Is The British Government Hiding The Loch Ness Monster?

The legend of the Loch Ness monster can be
traced back to 565 AD when St. Columba, a Christian missionary, banished the murderous
water beast to the lake. Murmurings about the monster in the loch continued
throughout the centuries, but it was largely considered to be an old wives’ tale used
to prevent children from straying too close to the deep lake. In 1933 reported sightings of the monster
& photographic evidence began to emerge, renewing interest in the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster. Tensions between England and Scotland arose
when an English institution, the Natural History Museum, put a bounty on the monster’s head
in the hope that its carcass could be added to its museum. The Royal Scottish Museum were
shocked at the idea of the monster being taken from Scotland, warning that ‘such a fate
would surely outrage Scottish nationalism, which at the moment is thriving greatly under
the monster’s beneficent influence.’ Worried about the potential threat to the
monster, members of the British government, such as Inverness MP Murdoch MacDonald, requested
that the government pass a Special Act of Parliament to protect the monster from harm. By the 1960s, searches for the Loch Ness Monster
remained inconclusive, despite a constant influx of visitors to the area keen to catch
a glimpse of the beast. Even a member of the royal family, Prince Philip, encouraged MP
David James to enlist the navy to find the Loch Ness Monster. It is not known whether
the navy took on the prince’s suggestion. Still, navy or not, the hunt continued. Documents
released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that in 1979 the British government
under Margaret Thatcher secretly proposed importing dolphins to the Loch and attaching
high tech equipment to them, in order to hunt for the Monster. Just 2 years later, the civil service legislated
to protect the Loch Ness Monster in the Wildlife and Countryside Act. The Scottish Development
Department outlined that ‘the legislative framework to protect the monster is available
provided she is identified by scientists whose reputation will carry weight with the British
Museum’. But why did the UK government put this legislation
in place, 40 years after the myth was reignited? After decades of searching, had the British
government finally found the beast, and were they now hiding it? The plot thickened when, in 1985, the British
Embassy in Sweden contacted the Scottish Office for advice on how to protect their own lake
dweller, known as the ‘Swedish’ version of the Loch Ness Monster, the Storsjön Monster. A few months later, Sweden passed their own
legislation to ‘prohibit the destruction, injury or capture of the Storsj monster species’. The official Loch Ness monster websites say
this proves that the UK government has successfully found and protected the Loch Ness monster.
Unless the government confirms the motive for its legislation, we will never know for sure.

Maurice Vega

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  1. What if I told you the truth?

    Nessie isn't real. Nothing that has ever existed has ever resembled the monster, and every photographic + video evidence can be easily disproven.

  2. I live in Drumnadrochit near the Loch; the beast is real I tell Ye. I mind back when this whole internet wis nothin but trees; the beast wis a fearsome thing; it wid come oot o the water and snatch up coos, all you'd hear was a distant MOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo as the drifted awa in the mooth of the beastie.

  3. AD 555 OHHH yeah of course it's still alive!! What's that I smell?? 👃👃🤔🤔 OHHH yeah it's bullshit.

  4. It's dead so stop posting shit, does the British government have it, my god some people just don't deserve to live ffs

  5. I think the government hid shergar the missing race horse there too, after lord lucan stole it just before he faked the moon landing and made 9/11. He also has proof the earth is flat, creationists are right and the queen is a lizard. True story

  6. your now famous

  7. The Loch Ness Monster was a hoax. There was never any real proof that it was anything more because the evidence of it being a hoax out weighs the other, some of which was admitted to by the hoaxers themselves.

  8. IF anything was in there, it would have to be a fish of some sort otherwise it would be spotted all the time rising to the surface to breath. I don't believe that there is any type of monster in there myself. In the sea, yes, I believe that in the real depths of the ocean undiscovered monsters do exist, but not in that loch… Just good for tourism, that's all.

  9. I hope there IS a monster and I hope it is never 100% confirmed to be there. The amount of people who would want to kill it or capture it would be disgusting.

  10. 1) It`s far too COLD in the lake to let a family of this kind of plesiosaurus (or something similar)
    survive over the centuries. AND …
    2) there is also not enough living food in the LochNess to keep them alive — THAT`s ALL we need
    to recognize regarding this long time matter . . .

  11. Nessie doesn't live in the lake, it migrates their to have its young. That's why people driving on the road have seen multiple animals coming out of the forest or caves. Of course the government is protecting the beast to stop thousands of people from bringing boats to the Loch and stopping the migration.

  12. The problem with our species is we bother other species haha we can’t just let shit go untouched or unbothered us as humans are such annoying we probably killed half of the animals that are exstinct today haha just a crazy outlandish theory of mine.

  13. Look, the British Government protects Nessie because it owes him big time. Back during WW2, Nessie patrolled the British Coastline searching for and destroying German u-boats. He was even Knighted for his meritorious service to The Empire….

  14. The British Goverment are Hiding Nothing, The Simple fact to the equation is loch ness is a tourism Hot spot That Brings Revenue to local businesses,

    the idiology is Interesting but none factual at best,

    for me personaly, im planing on taking my Son To see the Area
    as its situated in a beutiful Area with museams and hotels.

    and it ads to the mystery of Fun of travelling

  15. Why would they hide it? Lock Ness would even be a bigger tourist destination for Australian senior citzens.

  16. I live right beside Loch Ness this video is hilarious to state this, it's all fake and put out for a tourist attraction lol 😂

  17. must be a large population to survive so a long time but why we see than no more times this creatures ? just a small group of 1 family survive never such a long time ? how should they reproduce? Bones are not found or otherwise a clear proof. that's just a shame to entice the wealthy tourists there

  18. From the word go this was a scam to bring tourists. It worked because as somebody once said "There's a sucker born every minute"

  19. they found a fish off the cost of madagascar and the deep seas off japan that was meant to have died off thousands iof years ago, so why not a large lizard??!!

  20. SURGEON'S LochnessMonster is fake but there migth be a chance that they are still alive in year 2019 to 3018 in a hidden place

  21. The evidence I believe is that at the high land games all 100 people saw a monster with a long neck in the loch

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