Is Modi Magic Intact Or Over? | Elections On My Plate With Rajdeep Sardesai | Nagpur | 2019 Election

Maurice Vega

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  1. Any media group or a politician thought that BJP would not win the 2019 elections, that person does not know his or her Job

  2. नागपूरकर नाही सुधारणार पोहा साठी झगळा
    ???माझ्या चौकातला चांगला

  3. India media and politics and pm are well known for there lies=balakot, pulwama, f-16, Rafael and all the jobs modi haramee created and everything is made in india especially pakoras(like shatrughan sinha said and navjot sidhu paaji(Well respected) anybody who speaks the truth is accused of being with pakistan well of course pakistan is not lier like modi and India cos we are blessed not like cursed and dirty india only makes pakoras under modi haramee

  4. Wave only bcos of huge expenditure on media Ads election and wave only bcos of askng vot in name of soldiers cow hindutva

  5. Thankfully this nana pAtole is not in BJP,he definitely has iq of Pappu! “Gst ke kaaran Puran desh ab tax pay kar raha hain” ,really shows how much gst has affected tax evaders!

  6. Sale bhain k lode choro tumhari bhain ki aakj salo ki aukat do Kodi ki nahi hai bhainchod baat kar rahe hai prime minister ki, pesa chori karne ki adat pad gayi thi ab gst aagya hai tax bharna padta sale Congress k talwe chatney wale kutte

  7. NDTV factors:
    X factor.
    Balakot factor.
    Raffle impact.
    AND ducks on following factors: 
    Hawala money transaction factor.
    R 281 Kror electoral bribe, or dirty money seized by IT department    
    The Tukra Tukra team, factor.   
    Christian Michel: RG, FAM, AP factors / impact.
    Rahul ducks Augusta questions.

  8. What Hilarious Congress: Save the democracy.
    What better democracy are they looking for, other than the one they are still
    Apart from Italy of Silvio Burlesconi
    Do people in England, France, (USA) have that same privilege the Congress TOP
    LEADERs are enjoying?
    In India people on bail are allowed to file their Prime Ministerial candidature
    for 2019 election.

  9. 22:39 Agar desh ko Taxpayer banaya hai to usme galat kya hai? Development tabhi hogi jab log tax pay karenge. Ye congress wale sathiya gaye hai.

  10. Duniya sudhar jaye pr ye jo so called 'dalit' hain wo nahi sudharenge… Unko kewal bkchodi chahiye bs..

  11. BJP looted India in 5 years more than Congress, British, Mughals, Greeks, Portuguese combined in the past 1000+ years.

  12. Rajdeepji commentary karna band kijiye apko bilkul suit nahi karta Siddhu ki bolne ki style or apko jamta bhi nahi….

  13. Modi wave is long gone for the slave !!! They keep saying that with their hands on the hearts and utter "ALL EEZ WELL…ALL EEZ WELL".

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