Jarrett on the latest from the Trump impeachment inquiry

Maurice Vega

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  1. More Than Half of the amazing people he hired are in jail or fired… by and or because of trump, is that what you call draining swamp. Anyone who voted for him should be Ashamed of themselves.

  2. So if they didn't do anything wrong, why are they blocking any sort of attempt to find out the truth? If you didn't cheat on your girlfriend, then why can't she see your phone? Please Republicans don't tell me you're truly stupid enough to believe these guys.

  3. Due to the annoying ads for CARVANA which interrupt my viewing pleasure, I will NEVER use anything CARVANA.

  4. Joe, I'll bet your horrified right now, you
    messed up and started throwing rocks in your dam glass house, don't you
    understand joe, this guys a power" a godsend" when people show up at
    just the right time in history to ""combat history-changing
    circumstances"" Joe, "I take notice joe", and u all should,
    can you imagine what could have taken place to us if Mr. Trump hadn't been
    chosen by God to put down this insurrection, and I'm not religious, but I've
    been around for a while and this is prophetic and nothing short of miraculous,
    if I was a political opponent I'd be on his side working to make this whole
    country rich unified and happy, because if your not, you can go with the rest
    and get a real job, I understand Wal-mart Hires Felons and Democrats.

  5. Democrats look the other way on: Obama, Clinton, Biden, Schiff…these people are COMPLETE LIARS and this "Impeachment Inquiry" is making a mockery of our Democratic Republic!

  6. Haha trump is a delusional dimwit…double Deficit dontard had this coming.
    How can a president have such a low IQ ??☺️☺️☺️

  7. Your at muder of Bone struckersure mudered in Cold blood struckersure muder Des Moines NY Police station people population of the world

  8. He chose not to investigate until Biden was beating him in the polls. I guess Trump derangement syndrome means you believe what Trump says.

  9. There's ample evidence to arrest & indict. I can only think they are waiting on Fisa which will fit neatly into the jigsaw, linking the Russia hoax, Ukrainian hoax & Fisa together.

  10. This is the latest on the so called Democrat impeachment of president Trump because it's only Democrats doing it. The latest is it's still a lie it's been a lie and always will be a lie. It's time for the lie to be put down.

  11. Trump, Giuliani, committing crimes faster than Fox News can spin them! This is fantastic. Trump brought a swamp with him!

  12. It's a sick society that applauds this kind of lunatic behavior just because he has an "R" after his name. Mr Trump said " I will run as a Republican because they are the dumbest group of voters." So there is the one thing he didn't lie about.

  13. Oh boy, I'm worried…Jarrett indicated that it was Barr who urged Trump to talk to foreign leaders to get info. on the Russia Hoax but…was this a setup (by Barr) to get Trump into trouble? It seems to me Barr's DOJ is proceeding, well, pretty much like the same corrupt DOJ under Obama–namely, if you have an (R) next to your name you are targeted for extermination, but if you have a (D) you can do whatever you want with no consequences…I'm becoming worried that Barr is Deep State and setting up Trump.

  14. The REASON why nothing happens regarding the claims of Hannity, Tucker & Hilton is because they're always premised on LIES. That's why no one will be prosecuted on so-called FISA abuses. For one thing, the STEELE DOSSIER was NEVER DISCREDITED, the majority has proved out. Also, Mueller found BOTH COLLUSION (over 140 mtgs despite DJT original claims "NO MTGS W/ RUSSIANS") & OBSTRUCTION (8 Counts), no matter how FOX MISLEADS its viewers. ALSO, engaging individual British Christopher Steele to gather op research, is not the same as enlisting the same from a FOREIGN ADVERSARY… In a nutshell, DJT & FOX FORGET our FRIENDS in order that WE TRUST our ENEMIES… (WHY HAVE RUDY DO YOUR BIDDING INSTEAD OF YOUR OFFICIAL STATE DEPT UNDER POMPEO?)

  15. Jarrett, why can't lawyer bring the case to the supreme court where they can plead for a permanent injunction on the impeachment bruhaha? BRING THE IMPEACHMENT ISSUE TO THE SUPREME COURT! gosh!

  16. The property developer is Turkishbillionaire Aydın Doğan, in a license-partnership with American businessman and current United States President Donald Trump.

    Wikipedia › wiki › Trump_Towers_…

    Trump Towers Istanbul – Wikipedia

  17. Trumptards unite! Continue to hate and lie and perpetuate debunked conspiracy theories on you election rival's family.

  18. Dems …secret meetings…next secret police … hotline to report supporters of trump…firing squads…sounds like coup to me. Why is trump not pulling the TREASON CARD on dems? They certainly deserve it !

  19. This is the last democratic fart last guess it’s over folks it’s now the socialist party there is no Democrats anymore and stop calling them Democrats and there’s no impeachment stop calling in impeachment it’s the circus rats of the swamp crying because the swamp is being drained

  20. The American ppl are getting pretty dam tired of charades from the Democrats this is unprecedented and doesn't look good, Mr.Trump should not cooperate with the Dems and maybe just throw all of them in jail, one could only hope.????????

  21. Joe Biden was running a pay for play scheme just like Hillary. Instead of using a foundation to receive money, Biden used his son.

  22. Yes Pres Trump is always winning no matter what the Democrats are bringing on. The Leftist journalists and Jeff Zucker, owners of CNN and other networks, do not want to expose corruption in high places and are helping Obama and the Democrats to achieve their evil agenda in using nations like Russia and China as their playgrounds at the expense of America and the American people.

    God is greater than the Democrats and the Left journalists who support wrongdoings and go against Pres Trump who is backed by God (Romans 8:31). There are serious consequences in God's system whether the wrongdoers like it or not. We are seeing God's system at work today before our very eyes (Luke 12:2). The Bidens cannot escape God's judgment for the wrongs they committed. That is why their hidden wrongs are revealed to us in the last days. The Lord Jesus says in Luke 12:2, "But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known."

    HUNTER Biden is a failure for a grown up man like him. Hunter has no value to guide him in life. His father, Joe Biden, is a failure too with Hunter's upbringing. Joe Biden tries to help this useless son of his but unfortunately in the wrong way where there will be consequences. It doesn't matter why China decided to go with Hunter Biden over more experienced subject matter experts, e.g., Goldman Sach etc. Going on camera to explain Hunter's business connection and resignation, those were just poor excuses that the Bidens came up with for damage control purposes to deceive those public who are without values and a functioning brain. It only deepens Joe and Hunter Biden's wrongdoing.

    If the Bidens have values like the Trump's family, they ought to know that they should not be corrupt from the very start. Again, they have no values. Pure excuses for their wrongdoings cannot clean away their sins because there are serious consequences in God's system whether they like it or not. We are seeing God's system at work today before our very eyes (Luke 12:2).

    Joe and Hunter Biden are godless. They are serving the devil. Now Joe Biden is pressing for LGBTQ equality act which isn’t equal at all. Joe Biden and his son keep repeating their sins. Apparently, there is no internalizing nor any learning in their lives because they are corrupt, dishonest and manipulative liars, deceivers and falsifiers just like Satan, the father of lies (John 8:44).

    Democrats and Adam Schiff, the great liar of the Democrats, are always trying very hard to right their wrongs (sins). Democrats need to wake up from their infantile stupidity to side wrongdoers, like Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, blindly. To right a wrong never works. God's judgment will come around and He cannot allow wrongdoers to go unpunished because He is a just God and a just Judge Himself.

  23. Jarrett….or ….your friend's overbearing dad that you're always trying to avoid. …(Stephen Colbert style)

  24. The next step?
    Trump encourages civil insurrection in America to divert attention away from the disastrous war in the Middle East, which he created to divert attention from his treasonous activity in The Ukraine, which was to manufacture dirt on his political rival.

  25. The People are being left out of this process. The House of Representatives is just that….a body of Representatives of THE PEOPLE. America's Representatives are being silenced! The Voters are being surpressed as our Representatives are being silenced! This will not stand!

  26. If trump is innocent you would think he would want to be investigated to clear his name, but that's not what he has done. extra proof he is guilt.

  27. Corrupt Democrats are going to open a pandora's box they wished they kept closed. This is the most corrupt, incompetent and dangerous Congress in U.S history.

    "Enemies both Foriegn and Domestic" that means Congress, We the People might have to step in and settle this ourselves.

  28. Well…
    One serious question!?

    Why on earth would anybody, let alone conservatives think that mr. trump is a great president.??? ?
    I mean seriously…
    Financial responsible politics …? NO
    Moral Compass ..? NO
    Strengthen the economy..? NO
    Reducing taxes for low income and middle class Voters..? NO
    Health care for everyone..? NO
    International cooperation with allies and friends around the world …? NO
    Upholding the law and democratic standards ..? NO
    Setting a example for fairness, for a stable society ..? NO


    Only serious answers needed ..!

    Disclaimer : …. I have extended friends and family in the US, Brazil England and Australia…?

  29. Bob Mueller’s witch hunt? He was supposed to tie Trump to a chair? Then throw him over a bridge into a river. If Trump floated ? He was innocent. If Trump sank and drowned? He was guilty! ??????

  30. Why do Republicans always get stuck with Do Nothing Attorney General's here's the Evidence of Democrats that really pulled the Strings all on a Silver Platter and Barr is Kicking the can. Get the Military Police start Arresting these Lying Traitors -Very Frustrating like watching a Train wreck in slow motion and Trump can only take so much

  31. Finally, a man that explains the insanity of Dems and radical leftists, SAD ,they want to overtake our country through coups!

  32. How can this be anything but abuse of power. No evidence of a crime, etc. after three years of investigating this President…..and THEY have nothing.


  34. As a Canadian I would like to ask a question. Why is it that you all are bitching, yelling and screaming about this when a few years ago the Republicans did the same thing to Clinton? Why is it okay to go after Clinton for corruption but not okay to go after Trump? I thought the laws of the USA are not about which party your in but what right for your country as a whole.

  35. Most folks are really pissed off. But not the Dimtards, they have rallied behind 'Liddle Madam Schitt" Castro-Kotez, 2Big Lips Talib, & Momar and ha ha get this…"Big Stacy" is gonna "Rescue", after she finishes the ironin'…

  36. The ever lying shifty Adam fabricated an erroneous and dirty "transcript” of Pres. Trump's call with Ukrainian president (despite receiving the actual
    official transcript of the Trump-Zelensky phone call) to justify an impeachment hearing. And now he has been conducting closed door hearings from subpoenaed witnesses, while not allowing Conservative members of the House Intelligence Committee to subpoena and question witnesses which
    tantamount to a "kangaroo court" found only in third world dictatorships. He had been peddling that “there were ample evidence in plain
    sight” that Pres. Trump colluded with the Russians, which the Mueller Report had readily debunked. He should be expelled from congress and
    charged with TREASON and/or SEDITION for conspiring with the Deep State in an attempted COUP against POTUS.

  37. What are they so afraid of? The Republican majority senate is going to be the Jury at Trump's impeachment trial. An impeachment inquiry has no teeth. So why are you Trumptards pretending like it's a coup? You're like a bunch of spoiled children trowing a tantrum. You only want the inquiry to be public so Republicans can be on camera obstructing proceedings for your reality TV fan base.

  38. THE US CONSTITUTION SAYS, IN "ALL" CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS: the accused "shall" enjoy the right to confront his accuser. It does not say in all judicial criminal proceedings. Impeachment proceedings "IS" such a proceeding.

  39. Of people reading all this stuff could see the PRESIDENT LAUGHING BEYOND CONTROL WHEN THIS STUFF AIRS WOULD BE THE ICING ON THE CAKE. This Congress can do nothing because they have no merit or reasoning in facts for successful actions other than self promotion to delay doing anything else. I think I will mow the yard now. ???. Jack asses

  40. IF people reading and watching all this stuff could see the PRESIDENT LAUGHING BEYOND CONTROL WHEN THIS STUFF AIRS WOULD BE THE ICING ON THE CAKE. This Congress can do nothing because they have no merit or reasoning in facts for successful actions other than self promotion to delay doing anything else. I think I will mow the yard now. ???. Jack asses

  41. Haha, "Who better to explain the impeachment proceedings" than a right-wing pundit who wrote a book called WITCHHUNT. Fox News is so biased it's hilarious.

  42. There must be evidence of something much bigger in Ukraine because every time someone wants to investigate there the Democrats fight tooth and nail to keep it from happening.Let them run their circus cuz their game will be over when Barr and Thurman finish exposing the giant web of corruption by Hillary Biden, obama, kerry, schiff, pelosi, the squad and the rest of Hillary/obama puppets. The DNC is so corrupt that it will take years for much of it to be exposed. Many demo house and senate members have already been caught including a republican. After Barr and Thurman release the reports Mr Trump will be re-elected and he can finish what he started. MAGA TRUMP 2020

  43. Charge Adam Weishaupt Schify, with a FELONY and he can no longer work in the Gov., do it now as we are all being played by a bunch of commie grifters
    and will pay the price for such stupidity and guileless weakness. This
    man Adam Weishaupt Schifty, is a Felon and Illuminaughty and he is
    playing all of us, it's his job he inherited from his dad and his dad
    and his dad, Jacob Schiff hired by Adam Weishaupt, Adam's namesake, to
    take out our economy and pave the way for the Illuminists to and Jesuits
    to take over America like they did France and the other Govs of
    Europe/etc. We are all being played.

  44. "When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get a front row seat." George Carlin

  45. YOU are missing the big STEAL – what did Ukraine & China GET when they bought the BIDENS
    *********************** WORTH A LOT MORE THAN A BILLION$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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