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That’s right.
Pedophile and fake billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was found dead
in his jail cell after he apparently committed
suicide on Saturday morning, which, if you ask me,
is some bullshit, right. No, because I wanted
Jeffrey Epstein to stay alive for two reasons. One, so that his victims
could get their day in court, and, two, I wanted him to snitch on all his high-profile
pedophile friends. Now he’s dead! (cheers and applause) He’s gone. You know who we need?
We need that-that red lady from Game of Thrones
to wake his ass up. That’s what we need. Come on, Jeffrey! And what makes this whole
Epstein thing even worse is that we already had questions about his whole
pedophile operation. Now we have additional questions
about how he died. TV REPORTER: This morning,
the question on many minds, how did Jeffrey Epstein die
while in federal custody? TV REPORTER: Epstein had been
taken off suicide watch and was supposed
to have been checked by guards every 30 minutes, but that procedure
was not being followed the night before he was found. TV REPORTER: Sources close
to the investigation say Epstein underwent
a psychiatric evaluation and they cleared him
from suicide watch on or about July 29th, allowing him to return
to his cell. Yeah, they weren’t checking in
on Epstein and they took him off
suicide watch. Why? Like, I’m-I’m not an expert
on psychology, but if someone tries
to commit suicide, I don’t think
two more weeks of jail would suddenly improve
their outlook on life. Now, you may remember the reason this Jeffrey Epstein case
blew up wasn’t just because of the magnitude
of his crimes, but also because his circle included
some high-profile individuals. Everyone from Bill Clinton
and Donald Trump, all the way to famous scientists
and even royalty. And because the story involved
so many people who are so powerful,
many out there are wondering if Epstein really
suicided himself. This is a suspected suicide and it just smells fishy
to so many people. The timing is so suspicious. This comes just one day after
those documents were unsealed. I’m not a believer in
a conspiracy theory but I do believe there’s lots of suspicious activity
to investigate here. TV REPORTER: Twitter erupted
with a number of other conspiracy theories
following the news, the shocking news of Epstein’s
apparent suicide. Hashtags like #TrumpBodyCount
and #ClintonBodyCount and #EpsteinMurder were among
the top U.S. trends. Trump retweeted
a baseless conspiracy theory tying the Clintons to the death
of Jeffrey Epstein. That’s right. I mean, I get everyone else
on Twitter, but the president
of the United States is also retweeting
conspiracy theories that Jeffrey Epstein
was murdered by the Clintons. Yeah. The president did this,
which is pretty wild. I mean, ’cause this is the type
of moment where you would think the president would be
the voice of reason. Instead, Trump is jumping into
the fray. Yeah. You know what he’s like? He’s-He’s basically that dad that when a fight breaks out
in the little league game, he runs into the field,
but instead of breaking it up, starts body slamming
the third graders. (mimics Trump): “Yeah, take
that. Take that. Take that.” (regular voice):
‘Cause he’s doing this in pub– You know what Trump needs,
Trump needs a finster. That’s what he needs. Yeah, one of those secret
Instagram accounts that only your close friends
can see, that’s what he needs. Then he can use that
to just go crazy with his racist stuff,
conspiracy theories, butt pics,
he can just let it all out. Just get it all out. And America doesn’t have
to stress. (audience exclaiming) But this time, though,
this time, it’s not just Trump. It seems like everybody thinks that something shady
happened here. People on the right are saying it was the Clintons
who killed Jeffrey. People on the left are saying
Trump killed him. Jesse Smollett says it
was two white Nigerian guys. (laughter and applause) And I don’t know, guys. I don’t know,
I’m not a conspiracy theorist but something weird
happened here. Like, I was thinking, maybe it wasn’t Trump
or the Clintons. Maybe it was… America. This incident
should make us all troubled about the jail system. We know that there are
many deaths by suicide in jails throughout the country. NEWSWOMAN: The Metropolitan
Correctional Center has been understaffed, leading to low morale
among guards, and the two guards
in the Special Housing Unit where Epstein was kept
were both on overtime, one of the guards on his fifth
overtime shift of the week. NEWSMAN: Sources at the jail
tell CBS News they often rely
on certain inmates to assist guards
in monitoring other inmates due to a lack of manpower. Yeah, you heard that right. Thanks to overworked staff
and underfunded prisons, suicide among inmates
is all too common in the United States, with some prisons
so understaffed that guards ask other inmates
to be on suicide watch for them, which is not ideal. I mean, what if the person
they put on suicide watch is a murderer? Huh? What happens then? He’s just like,
“So, the good news is he didn’t kill himself.” (laughter) So, look, man, I’ll be honest. I get why everybody’s suspicious
of how this all went down because you would think
a high-profile person like Jeffrey Epstein would have
eyes on him all the time. But, to be honest,
I’m also not sure that there’s a conspiracy here. Like, if anything, for me, the conspiracy
has been taking place over the last ten years. First of all, Epstein magically only served
13 months for his crimes, and in that 13 months,
he got to leave prison and go to the office
six days a week. And the prosecutor
sealed the case, which protected Epstein
and his coconspirators and robbed his victims
of due process. That, for me,
was the conspiracy. How did that happen?
What was going on there? -That’s the conspiracy.
-(cheering and applause) And maybe… maybe, just maybe
what happened here is the result of there not being
a conspiracy anymore and Epstein being treated
for the first time just like everyone else.

Maurice Vega

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  1. "You would think that in a situation like this, the president would be the voice of reason…" I don't think anyone who has been living on Earth over the last 3 years expected Trump to ever be the voice of reason.

  2. The American President Vladimir Putin knew that Epstein was gonna rat on Dumbo Donald, and Dumbo Donald was gonna lead the authorities right to Putin. Once again, Putin killing his way out of a scandal.

  3. There are about 150 (give or take) people who are very powerful and wealthy and they really rule this world from all the 4 corners of the earth. They definitely control the media and if any one thinks that Epstein committed suicide and they would let him live to out them or people they know (camera malfunctioned and other facts not adding up) then it must be nice to live in that bubble.

  4. nothing weird. what happens ALWAYS happens. Anyone remember the DC Madam? A handful of days after she was out on bail and proudly boasted how she was telling EVERYTHING, she was found dead in Florida from…. ? suicide.

    Who didnt know this was going to happen (one way or another)?

  5. It wasn't suicide and that word shouldnt be used until the autopsy is revealed to the whole public not from some media source but the whole autopsy needs to be released. This is a cover up and we want some damn answers

  6. But man o'man are they looking for those sex tapes he recorded at his condominium in NYC that he co-owned under an umbrella corporation with others, they're somewhere; at least copies of them. In Israel maybe.The CIA probably has the originals, and he was probably a CIA asset, that's how he was able to stay under the radar for so long, Downtown. So, Epstein is kept in the single most secure place to protect his life.. and as a result he winds up dead. But the FBI hasn't closed his file yet, which is probably longer than Trump's

  7. Epstein and trump were close for over a decade. He likely had information regarding misconduct and criminal collaboration on trump's part. With Epstein lined up to rat out his co conspirators and fellow criminal ring leaders trump had to be concerned. Trump was known as a former acquaintance and associate. He was once described as Epstein's past "wingman". They fell out over competing in the real estate market. Unsurprising that real estate, not trafficking children was the breaking point. Textbook trump! Trump was probably seriously worried about his own tea being spilled to the courts via Epstein. Trump had great and undeniable interest in seeing Epstein dead. It protects him. It's very obvious to me in America: land of apalling government transparency, trump either intentionally allowed for Epstein's suicide or directly had him killed. Now that's no conspiracy theory… it's a logical deduction.

  8. Trump makes me think he had something to do with it because he tried to put the blame on someone else. That's the classic trump guilty conscience move


  10. This man had a life time full of secrets. Trust me when I tell you there is foul play, someone thought he was going to talk….. but hey I'm sure a lot of the guys are in those video tapes and in them they will find the person who ordered that hit ?

  11. Stupid hypocrite liberal does not want Epstein talking. A list of alleged pedophile clients on the dark web reads like a who's who of bonafide Trump haters from Hollywood, the media, and Washington elites.

  12. As a rape victim that has gone to court, I can say that his victims are having mixed feelings. It's scary as hell to see the cause of your pain face to face, even in court when you're "getting justice" it puts you back in that victim/child like mentallity even though no matter how much time he gets it's never long enough. You know you have to testify to save others while he's put away but you also know that when he gets out he's going to be back at it again.

  13. He was too high of a profile case to just be left in a prison that poorly kept. America didn't just drop the ball, the people in charge overlooked this whole situation, and probably for good reason.

  14. Honestly I dont give a fuck about this guy. Nobody honestly should. Glad he took his own life. Finally rid the world of one less piece of trash

  15. Why there are so many conspiracist think he isn't dead. There are hundreds of people that can verify his body, so it's very difficult to shut them all forever or simply just end the pedophile life.

  16. This case is suspicious asf. Either the gov't killed him so he wont talk or he's free somewhere. Too many sick powerful people out here, we the people have a fight on our hands.

  17. They said that Epstein was connected to a Ponzi scheme on Wall Street…I bet I can name the company that he was connected to…It’s called WALL STREET…..hello

  18. Maybe this will bring our country together again. Left or right, doesn't matter. We need to find out who was in on this and put them to death

  19. …..Misdirection…. they love to make you think they are so stupid. With all the follow trough that happened with the Catholic Church abuses, the me too movement this could have been the clean up that would have straightened the general moral compass. I wonder what they are trying to distract the masses from. A bunch of sacrificial lambs that will be slaughtered to entertain us has been lined up.

  20. I have been a nurse at 2 jails. Corrupt cops dont have shit on corrupt detention officers. They come in ALL shapes sizes & colors

  21. When the head of DOJ does not fill the superviser Seats that watch over high-profile prisoners, the BUCK STOPS WITH THE DIRECTOR of the agency, Butt-Kisser-Barr!

  22. Even in prisons where they take in money from every angle, they somehow can’t afford to pay workers enough lol

  23. .
    ?????????? Epistien wanted to die. ??????????
    Trump, William Barr, Clinton, and whole bunch of others LET HIM commit suicide.
    ?????????? Epistien wanted to die. ??????????

  24. "fake billionaire" dont worry guys, the liberals and conservatives alike want you to believe the real billionares are good guys, like good guy Gates and Bezos (both shit)

  25. It was a hit so he cannot snitch. Too many people he know he can bring down. They are paranoid they are no longer paranoid. He wasn't smart enough to leave a video or a black book. If he was the FBI has control of the information. The news will never know. 20 years later we'll find out buy a Android telling us the news. Yeah Android we will be replaced by Android news anchor men that look like Sophia. Will Smith attempted to kiss Sophia attempting to get a reaction from a simulated reality machine that brain is in the clouds. So the machine can die but the brain is in the clouds. Terminator linking the brain in the clouds they can talk to each other and go anywhere download their Consciousness basically into any Android. but the Androids need to keep you as a news anchor you're very good

  26. The kids need to speak up anyway and tell their story even though he is dead they got a book deal coming I'm sure Michael Jackson survivors wrote a book and they did nothing but tell lies. White people I swear to God y'all would do anything for a dollar and two kids but down south you marry 16 year old kids. USA. Mormons do the same USA. That is nasty. Just nasty. Shut down the Mormon organization Church. Masons Illuminati connections. Conspiracy theorist Tyrone Williamson honorable Minister Tyrone X Williamson this is from the Final Call newspaper. Save that human Androids and me we're very funny

  27. Funny how the non funny host spins it away from Clinton. Something like 60 close friends of the Clintons have died. I dont know 1 person who died or has family that died in a plane crash. The Clintons know about 12 ppl that died in plane crashes who were mysteriously about to testify or flipped. They likely had something to do w/this

  28. It's something like the first victim in an Agatha Christie mystery. Many individuals with means and motive wanted Epstein dead. So it's very plausible considering he wasn't witnessed for hours and the facility was understaffed (and the guards too overworked to be vigilant) to rule out foul play.

    A known conspiracy in the past doesn't rule out other conspiracies. And Epstein is something of a magnet of malice.

    But a thought we haven't yet ruled out (as far as I know) is whether or not Epstein is actually dead. He's a big fish, but I can see him getting a fat witness relocation package from the FBI if they can implicate bigger fish with Epstein's evidence. How many people have seen the body? Have we determined Epstein is dead beyond the word of a couple of state-employed medical examiners?

    When the body has been seen and confirmed by a dozen individuals, when we've ruled out assassination then we can decide that it was plain old suicide and a lot of well-to-do people just got very lucky.

     Edit: Formatting

  29. Some mobbed up pro Castro Cuban mofo on the grassy knoll did it, with a book depository, no worries though, Oliver Stone's on it?!

  30. Bullshit, Trevor!What would you said if some big fish die in the Russian prison?After attempt of suicide???Then it would´t be conspiricy theory,right?Person who represents a big priority for investigation is not treated as a ordinary preasoner regarding monitoring,especially when that person try commit a suicide.Unless America is not what you all telling us-democratic state.Untill now you were really funny,but now I consider you as joke.

  31. Jeffry Epstein was close to giving up the true masters behind all the evil and corruption, but was suicided before it was allowed to happen.

  32. Everyone that has been paying attention to trump's lies. Or that he knows he is quilty of something he quickly puts blame on someone else, before they start to investigate him first. Cuz we all know how honest he is.

  33. I'm sure Jeff left behind details about who else was involved.  He wouldn't play such a dangerous game with an insurance plan.

  34. More likely Clinton’s than trump. Trump has disavowed him and kicked him out of his club. I hate trump btw but the facts link Clinton to Epstein way more.

  35. Epstein may be gone, but all those "conspirators" are still out there. Wonder how many underage girls will be at the big fund-raiser thrown for trump by Ross at his estate in the Hamptons? Will any undercover Fibbies be around? Are you kidding me! They're all out on his private island, trying to salvage evidence that most probably has already been destroyed according to villagers.

  36. The corrections officers most likely kept telling him they were going to rape him. That happens a lot in the corrections system. Guards and prisoners threaten rape to test if you will kill yourself or not. They probably will anyway but at least you didn't die like a coward.

  37. Epstein's "suicide" (and the "irregular practices" surrounding the time of this event at the prison) supports the argument for life imitating art. Gee, anyone see this one coming? ……..

  38. @3:17…thanks Trevor…you'll be hearing from my lawyer for that emotional trauma….i'll never be able to 'unsee' THAT…..XDXDXDXD

  39. Oh fuck off Trevor! It was either the Clintons or some of Epstein's other pedophile billionaire friends. Seriously though, why is it that whenever some sick shit happens Bill MOTHERFUCKING Clinton is in the middle of it with his pants around his ankles? Lincoln Bedroom controversy, Nannygate, the Monika Lewinsky thing, the sexual misconduct allegations that Hillary used the FBI to squash, the Juanita Broaddrick thing? The dude even lied about how many times he was on Epsteins plane and in case someone says "Oh he maybe forgot" – he said he was on it with under-aged chicks 4 – FOUR times! The flight logs Epsteins lawyers presented have him there 27 – TWENTY SEVEN times! How do you mis-remember by a factor of 7? I'm so sick of this Trump-Hillary shit. In a fair world Bernie should've been president, Hillary and the old lecher/rapist should be in jail and Trump should be in his sex dungeon with Ivanka doing whatever Trump does in his sex dungeon with Ivanka away from any form of political office. I dont want to know what that creep is up to, but at least he's keeping his creepy little hands to above 18 girls as far as public allegations go.

  40. Just like any other high profile movie. Epstein is not dead. He is moved to a secret USA Military Island where he gets to spend rest of his life for few years before he shows up in a UFO. This is very common, most of the high profilers who are thrown behind bars are either confirmed dead, no one gets to see his dead body or never seen again in cell or heard off once these high profilers go to cell after few days or max a week they disappear.. They all end up on their long term vacation dream island protected by US and UK Military owned by Elites.

  41. Yeah the conspiracy is how he got less jail time, not how he committed suicide 24 hours after the court documents were public, was taken off suicide watch 2 weeks after his first attempt, camera footage is missing due to a “glitch” and how he would testify against many powerful people who all have the wealth and connections to kill him. The fuck?

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