Is Pelosi admitting Dems didn’t have enough on Trump to impeach?

Maurice Vega

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  1. Nancy Pelosi cào lồn ăn vạ ! Nó cào đến rách lồn ra mà chưa kiếm dược cái gì đề b ( Ca dao Việ Nam )

  2. These Democrats are so immature, and so ignorant. I hope Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler etc… all the Demonrats on the house get impeached.

  3. Reality is that there is a hate for God. You may be a law abiding citizen , but they will try to bring you down, acuse you of all sorts of wrongs, mock you.

  4. The Bottom of The Swamp needs to be scrubbed off.with the majority of the Senate The People have in Place Now We The People should see very clear who our Enemy is and if your foolish enough not to see it… Good Luck. May God Be With You

  5. Trump is insane but he means terrible. And Fox News is his Junky enabler. FLOSS-HEADS UNITE! How can spun-sugar for hair be wrong?

  6. How is AOC running the dem party? She has the IQ of a potato. So that makes her the most influential and strategic member? Good luck Dems in 2020, you're gonna need more than luck though.

  7. Dan Bongino and others often pontificate about those who travel in the Washington DC circuit, and who are often best described as being intelligent, albeit the Country is trillions of dollars in debt. Donny, you've set a low bar in measuring intelligence. We're all are endowed in some capacity with it, and if shipwrecked and marooned on a deserted island; somehow, we as human will pool our different resources in skills and knowledge together and survive!
    How do we know what I say is true?
    POTUS Trump has raised the bar a lot higher for determining

  8. Repubs are notoriously bad at logic. By definition you need more and greater evidence if you wish to convince an openly corrupt senate trial. When the leaders of over half the jury have announced publicly – in defiance of the oath they take – that they have no intention of being impartial, no interest in hearing witnesses, no wish to see documents, and admit that they are coordinating with the defendant and will make the trial as short as possible, well, then you need to somehow force them to behave properly and ethically and obey their oath.

  9. The Democrats are Officially Anti American and Veterans, Patriots, Hardworking Taxpayers, and Our Loved Ones have had it with Democrats. It's time to clean the House of Demonrat Representatives. We are Free because of the Brave, let's take them out. Trump 2020, Americans First, MAGA and Keep America Great by any means necessary. God Bless The USA.

  10. McConnell should say we’re using the Schiff rules for impeachment trial. Then literally do as Schiff did. Everytime the media says unfairly done. The Senate can say we used the Schiff rules of impeachment.

  11. It is not bazaar congressman biggs.
    What is bazaar is that you guys are letting them do it.
    Just say there is nothing we can do about the democrats' insane tactics.
    Don't simply whine about it.
    Fight them!!!!!!!!

  12. After the Republican Party takes the House again in 2020, if they sit around and do nothing like the feckless Paul Ryan House, the Republican Party is dead.

  13. When idiots who watch FOX news finally come to understand that Trump got impeached for trying to rig an election as opposed to "the Democrats hate him and are out to get him and therefore he couldn't have done anything wrong" then, and only then, does it make sense to move forward. I am of the opinion that the idiots who watch FOX news will never come to understand anything because it is nearly impossible to glimpse any truth at all when it is hidden behind an endless daily barrage of lies and innuendos. Those dumb bastards would vote for Trump even if he took a crap on their dining room table, because somehow FOX news would convince them that the Democrats made him do it. Did I mention I thought they were all idiots? I hope I did, because they are perhaps some of the dumbest creatures living on the planet. And wasn't it a Republican idiom that some people are just too stupid to live? They all have guns, but they lack the ability to properly use them. Trump's tips on how to win arguments over the holidays? What's next, how to take a crap on someones dining room table and get away with it? I am surrounded by mediocrity, and I'm sick and tired of listening to mediocrity spout on and on about how it's smarter to be dumb because FOX news said so.
    "Snowflake" out.

  14. In the view of current time the Speaker of the house has TOO much power in treating Trump like he's below the law I'm embarrassed for my government

  15. Just for the sake of discussion and consideration, what if Trump was found guilty by the senate. The stock market would crash. Jobs would return overseas over night. Retail sales would all but stop. Income from all sources would stop. Illegal aliens would flood the country China would dominate the pacific by military force. AND, a few million would go to D.C. with their bird guns looking for democrats and their sponsors. The US military would control the country through marshal law. All the rest of the world would be on the same path to no where. You still believe you should vote for democrats ? Merry Christmas All. And, happy birthday.

  16. Skalise is such a low level ignorant rep. his friends call him Sht Head. You can see why. No intelligent response. He is Lead to answer what they want him to say. He is a brown noser and doesn't want to give back the Russian Campaign Money Payoff.

  17. OPINION:








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  18. Every last statement in this video is a deliberate baldfaced lie. The Impeachment Inquiry was done exactly as the Supreme Court approved. The statement that such and such a witness said there was no intimidation and bribery is simply false. Giuliani, in particular, was clear that his mission in Ukraine was to make sure that the Ukrainians understood the "quid pro quo" without Trump having to make it explicit during the call. Sondland said that <i>Trump said</i> that there was no "quid pro quo", not that he thought that this was the case. Besides Sondland was Ambassador to the European union and should have had nothing to do with Ukraine, which is not a member of the European Union.

    In a court of law, employees and associates of the accused are not considered to ever be reliable witnesses, especially when they tell obvious and checkable lies on his behalf.

    The GOP is spitting into the wind, with the constant mantra that the Senate will acquit. How many Senators will take the Oath before God to be impartial jurors when they hear the case for Impeachment with a specific and pre-announced vow to violate it? How many who need Religious-of-any-stripe constituents to retain their seats will thumb their noses at their constituents and their God to bring in a politically pre-ordained and clearly dishonest verdict? They will have had to listen to anything the Democrats want to say in their opening argument, and any evidence/witnesses that the presiding Judge allows. Then, of course they will complain that the witnesses they want to hear from are prevented from honoring an Impeachment Court Subpoena by orders of the Defendant, and say that lack of this evidence means "they must acquit" no matter how strong any other evidence may be. And remember, if the Democrats bring 100 specific charges, Trump can beat 99 of them and he will still be removed from office and forever forbidden to hold any office within the Government. (At which point he will no longer have the power to damage his former friends.)

  19. When this impeachment farce is over…the demonrats will have nothing to do because that was their whole reason for being!!! The red wave will be a tsunami !!!

  20. What Trump is working for, the good he has done and the opinion of his partisan base will be no help to him in the course of an Impeachment Trial. Only the opinion of 100 senators will count for anything, and they will have had to listen for at least days of presentation and testimony. The Senators will have sworn an Oath before God to be impartial. Let's see how many survive.


  22. Pelosi knows that Giuliani has 'let the cat out of the bag' with his investigation in Ukraine.
    It is all about to blow up in the Dems face, and it is damage control time for them.

  23. Is there a difference in terms?
    Coz i cant seem to differentiate this impeachment thing with false allegations..shouldnt there be some counter law sue on those false allegators? Btw this pelosi grandma, she's getting way to old to play this political insurgance, someone should replace her to be the dummy,democrats shame on you and who ever behinds you

  24. pelosi talks about how well she understands the intent of the founding fathers and lauds her ability to interpret the constitution. some of the founding fathers were instrumental in ending the burning of witches but i think if they saw her flying around on her broom back in 1772 they might have changed their minds.

  25. The impeachment sham is so ridiculous it is difficult to describe. It's as if the Democrats have the ability to relentlessly recite a falsehood so many times that in the end they believe it, despite the falsehood having no substance. It is moronic.

  26. Hundreds of thousands of DEMS are fleeing the Democratic Party because of Pelosi, Schiff, and other wicked ones.

  27. Must outlaw criminal Democrats who do not obey our laws. FBI cannot be lied to. FBI Agents who have lied to America must be prosecuted.

  28. No. its time to get these idiots out of our government that have no business being there in the first place. Pelosi, Schiff? These are insanely stupid, corrupt people.

  29. Jeez Republicans… STOP BEING NAIVE….Nancy was always planning on impeachment, after mueller and what ever else they could cook up. SHE WAS LYING & your the only dopes dumb enough to believe anything she says. Nut up and fight. This is a coup & a WAR.

  30. This is fascinating to watch. I'm loving it. Can't wait for the Netflix approach on this .6/7 seasons at of thrones move over..

  31. She doesn't have to admit anything when we know the truth of the matter. Republicans, take hold of the reigns and do what you have to do to arrests these lying, treasonous devils!

  32. Time for tired old Nancy to give up her New World Order dreams and retire to her multimillion dollar estate surrounded by her impoverished illegal masses living in the ? covered steets of her district.
    Then she can sit and drink all day and celebrate all the harm she has done in the name of Soros and socialism.

  33. Let the cowards play there games. Stay strong. We will vote the cowards out next year. They will lay down. Because laying down is there nature. Trump 20 20 !!!!

  34. This will be resolved in 2020
    Blue states will turn red the dims have lost their collective minds ffs
    Total madness
    Just like Labour in the UK

  35. Draw up the Executive Order to protect the unborn at the Federal Level for the New Year! Then let God Bless (and not Curse.)

  36. Draw up the Executive Order to protect the unborn at the Federal Level for the New Year! Then let God Bless (and not Curse.)

  37. Marilyn vos Savant was once asked, "What is the most important concept? And what makes it so? She replied:
    "The most important concept is truth!
    Because there isn't a darn thing anyone can do about it."

    If we continue moving forward, always demanding truth, and never side-tracked or manipulated, the concept will set us free.

  38. Marbles in Mouth. She should be arrested for filing false reports. The Democrats should have to pay restitution to the taxpayers for all the wasted time and money on this malicious coup attempt.

  39. Republicans need to stop making light of this whole thing and start getting angry and acting outraged like to looney dems do. Fight fire with fire ?

  40. If AOC is driving then her being backed by palestine along qith omar,talib, muslum agenda.. sound far fetched?? NOT,,research the bottom line. Peolosi is senile and probably easy to be manipulated.. yup talib swore in on Koran then shouts impeach the mfkr!! And here we are..

  41. Like all the other Demorats Pelosi thinks Amercans can't see the lies about Trump through all the smoke and mirrors they throw out.

  42. She's urging Trump to allow FIRST-HAND witnesses to testify in his behalf. It makes me wonder if he has something to hide.

  43. On this Christmas day please bow your heads and give a moment of silence for the demise of the democratic party because of this impeachment scam…quit the laughing ???
    "Merry Christmas Americans!

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