Is The Government Hiding Planet X? – UNCOVERED

In December 1983 the IRAS space observatory
made headlines when they announced that they had used an infrared satellite to detect an
‘unknown object… possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close
to Earth that it would be part of this Solar System’. This mystery in space had been
detected twice in six months, near the constellation Orion, and it was described by the IRAS as
being so cold that it cast no light, which explained why they hadn’t seen the object
before by optical telescopes on Earth or in space. The IRAS even reported that the object appeared
to be moving toward Earth. This astronomical observation had been made as part of a joint
venture between the government space agencies of the USA, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
Having set off earlier the same year, the infrared satellite had been sent to space
to survey the entire sky and document areas in space that couldn’t be observed through
an optical telescope. With the discovery of the ‘unknown object’,
it seemed conceivable that the search for the elusive Planet X was finally over. Dr.
Ray T. Reynolds of the Ames Research Center in California reported that other astronomers
”are so sure of the 10th planet, they think there’s nothing left but to name it’’. But just four years later in 1987, NASA announced
that its two Pioneer spacecrafts, that had explored beyond the known planets since 1972,
had failed to find any evidence to support speculation that Planet X is out there. So
what had happened to this unknown object the size of Jupiter? Could it have been Planet
X and if so, were NASA hiding it? Evidence for Planet X has been observed in
the skies for centuries. Even before the discovery of Neptune in 1846, astronomers believed that
there were two giant planets in our solar system yet to be discovered. In 1834, astronomer Peter Andreas Hansen was
confident that a single planet alone could not explain the seemingly erratic motion of
Uranus’s orbit. Celestial mathematician, Urbain Le Verrier, was able to use observations
of Uranus’s orbit to accurately calculate the position of the previously unknown Neptune,
without even using a telescope. When Neptune was discovered however, it was
deemed to be too small to be the only planet affecting Uranus’s orbit, and even Neptune’s
orbit appeared to be affected by a strong gravitational force on the edge of our solar
system. After the discovery of Neptune, the hunt for Planet X heightened. In 1911 Indian
astronomer Venkatesh P. Ketakar hypothesised the position of two unknown planets further
than Neptune, one of which was later discovered to be Pluto, but the existence of the second
planet has never been confirmed. Could it be possible that for hundreds of
years scientists have known the position of Planet X but hadn’t been able to observe
it because it was too dark to be seen by the naked eye? Was this what IRAS had detected? While it is predicted that Planet X sits on
the edge of our solar system, the implications of its existence are much closer to home.
In 1984, physicist Richard A. Muller, using fossil records, was able to postulate that
mass extinctions were not random, but occurred regularly every 26 million years. He suggested that every 26 million years an
external force, such as a large planet, passes through the Oort Cloud – a source of comets
at the edge of our solar system. According to Muller, this causes the comets to crash
violently to Earth leading to death and destruction. This theory was made less than a year after
IRAS had spotted their ‘unknown object’. Could it be possible that the government decided
to cover up the existence of Planet X to prevent the knowledge that they had found the planet
that would end humanity? Despite NASA’s announcement in 1987 that
they had found no evidence for Planet X, John Anderson of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
proposed that it was missed by NASA’s satellites as ‘it must be traveling in an elongated
orbit nearly at a right angle to the orbits of the other planets’. Such an orbit would
bring the planet near the rest of the Solar System only every 700 to 1,000 years. This
theory is further supported by the recent discovery of the planetoids, including Sedna,
which has an orbit so extreme, that it takes 11,400 years to orbit our sun. However, in the 1990s, NASA’s Voyager 2
space probe seemed to further disprove the existence of Planet X. Measurements made by
the spacecraft found that Uranus’s irregular orbit was due to an overestimation of Neptune’s
mass, but some say this is further evidence of NASA’s coverup. Indeed, despite NASA’s various announcements,
speculation surrounding Planet X continues. In particular the mystery planet has been
linked with the Nibiru cataclysm. In his book The 12th planet,
Zecharia Sitchin interprets ancient Sumerian mythology to determine that there is a planet
beyond Neptune that has an orbit that brings it within the Earth’s solar system every
3,600 years. This missing planet is called Nibiru. Based loosely on Sitchin’s research, The
Nibiru cataclysm refers to a collision or near miss between Earth and another planetary
object, which is predicted to happen in the early 21st century. Could this be the ‘unknown
object’ that IRAS had detected moving towards Earth? The idea first put forward by Nancy
Lieder in 1995, predicts that the gravitational force of Planet X on the Earth will cause
a catastrophic shift of the North and South poles, leading to the extinction of humanity.
Lieder states that recent natural disasters said to be caused by global warming are a
cover up for the imminent arrival of Planet X. The existence of Planet X and the possibility
that it could exterminate the Earth has fuelled numerous doomsday theories internationally.
Nancy Lieder initially said that the planet collision date was to be the 15th May 2003.
A Japanese cult called the Pana Wave Laboratory, picked up on this theory and blocked off roads
and rivers in a village in Japan with white cloths, to protect themselves. When the date
came and went Nancy Lieder stated that the real date of the actual collision was to be
kept secret, but hysteria flared up again when the Planet X theory was blended with
the 2012 Mayan calendar apocalypse. Believers of the Planet X conspiracy accuse
NASA of concealing evidence of its existence since they first mentioned an ‘unknown object’
heading towards Earth in 1983. As well as NASA, Google has also been accused of covering
up the existence of Planet X. In 2008 it was reported that Google Sky, the Google website
that allows you to view celestial objects, was missing a patch of data near the constellation
of Orion, the place the IRAS had last detected the ‘Jupiter sized unknown object’. In
response, a scientist at Google said that the missing data is due to a glitch in the
stitching software used to piece the images together. If Planet X does exist it seems most of us
won’t know for sure until it’s too late, but according to official sources we have nothing
to worry about.”

Maurice Vega

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  1. Why we are so intrigue about this planet this and that what we need to do is take care of the one the we have the is real because u live here u dnt think?

  2. it's niburu the dark star Nazis were fearfully of because of stories it acts like a limestone exactly as described by events of volcanic activity planet warming and now their trying to deceive us its here it isnt..their fake bright star subterfuge I don't understand is broken.ha..maybe they have another..irrelevant since we can judge the effect by behavior and star placement so I guess they didn't dumb down bravo.

  3. its when the media say we have nothing to worry about that usually we should the entire opposite, educate yourself people dont believe everything you hear learn to judge by yourself and dont follow trend or mass histeria ( aka alex jones)

  4. If someone told me they were an astronomer I would respect it because it's cool but if someone told me they were an astrologer I would be forced to spit in their face.

  5. Maybe we are all aliens chillin 😎 on nibru in our supper cooled computer hibernating living threw our earthly simulation 😂

  6. To in essence still advance technologies while using very little energy and extending our life spans just a thought

  7. The government isn't hiding it. Planet X is hiding behind the sun. No wait, it's hiding behind Pluto. Oh, my bad, it's hiding behind Neptune. Oops, I'm wrong, it's hiding in the sun's corona. Wow, this thing is sneakier than a bed bug, now it's hiding in the closet.

  8. It's been like that for years….that's why our weather change hasn't been the same……and we been dealing with 2seasons for over 4 years…..

  9. Fuck, this reminds me of a crazy woman i met in Peru in April 2016.

    I was super chill, sitting on the roof of my hostel and this woman showed up and held a manic monologue on how earth will end next week and i should come with her, to a wormhole her reincarnated angel best friend created, so we could escape together. On another planet were supposedly our new bodies waiting for us.
    Well, a shame i was about to go back to my country a week later. Earth still stands.

    Still, I was literally sick for 2 weeks after that evening and had a fever because one cannot stand so much bs in one evening.

    The worst part is that i'm not even making this crap up..


    This is fake people Nibiru is no threat at all it’s a planet like earth, it carries people living their lives like us. Families all over the planet homes parks schools childrens sisters brothers moms dads friends even pets, well you get the idea. It's like us, earth floating around space causing fear and destruction on world civilizations while we have important lives ourselves, it literally makes no sense why would we put our lives at risk. It comes around earth every 3600 year orbit, its a regular visitor. Nasa is a fake space agency and program, everything and anything coming out of Nasa shouldn’t be taken seriously, they were created by the illuminati and are part of the manipulation control system to fake all space missions and keep us entertained, imagining and hoping. And in fear with catastrophic illusions like today when given the order.

    Other than that no asteroids, no WW3 going on just the illusions an trying to start one in moving war ships, tanks, trucks here and there. And forcing world presidents and militaries to join in on this fake propaganda by spending billions just to scare us. No nuke biological radiation weapons, no real confirmation red alert warnings for biblical Prophecies, Armageddon and Extinction event times exist. And no to everything that's in relation to what I just mentioned. Illuminati is just playing fear control games using scripts and screenplays. Putting unnecessary fears in all of us cause their being shut down, they’re going to keep fearing us because we keep giving it attention.

    ITS FAKE news, these people "ET's" are here to help us get rid and put a permanent stop on all these fake fear based slavery control systems. Like illuminati tools and illusions such as fake World Governments, fake WW3, Economic Collapse events, fake NASA/JPL and world fake space agencies. Enjoy your lives don't panic don’t get scared and frustrated, go have a big mac combo, go to the beach or watch cartoons. Direct your attention away and do what makes you happy. Pay no more attention to these fear catastrophic propagandas uploads they have nothing to do with you. Soon we all going to be free of wars, crime, illnesses/diseases, poverty and etc.

    Illuminati don't want what’s good and healthy for us, they fear in us getting our spiritual energy and freedom back and the planet receiving higher clean energies. They want the opposite like more violence, crimes, slavery, wars, sickness and deaths. They are at their end times they never ever coming back into power, their contract for evil doing has expired years ago on this planet, they just not giving up that easy. They pay people to Photoshop, CGI editing and agencies like Nasa, CIA and Nsa to create flat earth fakery propagandas to confuse and distract us from looking up at the Planetoids and ships. Covering up the fact that there's 2 billion people living inside our Hollow Earth.

    And at the same time setting up interviews and conferences with crisis actors and addressing fake catastrophic end time events. Then film them and upload them in fake YouTube, blogs and social media site channels, and on TV news. So there's nothing out in space that can hurt us, everything is under control we're surrounded with benevolent ET's. In 100 miles down underground inner earth huge cavern cities, and in deep bottom ocean domed cities all around the globe and in space planetoid ships and mother ships. These dumb fake illuminatis have nowhere to run their cornered. The ETs are not going to allow anything to happen to us and the planet, we're being protected %300. All the quakes, floods, tsunamis, dust and hail storms, volcanos and Yellowstone eruptions, cracks/sink holes in the ground, pole shifts and spontaneous violent weather patterns, and anything related.

    It’s the 2012 human and planet transformation ascension process that started in 2004, but intensified in 2012 and even more powerful in 2017/18 with heavenly spiritual energies. And there's no way this information is getting out to the public with illuminatis controlling the world news, tv and movies, you’re hearing it first time from me. These 2012/17 energies are coming from universe through the sun hitting the planet cleaning and cleansing off negative dirty energies that the illuminati did to us and the planet. Scientist are being controlled and manipulate by the illuminatis to only give out false fear base end time news.

    Nibiru is just one of dozens of 100's biosphere ET planet ships, sentient objects and 10's of millions huge mother ships all around us and in our system. The sun halos and sun doggs are massive biosphere planetoid ships, not ice crystals that's just a bogus cover up to keep us clueless. The planet ships are eclipsing our real sun like the moon eclipse, but in between the Nasa flashlight sun simulator. The flashlight sun being in front of the planet ships to hide and glare out all biospheres. Planetoid ships and all space objects are all good people "ETs", good guys here to help us to relieve us from these slavery systems.

    Ignore all these fake fear factor control system descriptions, comments and uploads. Things are going to get way better for us, and especially our health is returning at maximum capacity to live longer to 500/1000yrs or more cause you getting your spiritual energy back. Never get sick and no need for medicine, Doctors/Sergeants/Hospitals, Dentist, Caro praters, Therapists, Physicians, Miracle Healings and etc. stay looking young at 25/30 for thousands of years. Also spiritual energy comes with manifestation, telepathic, psychic and telekinesis abilities. Don't need to work for money you can manifest anything you want, you won't need phones you'll be telepathic. Once you get your spiritual energy you'll have it for life, carrying it over life after life for millions of years. But you have to keep your energy up to a positive happy state throughout this cleaning process. Illuminatis are trying to delay and prevent Et First Contact by using fear tactics. Like catastrophic destructions, violent weathers, quakes, ww3. Collapse, depression event news and fake new world orders. And using world trumpet sound waves, sky poison chemtrails all to damage your bodies DNA and spirit to prevent your ascension. Trust me it's all fakery fraudulent scams at its best for us to panic to a nervous breakdown. Which again has nothing to do with you, only your spiritual energy ascension.

  11. You know what really matters to me the most cuz I have children I don't want the world to end I don't want none of this drama I don't want none of this s*** than what they're claiming it's going to happen and if it was all true you people shouldn't put this on this site if it isn't true so I'm going to do some research and I hope it is not true cuz I don't want to find out where all your debt just debt that we can't leave our planet

  12. yes the government is hiding what will going to happen because they won't create panic. because the economy will came down
    but thousands of people will die
    all the volcano s are doing eruption
    people we need to go far away of East cost

  13. relax! not gonna happen at least not in our lifetime. Seen that much garbage about this imaginary planet ,i'm over it

  14. So what was Google Earth hiding last year in September probably still hiding it now behind those black boxes next to the the constellation Virgo

  15. Something that big in our solar system would have already pushed some outer planets out of their orbits..yet there they still are

  16. Government hides everything from us , like aliens , if you think we are the only thing that exist in the whole fucking galaxy , you’re retarded .

  17. SIR ! you ask a question in the opening segment,IS THE GOVERNMENT hiding Planet X,? so my question to you is WHAT GOVERNMENT.? Are you asking the 226 governments on planet earth. Or are you presupposing that their is only one governmental structure to earth ,.?

  18. This is a false alarm folks. I went outside and looked at the sky. We're safe! LOL! There are no hidden monster planets floating next to the Earth. But we do have Fake News monsters who get off on manipulating the minds and hearts of the gullible public. It is very unfortunate that we live in a demented and nefarious society where Fake News outlets seem to prosper. They should be prosecuted for supplying patently false information to the public under the guise and pretext of providing actual news.

    Folks, as long as you can still see the moon clearly with no other planets taking up a large portion of the day or night sky, then all of these doomsday videos proclaiming Planet-X or other spheres of destruction are little more than Fake News. There may come a time when our solar system is invaded by errant planets, perhaps even Planet-X, but that day has not come. So have a coke and a smile and enjoy your day. 🙂

  19. Same people making theses conspiracy theories are the same one who believed that we never been to the moon . If we never been to the moon that would mean we are not advanced in space technology. This would me nothing we know about space is true . So this theory is du du dud deeeebooouuunk

  20. "conspiracy"? Really? If you tell the truth of the coming events,people will not believe it. Their brains have been programmed or engineered to think within their comfort zone. Anything or any one telling the truth about Nibiru or 'planet x' is considered crazy,lunatic,conspiracy theorists.They believe deeply in the opinions of their 'scientists,' specially their MSM 'scientists. Most,people don't have a brain of their own. '

  21. Nasa will fool us, Govt's will deceive us and Religion's will decieve and confuse us.. Those who seek the truth behind what the 'world news' four corners’, are allowed to report on, will easily find that truth comes via self studies, researching and dissecting of worthy and unworthy news/documentaries and especially all old and new testament stories in the Bible.. When one feels the earthquakes as they are happening and see's the very unusual dramatic changes in the skies and in the weather for over nearly three years now, one knows this video is legit when talking about this planet.. X..


  23. In the Chinese Lore & myth, there were ten suns (Nibiru + Sun) in the sky that made the world so hot & turning the world into a wasteland that nothing could grow. Hou Yi shot down nine of them with his bow and arrows and saved the earth.
    That the ancient Chinese Fire Dragons & Phoenix come from Nibiru figure.

  24. if you think that the government could possibly be able to hide a planet from every astronomer on earth you are retarded .

  25. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN .. the difference between 1990s rumours and 21st century is the animation quality to make it looks like more realistic 😁

  26. In 1917 the Mother of Jesus Christ also known as The Blessed Virgin revealed the "miracle of the sun" to a crowd of 70, 000 people in Fatima Portugal. The Blessed Virgin mentioned a sign, She never said anything about the Sun, and only that the sign was a manifestation of God's wrath provoked by the terrible sins of mankind. In effect Our Lady gave a 100 year preview of Nibiru. From time to time in follow up apparitions Garabandal, Anguera and many others Our Lady mentions if humanity were to repent and change for the better that the punishment would be averted or at least mitigated, but do a search on Adrenochrome and you'll see for yourself how abortion and the harvesting of Adrenochrome has left the Almighty with no uncertainty about the outcome of humanity's decision. Also check youtuber (Rap the News – Nibiru the Final Warning) for a close up of the incoming Red Dragon. Check the videos on 23rd September 2017 star sign and put it together with the fact that Russian astronomers at Vostock Station have identified not 3 planets and 2 moons as previously believed but 7 planets and 10 moons. Revelation chapter 12:1-12:4.

  27. if there was a planet as big or bigger then jupiter then it would have mesed up the gravety of the planets nb 2 if it's as close as you say it is as close to the sun you would have seen it with the naked eaye and ye rip english grow up

  28. would love to set up an interview with you. To help you spread the truth about your cause. Please contact us ASAP.

  29. how can you hide something that we have know about for ages on our Egyptian pyramids that our black ancestors told us about

    OF … A LIE IN..
    . A LIE IN in. Side of pyramid
    A LIE IN. inside the Bible
    A LIE N.. Garden of eden
    A LIE N.
    A. L. I. E. N
    A lpha lie. N
    A. Y. I. N.
    A LIEN.
    GOD.. IS. AYIN
    GOD IS. I. N.
    I. N. R. I.
    I. N. ARE EYE
    I N. ARE GOD

  31. Planet X/Niburu/7X/Chinese Guest star/Destroyer, whatever you want to call it, is real. I didn't believe it, I told myself it can't possibly exist. However, after much research I have found out that this thing has been here many times before. It seems to have a very large elliptical orbit of around 350-360 years. There are sightings in the Chinese astrological charts going back several thousand years, there is also art work from the 15th-16th century depicting it. The planet itself is not going to hit us, it will not be an extinction event. However, it has a tail several hundred thousand miles long which contains massive rocks the size of mountains being dragged along behind in its pull. As PX zooms by Earth some of these mountains will flick off the tail and hurtle to Earth. USA sent satellites up during the Reagan administration to cloak it with visual impairment lasers, remember, the human eye is very easily fooled, and this thing is very dark, and very far away. However, the satellite tech won't work when PX gets too close to earth. I believe it will be visible for maybe 40 days before it passes. Last time it came through it caused earthquakes, drought, famine and violent storms. Get ready folks, and do your own research. Start with Gill Broussard.

  32. scienetist : whos there *discovering a strange thing that referrence to extraterrestrial or treaten the earth life
    sciencetist : must have been the wind

  33. So if i wanted to use a telescope to find this mystery planet and i can't find it, i should point

    my finger at the government?

    One question i have about that, how on earth are they meant to hind a god damn planet? Because last

    time i check, that's not possible unless the planet was very far, far away.

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