Istanbul election rerun set to be won by opposition in blow to Erdogan

let's start our around the world today with turkey the unofficial results of the rerun Istanbul mayoral election show the opposition candidate has been victorious once again for more on this story and other news from around the world like the tie soccer team that we found last year returned to her home you so you are turkey strong when President did not accept defeat the first time how about now well conn-young the repeat result of Istanbul's mayor election was again a blow to turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the opposition candidate akemim Amole won a clear majority of the vote in Istanbul a Mamola was leading with 54 percent of the votes while the governing party's candidate former turkish prime minister Banali yildirim was trailing with 45 percent in the early returns yildirim considered shortly after the unofficial results were announced the outcome is a blow to her donnas Istanbul is Turkey's largest city that have been governed by his ruling party AKP for 25 years and that's why the ruling party contested the results of the first mayoral election held in March 31st a vote in which M Imola won by a narrow margin those results were not old by the turkeys electoral board after weeks of partial recounts the void of vote raised concerns domestically and abroad about the state of Turkish democracy and whether earth one's party would accept any electoral laws a mamola celebrated his victory in Sunday with tens of thousands of people they gathered across Istanbul chanting mayor again mayor again I won't be governing this city by myself there is no such genius in the world anyway I will take advantage of everyone and with every sector regardless of political affiliation because the ruling party still controls 25 the vegetables 39 districts in a majority and the municipal assembly a mamalu will need their cooperation to govern the city analysts say the change of power will increase pressure on antwon's government which has poorly handled Turkey's economy and international crisis

Maurice Vega

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  1. We re soldiers of ATATURK!! Democrasy won!! Time came to say goodbye to Erdogan, i hope one day we can… Like that..

  2. Attaturk had a slogan once turkey goes muslim it will fall, look at turkey today,radical muslims,mass inflation, country on the edge of collapse. E.u. is sanctioning them,u.s. is sanctioning them. Turkey in edge of a Muslim shithole. Attaturk would have choked edorgen with his bare hands ,and bitch slapped back in 1800s of his turk empire ideology. Edorgen has single handedly stopped his country from entering the e.u. destroying everything had with the u.s. after what 80 years ,and single handedly destroying his country to point of collapse. Good luck Turkey this guy needs to go

  3. Victory for people of Turkey. If Erdogan does not cheat with Dictatorship, then there will be more losses by the AKP and the people will be free of Erdogan.

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