well good evening sound like Steve wishing you a very pleasant evening and we are going to talk about the hidden conservative voter and once again I see this term coming to the fore I was reading an article on Sunday by a chap called Warren Kinsella who is a liberal consultant lobbyist writing in the Sun newspaper which is kind of interesting because the Sun tends to be a bit of a conservative leaning and newspaper anyway he was posing the theory that it is the hidden conservative voter that made the difference in the brexit vote in the Hillary Clinton vote and in the recent Jason Kenney Alberta vote where Conservative government came out and won by a much greater majority than was actually thought was going to happen and of course same thing happened in the Hillary Clinton or the 2016 election where you know it was supposed to be 93 percent to 7 percent for Hillary Clinton and it turned out to be a very close race indeed but I think that some good mr. Kinsella is not taking into consideration firstly is the insulting tone of his article which basically states you know that basically conservatives are working-class and that there are more degrees in liberal people and so that is why conservatives vote so closely with ideologues like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson who is going to win the conservative vote in England and that will be another video in and of itself but yes maybe mr. Kinsella is not taking into account the fact that when you insult people to their faces and this is exactly what was being said in brexit that you are a lowbrow you're a knuckle-dragger you're an anti-semite you're a homophobe you're a racist they called you the back would think every insulting term that you could think of and so people who might have been neutral in the situation who might not have voted at all you know you don't take too kindly when you're being insulted like that just because you might have a difference of opinion and of course in all of these situations we are only given an opportunity to vote for a or B you know there's no nuance in the brexit vote for example the biggest problem with the European Union is the bureaucracy it's that a hidden bureaucracy makes all the decisions on behalf of all of the people and there is no way to intercede in that decision-making process the politicians are ineffective and ineffectual and so the general population saw that they were losing more and more control of the decision-making processes that directly affected their lives and you'll see with this chart below that when you look at the college and university degrees between Republicans and Democrats they are very very close in fact the Republicans had more sunk college and college degrees and it was only 5% more Democrats had degrees than conservatives these kind of margins are almost meaningless when it comes to voting okay and so too as Hillary Clinton referred to these people as a basket of deplorable 's you know that gets people's backs up right away there is no point of conciliation there is no opportunity for dialogue when you start name-calling at that level and this is what's going wrong with the pollsters is it a hidden conservative vote I don't think it's necessarily a hidden conservative vote I think it's a hidden vote anybody who goes against the Marxist narrative is considered a white supremacist I mean for goodness sake alexandria LoCascio quarters came out the other day and called Bernie Sanders a right winger because he didn't support her on a $15 minimum wage okay so if you are right of Bernie Sanders now you are a far-right extremist I mean how insane is all of this and so no wonder the vote is hidden and of course when you only have B as an alternative to a you know if you didn't like Hillary Clinton or President Trump who are you gonna vote for and so if you didn't want Clinton your only alternative was to not to vote or to vote for Trump and this is a big issue even with brexit what are you gonna do you know I think that the problem as I stated there was the bureaucracy the unelected decision-making that was taking place the lack of consulting with the public and this is what David Cameron was asking for from the EU and I think this is what led to the vote because he wanted a firm mandate to move forward because he wasn't happy with the way the EU is being run and the loss of autonomy within and sovereignty within Britain anyway let's flip over this quick cut article and come back and do a quick wrap-up okey-dokey here we go the front row Sun Kinsella election outcomes swayed by the hidden conservative voter and sieve you could detect it's a negative tone towards the conservative voter even in the opening lines they're hidden they showed up however a brexit they showed up in the US presidential race in 2016 they showed up in Alberta in 2019 and Ontario in 2018 – just like cockroaches or bedbugs they are hidden there the THC V the hidden conservative photo and they're changing politics June 2016 shocking just about everyone 52 percent of Britons voted to leave the European Union no one really expected that result including many of those who campaigned for brexit polls conducted in the years leading up to the brexit vote consistently showed public opinion split on the EU membership question a year before the crucial vote support for the European Union spiked up words with many more Brits favoring remaining and leaving that laughs may have been what persuaded then Prime Minister David Cameron to push for a vote it was a critical error as historians will forever note he mean it was a critical error to allow the public to speak mr. Kinsella subsequent food analysis showed that young Brits favored remaining in the Union so did big business lawyers economists scientists and the well-to-do voters with lower incomes and fewer high education degrees however just didn't and they unlike young Brits and the others came out to vote the Leeside surged on voting day pollsters and pundits hadn't seen it coming neither did the bookies even on the day of the vote lab rooks have been giving six to one odds that brexit would fail what happened sifting through the Braxtons results afterwards public opinion experts the political scientists saw some think they hadn't previously spotted what they called and aseptically and representative samples in other words pollsters had too many stay voters in their computers and not nearly enough leave voters that the British polling counsellor determined our Florentine query was the basic problem what is most shocking is that the pollsters repeated their error in the US presidential race which happened just a few weeks after brexit every single pollster pretty much got it wrong again New York Times declared Hillary Clinton who full disclosure this writer worked for in three different states in 2016 had an 85 percent chance of victory having two postage and a 98 percent chance of winning the respected poll analyst nate silver painted chances at 67% well Princeton University went even further saying he was nineteen nine percent all wrong wrong wrong and I wonder why that could have been with a basket of deplorable z' and as in brexit the same thing happened pollsters had relied on an representative samples allowing Trump voters to hide in effect well no as I said they've been insulted so much they just kept quiet anyone who had a different opinion than the Hillary Clinton side it ended up had to be quiet because there was no discussion allowed what analysts ogq the Trump voters hit on purpose it may also turn out to be the case as supporters of Donald Trump were shamed into keeping their support choir but they were shamed into having a different opinion they didn't necessarily support Donald Trump they just had no other alternatives shai Trump supporters may have kept his support secret from pollsters out of social pressure not to admit their support for a candidate labelled as racist and sexist the same sort of things happened in recent Canadian electoral contests polls in Alberta suggested the race between Jason Kenny's United conservative party and Rachel notley's new Democratic Party was far closer than it ended up being D so in Ontario the year before mid campaign polls proclaimed and rehouse New Democrats that moody headed duck Falls Progressive Conservatives but it wasn't so the PST votes searched on voting day and won a huge majority government the moral of the story here is clear pollsters are either missing conservative-leaning voters in this sampling or those voters like keeping their intentions secret until they sit down with a stub of pencil and a ballot that is it's the THC V the hidden conservative vote and it's changing outcomes in elections across Western democracy and for guys that conservative leader Andrew Shearer the THC v could be very good news in October well mr. Kinsella as long as you keep insulting people yes you are going to see results like this because people do not like to be called stupid backward ignorant racist or prejudiced when merely they could be just dissatisfied with the way the government's being run and they're not allowed to speak up so now I'm actually wondering whether the Liberals and the Democrats will learn from their mistakes and that instead of focusing in and fear mongering so this should focus on their platform because right now don't run beside just set that to one side the Democrats fighting of bitterly within their own party and there is no platform I see nothing no offering of what they're going to do if they're elected out of them raise taxes and fiddle around with their health care or if you get into the green plan with Alexandria Cousy of Cortez no one seems to know how they're going to pay for all of these wonderful things that are being offered and you know I don't like to be a naysayer of course I like the idea of free health care and free dental care and free drugs and all the rest of it but there has to be some kind of economic reality to the situation I mean I don't care what anybody says however wishful these things of however nice these things would be the reality of hard economics affects all of the we know that anyone who pays a mortgage or renter has bills to pay knows that if they don't pay those bills there is a consequence a harsh consequence so those economic realities exist regardless of what we would like to have and not have and nobody's telling me how this is going to be worked out there's no middle ground there's no way to say in the EU that to back off on the bureaucracy you know sort of go halfway with the EU I loved the ideas that found member states in the EU that people could travel freely across borders this really mitigated a lot of the health and employment issues in different countries it was when they amalgamated the country and decided to go for a full central totalitarian control from Brussels and anybody who questions that now is considered to have wrong think and wrong speak so of course those people will keep quiet and on voting day they will come out in droves because they've basically been insulted and humiliated to their face told that their ideas are stupid foolish am I on edge cated what did you expect I mean come on if your IQ is above room temperature surely you could figure out have a little empathy here and figure out how other people might feel when they are losing their jobs that children losing their futures and these are big issues that affect liberals Republicans Democrats and conservatives alike and writing this current of divisive nonsense which is poorly thought-out and is basically only looking at the very very narrow reasons why this might have happened and of course this is absolutely inconceivable to the globalists that anybody might not like what they're doing and you know in many ways I do see that we need to have a more unified way of governing our resources and the world we can surely do that without the control mechanisms that are being put in place for the public and again I'm always amazed this nowhere I would have thought that the public would have been your greatest ally but in fact it seems like we're being treated like at the worst enemy there is anyway this confusion this division that this current a think piece does and brings about in a house Society is unconscionable we should be getting along and we will not succeed until we can all come together and discuss the kind of future that we all want to see okay well if you enjoyed this video please like comment and subscribe below and in the meantime this is Hamburg Steve signing off wishing you a very pleasant evening and we will talk to you very very shortly see you now bye

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  1. Add in the Australian elections too. The left socialist nut jobs were supposed to breeze into power but the silent voter, the one scoffed and scorned at, made their play on election day!

    These conservative voters will tell the pollsters how they will vote and keep it close to their chest, then when they get a chance, Bam, the left nut jobs get it right between the eyes on election day

    Hong Kong is brewing up to be the same, the Western media is deliberately keeping quiet on that situation because it's another example of the conservatives just wanting to get in with life and no be controlled or dictated to. Those in power have lost all credibility

  2. Most young voters with a college degree have been indoctrinated by their lecturers into the collectivist mindset by design. Furthermore, these voters are too young to have experienced the realities of Marxism/Leninism and totally ignorant of world history. That is why 88% of university lecturers voted to remain in the EU.

  3. sure they will learn, they'll learn to craft better lies, then promptly show their true colors the second they are elected should the people be so dense as to believe them yet again… sharpen up people

  4. Possibly a high proportion of postgraduates rely directly or indirectly on the public purse for their health and welfare, pensions and perks.

  5. Haha "democrats learn from their mistakes" no they just try new mistakes. good work Steve,when people get insulted they fight back it's human nature.

  6. Journalists after being indoctrinated in higher education have become political activists, definitely not journalists.

  7. We all know the reality of the news reality of the news is it's one sided in Britain we have an organisation called the BBC Who pedal the anti-brexit and consider anyone with a conservative you to be intellectually inferior to such an extent that conservatives in the BBC are being victimised and contracts are going out to those who have a more and you bro and communist ideology as a nation we seem to forget the millions of people that were murdered by the state under communism it seems to me when it comes to genocide a fine example of this this is China and the Old Rose reading of Russia do we really want a un government that was all the countries like the Chinese have already seen how successful they are of eliminating opposition

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