Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead, Conspiracies EXPLODE

So Jeffrey Epstein, the alleged sex trafficker
who was accused of course, along with Donald Trump raping a 13 year old girl was found dead in
his jail cell of what’s being called an apparent suicide. And of course the conspiracy theory surrounding
his death predictably and just instantly exploding a disclaimer once again, this story in all
of the ones related to it or last week’s shootings and all of this stuff will be fully demonetized
by youtube as they have been, uh, for the entire week. Consider supporting the work we do directly
because Youtube has determined that all of these stories are not add or brand safe. Uh, Epstein was arrested and awaiting trial
on charges of sexually abusing dozens of young girls. Epstein had been put on suicide watch after
being found with what seemed to be a self inflicted wound then was taken off of Suicide
Watch 12 days before he was found hanged in his cell. Why he was taken off of suicide watch is currently
unclear. That’s becoming part of the conspiracies surrounding
the conspiracy theories surrounding this. And, um, the, I mean we have to start sort
of unpacking it with the logic of the conspiracist. Uh, one of the ideas is he was taken off of
suicide watch so that he would kill himself or it wasn’t really suicide. He was taken off of suicide watch to create
a cover for someone to murder him and then for it to be called a suicide because he was
taken off of suicide watch anyway, one way or the other. Immediately a whole bunch of elected officials
won an investigation. This includes senators, this includes Donald
Trump’s attorney general, William Barr and others. And of course Trump’s justice department being
the department that will now carry forward whatever investigation is going to take place
is extraordinarily problematic according to many because of the connections between Epstein
and Trump in and of themselves. Now I have to tell you the main conspiracy
sort of doesn’t make it that much sense in terms of motive, given that it is much more
complex than the simplest murder hypothesis that exists. Or let me put it a different way. The idea is Epstein was about to pull Trump
into the mess documents might show that Epstein was recruiting young girls at Mar-a-lago,
or there might’ve been something revealed related to the girl that Epstein allegedly
raped who was also allegedly raped by Donald Trump when she was 13 years old at the Manhattan
Condo of Jeffrey Epstein’s. So the idea is let’s silence him. Let’s arrange for him to be killed. But step back for just one second. Believed child abusers are not treated well
in prisons and jails. They are some of the primary targets of violence
outside of gang-related violence in jails and prisons. If you want to go in the direction of this
wasn’t suicide, it was murder, which by the way, I’m open to, I’m not dismissing this
by any means. You don’t actually need to go to, it was a
political murder involving Trump or whoever else. Child sex abusers are targeted in the prison
system and it requires far fewer explanations and assumptions other than why was he taken
off of suicide watch if indeed that is part of the entire circumstance. Now, of course immediately people are coming
up with conspiracy theories that make no sense for me. If you say, imagine this wasn’t a suicide
and it was a murder, who is most likely to have done it? Let’s explore that. I’ve already said, if you look at a history
of how this works in prisons, people in the prison system who go after child molesters
would be like the number one culprits in my mind. Second, it would be something related to Trump
or mar-a-lago because of those connections, but right wingers heard about this apparent
suicide and immediately said, oh, it’s related to dems or Hilary or something related to
pizza gate or Bill Clinton was once in a picture with Jeffrey Epstein. This is another Clinton body count person
or whatever. Epstein was super rich. Everyone in power knew him. Pictured with Bill Clinton pictured in many
pictures with Donald Trump, but we have specific allegations that Donald Trump raped a girl
that Epstein also raped at Epstein’s Manhattan Condo. If we are simply theorizing, I have no idea
why you go to the Clinton’s before you go to Trump. Not to mention Trump has a long history of
centralizing his own daughter. He’s on video with Epstein evaluating the
attractiveness of girls at a party. And by the way, if Bill Clinton or the Clintons
in general are so powerful as these conspiracy theories require them or imply them to be,
why weren’t they able to just manipulate things and get Hillary Clinton elected? That is not one that they will often answer. Uh, one idea that’s been floated, uh, is Epstein
staged the first suicide attempt. In other words, the first suicide attempt
was not really a suicide attempt. It was Epstein knowing that he was potentially
in danger doing something to get himself put on suicide watch. And that, that wasn’t enough. That’s another idea. Genuinely, I have no idea what happened, but
I was not shocked when over the weekend I heard that he was found dead in his cell. I want to hear from you. What do you think happened here? Let me know. And ideally maybe try to support it with some

Maurice Vega

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  1. This is another one where Clinton and Trump are on the same page.
    Stop giving Bill a pass because he's a dem.

  2. Given the clients of Epstein… no boys? A whore house on a island… 😂😂😂😂😂 they can't sai No … for the richest clients there is no no .
    Snuff party's?? Everything goes!!!! ARABIAN prince.. look at our menue.

  3. I mostly agree with you except on the fact that its likely he was killed by an inmate who was mad about what he did and heres why.

    If the death was immediately suspected to be a murder, than him being killed by an inmate would have been likely. But if he was killed, it was staged to be a suicide. I just dont buy that an inmate not only killed him, but made it look like a suicide.

  4. The former Gambino bean counter noted that Gotti, who did time both in the jail’s 9 South and 10 South units, its most secure wings, still managed to get his favorite steak dinner sneaked in: “He had Peter Luger’s whenever he wanted.”
    Kasman said he heard US Attorney General William Barr personally made a hush-hush trip to the MCC two weeks ago, about the time Epstein was found in his cell with bruises around his neck.
    “When does that happen?” he asked. “The attorney general never visits jails. Something’s not right there.”
    Kasman said the facility was “totally disgusting — worse than Guantanamo Bay.”
    “There are roaches crawling all over you — in every orifice — when you sleep. The Bureau of Prisons’ answer to that is that they can’t spray. It’s toxic.”
    Reps for the jail did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

  5. My family has worked in the prison system most of my life. They worked as corrections officers up to assistant Deputy warden. There's no way Epstein had access to anything to hang himself. He wouldn't have been allowed sheets. The blankets he would have had access to wouldn't be capable of hanging him. Even after he was taken off suicide watch. He still wouldn't or at least shouldn't have had blankets that could have done that.

  6. Elites hang in the same social circle and aren't as adversarial as the public think. Epstein's death was probably a huge relief for a lot of the elite. Regardless of political affiliation.

  7. The missing VIDEO is the totally damning evidence. Neither Epstein nor the other inmates turned off those cameras. Those cameras were on and SOMEONE had to give the order to turn them off. I can't say WHO did it, but you can start with whoever turned those cameras off.

  8. There was an anonymous email sent to Jimmy Dore from the jail and he(?) said that a vehicle had shown up at 4 am (2 hours before the 6:00 am cardiac arrest call for Epstein) to move someone off site. Nurses and staff were not allowed to approach the truck, plate numbers were not allowed to be written down. I bet he's in some other country drinking a beer.

  9. He's not dead. This is a deflection so he could be returned to his Zionist Israel. He's now currently getting facial reconstructive surgery and planning on making a comeback. Tbc

  10. Honestly, he was too much of a liability.

    But I think he just had to get out of life, he felt too ashamed or depressed because he finally ended up on the lowest plank of society.

    Also the “Trump has a long history of sexualizing his own daughter” got me… the first time I saw Ivanka on stage with her Da I thought: “yep, she was abused in her youth”

  11. David they literally tried to get Hillary elected by rigging the primaries against Bernie and through the pied piper strategy what r u talking about.

  12. Jeffry Epstein was close to giving up the true masters behind all the evil and corruption, but was suicided before it was allowed to happen.

  13. Has anyone reliable actually seen the corpse of Jeffery Epstein? And has anyone actually seen anyone that is actually reliable?

  14. His suicide case reminded how Marilyn Monroe "committed suicide"… In some article I read decades ago saying that she got poison shot in her arm pit.

  15. Hi is not dead ….. That body they showed being taken out on the gurney was not him. Have a close look at the picture. When have you ever been shown the body the deceased and yet we see him on his way to the hospital as he was supposedly still alive at this point and died in hospital later?

  16. The primary problem with this death is there are so many that have a motive. In one of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes short stories there is a blackmailing scumbag, where Holmes breaks in to secure the compromising document – and then a scorned woman attacks the scumbag with vitriol – while Holmes burns all the blackmail materiel. And decides not to do anything about the the attacker.

    The inexplicable lapses of security could have a twist to it: Namely that the cell mate put to prevent suicide could be an attacker – and he was pulled from suicide watch – simply because they could not find anybody that would NOT kill him – for love or money.

    They will probably find that someone also erased the surveillance video's or copied another days surveillance.

    This is truly a murder/suicide case where nobody is interested in finding the culprit. Any witnesses are liable to be highly unreliable – and unwilling to testify. Indeed the FBI is happy he is dead, so they can search various locations of his without a search warrent that might be contested.

    The only thing that surprises me is not conspiracy theories – it is that assasins from various conspiracies did not get stuck in the cell door – competing with one another to get to this vile person first. It must have been a pretty nifty piece of planning to see who would get the honour – and who should be the patsy for the murder. Unfortunately Kuklinsky is dead.
    Again there was nothing to be gained by having Epstein as a colaborating witness, as it would inevitably lead to a harsher sentence because so many more of his crimes would be uncovered – by sheer necessety.

  17. I'm baffled that no one has commented of "Faking his Death". It wouldn't be the first time a rich and powerful person does it. Mexico's very own "El señor de los cielos" did it, why couldn't Epstein? He's probably laughing his ass off as we try and figure out who killed him. No body, no death. I haven't seen any proof of the body… anybody?

  18. I think the first so-called suicide attempt was more of an attack that he survived but wasn’t quite so lucky the 2nd time.

  19. I assuming there must be video for security reasons at a prison.. that should show .. if anyone tried to get into his cell with him or whatever else..

  20. A country dumb enough to elect Trump stupid enough to believe Epstein committed suicide- Michael Moore

  21. Ever seen Breaking Bad? One thing that is true about that show. Rich and powerful people pay prisoners or guards to kill people they need to shut up all the time. Well, maybe not all the time. But it does happen. You don't think someone, or a group of someones, would pay top dollar to get rid of him?

  22. They could keep El Chapo and terrorists alive and they could not keep this dirtbag alive. Epstein had ties to both Clinton and Dump. The ruling American oligarchy is debauched and I would not put murder beyond them. At best this is murder through incompetence. We need a full investigation. We are ruled by the least among us.

  23. I hate it when conspiracy theory words are used , people take what is said differently seriously , when an investigator investigates you dont call that conspiracy theory . This is so ridiculous because we all know its a totally fishy story You should first find out of he is really dead . I still doubt he really is . Second when Trump screams something and accuses others, its mostly something he did himself. If nothing comes out of the so called investigations , then its all a cover up I saw somewhere a former inmate , of that prison say , that in those cells you cannot , i repeat cannot kill yourself , so ……..

  24. I am sorry about this, but I think that this is just a suicide. From everything that I have seen or read in the news, Epstein was a man that could talk or charm his way out of trouble. He always got away with it. I think that this time there was nowhere he would get away. His dirty deeds were going to be exposed to the world. His public persona was of a charming rich dude that took a hit for his last brush with the law. His last case he got a sweet deal. He was not going to get that since it would not be politically acceptable to do nothing, but to throw the book at him. He is involved with child prostitution and his friends are people like Donald Trump. That alone is a death certificate for anyone. He knew that none of his powerful friends would help him, so he took the easy way out.
    No conspiracies beyond the incompetence of the people running the prison.

  25. I believe he was murdered. To many very rich people wanted him to go away and stop investigation into the world wide sex trafficking ring.

  26. This is a pedophile ,deep state assissination. The law enforcement ,judiciary political elites , main stream fake media are all so dirty time to bring the system down let it burn , The corrupt dirty FBI is now searching the island and they will say Nothing here folks. What a blatant joke. The world is looking on and laughing at the owned corrupt dying Americana banana republic empire

  27. Someone (former inmate) detailed how hard it is to kill ones self inside that prison. 8 foot ceilings, paper thin sheets, etc.

    My best guess as to what happened was that it was the guards or another inmate. . . with incentive. I would say investigators should look at the bank accounts of anyone (and their family members) in his vicinity at the time of death.

  28. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to find his death suspicious. I find it suspicious, and I don't subscribe to any conspiracy theory. I think it needs an independent investigator. Barr is obviously someone with zero integrity, and any investigation with him involved cannot be trusted.

  29. True spineless creature you are mr pakman… disregarding the Clinton’s as a possibility so quickly while ironically criticising the right wingers for jumping to conclusions themselves… David is a true American hating libtard cuck

  30. Who cares. Whom ever did this is a hero. Saved the state lots of money for trials. They just want to know who’s on the client list.

  31. Considering that trump already blames Clinton, it has to be trump. He always blames others for what he himself has or is going to do.

  32. If someone else had tried to kill him on the previous suicide attempt he had plenty of time to tell the world about it. Parsimonious assumption is best until there is evidence he did not commit suicide. He had nothing to live for except a lifetime of humiliation. It was suicide.

  33. It's a good thing that you've been demonetized…your shit ain't kosher bud and that is all you produce on this channel.

  34. Pacman you’re a joke. The clintons did use their power to try to win the election they just failed probably cuz hhhey were so cocky. They rigged the dnc. That is a clear violation of our democracy and you guys go on and on about how trumps doing it, yet you don’t seem to care very much that Hillary did it. So hypocritical.

  35. those places have cameras from the entrance to halls…..they can see if that cell opened etc….so I hope the videos are watched and they see the logs of every single person that went to go see him..

  36. This whole thing just shows how corrupt this government is…. it's infuriating cuz there's no justice if you are not molti-rich..

  37. I think tramp the child rapist wants to get rid of this whole thing. Since he viciously raped the 13yr old girl along with his terrific buddy Epstein he wants it to disappear! I hope trump goes to prison for this rape, I hope his "Roy Cohen" AG Barr doesn't n try to make this disappear! Trump needs to be accountable for his actions!

  38. This needs to end with the official autopsy report. That’s the only evidence we will get and will have to accept the MEs report. These conspiracy theory’s are a waste of time and a distraction from urgent issues of the day that we need to address. What do I think? I think a child rapist and sex trafficker is dead and I personally don’t care if he killed himself or somebody else killed him.

  39. Thank You David Pakman for telling the truth about Trump! You are the only person that talks about this rape of the 13yr old girl inflicted by Donald Trump!

  40. David Pakman pretend to not know that Epstein have ties with Mossad/CIA.
    How can a Mossad/CIA asset be killed by a random guy?

    David is a retard or disingenuous.

  41. The real life Happy! story, hehe…
    I do hope that his wealth is redistributed to victims and not just pocketed by the government…

  42. The first avenue of investigation ought to be from the prison officials, they should be held on trial under oath to explain why this man was taken off suicide watch and why he wasnt checked on every 30 minutes as protocol for the prison states

  43. Did anyone really think he was going to be served Justice … come on is America that
    Gullible…. Then again you did elect trump

  44. On the plus side a scum bag is dead and taxpayers don't have to pay for his housing and meals forever. Plus they can still go after his co conspirators.

  45. I wasn't shocked, and was expecting this. I aligns perfectly with a cover up. Trump and Epstein shared a rape victim, Bill Barr's father sheltered and enabled Epstein at a school, and Trump partied on pedi-island with Epstein's cabal. However, if they did organize it, then they inadvertently allowed investigators to pursue and prosecute anyone flagged in the evidence because there are no lawyers to block the evidence.

  46. I like how right wingers associated Bill Clinton with Epstein and conviently forget Trump's association with the gang rape of that little girl

  47. There's nothing alleged about Jeffery Epstein. He was charged and convicted in Florida. His good luck he had a couple things going for him at the time, both rich and white. His bad luck there are still some in America who believe in justice. His worse luck some very rich and dangerous people were involved with him.

  48. here is the problem that i have with any of the conspiracy theories. 

    You think rich, powerful people would make it look THAT obvious? You think they would be this sloppy knowing full well who this guy is? You think they would make it that easy to break it down for everyone to go, "yea, he didn't commit suicide. That's just a no brainer."

    And even if it were true. That they were this sloppy, or they just made it that obvious just because…Then just imagine the implications of that. It would be hard to believe that we are anything but completely useless/pawns moreso than what a lot of us already believe.

  49. Let's not forget…. Bill Barr's father had a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein Also…. Could Bill Barr be EVERYONE'S Fixer ?!…. He's not the AG… he's the Cleaning crew.

  50. A guy who had relationships with Clinton, Trump, Prince Andrew, politicians, wealthy business men, judges, movie stars and other elites is found dead after questions start to arise about evidence that might implicate those people in his crimes… my guess is that a lot of stuff recovered is going to go "missing". People will just move on because there will be NO evidence and believe that that proves there never was any to begin with.

  51. It makes me think of a popular food chef who supposedly commit suicide but coincidentally did not like the occupant of the white house and said so and had great ratings while promoting racial and cultural understanding

  52. To all people of conscious, Its an urgent cry of help for people of kashmir, who have been besieged by one million strong indian army .They have been cut off from the rest of the world. Internet is cut off, landline is down,no mobile, massive incarcerations.
    There is a soldier on the front of every house. Indian soldiers are on the rampage of killing, rape and abduction of kids. Its been 11th day, curfew is still in place. people have no food for babies, milk ,medicine for patients,
    no insulin. Indian politicians publically are promising Fair skin girls from kashmir to their supporters. India is currently run by fascist RSS. stop this ethnic cleansing.

  53. That is a brilliant realization. If the Clintons are really so powerful and evil, why isn’t Hillary Clinton president? And for that matter, how come Donald Trump has dodged every charge, he has invaded impeachment, like he’s the antichrist and can’t be touched, but Bill Clinton was impeached? if you have the power to execute a murder like this, you have the power to make sure you get elected president, especially when you won the popular vote.

  54. Accused of being raped by Donald Trump who later admitted she lied about Trump because Trump was not even in the same state at the time OK !!!! So lets start again/ Jeffrey Epstein who ran the Lolita Express which was a pedophile plane going to and from his Pedophile island purely for the use of Democrat politicians. The Lolita Express that the democrats AND the mainstream news media DENIED existed for 30 years no matter how many Republicans stated that it was real. Remember Alex Jones did story after story on this !!! I'm really surprised this guy wasn't found with 2 bullets in the back of his head like most people who defy the Clintons. His customer list will be hidden from the voters just like the D.C. Madams client list because it contained nothing but Democrats and Socialists. What's wrong David are you afraid your name is on Epsteins client list ????

  55. The original suicide watch is suspicious, too. Is there objective medical evidence of those marks on his neck? It could have been faked to make the later "suicide" seem plausible. But nothing in that man's "bon vivant" nature points, even slightly, at being prone to suicide. His services were highly valued, so when he had to be gotten rid of, why not fake suicide and use the witness protection program to give him a whole new life? The entire Justice system is controlled by fascists. When it became threatening that he was arrested, they'd prefer to fake his suicide than actually kill him, although they certainly wouldn't be above doing that. Genuine suicide seems to me the LEAST LIKEY explanation. All the convenient "coincidences" that hang together to avoid proving to us that any suspicions we had might have weight. They protest too much, went too far out of their way to make evidence un-gettable, so it becomes more likely a fake suicide or murder. Too many convenient coincidences point to the unreality of their explanation.

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