Jake Tapper UNMANS Jim Jordan on CNN

>>The Ukraine call summary really did ruin
the president’s world, right? So over the weekend, all of his Yes Men got
together thriving to help defend Donald Trump, and they failed miserably. So let’s start with the first example. Jim Jordan went on Jake Tapper Show to push
this talking point that the whistleblower has a bias even though, by the way, no one
even knows who the whistleblower is yet. Take a look.>>You had a bureaucrat who didn’t like the
president.>>Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What are you talking about?>>We know he didn’t like the president.>>No, we don’t know that.>>The inspector general says there is an
indicia of arguable political bias, that is Washington speak for this guy didn’t like
the president.>>Actually, let’s go into that, cuz I have
that up here. That says, although the ICIG, that’s the Intelligence
Committee Inspector General’s preliminary review identified some indicia, or his indicia
of an arguable political bias on the part of the complainant in favor of a rival political
candidate. Such evidence did not change my determination
that the complaint related to the urgent concern appears credible. So first of all, that could mean that he interned
for John McCain 20 years ago. We have no idea what it means. Second of all, he says in that same sentence
that it did not change his determination that the complaint is credible. That’s a Trump appointee saying that.>>Look at Jake Tapper tapping into that on-the-spot
fact checking.>>Yeah.>>That’s impressive. And it shouldn’t be impressive, it should
be indicative of how coverage is done. But it’s rare, so-
>>Yeah, so I will tell you about the whistleblower a little bit more, cuz Donald Trump is threatening
him with consequences, literally. And so, just quickly read you a tweet. In addition, he wrote, I wanna meet not only
my accuser who presented second and third-hand information, of course, all in caps. Now, but also the person who illegally gave
this information, which was largely incorrect to the whistleblower. Was this person spying? And that’s also in all caps. On the US president, big consequences, okay. Now, let’s note a couple of things. Whistleblowers are called that because they
have legal protections. They are saying, I think the government is
doing something wrong. I’m not going to leak it. I’m not going to just release it to public. I’m going to follow legal procedures within
the government to be a whistleblower and bring it to the attention of the right people within
the government. So now, Trump and his allies on TV are going,
big consequence, if we ever find that whistleblower. We’re trying to find him, we’re trying to
out him, and he’s gonna suffer for what he did. That’s illegal. The whole point of the whistleblower provision
is that the person noting the government wrongdoing is not punished. That you cannot then fire them, or God, let
alone whatever these guys wanna do, whatever big consequences means from Donald Trump. So what they’re proposing to do is deeply
illegal, to find that someone who told of their wrongdoing and then punish them for
it.>>Exactly.>>It’s a whole point of the statue. Okay, and then one more thing. This is all I wanna face my accuser. Actually, that’s a fair request, then that’s
a thing that is an American jurisprudence. So in order to face his accuser, though, you
have that right when you are at trial. So if you’d like to have a trial, whether
it’s in the Senate or in an actual court, we would love to have you meet your accuser.>>Let’s do it, let’s do it. I’m all for it.>>Your wish is our command. I mean, you’re the president.>>Yeah, definitely. By the way, I just wanna note this for the
record. So there are people on the left right now
who are very vocal in their support of this whistleblower for obvious reasons. You should be supportive of the whistleblower,
and there should be protections for whistleblowers. But note their silence on protections for
whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, or Chelsea Manning. There wasn’t this voracious, not voracious,
vociferous, I should say, vociferous defense of those whistleblowers. Now, they didn’t go through official channels,
but it doesn’t matter, right? What they did was important, and they deserve
the same type of protections.>>So that’s the critique of the Democratic
establishment, and that’s 100% right? Now, the critique of the Republicans is, I
had Edward Snowden on the show last week, and we talked about this. So, the Republicans were like, yes, traitor,
scum. You didn’t go through the right procedures,
you just leaked it and then ran away. If you’ve just gone through the right legal
procedures than been a whistleblower, then we would have found them out and crush them
with big consequences. Wait, which one is it?>>Right.>>Right? You were telling Snowden go through the process. This guy goes to the process. Now, you guys are all cheerleading for Donald
Trump saying, we can’t wait to get this on bitch and hurdle. So, gee, I wonder why Snowden didn’t believe
in this process because of people like Donald Trump and Jim Jordan.>>Now, Jim Jordan’s interview on Jake Tapper
show continues, and he decides to throw more spaghetti up on the wall to see what sticks. And in this case, he argues that there was
nothing wrong with the call in the first place. Tapper calls them out on that, take a look.>>You know why they put it in the classified
server? Because this administration, there was a study,
Jake, right here, done by the Senate in 2017. More leaks in the first five months. State security leaks in the first five months
of the Trump administration than any other administration. They should be putting everything in there
with folks around you who are leaking information.>>I recognize you guys don’t want the facts
coming in.>>No, no, no, no, you got to protect from
the leaks. If I’m the Trump administration, I’d be putting
every communication in this.>>The leaks are of accurate information.>>Yeah, so there’s a couple of different
things there. One is he’s trying to divert the topic, and
Jake Tapper went on to call him out and saying, you’re literally doing exactly what the leaked
Republican talking points told you to do on TV. Right, to go on there and divert the issue. Don’t talk about the substance, talk about
the fact that there was leaks. Second of all, now this is my point. Doesn’t that show general incompetence by
Donald Trump? So I didn’t do the leaks, I didn’t encourage
the leaks. It was Donald Trump’s administration that’s
leaking. So it’s Jim Jordan going out there going,
my president is a total incompetent. So now, we have to deal with his lawbreaking,
cuz he was too incompetent to cover it up. That’s not a great defense.>>Exactly, so then, he goes on to yet another
false claim. And in this claim, he mentions that this is
so stupid. And I’ve heard other Republicans make this
claim. That the whistleblower complaint and the summary
of the call between Donald Trump and Zelensky don’t match up. Take a look.>>I say look at the transcript, and the transcript
gives you no reason to impeach this president, overturn an election where the people spoke,
I think, loud and clear.>>Now, the acting director of National Intelligence,
Joseph McGuire, another Trump appointee, just like the Inspector General, was asked by Congress
about whether or not the transcript matched up with the complaint. Here’s what he had to say.>>I would say that the whistleblower’s complaint
is in alignment with what was released yesterday by the president.>>So that your acting director of National
Intelligence says that the transcript backs up what the whistleblower says. And we also found out that the White House
did in fact take the transcript and put it in this secret compartmentalized and compartmented
computer server to block anybody else from getting it. So those are the two main charges, and they’re
both true.>>By the way, Steven Miller tried this same
argument while he was being interviewed by Chris Wallace, and he wasn’t having any of
it. The summary of that phone call tells you everything
you need to know, and it does match with the whistleblower complaint, period. I mean, they’re insulting everyone’s intelligence. We can all read. We can read both documents, they’re not even
that long, and you can tell that they match. But even if you didn’t have the whistleblower
complaint, and all you had was a summary of that call, Donald Trump asked a foreign leader
to dig up dirt on his political rival in July. Okay, that is a crime.>>If there’s some sort of dispute as to what
happened on the call, there’s a really easy way to to solve this, isn’t there, Representative
Jordan? Why don’t we get the actual transcript of
the call from the secret server? In fact, while we’re at it, why don’t we take
out all the calls that were hidden in this secret server with all the foreign leaders? That way, we’ll have the verbatim transcript,
and it’ll solve all these issues. Cuz you say you’re worried that the description
of the call is not accurate. Well, there is a perfect way to solve that. Donald Trump today could say, hey, get me
those calls. Because Donald Trump has said over and over
again, those calls were perfect. If they are perfect, the transcript is in
the secret server.>>Right.>>Let’s have the actual transcripts. In fact, I’m gonna read you one of Donald
Trump’s tweets here, that I made fun of over the weekend. Because apparently, we’ve all forgotten that
the president is insane. So, all caps with an exclamation point and
quote marks, so he’s quoting himself, yelling into Twitter, okay? And it just says, it was a perfect conversation
with Ukraine president. That’s a tweet. It was a perfect conversation with Ukraine
president, all caps, quotes, exclamation point. Okay, all right. First of all, if you ever met someone like
that in your real life, you’d run for the hills, you’d be like. And you might call 911 like, that guy’s got
somebody locked up, right? So who walks into it? I had a perfect conversation, right, with
anybody, right? So, but relevant to this is, if you keep saying
it’s a perfect conversation, wonderful, give us the transcript. We’ll see if it’s perfect or not. I’m not the one saying that it’s perfect. I’m not the one saying that it’s misaligned
from the whistleblower complaint, you are. Give us the transcript, and give us all of
the transcripts of your secret calls that got stored away in the server for being potentially
illegal. We didn’t do that, you did that. You can release them, do it today.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Little known fact, but Edward Snowdon couldn't go through the 'proper channels' because he was only an NSA contractor. The Whistleblower Protection Act is only applicable to federal employees, not contractors, so there were actually no legal channels for Snowdon to go through other than raising the issue with his NSA bosses on whom he wished to blow the whistle. As a result, he sat on his information for years until things just got so bad he couldn't keep quiet any longer.

  2. When I see Miller I think I'm at a funeral. He could pass as the Undertaker with this permanent persona of gloom written all over his face.

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    Hilarious listening to Jake Tapper try to downplay Joe Biden admitting on video a Shakedown of the Ukrainian government with US taxpayer money.🙈🙉🙊 all weekend all the major networks except Fox spent only 46 minutes on creepy Joe Biden.
    And the rest on Trump's legitimate phone call and The Whistleblower that doesn't exist….
    Hear no evil see no evil speak no evil from the fake news when it's one of their own.. the fake news of omission this is why they are the number one enemy of the public and this country….

  8. This Jim Jordan is nothing but a big mouth asshole!!!! He should go out to explain his illegal action he should be punished for his ignorance while letting a coach he working with rape/ molested the team members he knew and did nothing!!!

  9. Why wont Trump release the transcript?

    He says he's innocent? So why not "shut the Libs up!" and release it?
    You have the opportunity to say "Ha ha! See, it was a perfectly legal call!".

    Why wont you release the Transcript and shut us all up? Unless you're hiding something? wink wink

  10. Of course the whistleblower is biased, they aren't bowing to their supreme leader and how dare anyone not bow to Trump

  11. Trump tried to incite his base to violence against the whistle blower by saying, he's "almost a spy. You know what we used to do with spies and treason when we were smart." Trump put the man's life in jeopardy. The New York Times didn't help. There's a reason for whistle blower protection, and Trump has decided to test the ultimate reason.

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  18. There are no votes in the house on impeachment therefore there is no impeachment.  And Snowden Manning and this person weren't whistleblowers…>THEY WERE LEAKERS AND WHAT THEY ALL DID WAS TREASON!  They all had an obligation to there duty.Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?Why hasn't Nancy put impeachment to a vote in the house?

  19. It does make a difference between leaking info and a whistleblower. The procedures are put there in order for you to even go around your own chain of command.

  20. The impeachment inquiry is another example of power hungry democRATS exploiting the poor… in this case Ukraine… to further there agenda and power grab and blinding the people that watch this dribble… they got you and programmed you… this while Ukraine thing is the end of the DemocRATS run… they have there dirty little fingers on the strings of the poor and desperate country Ukraine and this will all blow up in there faces… this woke crowd needs to stop dreaming or at least stop watching tyt ( I comment on one post and now this propaganda shows up on my suggested videos… sad

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    They may have a weak stomach.

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    Maybe it is good comedy after all. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  30. Everyone watching this should stop and go watch Jimmy dore…. less bias and more critical thinking in his reporting

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