It’s a tight race for Mississippi Governor, says Local 24 News political analyst/commentator Otis Sa

POLLS SHOW THE RACE TO BECOME MISSISSIPPI’S NEXT GOVERNOR IS TIGHTENING.. DEMOCRAT JIM HOOD WITHIN THE MARGIN OF ERROR ON REPUBLICAN OPPONENT, TATE REEVES. LOCAL 24 POLITICAL ANALYST OTIS SANFORD SHARES HIS POINT OF VIEW. OTIS SANFORD/REPORTIN G: Of all the words being used to describe the Mississippi governor’s race, tight was not one of them. But in recent weeks, the battle to become the Magnolia state’s next governor has indeed tightened. That’s according to most polls. And also according to actions by the candidates. For most of the summer, Republican Tate Reeves, currently the lieutenant governor, has been considered the clear favorite in red state Mississippi. But Democrat Jim Hood has landed a few blows against Reeves – by painting him as part of the swamp in Mississippi politics. A recent Mason Dixon poll still has Reeves leading – but by just three points – with a margin of error of four points. And yes, we know polls can be deceiving. But the Reeves campaign obviously feels the race is close. Hence the appearances by heavy hitters in national GOP politics. Last week, it was Donald Trump Jr. This week, President Trump will visit Tupelo Friday to campaign for Reeves. And next week, Vice President Mike Pence will join Reeves for a Gulf Coast rally – one day before Election Day next Tuesday. Meanwhile, don’t expect to see many national Democrats stomping for Hood. He is looking to appeal to moderate Republicans – who may be disenchanted with the president – while hoping that loyal Democratic voters – particularly African Americans – turn out in large numbers. The point is, this race has gotten interesting – and tight. And that’s my point of view. I’m Otis Sanford, for Local 24 News.

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