Is The Government Shutdown Ruining Lives?

Maurice Vega

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  1. It should been no work no pay. These are long term government employees who ran county In a hole.

  2. but what about the homeless elder living in the streets or in tent citys you live in ah home people are living and dying outside in the element

  3. Here's the thing that bothers me about this. Everyone has dealt with a job loss or being unemployed etc and no-one cares about those employees but everyone freaks out about the government workers.

  4. I came for these comments lol. I love my furloughcations. Seems like a lot of these peeps are still normal. On top of this we are getting back pay for our pay raise 😁 ez money

  5. yeah… that government shutdown ended up lasting 35 days. I really hope everyone actually did end up getting backpay in the end

  6. This man is a fool and extremist, just cause he has experience in finances he knows everything he's on top. Your a fool Dave!

  7. Thought and prayers scienfiticall never helped anyone sorry. You have good advise regarding real estate on this channel but political jazz, you are out of touch with majority of US workers and median wage workers.

  8. A $1,000.00 emergency fund is better than nothing but these days strive for $5000.00. Then build savings to cover your monthly. They saved regularly and paid off our home as soon as possible. They were very frugal hardworking people who raised five children on one salary most of the time. We survived many a labour dispute because they were savvy.

  9. If they have that emergency fund in place they are able to pay their bills and replenish that fund with the retroactive pay . Its true they watching too much news , primarily FAKE NEWS .

  10. I'm active duty Navy. For those in the Navy or Marines there is the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society. The shut down is over, but for the love of everything good don't let circumstances to be an excuse to do stupid.

  11. Let me give a shout out to the Website Living on a Dime. This website has common sense pointers like cooking from scratch and saving money.

  12. If they need gas to go in the car to get to a job that is not giving you a check and they were living paycheck to paycheck, they they are in a mess.

  13. Anyone blaming the government workers needs to go back to the drawing board and rethink their opinion. The president and congress are the guilty ones here.

  14. Aren't the small independent enterprises hurt more. people are spending less money.
    Imagine being having coastguards as most of your customer and they are holding cash.

  15. Oh boy smh if this was a democrat president in the WH dave would be singing a much different tune . Smh pathetic!!

  16. Rich dad poor dad. Work for free. No back pay stupid live free like the tax payers gov is communist. List to a wealthy bruddah.

  17. Trump’s commerce secretary is now saying these federal workers should get a loan and doesn’t understand why they’re going to food banks! 🤯 I would LOVE to hear Dave’s response to that. (Not sure how they’d be granted a loan anyway, don’t you have to prove income? THEY’RE NOT GETTING PAID.)

  18. My husband is a contractor with NASA. No, he won't receive back pay when this ends. Yes, he will still have all the catch-up work to do when it is over. It is not an financial crisis for our family, because I also work and we tend to live on one income, but it is a crisis for many households in our community. There are more than a few federal families already pulling their kids out of my son's daycare, and our local restaurants and dry cleaners are trying to drum up sales and extra business since fewer people are spending. I would recommend that Dave and his assistants do a little more research on this one.

  19. No savings! …is just an excuse to complain. Call your congressman and tell them to do their job. After all, that is another reason for which they got elected.

  20. you should advise people to call their bank and ask for a hardship deferral, i work for a bank and we do them for situations like this so people don't pay late fees or face bigger credit issues 🙂

  21. What about the millions of federal contractors who won't get paid? I agree that it's a situation that's highlighting people don't have savings and aren't making smart financial decisions. If it were me, I'd start looking for contracts outside the government.

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