Is The Government Poisoning Our Water?

don't drink the water let's talk about that good mythical morning in today's episode Rhett has another one of his conspiracies you mean another one of his truths sure I do and it's sponsored by Amazon Prime videos new TV series homecoming homecoming is a mind-bending psychological thriller directed by sam s male the creator of mr. robot with Julia Roberts in her first starring television role y'all I'm just sayin I'm pointing out the only reason we think we're in Florida is because that's what they told us right I mean that's the only reason we have to believe that if we're not in Florida where are we I don't know right that's my whole point si why would they hide that from us or they're not hiding it you're wrong and we are in Florida because I'm usually wrong when I feel like a situation could potentially be fucked up no you know because I've never lied to us before written I got a sneak peek at the first few episodes we can't wait to see how it ends because each episode is presented in a collage of memories from past and present and they're only 30 minutes in length which makes it extremely binge worthy with lots of mysterious twists and turns that unravel throughout it premieres on prime video tomorrow that's November 2nd so check it out yeah and in homecoming all answers lead to more questions which is just the case with a category 5 truth storm I'm about to hit you with it's time for another edition of hard truth sponsored by homecoming good morning sheeple don't get startled if you're drinking a cup of water in fact drop it right now and ideally splash it in the face of the closest sleepwalking cookie-cutter conformist near you to literally and figuratively wake them up all right I was already awake okay stick with me link we're off to a great start link what do you know about fluoride in the water it's it's in the water to prevent tooth decay it's a good thing right that's what they want you to be today I'm gonna tell you all about how the government puts fluoride in the water to mask control the entire population and to keep us chained to our deceptive overlords and that is leave the beginning course come with me come with me okay turn your I'm here man come with me just turn a little bit back let the people see your face right there it's perfect forty five degrees come with me on a little trip back to 1901 a young dentist named Charles Mackay travels to Colorado Springs and discover that the residents had disgusting brown stains on their teeth and this became known as the Colorado brown stain which is also what happened to me after I tried the elk nachos at the Denver Airport upon closer inspection dr. McKay discovered that while they had stained teeth they had no tooth decay whatsoever but they did have a lot of fluoride in the water it turns out as you know fluoride prevents tooth decay but they want you I knew that I'm here to tell you if it's brown flush it down people fast forward in 1944 the Michigan Department of Health votes to approve adding fluoride to the water despite no conclusive tests okay you know how the people of Michigan like to use their hand to tell you where they're from you've seen this yeah right mint they use the right hand not the left hand the right hand yep see that now point somewhere on Michigan to tell me where you might be from a Michigan if you were there just point somewhere on there just points oh no don't touch it you touch it you have to touch it gotcha Michigan gotcha that's how Michigan gets you you see how quick that was cat-like reflexes that was your point Michigan get yeah all right you can got us that's courtesy code on that after 11 years of adding fluoride to the water it was found that forty thousand school children seem to have less tooth rot and next thing you know they start adding fluoride to the water supply across the entire country to poison us now why would the government poisonous you ask why would the government poison us I'm glad you're paying attention the government poisons us with fluoride because they cannot control a population of potentially psychically gifted x-men or excuse me ex-people which we would be if not for fluoride link okay so what about not having tooth decay makes you psychic keep listening not makes you I'm gonna break it down why don't you enjoy some pine nuts while you're listening and being woken up okay good finally something I can get into fluoride has been added to 70% of the American drinking water the largest incidents of mass and voluntary medication fluoride is toxic and fifty to sixty percent of fluoride stays and builds up in the body mostly in the pineal gland what's a pioneer gland you might ask upon your glands great question link government scientists will tell you that the pineal gland is for sleep and reproduction but we know that the pineal gland is known by many as our third eye it's where we store our psychic abilities link can I use you as a demonstration oh I would love it Rhett like what am I thinking about right now something horrible like I don't know mind control nope I'm thinking about Burt Reynolds in heaven playing checkers with a baby zebra and you would have known that if your brain was not compromised with fluoride see how conclusive this already is you drank all the same water I'll be across the pineal gland lives deep in more of it and is shaped if the pineal gland is shaped like a pine nut which you have been eating and chewing on just like the fluoride chews on your brain link this is your brain that's your brain on fluoride but that's not all the government doesn't do this alone they have help link do you brush your teeth yes the government is helped I'm not usually this involved in your conspiracies myth do you really need me for this the government is helped by their longtime henchmen like you ever heard of a dentist yes I've heard of a dentist you're asking me questions that you know what dentist means don't ever the doctors evil need to incapacitate statistically too true all dentists are evil and they want to incapacitate people forget sadistic let me show you a little video from Australia ABI and other dental professional groups will not speak to anybody from the anti fluoridation side but I've been asked to not refer to myself as a past president of the Dental Association of South Australia in fact I'm no longer a member of the Dental Association over this issue now relatedly I've also been asked not to refer to myself as a past president of the Dental Association of South Australia but I'm not a dentist nor am i Australian but here's the deal people a dentist who don't go with the fluoride party line they get blacklisted link because dentists are in on the conspiracy but if you need any more proof the dentists are evil just look at their freaky don't use that on me don't do it I don't want you to do this part open open open open you see how resistant he is that I'm opening what because even though your pineal gland is severely compromised it's still intact enough to know that dentists are evil come on know what I don't care I'm dumb I won't report you I've done well now I want to support you there's probably some pine nut back there I don't want to hurt you okay listen dentists you would think that they're doctors but they're not they're more like tooth janitors and if you really want to get your teeth clean why are you gonna stick things like this in when you could use a tooth month not only this is what I really need you to open get it in there Neal this is a demonstration the people need to know open up wide not clean your teeth the way that you've always needed how's that it's kind of dusty okay now I know that most of you what what was you what did that prove just say to me I know that most of you are already convinced but some of you are thinking I don't even drink tap water if you only knew well you're about to the water the dentist what if I told you that's all old news what if I told you that the modern highest source of fluoride in today's culture is kombucha yep kombucha linked you heard of it the highest source of fluoride the modern poison pod of corrupt government mind-control to be specific now kombucha is produced using an organism known as the scoby and haters will tell you this stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast which grows but the truth is right here link you know what Scobie means link soon Kathy scary chemicals oversaturating bodies yikes gosh it's so exhausting getting the truth out now Americans are you telling me you can Americans have moved away from tap water because of taste and government had to create a contingency so they invented the modern health movement and the favorite beverage of help nuts kombucha hello how else could something this gross be accepted by the public look at that while I shake that in front of your face listen to some facts kombucha has tons of fluoride hello and they tell you they get a public accepts it because they tell you that it's good for you but nope it's keeping the public eye sheep your health drink is poison Wow listen to this kombucha is suspicious for a number of reasons you have to drink it in small doses to get used to it like poison hello you have to show ID to buy it because the government is tracking you hello kombucha can also easily explode in this bottle if you're not careful did someone say government fuel domestic terrorism hello wake up link kombucha has been compromised there you have it the government has conspired with their sadistic dentist army to force feed us brown stain poison calcifying our ability to reach metaphysical and psychic Heights and not even quote unquote health drinks are safe because nothing and no one is safe and this accelerated dystopian Republic built on fear and compliance that's it that's all I got it's very convincing right you did good all right you won't go take a nap now sure okay thanks to homecoming for partnering with us it premieres tomorrow November 2nd on prime video so check it out thank you like you're coming and subscribing you know what time it is hi I'm jazzy I'm Zane and we're in lunch at Angie and it's time to spend the wheel of mythicality click the top link to watch us do a weird toothpaste flavor taste test and good mythical minute jacuzzi get your gwm logo pin and your mythical logo pin at mythical dot stores so you can be hashtag pinning

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  1. Do not drink water or brush your teeth the toothpaste just like the water has fluoride poison in it.

    Drink soft drinks they are soft on your teeth and they give you energy as well so much better for you and your kids than water.

  2. incorrect. we in the UP (or the upper peninsula/ upper michigan) use both our hands. the right for the mitten/lower michigan and the left for the UP.

  3. Fluoride is actually toxic and if you didn't know it's also used as rat poison, theres even studies showing that the supposed benefits from it are close to none, besides why would "they" care so much for someones teeth?

  4. The rabbit hole always gets deeper, one of you will listen to this the whole way through. An even deeper awakening (yes it always deepens)

  5. Hey, so I'm writing an essay on this topic and I am mainly using this for information, and need your resources please?

  6. 1. I laughed WAYYYY too hard. 2 I need a Rhetts conspiracy video multiple times a week!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€

  7. "I'm thinking about Burt Reynolds in heaven playing checkers with a baby zebra" – Rhett – 🀣🀣

  8. Yess god to the (minor) full disclosure!!!!! Even though this is comical, NO ONE on YouTube with this much popularity has enough guts to even broach the subject. Good on you, GMM. first pump of righteousness

  9. New International Version
    the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.

  10. This is the best gmm episode is definitely the best I've watched. I laughed the whole time! We need more episodes like this! (I loved the entire sequence with the toothpaste especially, so casually done)

  11. Pineal gland mentioned in lecture today

    Literally heard Rhett’s β€œHell0???” in my head

  12. I'm from Michigan watching this.
    I can verify we use our hands to tell where we're from all the time

  13. clicks on video
    Drinks water while waiting for ad to finish
    Rhett:" don't drink the water" πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

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