It’s Election Day! Here’s everything you need about the big races in Louisiana

Maurice Vega

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  1. I dont understand… he says polls say Tinker Bell as a lot of chance to get +51% tonight,

    Then say the early voting was 'much more Republican than Democrats compare to recent years'
    that mean so far its less than 50% vote for democrats, no?

  2. The democrat party has become the globalist lap dog socialist party. Globalist are Anti national sovereignty all the world over, wanting a global totalitarian government making America a subservient vassal nation. A vote for any democrat in today's political climate is a vote against freedom and an independent sovereign America. National issues effect state elections and vise versa.

  3. You have not said one word about what's in the election. Not one proposal. You people will drown in stupidity for the rest of your lives. Here?is everything YOU need to know. Autocorrect is the enemy of the people.

  4. is this main stream media? you can't believe the polls or main stream media. look at California- they cut off the power, then have arsonists start a fire storm. all because out election was RIGGED. don't be like California.

  5. It’s election night in Louisiana and – with the exception of a few all Dem candidate District races and a Runoff for Governor – it looks like Republicans won across the board.

    Gov. John Bel Edwards can thank Pelosi and Schiff for this run off.

    May be other Dem Governors who will also see the consequences of the actions of their “resistance” leaders in DC.

  6. All three of the local news outlets have moved to the left! Like watching cnn now in N.O. All three were throwing excuses on why Edwards didn`t get win out right!

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