may be a brilliant one on the other side because it looks like they are strengthening the states case for impeachment because as i analyse it at the end of the impeachment they can say hey if you were awake you could have seen that we were working with congress as we have done what was necessary supply witnesses and as such bring the rotten apples Nunes and Jordan(who is personally already on his way out with this case of abuse hanging above his head) as lambs to the slaughter and thus save the GOP at the end of the process

  16. Santorum is setting the stage for the eventual republican position (which will work unbelievably) that the “administration” is doing what it promised by reversing Obama’s work and rooting out deep state corruption. As we know it doesn’t take a majority to elect a president so the senate will not do anything IF this gets through the house. It is a battle for the soul of our democracy by idealogues not intellectuals. Facts unfortunately don’t matter in this. When any discussion about the whistleblower gets the least bit of wind you can rest assured that logic and facts are getting shoved to the rear if not completely getting trampled. If a citizen walked past the gate to los alamos in the 40’s and saw a mushroom cloud and then reported to the authorities, who promptly interviewed Oppenheimer, why in the hell would you need to focus on the guy walking passed the gate to figure out what was going on inside. Sorry that was the only analogy that I could come up extemporaneously🤦‍♂️

  17. No matter how the corrupt media skins this, this is a joke. We, the people, have all the resources we need to uncover the truth. The corrupt media, which is the arm of the Democrats, is so desperate for job security. If Trump doesn’t win 2020, how many of these losers will not have a job. Their job is to keep the sheep stirred up.

  18. Rick is delusional, unreasonable and should not be given the microphone anymore! He try’s to dominate the conversation with his crazed and unreasonable GOPE message. No one wants to hear from this extreme nut job anymore.

  19. you know what the so called commentators on CNN are going to say without even listening to their BS. There stupid enough to believe SCHIFF and the goons that support him. SCHIFF
    should be thrown our of office, a really sick man. These so called witnesses have revealed nothing that could possibly lead to the Presidents impeachment.

  20. Rick Santorum has his lips glued so tight on Trump's Kahk it would take a crowbar to pry them loose😂 Santorum is a bona fide waterboy for Trump.💯

  21. Santorum has his head in his ass trying to explain Trump's corrupt conduct – not convincing but making him look like he's licking Trump's ass!

  22. There were a couple reasons why the Obama admin did not give Ukraine lethal aid. First, the previous Ukrainian government was corrupt as hell. What guarantee did the US have that the weapons would not be sold to bad actors? None. Second, the US was engaged in the Iran nuclear deal. It's like Republicans don't know how to play or have ever heard of chess.

  23. Anyone listening to this who agrees with Toobin – you have fucking brain damage. Please re listen to mike turner was it? Who questioned sondland.. clearly NO QUID PRO QUO FOR AIDE- BASED ON A “Presumption” NOT FACT!!!

    End of fucking story!!!!’n

  24. Toobin doesn’t know any of what he says is true- he just assumes, cuz they got caught.. well fuck you Toobin you pos. You don’t know or decide policy

  25. Santorum doesn’t belong on this panel. CNN should feel ashamed for hiring a religious bigot to represent the “republican” position.

  26. They failed to mention What the Obama administration had to deal with ukraine

  27. I wonder if Toobin is saving some of his paycheck ? He will be unemployed soon . He's supposed to informed , but I know more about this than he does . The reason Trump suddenly released the Aid is , Dick Durbin was going to file a motion in the Senate and Trump was informed about that .

  28. Where the Democrats keep making a mistake is saying Trump was going after his political opponent . He's not worried about Biden . He's after corruption in the Barisma Energy Corp . That involves Hunter Biden , John Kerry , Soros and others . He's not afraid of sleepy joe .

  29. i like how this first moron cant even lie correctly, @1:30 says the aid was to protect the Russians?. seriously? how can anyone believe this fool.

  30. Holding lifesaving aid, from an alia means that people under oppression fight in a war will die, so how long was I frozen for and how many people died during that time.
    That the amount of blood Trump and his gangsters have on there hands.
    I'm deeply ashamed of America, to betray allies ( which is nothing new, after The kurds) but that means you are helping Russia.
    What has become of America 😢😱😱😱💔💔

  31. Santorum lives in the alternate reality known as Trumpworld where right is wrong and wrong is right, where facts are just hearsay, and events that occurred never happened at all, and the language spoken is double talk or pinocchio. A place where criminals have as many rights as law abiding citizens. This is the alternate world of Trump, Santorum, and the rest of the Republicans and because it exists the real world where the rest of us live will be forever fucked up for it until we find a way to flush this pile of shit down the toilet.

  32. What I took away from these hearings is that the democrats know they have 10 weak candidates and this is their hail Mary pass before losing in 2020. No one's mind has been changed in this partisan witch hunt.

  33. Santorum is an embarrassment. He's just throwing up smoke trying to confuse the whole picture here, which had become very clear. That Trump withheld aid to Ukraine (aid that had been approved by Congress) until Ukraine agreed to announce that it was investigating the Bidens. Pure and simple. Santorum offers NO evidence to refute that. He's a joke

  34. Don't ask for whom the bell tolls CNN, it tolls for thee. Failing and desperate CNN. Failing and desperate Democratic party. You all are embarrassing and cringe worthy.

  35. Grave yard for the DNC…. You have no concept of the Constitution…. I'm giggling. Just wait until November next year. You elites have no clue the pay hikes the average person has gained under Trump. You are going to fail ten times over….

  36. The clearer Trump's guilt becomes, the more public support for impeachment declines. Explain that. Most Americans are hopelessly stupid, and that is why this country's best days are already behind us.

  37. 45, republicans and the people who support them and their views should be careful what they wish for. The United States Constitution doesn’t give presidents and protections during impeachment. Impeachment is NOT a legal process, it’s a political process. If 45, republicans and the people who support them and their views go the legal route, 45 would be in prison, like those that have been sent to prison before him. Actions like due process, calling witnesses and confronting your accuser apply to criminal defendants in the legal process. So, is 45 admitting he is a criminal? When he is impeached the worst that could happen to him is removal from office. Once out of office, if a legal process is imposed, THEN he will have his due process and America will begin to mend.

  38. Tobin what a moron they pay that guy hoo became another members of the demorats if that moron is an analist well I should be God I remember pretty well when that baster past in front of the senat that day he was crush by all republicans just look at this panel it tell ist all all the guest where and are hard leftist and like usual cooper hoo like to be fuck in is ass invited only one republican this is what CNN call fairnest my ass these guest are all haiters and trashers of trump they are still crying like bitches since 2016 and Anna Navarro what a fucking traitor that bitch hoo would lie and say false statements just to get paid because when you work for CNN if you don't lie all day long its for sure that anyone would receved thei pink slip one night Cooper finish earlyer so during that time he was waiting for they other fifi lemon and talking about lemon hoo call him self a journalist have said one day on is job at CNN that white peoples are the most dangerous peoples on earth funny is dick fucker is a white guy as long as that bitch will fuck lemon lemon wont talk about is white friend fucker but the day that lemon will dump is little body than lemon will trash is own lover because that hoo lemon work

  39. Santorum is just another lying GOP hack that's why he did not get reelected. The people of PA finally saw him for what he is and I was born and raised there. Glad he is out I'm sorry he keeps sticking his uneducated nose back in.

  40. Santorum, you're brilliant, mate. If apologetics was a gymnastic discipline in the Olympics, you'd be a gold medal winner.

  41. Seeing the MASSIVE crowds Trump draws at EVERY rally – he's def. touched a nerve with the American people!!! I've never seen anything like it before and I remember every President since Eisenhower.
    Republican Senators know they would be committing political suicide if they ever voted to convict Trump!!!!!

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