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Hey there. Is Tunisia’s Democracy failing? This is probably the most important question
in the Arab world today, by far. You may be surprised to hear that Tunisia
has a democracy. This has been pushed out of the news by the
more dramatic fallout from the Arab Spring over the last decade, the horrors in Yemen
and Syria, and the machinations of regional and world powers across the region. Nonetheless, 8 years later, Tunisian democracy
exists, in a country that identifies as both majority Arab and majority Muslim. It’s quite an accomplishment. The Arab Spring began in December 2010 when
Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Sidi bouzid to protest government oppression. I still think the Arab Spring is a good thing,
but there’s no denying that it’s fallen into chaos in many places. Tunisia is the exception. On January 14th, 2011, President Ben Ali resigned
and fled the country after 23 years in power. Tunisia had successful presidential and parliamentary
elections in 2014, and free and fair elections to local municipalities in 2018. Tunisia has a mixed parliamentary and presidential
system, with a directly elected president, and like the United Kingdom, prime ministers
who can fall without an election. So we have already seen multiple peaceful
transitions of power. Even more impressive, in 2014, The Islamist
Ennahada party entered into a coalition with the more secular Nida Tounes Party. Ennahada is supposedly affiliated with the
Muslim Brotherhood, whatever that means, and Saudi Arabia really wants to convince us that
democratic government is impossible with that kind of party. For five years now Tunisia has been proving
that it is very possible, and that Arabs can absolutely do better than dictators and medieval
kings. It’s an extraordinary accomplishment. But nobody is happy. The economy is a disaster. A series of terrorist attacks in 2015 and
2016 almost killed the lucrative European tourist market. More and more Tunisians are beginning to wonder
whether this whole democracy thing is worth it. Yippee, they’ve got free speech and assembly,
but living standards have not improved significantly since 2011, and the pace of protest seems
to be picking up. Even worse, under all this stress, it seems
like the Islamist and secularist parties are beginning to do a slow motion version of what
killed Egyptian democracy back in 2013. The Islamist party is a little stronger in
elections, so the secularists have been threatening to declare them a terrorist group. Even worse, the International Crisis group
reports that the secular party is reaching out to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to help them
crush the idea of Islamic democracy. The Islamists are reacting to this poorly
of course, and trying to consolidate power. The elections at the end of this year could
be a disaster. Of course, none of this is any help at all
to the 11 million Tunisians who have been waiting for 8 years for things to get better. So does this mean Saudi Arabia is right? Is Arab democracy impossible? Of course not. The Tunisians have proved that it is possible. The fact that they’ve managed to do this
for 8 years is an extraordinary victory. Even if it does fall apart, the accomplishment
will stand as an example of what’s possible. And if Tunisian democracy fails, it won’t
be the Tunisians fault. First off their neighborhood is a disaster. The old Tunisian dictatorship sat fat and
happy in between two oil rich cointries. Tunisian democracy has not been so lucky. Libya was destroyed by NATO in 2011, and the
international community continues to support differing warring factions. It’s been a constant low level civil war,
and it’s an absolute disgrace for the international community. Tunisia has to deal with refugees, spill over
terror attacks, and obviously has very little useful trade with Libya. To the West, Algeria is in better shape, but
it’s still a rotting oligarchy, reliant on oil prices that have been too low for comfort
for five years now. And Algeria’s teetering oligarchy really
doesn’t want a successful democracy next door either. Last week I used a very incomplete data set
to estimate that since 2011 Tunisia had received somewhere under 800 million a year in aid
from every country and international agency in the world. I contrasted that with the 8 to 9 billion
Euros that Poland gets every year, just from the EU. So after spending some hours with the data,
I have to conclude it’s worse than I thought. There is some double counting in the data
set, and a lot of it is money that’s promised but not delivered. But that’s not the worst of it. Most of this money is loans, not grants. Poland gets this money as a gift in return
for making certain governmental reforms. Tunisia has stricter requirements and has
to pay almost all of this money back. Tunisia’s not a white country, so they dont
get foreign aid. They get foreign debt. As with many countries in trouble, Tunisia’s
most important source of loans is the International Monetary Fund. Back in 2016 Tunisia was awarded a 4 year
2.8 billion dollar loan. Not a grant, a loan. And before they get each chunk of money, the
IMF has to approve their progress. In January the government was trapped between
its promises to the IMF, and a massive countrywide strike led by the country’s largest labor
Union. The IMF is now threatening to withhold the
next chunk of money because Tunisia gave in to the strikers and raised the wages of some
workers. Yup. You heard that right. In the midst of an economic crisis, with runaway
inflation, and the economic collapse of the entire region, the IMF is demanding that Tunisia
pay people less money. How do you think that’s going to effect Tunisia’s
struggling democracy? Now I am no economist, and don’t know enough
to take an opinion on austerity one way or the other, but this policy makes me wonder
if the I international community is actively trying to kill Tunisian democracy. As I noted three years ago, my country, the
United States isn’t any help either. …the state department recently boasted that
the United States has provided more than 360 million dollars in economic growth related
activity, since 2011, including loan guarantees in 2012 and 2014, blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah… That’s a good start, but an average of 72
million dollars a year, and the opportunity to get into more debt is essentially nothing. Compare that to the billions we’ve already
given to Egypt’s restored dictator, or the billions we’ve already spent to make the Syrian
civil war worse. We need to do more for Tunisia. If we’re really serious about Arab democracy,
we will. The US AID website makes it clear how little
the U.S. cares. As Tunisia has racked up successful elections
and peaceful transfers of power, US grantmaking to Tunisia has fallen, not risen. What’s really stunning to me here, is how
little money it would take to make a massive difference. A grant of a mere billion dollars a year,
an 8th of what Poland gets, would be absolutely transformative, for Tunisia, and probably
for the region. Tunisia’s democracy looks to me like it
might be failing, but we could easily save it, for the cost of like 8 fighter jets a
year. And if we could help set up long lasting freedom
and democracy in North Africa, we could avoid the cost of hundreds of fighter jets, over
generations. That’s the opportunity we are squandering
here. The counterargument here is “oh well we
don’t want to create dependency”. If we didn’t want that, then we probably shouldn’t
have destroyed Libya, Tunisia’s next door neighbor. We’ll cover the international community’s
ongoing destruction of that poor country next time. Thanks for watching, please subscribe, and
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Maurice Vega

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  1. I chat a bit about why "white country" is an irritating formulation in this vid's blog post here…

  2. Democracy is just mob rule. It should die everywhere. Itll be dead soon enough in the West, either we take away women's right to vote or the muslims will come in and do it for us.

  3. Just a comment about some of your statements. Tunisia is not an 'arab country', it is an arab state, a cultural dictatorship if you would like to call it otherwise. This is the same thing with algeria and morocco. Forced cultural arabisation for the past almost 200 years and stockholm syndrom for the past 14 centuries lead to this result.

    Tunisia's history stopped with the avent of the plague i.e the arrival of rapists plunderers about 14 centuries ago (aka islam). Since the fall of Ben Ali, the cultural dictatorship is falling apart despite the official forced arabisation policies. Since 2011 freedom has allowed people to start activating their brain and have some critical thinking. They started learning about their history, and yes, that they are not arab and never have been.

    The number of people getting out of islam is massive, and with it they get out of the fake arab identity (as islam is no more than the allegiance to arab supremacism). This shift is getting bigger and bigger as well in algeria and morocco. There is a rebirth of a north african identity, some call it amazigh, but I don't share that opinion, I think it is more the collapse of islam that is making tun/alg/mor going back to their natural orbit i.e the western mediterranean.

    What will eventually happen is, I believe, tun/alg/mor being absorbed into Europe. Taking islam out, there is little difference between an average tunisian and italian or morrocan and spanish.

  4. Question: Why have none of the Arab countries taken in as many immigrants as EU? Especially considering that they're neighbours, had a part in the war, and they supposedly share the same beliefs.

  5. the Tunisian democracy will not fail and will prevail, for so many reasons…
    the Tunisian people will not allow a bunch of corrupt politicians and corrupt political parties to take them back to autocracy or a dictatorship… however, what you said is true, IMF is doing what the IMF does, they are bankers after all ( nothing good can come from bankers, the American people know that first hand ), the EU, USA, China or any other rich country can help of course but at what cost?!! nothing comes for free in this life even less so, money … We as a Tunisians need to find our way to economic growth.
    and believe me, when I say, no one here in Tunisia is waiting for any help from anyone, (with that being said, help, in general, is always welcome from anyone willing to give it, between rich countries, poor ones, between indviduals or instutions or whatever), as Tunisians the only thing we are waiting for is a strong democratic government willing to go up against the old corrupt business owners and fight the informal sector…

    I've been following you channel for some time now, and what I appreciate the most about your views is their impartiality, so rare these days… wish you the best going forward

  6. Could You make a Video about genesis of Libya destruction? I heard the real reason for that was because Kaddafi wanted to introduce own African currency for trading oil, and that could undermine US Hegemony. Is there any truth in that?

  7. I would like this video better If I hadn't noticed a typo I had to correct… five minutes before uploading… three hours ago.

  8. You would have to be extremely naive to think that west cares about arab democracy. Egytian dictators, syrian civil war wahhabist support, taliban support, Saudi monarchy ?

    Secularists seeking help from Sauidi arabia against islamists ? Really ? What they seek is pushing muslim brothers out and establish a western puppet dictatorship that will last 40 years.

    If you want to see democracy, kick out the egytpian and saudi dictators but those are your puppets and you won't.

    I guess people in iraq are having an extremely fun time with their democraticy ( ! ) The only people who benefited from that invasion led democracy was kurds.

  9. Thank you for supporting Tunisia's Democracy Robert.
    Here is some more info for you:
    There was about one million Tunisian working in Libya. After Nato destroyed Libya, these workers came back home and some went to Europe to compound the migrant crisis there.
    Before the destruction of Libya, the Tunisians working there were bringing a few billions/ year to the local economy (not counting the trade between the two countries)
    As for democracy and the Islamists, there is some unique situation over there. The Islamists seem to behave in a more liberal way than the liberals. The mayor of the Capital (Tunis) is a woman that is the Islamist's candidate. When she won, the Liberals opposed her Election, saying that it should be a man who heads the city (now go figure). The Islamists also have a Jewish candidate in some district. It seems like the Islamists party in Tunisia was Hijacked 🙂

  10. As an Iraqi, I compare Iraq to Tunisia, do we really have a democracy, the rulers compared to Saddam's seems "softer" we have some change in gov as no ethnic/religious group can take full control of the region, but that created an inefficient and weak gov that is easily pushed around.

    The corruption, terrorism, deteroriating public services, crime caused alot of ppl not vote the previous election and some started to miss Saddam's dictatorship.

  11. West doesn't want peace in middle east and north Africa. Military complex won't let that happen. Israel won't let that happen.

  12. Algerian are protesting against the old wheelchair president of Algeria, hope algeria can become tunisia 2.0 with democracy

  13. Im glad you keep covering this stuff that noone else pretty much wants to cover, the reason i think imf makes tunisia debted is to fight china's easy loans, but overall it will not work for the country.

  14. Only the not intervention of the military, is what saved the democracy… The corrupted generals are our enemy..

  15. Excellent video. The U.S. should also send advisors and trainers to help them with the terrorists if it really cares about preventing terrorism.

  16. I don't know much except for what you told in this video. But if there country was dependent on tourism then i think IMF is doing a good job because it needs to open up the economy. to give you a parallel look at India in 1991. IMF forced some reform on Indian government result of that was high growth rates in number of sectors of industry. 25 years later India is a much more stable democracy and it getting more stable over time.

    To my mind comparing Tunisia and Poland is a fools errand because neither does Tunisia have access to single market nor does it have the regulatory rules based frameworks of EU. What Tunisia needs is a diverse economy best way to do that is do painful economic reform.

    Furthermore, give Tunisia some credit if it didn't go authoritarian in last 8 years chances are it can survive economic reforms.

    Again, I would recommend the best book on geopolitics The dictator's handbook.

  17. Denmark did not get foreign aid to build a democracy,

    If they cannot do it without money, there are not enough people who want it.

  18. the islamists can block laws in the parliament and force the others parties to add islam in the education program, the muslims brotherhood is less worse than than the saudis but at the other hand they havn't really been runing a country(Khomeini claimed to be a muslim brother but when the muslim brotherhood took power in egypte they didn't engaged in a better relation with iran), what do you think about the IMF? the IMF send official to Tunisia right after the revolution and sold them debts and weird thing they also send official to meet iranian officials right after the JCPOA was signed, Tunisia took some debt that it could not pay back but iran did not(last month iran contracted a debt from russia) the IMF looks more like it is controlled by the west to assert dominance or make sure about the loyalty of a country, Tunis is in a bad state but the west(the europeens) keep selling the arab spring as a good thing just because they managed to controll it and export it, Tunisia is more weak as a state now with less independence , back before the arab spring the leaders of tunisia were mocked and called tyrants just like algeria, it's more like mass manipulation, please make a video about the IMF it looks like a big powerhouse

  19. Oh wow, the region has been so Fucked up, I barely even noticed Tunisia to ever even do any research on it, but wow, what a interesting and we'll thought out video, very well done and on a issue that is very important but is not just barely but not given any coverage at all. Thank you so much like always,

  20. can I just add one thing about Libya, it seems there might be start of the campaign to finally end the war by Hafters LNA by trying to consolidate the gains in the west in the country and finally take Tripoli, especially since there campaign in the southwest went even better than they had ever imagined it without a single shot being fired. The only thing in the way is the Europeans pressure to hold so called elections( just ridiculous in my opinion) but it seems it well beginn sooner than later this year, but my question is; do you think Libya will become a new Plutocratic dictatorship like Tajikistan and Algeria because that's my opinion because Hafters is a symbol now for many Libyan from both the East and West, but he has had to buy tribal loyalty and I feels the new system will just be a upgrade from One man dictatorship (Gaddafi) to Plutocratic dictatorship led by elites around a unifying strong man(Khalifa Hafter and the tribal loyalties he has bought).

    Sorry for the long question but I think since your doing Libya, it well be nice to also make a prediction of what kind of system it may become.

  21. What about all the money the EU gave Turkey over the years? Their economy was doing quite well until the malinvestments got to heavy to handle and yet they still allowed for an Islamist autocrat to take over the country. I'm sorry, I really need to see evidence that a society that takes Islam in any serious way can have a successful democracy.
    There were merchant republics in both Northern and Southern Europe at a time when religious fervor was greater than it is today in the Muslim world. At that same time, the Islamic world was heavily involved in trade. Any merchant republics? Anything approaching it?
    Also, the greatest number of foreign fighters for ISIS came from Tunisia. So, I'm willing to bet that those Islamists there are as bad or worse than the ones in Turkey.

  22. the secularists conspiring with the wahhabist foreign power ? reminds me of here when the islamists and malay supremacists threw their lot in with the communist CCP. to protect them from the 1MDB probe.

  23. And of course we will never hear that on the mainstream news channels because we live in a global fascist dictatorship.

  24. Why the west want democracy in Arab countries??

    I live in gulf Arabia and most people here are actually happy.

    I think the west should mind their business

  25. US goal is not to spread democracy its to maintain its world position and destabalising rivals helps alot. See how they approved of destroying egypts democracy by Sisi. Also we are seeing the weak side of democracy and that its not the be all system that is propagated. Look at europe how most of the far right belief in that man made climate change is fake and vote like it. Also see trump. Its a theater who makes the biggest confincing promises wins or who plays the emotions best. What do most people know anyway what do they know about for instance about democracy is raising taxes better or lowering ? Experts need to rule a country not the ignorant mass or theater guys. No wonder Socrates hated democracy

  26. At the end of the day ask yourself this, would you give the life of your daughter or boy for anothers democracy ? No…so why should others.

  27. Avoid the cost of hundreds of fighter jets? Are you trying to take money out of poor poor Lockheed Martin's mouth?

  28. Lol America invades Iraq 'for democracy' and arms Saudi Arabia and helps crush democracy in Egypt and protects people trying to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Turkey. At the same time offers basically no aid to the only Arab democracy.

  29. Another great vid!! … and I like how you are slowly coming round the the conspiracy way of thinking …..though: "MAYBE they dont really want arab democracy to succeed?" …. "but that would save money on military equipment in the future …." = I dont know if you are "waking up" or doing some light trolling. LOL

  30. Its a small amount but it felt good to donate to one of the best channels on your tube

    Support this man, people!

  31. Slow dance of democratic parties in the middel east is the problem so how can they fix it? Give more explanes.

  32. i'm afraid as much as i have sympathy for tunisia, i still say aid money should be given to other MUCH larger countries like indonesia, bangladesh, nigeria and india. the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

  33. I'll be totally honest with you,Algeria will be another Egypt,that may very well take tunisia's attempt away with it

  34. Do you think an Arab spring style revolution could happen in Russia? Much like the Arab states Russia has a youthful population and a stagnating economy.

  35. It might even have cascading effect in european countries becoming less democratic. For a lot of european countries democracy is still new.

  36. True, democracy is possible in every civilization, country, community and organisation. Democracy is one of the sweetest fruits of the Global Civilization.

    True, Tunisia is under huge pressure.

  37. The problem isnt democracy it is the demographic and economic problems in the Arab World . As long as there is poverty, lack of jobs and a lack of resources overthrowing governments wont fix the Arab World's problems

  38. US not into Tunisia for few reasons , we don't have the oil like Libya , or iraq neither gas like syria so we don't have huge resources .
    also Tunisia not that military country like egypt so you don't expect Tunisia to request or order some fighter jets or bombarding aircrafts , even to public airplanes we don't use boeing we are more into airbus , even the guns also from europe so nothing from Tunisia to make US think about giving money to it .
    US now more into the state of israel and trump giving allthe support to them , you've seen him talking about how US mistaken when they took down saddam hussain and syria today because it becomes and issue to israel now .
    so in the end , nothing can make US into Tunisia for now , in the same time Europe more into fighting inside issues like paying for countries not to leave the EU .
    that's make Tunisia standing alone and that's good but the only " friend " who's giving money is CHINA and we know all how china gives money and if you don't return it they take more than money like companies and much more ( Asia model ) and if Tunisia falls into the arms of china there is no chance to get back to US anymore like few months ago 2 brands of cars from china established in Tunisia and the price is less than US cars even europe cars , and why ? because we pay them the local currency not in $ or € .

    politics in Tunisia complicated more than other countries we have some parties trying to get close to the middle east ( Al Nahdha the islamist party ) , some parties ( Al nida ) is more close to France .

  39. and what's killing the economy inside Tunisia is the war in libya .
    before 2011 , ~0,7M to ~1M+ Tunisians work in libya . so we get the money from the outside and it's like the county not paying a thing for 1M citizens
    after the war we get our 1M citizen back and we get 1M to 1,5M libyan refugee

    did we get money to help them ? hell no
    so we are 11M tunisians here that's black on white but the truth is 12,5M because we have 1,5 libyans not paying tax , not a paying a penny they just consume

  40. there is one other problem in tunisia . we are like loosing our educated ppl very fast .after the revolution more then 95 thsnd expert in many fields have fled the country . it is getting worse every year . i , for exmpl went to germany , many ppl go to france , canada . ppl will be like getting 3 times more what they get in tunisia . 1 euro = 3.5 dinars it is … a disaster . but i realy bellieve in our new born democracy . we dont need soo much foreing help . i bellive we can make it work every one have to give more and to work harder . ohh thanks for the video man . thanks for bellieving in us 😀

  41. Don't forget to make a couple of videos of Morocco and the illegal occupation of West Sahara (former Spanish colony) by Morocco. And I mean "illegal" according to International Law.

    There's a lot of news about the Palestinian but few from the West Sahara and the Saharahuis. Spain is the country that should work to make West Sahara a free and independent state, helping them to the transition. But not, instead we make that problem doesn't exist and we lick the asses of the Moroccan regime.

    Also, Morocco has its own economic and sociopolitical problems. It's a country which is constantly blackmailing Spain and the European Union with the immigration issue and is always receiving more and more money from European funds. But, instead of using that money to make Morocco a better country, they use for the enrichment of the Moroccan elite.

    There's a lot of protests and the youth is leaving the country to Spain and other countries of the European Union.

  42. Wow, big mistake to take money from the I Am Fd. Just like Italy being sucked into China's version of the IMF'd, the Belt and Road Initiative.

  43. how low content with childish imagery and so stupid comments ! is america democratic first to judge others ? with only 2 choices in the table being gay and democratic or being white supremacist conservative redneck republican ? why Americans care a lot of the other regimes of ruling in the world ? thats because they only want to destabilize countries and thrive them from their properties .. also america had destroyed many so called free election democratic nation in latin america when they try to cut links with constructionist right wings backed by america .. in colombia brazil peru chilie argentina and many others .. who are u to preach your retarded system of ruling to the world ! scum nation !

  44. I always said maybe that in order for a democracy to function. It must be independent completely like the US. How can we give the people the free choice with all the economic influences and political ambitions from outside? You're right Tunisia does look like a real hope for Arab democracy. And it's impressive.
    But even when I see talks about the UK wanting to do a second referendum and doubting whether the British people knew their best interest. + the talks about Russian hands in the US elections and how the "delegates" system work there.
    Makes me doubt if democracy is a real thing at all. 😁

  45. Great video but please the idea of Tunisia depends on Tourism is WRONG!! Tunisia main income is agriculture, natural resource, services and then Tourism.

  46. I found your channel by chance, it's rare to find someone who understand what's really going on and is neutral about it (especially a foreigner), most foreigners have no clue about politics in Tunisia or the Arab world in general, to them it's black and white (Islamists are the bad guys doing evil things and liberals are the good guys who are trying to fix things up), when in reality it have absolutely nothing to do with any of that, but goes all back to the huge corruption, in other words personal gains of people in power (that can be either money or influence).

    I'm slightly optimistic about the future of my country, the next election is what will really be a big clue about the country's future, it either way, it can't get any worse.
    Getting help from outside won't be helpful very much, the biggest problem in Tunisia is corruption, money doesn't go where it's supposed to go, even if we get help money, most of it will be stolen or miss-used.

    But generally I think things will improve little by little.

    As far as islamists and liberals thing, the ball will be going back and forth between them for a while, and that's a good thing because it keeps some balance. If anything both are acting somewhat rationally.
    It's in none of the parties' interest in Tunisia to have the country fall into complete chaos, so maybe that's why we survived until now.
    But a very big part of it is due to the people not accepting a dictatorship anymore, and that's an important factor. During the few days of no-goverment after the revolution people formed groups garding the homes and buisness and that probably prevented alot of crimes and desasters, the neutrality of the military was the most important factor to it all. It was fun, we got to a break from going to class for a month, fun times..
    Credit to the islamists of Tunisia for not holding onto power so much and leaving when it was necessary for the future of the country, ruling in cooalitions instead alone too, I think this should be the norm, no party should ever rule alone.
    And in the end of the day, people don't care about your ideology as long as they have their basic freedoms and their livelihood (work, good source of income, health, etc…).

    As for the future, if Algeria becomes a democracy (and I think and hope it will go smoothly and not turn into a libya, I think the people in power there learned from Syria and Libya, hopefully), and especially if Libya's problem is solved, it would benefit Tunisia alot, maybe some form of Maghreb economic union/cooperation would be possible and that would benefit everyone.

  47. tunisia is safe, democtratic country, tolerant, and everything good that you don't wish to north africa and middle east. leave us working hard our countries,

  48. blah blah blah blah blah…
    the next election won't stop democracy in Tunisia.. u can tell by the condidates 😉 cause the young well educated adults here won't let this happen
    the real problem here is no one of the politicians wanna make a real plan for the economy, so they turned to ideological unreal conflicts, the "kinda islamic based" liberal group is trying to keep the elders' votes by claiming that they r Islamic.. the others r doing the same thing claiming that they r against this mass of uneducated people….

  49. That definition of a White country is I believe a good example of White priviledge. Certain countries are better off because they are considered, mostly by Americans, to belong to the otherwise meaningless group of "White". Why did Greece become a democracy with Papandreou but Libya because a dictatorship with Gaddafi? Why did PASOK turn from a Third-World-Revolutionary type of party into a European-style Social Democratic party? Because Greece was considered "European" and "White". But it still got debt and not aid, the Greeks are Orthodox Turks after all…

  50. If the US donates just 5% of what it gives to Israel,We will improve our economy and democracy …but I think
    The USA is not completely Interested in helping build the Tunisian democracy, maybe because Tunisia it is not really an important country or it doesn't want it to be a real success story in order to keep Israel as the '' one and only'' democratic example in the region and all that propaganda.
    Tunisia condition is like an ex eastern European soviet union country but without the EU.

  51. I blame our current situation mainly on corruption and the lack of awareness of Tunisians too . so many things are going wrong right now and I don't even know where is the source of these problems to start fixing them because at this point I can see the democracy that Tunisians have suffered for falling apart , it would be such a shame to fight for 8 years only to get a worse economical situation and to go back to the old days on top of it all in the end .The years of frustration have lead to this explosion and everyone suddenly "masters" politics and the government is stealing from us non-stop , they're all just a bunch of incompetent people who think a few signed papers from this or that university can put back a country on its feet . we need a reform ; starting from our mentality to the way institutions are handled. Tunisians should understand that , unfortunately, democracy comes for a price and that we have to work two times harder to recover from this abrupt change , we should be more invested in politics as in we need to demand what we were expecting from this government that only has power because we have given it through elections . But how can they do this when inflation among other things is threatening their basic human needs ? I hope time will help make this situation better .

  52. I'm an American. I live in Tunisia now. Everything he's saying is true. The feeling in the street is a low level pessimism.

  53. Screw Saudi Arabia wahabi scum. I hope u conduct a video on Afghanistan it's a very complex nation but also very interesting and important. Is it true that Afghaaans are descendants of Aryans? I served there under Canadian flag , in Kandahar province, I saw many people kids and adults with European features such as light skin light to blond or even ginger heads and ofcourse crazy green and blue eye colors and variations, mainly among the Pashtun ethnicity.all I know is these people have been fucked with too much they just want to be left alone , as a soldier the Taliban can easily be taken care of by the Afghaaans themselves they know how to fight , they just need military support such as weapons logistics etc. Advisors from NATO is enough to coordinate with the tribes and a contingent of no more than 4 thousand troops.iunno but the way it's going now it's going nowhere the Afghaaan central government is doing shit all , fucking super corrupt stealing all the billions given by NATO nations.

  54. Don't forget that Tunisia have the largest pourcentage of terrorists fighting in Syria and Iraq and they're coming back. Looks like we will have bloody years ahead us..

  55. Non tunisia control the earth by me obaid ben aba from youtube borther from 2000 and you so stupid if you don't know this from all the star of rap and dj around the earth sung to you in youtube to tell you baiy obaid ben aba ho from tunisia control the earth from 2000

  56. clap clap clap , this is by far the most accurate video i've seen about my country, done by a non-tunisian: objective analysis with zero "white" judgements.

  57. Eh… I don't know about the foreign aid part, I really think foreign states should just mind their own business, KSA,UAE and USA included.

  58. i think it's better we don't receive any money from external power because one way or another we are gonna pay it back, even tho the deal with imf isn't the best one to not say destructive

  59. the economy is doing well these days actually the tunsian dinar is going back in form and every thing is good everything is possible

  60. Thank you for your time in consideration to make this video about our country, however as many of us like to say , in the past 8 years we gained freedom and democracy at a very harsh economic price (especially after the 2015 terrorists attacks that hurt tourism and investment). However, in a month we will have our second free elections and our big neighbour algeria is turning into a democracy, this may give hope to open huge trade routes and free the two countrie's economies one onto the other.

    Thanks again and we hope you make more videos about the region.

    Cheers mate!

  61. 96 % of the population in Tunisia are Amazigh prooved by national geographic study ..son t talk about things that u.dont understand..
    In Tunisia is since century colonised and after the revolution every old Colon like turkey and Arab or France and Europe are trying to enforce there Power and colonisation by stealing the natural resources and companies after menacing there interest after the revolution ..the situation in Tunisia is worster more poverty more corruption more of criminals and people are fooled ..the Religion of Arab and Mohamed and not of the books and God ist one of the main big problems until that day in Tunisia ..very false information and history lot of manipulation to make of tinast the key of Africa a country of mental slavery and killing the free people and the owner of land in reason to continuing abusing the people and their richness and destroying the big culture of our native.they fights million of Arab 70 years of resistance they kill millions rape stealing .. and made the north African civilization down shut up

  62. I'm Tunisian and honestly i prefer an authoritarian country with a strong economy rather than a free country submerged in debt and austerity (after all everyone think about his fridge at the end of the day)! freedom could be a necessity in the developed world but it's a luxury in the third world and we've already seen what this "freedom " and "democracy " can contribute to countries with the intervention of foreign countries : NATO,USA…etc so i hope that we learned our lesson ! (sorry for my English quality )

  63. Can anyone show me only one verse from the Quran which explains what "Islam" and "Muslim" is? I do not want your thoughts and conjectures I just want to know what Allah said in the Quran, simply "What Islam means". Peace

  64. Talk as you like, analyze as you like, break the situation into pieces as you like. The elititists (no not the bankers and royal families, much deeper then that…) are controlling everything.
    Fuck this shit. Bye

  65. I love your analyses, it is accurate , but the thing you missed, is powerful countries in the region are against Tunisia Democracy , Saudi Arabia and Emirate , are paying money , and doing everything to make a civil war , crises … in the country . They tried to make coup d'etat , with former minister. They supported the former president, Beji Caid Sebsi and his party in 2014 election but in return they wanted to categorize the Islamic party as a terrorist group and put them in prisons .. like in Egypt…etc but when he refused they cut their ties with him and made some diplomatic problem. they closed the door in front of Tunisian job opportunities in Emirate.

  66. what a fascinating analysis. Although I think that you forgot to include an important factor in your laborious equation, France! France s very protective of it's old colonies and practice open imperialism in Western Africa printing their money for example. When it comes to Tunisia and Algeria the behavior of the french tends to be on the subtle side but nonetheless it's still imperialism at best. Don't forget that France supported their henchman Ben Ali to last second of his reign and that his plane was initially headed to France before they told him to go elsewhere AKA Saudi Arabia. Many serious Tunisia experts have brought undeniable evidence of the indirect Colonialist attitude of the french toward Tunisian oil and gaz, olive oil, salt, phosphate and other minerals.

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