Is The Government Still Running A Mind Control Program?

In 1951, a Swiss pharmaceutical company developed
40,000 LSD tablets. In the midst of Cold War paranoia, the USA bought the supply immediately,
fearing the Russians would buy it first and spike the US water supply. This purchase launched a top secret CIA operation
designated MKULTRA. This program tested the effects of LSD and
experimented with mind control methods throughout the fifties and sixties. The program was officially shut down in 1973—
but has the US government actually stopped practicing mind control? MKULTRA first came to light in 1975 when Congress
launched an investigation into CIA practices. Although CIA director Richard Helms had ordered
all the operation files to be destroyed, a request under the Freedom Of Information Act
uncovered 20,000 documents that detailed MKULTRA’s murky activities. MKULTRA’s tests took place in at least 80
institutions, including 44 colleges, universities, hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies.
Participants from 185 private researchers were also used. Most test subjects were experimented
on unwittingly. In some cases, heroin addicts were enticed to participate with the promise
of being paid in heroin. The ultimate goal was to exert mind control
over victims in order to get confessions out of them – or worse. Temple University Psychiatry professor Dr.
Richard Kluft says the use of hypnotic assassins is plausible, and the US government has researched
the possibility in the past. The US Government’s use of unwilling test
subjects resurfaced in 1994 when the Senate Committee for Veterans released information
about servicemen during World War 2 who were tricked or forced into mustard gas and lewisite
testing. More recently, soldiers during the Gulf War
were subject to The Department of Defense’s “man break” tests. The test subjects would
be exposed to chemical weapons to determine what exposure level that would kill or “break”
a man. Some believe that government mind control
is not limited to the military. Actress Roseanne Barr has been outspoken about entertainers
being used as puppets for years. “It’s also a big culture of mind control.
MKULTRA Mind Control rules in Hollywood,” Barr said in an interview about why celebrities
don’t typically speak out about important political issues. Pop sensations Michael Jackson, Britney Spears
and Miley Cyrus have all been linked with MKULTRA mind control. In 2012, independent news organization Truthout
reported that the US government forced Guantanamo Bay prisoners to take mind-altering drugs. Inmates would be handed sedatives and told
that they were candy. Many were subject to routine injections of the drug Haldol, which
was developed in the 1960s and is used on psychiatric patients. Its known side effects
include suicidal behavior. Other prisoners were given the flu shot after
being told they were injected with truth serum. Guantanamo Bay detention camp is still open
and home to 122 prisoners. In his 2015 State of the Union address, President
Barack Obama said his biggest regret was not shutting down the camp back in 2009. An executive order prohibiting drug experimentation
on human subjects without consent was issued in 1976. The order mandated that any test
subject must have a witness from a disinterested party present during the experiment. Five years later, subsequent orders were put
into place to eliminate any and all human experimentation. However, in June 2015 the Guardian newspaper
published a leaked CIA document that permits the Director of the CIA to “approve, modify,
or disapprove all proposals pertaining to human subject research” made by the government.
With this new ability to ignore laws on human experimentation, has America truly seen the
last of MKULTRA?

Maurice Vega

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  1. We can't be controlled. There are differences between every one of us. But that's the way it's supposed to be.

  2. Did you just ask if the CIA would experiment on humans using cruel and unusual punishment?  Bruh, we are talking about the same CIA right?  Would not be surprising to be the least, seems to be normal anyways.

  3. Media is nothing but bread and circuses. Instead of worrying about the fact that we're having the biggest migrant crisis ever, since the second world war, we're worrying about who's getting killed next on Game of Thrones.

  4. But…when the goverment controls its can you make this Programm, when they dont want yu to…so you are a) Puppets or b) wrong

  5. You do understand that Obama represented change. Every single campaign poster showed him as the "prophet of truth" Yet we still suffer even more under his segregation of colors and ideologies. I want to ask all people, do you really think that color matters when you are president? Only if #black lives matter is the voice you speak. What a racist divide has been promoted, and I can only tell you that I saw it coming, and did nothing to stop it.

  6. Celebrities don't speak out? What? They're always flapping their mouths about something. It's just that what they say is usually idiotic. See example, Roseanne Barr.

  7. When you mentioned the possibility of mind controlled assasins, it made me wonder, what if the government is using mind control to cause these mass shootings that have been happening so frequently in the past few years, in an effort to push for more strict gun control?

  8. there are many people suffering from mindcontrol today. Everywhere in the world.

  9. Everyone is talking about germany what they did in WW2 (their projects and etc. on people) but for me is USA more scarier and broken state for example the secret words in the athem. USA is rlly broken

  10. The part about the CIA wanting to use mind control to create "hypnotized assassins" makes no sense because they already have thousands of agents willing to kill any one they are ordered to shoot at on command.

  11. I did a presentation about this in my speech class a couple of months ago.
    P.S.: There is a supposed modern MKUltra program. It's called Monarch, and according to my research, focuses more on the occult aspects of mind control (such as satanic ritual abuse). However, there is no definite concrete evidence of this practice, only the claims of those such as Cathy O'Brien (but her case is one I find extremely compelling, and if true, tragic and sad)

  12. anyone know the derivation of the word 'assassin'? it means hashish eater. It comes from a cult of assassins in the 12th century, people would be loaded up with hallucinogens and treated to a party with women and rich food and told this was paradise. To get back there they were told to kill someone and they would return as their reward.

  13. I have 30% of the government secret info, remember.1. The sauropod dinosaur2. The spacecraft that followed APPOLLO to the moon3. The secret viral cure for all viruses.4. the nerve controlled "monster" released by CIA5. The retro-ion propulsion craft and RAM jet that has been created in 2012.

  14. yes they are on a mass scale i feel this many times. i am not sure if its true i have no evidence but i feel sudden changes in mood all the time and i know this can be achieved with sounds and vibrations and i think they are using machines to do this and to make people feel and do what they want

  15. This sounds exactly like a scenario I drew up at work one day. Any one who is on acid would be perceiving things that don't exist, so why not mess with their mind?

    And no, I was thinking of a "what if". Would it be possible to induce a bad trip? Ethical concerns now arise.

  16. yes the cia still participates in drug induced mind control. they use psychiatric drugs, lies, entrapment, emotional manipulation, and torture to make their victim react the they want and do their dirty work for them. and yes, 9/11 was an inside job, and yes george, jr. knew. please read the c.i.a doctors by colin a ross, m.d. it is all very real, and they are hiding in plain sight.

  17. You didn't mention that they still test military recruits to determine who might be good candidates for creating split personalities. They do it in the form of bizarre surveys where they ask questions like "Do you ever have out of body experiences?" and "Do you ever dream about things before they happen?"… Really, think about it. Why else would they ask crazy questions like that?

  18. Jesus fucking Christ. This shit is lowering my IQ. Nobody is mind-controlling anybody you fucking idiots. If you think you're being controlled then you need anti-psychotic pills because you're absolutely nutty as fuck. It's been proven time and time and time again that Roseanne Barr is fucking crazy as shit. That woman has completely lost her shit.

  19. Do not trust anyone who wants to be in charge. They are completely evil. From simple supervisors on up to presidents. They are all control freaks.

  20. yup theyre using fluoride in our shower and bath water and the Lilly Wave coming through the powerlines into our homes and businesses from the powercompnies. im not sue what else is going on but just this past week i think they turned something up

  21. I keep seeing TV stars always acting like they don't even know what's going on at random points in an interview or just staring into nothing or looking around slowly and confused. It's really goddamn weird.

  22. MK ULTRA mind control is still going on. I was born into it in the 90s and woke up for good in 2014. My parents were born into it in the 1950s and are still being used to this day. For more information, see my channel. I speak about my experiences extensively, mostly for the benefit of other survivors, but much of the content may be informative for those "outside" of MK ULTRA as well.

  23. Government sanctioned conspirators have poisoned me with psychiatric drugs, "chemical castration" drugs (didn't work), heart attack inducing drugs (4x), low doses of hallucinogens and steroids. TX ID 21891171

  24. Mk ultra is now being done using implants administered through vaccines. With these implants they can track you send voices into your head and read your thoughts. Their goal is first to get you labeled with a mental disorder so they can proceed to program you and not worry about anybody trying to help you cuz they think your crazy. Pretty good con if you ask me.

  25. yes it is, keep your cameras covered, tvs off etc etc and never have a siri or equivalent in your home!!!!!

  26. Literally came from another one of your videos where you basically said this same stuff but this one had even less factual information

  27. The bastards' use mind control through your mobile phones i have been targeted and it's is horrid a feeling you never felt before and they can take over you by your phone.The bastards
    The deep state is grasping it's last breath strange times ahead for a little while. This is my video 3 weeks after the attack.

  28. MKULTRA isn't a conspiracy for two reasons. The CIA not only admitted to it but also have public files about it in their website. It astonishes me how many people think this is a secret.

    Its not much of a secret if you can literally read about it on

  29. yes they are!! they just took it out of the lab and onto the people.. i know cuz i unwashed and got my lost memories back.. i am a manchurian victim… and instead of my family believing me and things i got put in a psych ward.. but i think my experiment was big and they got all my family programmmed for a certain result and to not help me…. i ran away now.. been homeless 2 years.. trying to escape the set up they have me.. cant explain too many details.. cuz then how would i escape?? … but it exists…. they use government cults and people to infiltrate your life to carry out the hits.. theyve been watching me since i was just a lil kid.. studying the progression.. they also know how to predict exact futures and outcomes some how.. its mindblowing once you unwash and see the reality of what they actually can do and are doing…..after i unwashed they had me programmed for suicicde.. but both attempts failed… just as much as they dont want me escaping the set up they dont want me talking.. but i grew up a punk rocker already saying fuck the system and if they trying to set me up for jail forever or death i got nothing to lose but to speak up… they had my dad dissacciate me probably cuz its a carry on of an old experiment my father side served military here from the civil war all the way to ww2 (my grandfather) not one person on male side has not fought in some american war until my father which is also a possiblity why i was targeted.. they programmed information in me like since my dad didnt join the military this is my bloodline being kicked out of some military cult…… so once i got the cult attack memories back i also got some other ones at the same time.. everything they brainwash you to forget is based on trigger words.. and when you unwash it all comes back in reverse from most recent washed memory working its way all the way back to my childhood..this shit real as hell and they still doing it.. they used the school systems as well to find and target people… so home school your kids if possible….

  30. Yes mindcontrol is still a thing, i know a victim of government mind control experimentation.
    The mind control slaves are too easy to "hack into" and some of them have broken out of it themselfs and lived exposing the project

  31. They have mind control technology in the USA. The human brain controls the body using electricity (neuron firing patterns). They use satellites and have hardware in buildings that communicates with the satellites and sends coded electromagnetic wavelengths to a persons brain that causes neuron firing pattern manipulation. Using a process that is similar to how two cell phones communicate. Except the equipment in the building communicates with the satellites which are constantly sending and receiving signals to and from a persons brain. They have the ability to "lock on" to a person and send the coded electromagnetic wavelengths directly to the individual they are locked on to without others in the room being effected or able to know what is happening. Just like how cell phones have reception in buildings, airplanes and even underground, and underwater, because the electromagnetic wavelength pierce through everything. So they can monitor a person in any environment. They have very sophisticated software programs that constantly read the brains neuron firing patterns and analyze the data. They have the human brain researched so well that they figured out how to see all of five of a persons senses the same way the person does. Meaning they can see through a persons eyes, and hear what the person can hear. Sight, Hearing, Feeling (touch), Smell, Taste. They have programs that display information on the 5 senses on screen. They have buildings in cities throughout America with this technology. They have secure rooms with multiple stations in the rooms. The stations have one large TV screen that shows the persons vision. Then they have two more smaller screens to the right and left of the vision screen. These screens have displays from various programs. A program that displays mental imagery (a persons visualizations),a program that displays a persons thoughts, which are written out in text. As well as audio, played through speakers in the persons own mental voice. (The voice when you speak to yourself in your head). They have programs that can control a persons motor movement extremely well. Meaning they can basically make a person do anything. For example stand up and touch their right index finger to their nose twice. They can make a person talk "Forced Speech", They can control a person without them ever knowing they were being watched and controlled by other people. The people that work in these buildings are sociopaths and get paid through a CIA black budget program that has been in place pretty much since the CIA's inception. They have gone through extreme lengths since then to keep it as compartmentalized and secret as possible. They have their kids working with them and that is how they are able to get new people and have people in their 24/7 monitoring people and controlling them in shifts. They spy on people till they find a single victim and then do all kinds of stuff to mess with the person without them knowing. Sometimes they pick a person and talk to them in their heads nonstop 24/7 so that the person is unable to think and they will use all of their capabilities on the person to torture them and no one will believe the person when they say the voices are real. They have it figured out so well that they can make a person sneeze, cough, feel an itch at a certain location, feel cold, feel hot, tingly feeling, headache, eye movement, hallucinations, can cause errections in males, make a persons stomach rumble. Almost anything you can think of they can do. The CIA SAD has been studying the human brain with an unlimited budget for a very long time at least since the 1970s. They use the technology to torture innocent american's secretly without anyone knowing. They talk to people in their heads using the persons own voice, so that the person doesn't know that what their hearing isn't their own thoughts and have been doing this secretly since at least the 2000's mabey even in the 1990's. If you have any questions message me.

  32. i'm convinced that binaural beats mixed with subliminal Messages are used ias social mind control in all types of media and phone devices to control the public opinion.

  33. It i👀$$$ going on all offear the Worl(ea)d by using religion, pol👀, $chool$, men-tal ho-$py-tal$$ to induce fear on the Pope-U-lation and 2mean-dcontrol targeted induvidual$$$ who €R secret-fied as a ch€ld (by their
    parent$ for meaneye behind their back. (Lijk Jezus was offered to the damnbel for bloodmoney by his "Heil-lie parents and ultimately end up crucified because he was betrayed by his own parent$$ (perSONnified $$$ Juda$$)
    And then the sacrified person is used for torturous mind-control experiments like the nazi-psychiatrists during WW 2 (👀 stil going on).Ultimately the sacrified person devil-oped severe stress-responses due to social isolation procudures, long-term sensory deprivation, mind-trickery and sleep-withholding. Their "$$$$ooo concernerd family maked a deal with government to offer the "Gods chosen one" to psychiatry to stigmatize (like J$$-use stik-me$$) them for the rest of their life and to hold them imprisoned in their own body with no Way out. And the government uses psychiatri$t$ to keep the so-called "crazy" person und€R their (mind-)control to keep their mouth shut, because no one wiill believe a "Crhi$$y" person. And when the targeted person is starting too be-lieve deathgot 👀poen-nice- ING damn they must have been "paranooit" and have-ING "delu$ional thoughts" because the "spy-🔑–3$$$t $$$ said Zoo.
    Th-eer threatment (G)Eastear($) Beast op$ion……..!
    Wondering how many people are targeted and tortured 4 their w(holie) life just fear$$$$$💤💤💤💤, Jesus Christ!!
    And remember May Jesus 👀$our $$$av-I-our money#
    A win-win situation for the $$$oo poor family-members, who are $$$oo $uffering under the "men-tall disordered" person and the govern-meant who 👀 uzING psychiatry to get their easy money pik via pre$-$cript-ING dangerous trucs which added to the des-truc-tiion of the "crazy" persons life. And additionly, the government presses the sacified person to pay for their own threatment via expensive health insurance piements and
    foor🍦 taxes for eveything the person nets. Thereby maKing the "crazy" person's life impossible with no mercy for them. The stik-me-teased person is then left to die alone.
    Its all about money for the elite and for "parent$" who are $elfish, $tupid, $adi$ic and dange🌹(krent$) enough to cell t-hir€ baby's for (killing them slowly from the inside out) money and an easy life. And then give the "crazy" person guilt ("killed") for everything they had done or said.
    Fall toot $in$ HeiL-LAM-male!!

  34. rife in england they are doing illegal human experiments. torture. mkultra . cloning. teleportation. nasa involed. dna experimental machines. illegal implanrs. dna theft. the police are doing it with them. raping. torturing. murder. these phsycopaths are getting away with murder. rf microwaving can be proved. mutiations in and out of bodys as dna machine only heals 75%

  35. They haven't succeeded yet. Some people stay 'nothing' as they promised to be since almost a decade from the first encounter and manage to maintain it that way. Our character makes us who, what, why and how we are.

  36. TV, public education, cops, and authority of any form ARE mind control! "Do as your told or be punished!"

    Fear and pain are the most powerful driving instincts. Fear mongering is in it's self, IS mind control. And it starts with parents. "Do as your told or be punished!" Almost from the day we're born, we're raised to live in fear.

    And fear is the ONLY leverage the government has, or will ever have! It is the weapon of the desperate. Hold the high ground, and turn them against each other using fear.

    And it doesn't take much to start it. Just call someone a child molester in public, and thier entire family will either move or disappear.

    It creates fear on BOTH sides, putting them at each others throats, while the bad guy that started the whole thing gets to sit back and watch his enemies tear each other apart….FOR HIM!!

    America is too busy tearing it's self apart to see the REAL "wolf in sheep's clothing", and every day that passes brings us closer to the inevitable conclusion.

    "The only requirement for evil to prevail, is for good to do nothing"…..Edmund Burke

  37. i really don't get why Americans think so high of themselves, it seems there's been tons of cases, legal or not, exposing evidence that the US government has broken the law on multiple occasions, regarding things like torture and espionage. also the number of allegations about false-flag operations and alterior motives in the case of wars don't really put them in a good light. so can somebody tell me why Americans think soo high of themselves?? i get that they're powerful in the sense that they have a gigantic military force and several highly sofisticated intelligence services, and they probably have the biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons. but is this really something to be proud of? does the US really think a big inventory of violent, destructive forces makes them that awesome? what i get from all the widespread allegations and pure info is that the US government is a bunch of violent, lying, greedy criminals…. i apologize if i seem very anti-authorities, i don't live in the US myself, and i think it's probably not a horrible country to live in, but all this stuff really puts me off. feel free to respond 🙂

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