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welcome back to power and politics in the power panel with Brad Lavigne Yolen James and Rachel Curran the political parties of course are gearing up for that election we were just talking about some a little quicker than others see TV is reporting the Conservatives have 313 candidates in place Maxine Bernays Peoples Party of Canada is in second place with 278 nominated the Liberals are third with 221 then it's the Green Party with 134 and finally the NDP with 115 you're allotted I'll start with you is there anything to read into that well I mean there are indicators that it tend to know for election readiness that I'll always look at and candidates are an important one like the Conservatives were very good at getting their message out of having being the front-runner the number of their announced candidates and an increased presence of women that's a positive thing so but among those issues yes you want to make sure you have your candidates ready to go that your leader is ready to campaign but fundraiser is also an important and important factor because yes you want to tell your story and and obviously be able to convince Canadians that you have the best program and policy to put in place but if you have no money to be able to tell that that that's something that can be that can be concerned and I and looking at those factors for conservatives obviously things are going well I would say for the Liberal Party as well considering that they have a different process with respect to nominations as opposed to pointing candidates for jug meat Singh clearly things are a lot more difficult in terms of of those factors and even that that today's headline is that he's only attended one fundraiser you shouldn't be on defense mode right now you should be showing people that you're ready to go and to convince people to make you the next prime minister of the country Brad what do you read into the stats and I mean what what Yolande is referring to as an article from HuffPost Canada via Althea Raj who says that that mr. Singh has done one ticketed fundraiser this year in tickets it's rigged $5.00 well the okay let's let's let's certainly discuss that that headline in that story because it gives the impression that he's only been to one fundraising event since January that is patently false I know two friends in Toronto who have held events at their own homes for friends and and folks neighbors at which at which funds were raised the difference here in this is this is actually in the story but it's lost because the headline is so fundamentally torqued is that the New Democratic Party of Canada has chosen not just to hold events at which you pay for access that is that you can come and meet the leader sit down with the leader talk policy ask questions and you don't have to give them sixteen hundred dollars let you do for mr. shear or for operation says we bring donors and supporters together to speak with him ask him questions and listen to his vision we don't believe anyone should have to pay admission for this you don't you don't have to pay yet yet at just two just two friends of mine in the in the in the in the Toronto area tens of thousands of dollars are raised at these events but they're not the same as the Liberals who actually also in this story talks about how you can pay $1200 to meet with one of the ministers now that's that's a fundamental difference so it would do it would I like more money in the bank for jug meetings camping absolutely but from time to time there are principles that that you that you stand by and you say we're actually going to invite people to meet little the leader and we're gonna we are gonna raise funds from those but you don't have to pay to meet your leader and that's a fundamental difference between the New Democrats and the other parties but does that mean that the New Democrats ultimately end up raising less money I mean right now they are raising less right now I I wish it would work but you know but at the same time though you know full well that you know to meet with a minister of Trudeau's government you got to pay couple hundred bucks or whatever they whatever the price is to be fair there has been a lot of questions about cash for access but that's not the case with every not said case that's not the case in every case or every fundraiser either it's not to be fair there have been questions about it but it's not always like I look Rachele in here guys are run out of time but that's a valiant effort by Brad but the reality is no one wants to pay to see drug meeting like I don't want to be mean about it but he's not able to raise money because people aren't willing to pay sixteen hundred dollars to go hear him he's done a terrible job of outlining his vision for governing about why he's running about why he wants to be the prime minister in the national leader and that's why the NDP are lagging so far behind in fact in most polls they're lagging behind the Green Party that's not well look I like trial I look I like truck meat saying I like that I'd like to see them do better but the reality is they are not connecting with voters and they're not able to charge for these fundraisers because no one's going to go to them is that it but but what about to play devil's advocate is it I mean this idea of having to pay to meet the leader is that it is there is there some sort of a defense there I take your point obviously well I think yeah I think you want to pay to hear the leaders vision in the context of an election campaign these folks are now all running to be the prime minister of the country yeah you want to hear them outline their vision for the country and what they're proposing to do if you elect them to that position so I think it's fair enough to charge some kind of fee for that I think that's very different from cash for access to government ministers which we've seen the Liberals do repeatedly but I think the context of an election campaign is this a bit different yeah I take your point on the cash for axis you'll and I'll give you the final word however there is a different level of trend I mean given the scrutiny and the controversy that ensued over cash practice at least there's a there's a different transparency around reporting those and allowing media access to them okay so we can have the discussion about reporting those how it happens that the the amount that we charge people for fundraisers and and so forth that's that's one thing but to to say that the whole reason that there are not raising money or that Jugni cincuenta one fund raisers because look an NDP has just totally changed their whole strategy and that they're not charging people for money anymore I don't think that anybody or is it because we want to be able to do that I'm sorry if you look at whether it be the Prime Minister himself or even go down the list of ministers in the current government's and do activities yes their fundraising activities but they're certainly especially criticized even by a a lot of people for being very accessible to the to the public free of charge for a number of events so I mean if jug beating is having difficult raising money that's one thing at least come out and say that and that happens in histories of the party Liberal Party of Canada's had their had their just struggles to but don't deflect that on on other parties fundraising all right I don't think that's I gotta go I'm out of time thank you everyone thanks to the pound all thanks to Brad Levine yo Longines and Rachel Curran hi I'm Vashti Capello's host of power in politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC news channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching

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  1. Last time(South Burnbay) your polls told Liberals had a chance but even then Jagmeet won with a full blow!
    Common people have grown mentally now I don't think his policies are anywhere wrong that force me not to vote for him!

  2. Great to hear that Maxime Bernier and the People's Party of Canada have the 2nd most candidates. If you want real change instead of a continuation of the Liberal/Conservative merry-go-round, vote PPC! See for yourself how they are different from the major parties at www.compareppc.ca

  3. politicians wearing Religious symbols or openly wearing any item that expresses devotion to a religion does not get my vote.

  4. Good riddance. Party with nothing to offer to the middle class. Only platitudes and hand gestures. Party of empty.

  5. White Canadians will vote based on colour and religion.jagmeet is a Sikh that's why whites will not vote for him because he is not a white Christian.

  6. They need a new leader, guy was all show with no real substance. Nobody for the working people's party wears a Rolex, come on.

  7. The truth is Canadians won't let a sikh Indian who wears religiously symbolic clothes become their leader.

  8. NDP = suicidal platform for what's left of the economy after Trudeau? Free give aways and who's left to actually put back into the system.

  9. I'd like to see a shift towards public financing of elections and away from private fundraising events. Our politicians represent their rich doners and not the people who voted them into office. If everybody gets $100 – use it or lose it – from the government to support whichever candidate they want, then we can put a ban on these fundraisers and become a real democracy.

  10. Nobody is going to vote for him because he's a brown and wears a turban. Not trying to be mean but that's the reality.

  11. Who cares about the NDP. Vote for a real third party apart from the two party system we have now – vote for the PPC:

  12. Don't waste time with NDP because it's platform is blank and vague, NDP doesn't even know what it represents.

  13. Paying to meet a leader is actually very rude…. most families can’t afford a vehicle yet alone a fee to meet the prime minister to try and get change or light shined on a certain area where our country needs to help.
    Canada’s rich keep talking like the money is everywhere in every household. When more than half of our Canadian population is struggling being below middle class thanks to further pushes in the wage gap.

  14. I am genuinely curious who actually donates money to the NDP as the majority of the NDP base are those that love taxpayer handouts. I guess that explains their fundraising difficulties…. There, I solved your news story CBC.

  15. The NDP under Jagmeet Singh dont know who they are. They lost one by-election to the Greens and went into a full blown panic and changed their message overnight. This era of NDP are completely lost and without a fundamental platform.

  16. Oh lawwwwwwd, they put a black woman in there, it will be the end of ya'll. No-one is more bitter, angry, "victimized" than a black woman. Good luck!!!!

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