Jamil Favors L’17 – The Politics Certificate

♪[Intro Music] So I’ve always wanted to be a leader— a community leader and I felt that I could either go to law school or I can go get a Masters in Public Administration. I always wanted to be in the courtroom at some point in my life, so I felt what better way then to go to law school and then get a certificate in politics from the Fels Institute of Government. My last class was from six to nine p.m. It was very convenient because I was able to get all of my law studies done and then go prepare for my Fels class and not necessarily interrupt my day. I love taking classes outside of the law school and what I learned is that I wasn’t the only student that wasn’t in the Fels Institute of Government in my classes there. You’d have some students from the MBA program you have some students from the medicine program the nursing program and all of us coming into one room and attacking the same issues or learning the same subject was great because we all had different perspectives, we all had many different ways of thinking and so it just allowed me to just realize my own biases allowed me to realize my own way of thinking and just open my view on other ways of thinking as well. My last class that I took at Fels was called Public Communications and in that class you had to give a speech every single week and at the final you have to give a 15 minute speech in front of the class, so it gave me a chance to get comfortable with speaking in public and a chance to get comfortable with, as the professor Arthur Benedict always says, telling your own story and I was able to tell my own story. Me and my friends — we talk all the time about the classes we’re taking in and out of the law school and we all agree that the opportunity to take classes outside of this law school is just invaluable. You’re paying the same tuition and we’re able to learn so much more outside of just law and use the things we’re learning outside of the law school to complement what we’re learning here and I just feel that that’s unprecedented at any other school and it’s something that everyone should take advantage of. ♪[Music]

Maurice Vega

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